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Listening Practice through Dictation 2 - Word List WORD PARTS DEFINITION Unit 1 million n thousand thousand scientist n expert

in science equator n imaginary circle around Earth tourist n traveler for pleasure frozen a covered by or made into ice continent n land mass uninhabited continent surrounding the South Pole, Antarctica n consisting of an ice-covered plateau and high mountain peaks. pole n North or South Pole dinosaur n extinct reptile penguin n seabird that cannot fly Unit 2 trip cabin sign up activity hike club receive announcement president rent Unit 3 save extinct information project brochure hotline available nearly colorful plenty Unit 4 recommend desert happen species identify binoculars owl definitely actually explore

n n v n v n v n n v

journey wooden hut agree to participate physical exercise take long walk association for pursuing common interest get something public declaration head of state of republic pay to use somebody's property

v v n n n n a ad a a

rescue somebody or something no longer in existence telephone information service task or planned program of work promotional booklet direct telephone link to service able to be gotten almost with bright colors large amount

v n v n v n n ad ad v

suggest something as good idea dry area occur: to take place taxonomic group recognize and name linked pair of small telescopes night-hunting bird with hooting call certainly in fact travel for discovery

Unit 5 research personality adult discover institute orphan cave afraid chimp adopt Unit 6 article interesting cost airplane control traffic jam author pilot probably end up Unit 7 appliance dishwasher garbage housework simple perfect vacuum cleaner scrape detergent leftover Unit 8 treat spot nerves needle system special digestive thread acupuncture connect Unit 9 successful university

n n n v n n n v n v

organized study somebody's set of characteristics fully grown life form find out about something place for advanced study child without parents large underground hollow frightened same as chimpanzee legally raise another's child

n a v n v n n n ad

newspaper or reference piece arousing curiosity or attention have particular price engine-driven flying vehicle manage vehicles at standstill writer somebody who flies plane as is likely turn out to be

n n n n a a n v n n

domestic electrical machine machine for washing dishes discarded waste household chores easy without faults electrical cleaning appliance take something off cleansing substance remaining unused

v n n n n a a n n v

give medical aid to somebody small round area fiber bundle transmitting impulses sewing tool complex whole formed from related parts made for specific purpose relating to digestion fine twisted cord treatment with needles link two things

a n

turning out well undergraduate and postgraduate educational institution

failure field century young chemistry Switzerland graduate physics Unit 10 telescope planet moon satellite near closest lifeguard Venus Mars Jupiter Unit 11 painting shave fashionable missing eyebrows modern forehead high-heeled notice purple Unit 12 greedy magic kind poison angry monster chase pollution seed fall asleep Unit 13 friendship card email care important

n n n a n n v n

lack of success an area of knowledge, interest or study; speciality. 100-year period in dating system not very old study of transformation of matter country in west central Europe somebody who has completed studies study of physical forces and qualities

n n n n ad a n n n n

device for looking at distant objects object in orbit round star only natural satellite of Earth moon orbiting other body close nearest beach or pool attendant planet 2nd from Sun planet 4th from Sun largest planet

n v a a n a n a v n

painted picture remove hair with razor currently popular disappeared hair above eye socket belonging to present day top of face perceive something color combining red and blue

a n a v a n v n n

eating too much conjuring tricks compassionate, generous add poison to something feeling very annoyed ugly terrifying being make somebody run away act of polluting plant part containing embryo

n n n v a

relationship between friends paper with pictures and greetings computer-to-computer communication system feel affection and concern having value or significance

holiday hug deeply education Thanksgiving Unit 14 exhibit outdoor talent magazine publish photograph suddenly enjoyable display how about Unit 15 nobody exactly different straight world alike billion totally flavor fingerprint Unit 16 language invite private rented stranger free karaoke experience choose soda Unit 17 episode reality together neighbors prefer snacks silly chef

n v ad n n

legal day off embrace affectionately intensely educating legal holiday

v a n n v n ad a n

display art concerned with open air natural ability periodical publication prepare and produce text or software picture produced with camera happening quickly and unexpectedly providing pleasure visual arrangement

pron ad a a n a n ad n n

not one person precisely unlike something or somebody else not curved planet Earth similar one thousand million completely characteristic taste pattern on fingertip

n v a v n a n v v v

communication with words ask somebody to participate personal, not public pay to use somebody's property unfamiliar person costing nothing singing to prerecorded music have personal knowledge of something decide from among range of options soft drink

n n ad n v n a n

part of serialized work something that exists or happens with others somebody living nearby like somebody or something better small meal, food for snack foolish professional cook

humor comfortable Unit 18 apartment downtown shower phone bus stop anymore bus station honestly bath dress Unit 19 ticket impossible colleague husband correctly otherwise sold out offer accept cab Unit 20 hero strength comics lightning role model speed create female pretend graduate Unit 21 lecture mix type explain hospital blood determined gene cell match

n a

ability to see something as funny relaxed

n n n n n ad a ad n v

home in larger building city center bath under spray electronic communications device place to catch bus from now on stop on route genuinely immersion of body put clothes on

n a n n ad ad v v n

pass for entertainment not possible fellow worker woman's spouse accurately or else: if things had been different sell all of something present something for acceptance or rejection take something offered taxi

n n n n n n v a v n

remarkably brave person physical power comic books flash of light in storm somebody to be copied rate of movement or happening make something female organism act as if something were true somebody who has completed studies

n v n v n n a n n v

instructional speech combine ingredients category or kind give details about something building for medical care red fluid circulating in body with fixed purpose basic unit of heredity basic unit of living thing combine well

Unit 22 promise awful headache volume scenery nonsense suppose loud waste behave Unit 23 finish report library especially history revolution past public cross intersection Unit 24 public benefit discipline dangerous reason approve firm smoke provide community Unit 25 diaper tickle cute exciting constantly temperature wet feed a bit look after Unit 26 employee sensitive

v a n n n n v a v v

vow extremely bad pain in head sound control surroundings meaningless language or behavior indicating tentativeness high in volume use something carelessly act

v n n ad n n n a v n

to come to an end, or bring something to an end document giving information place where books are kept especially what has happened overthrow of government time before present of state go across crossroad

a n n a n v a v v n

for community use advantage training to ensure proper behavior likely to cause harm justification give something official agreement or acceptance determined: use tobacco supply somebody with something society

n v a a ad n a v

absorbent baby clothing make somebody laugh and twitch attractive in childlike way causing excitement ever present degree of heat soaked with water give food to somebody somewhat take care of somebody or something

n a

paid worker touchy

realize criticize improve vacation rather responsibility handwriting messy Unit 27 principal program brain education involved college protect train position set up Unit 28 owner charity computer donate employ excellent company the poor follow drop out Unit 29 afternoon whisper author section proud comfortable secret general uncomfortable immediately Unit 30 soccer international award worldwide finals

v v v n ad n n a

know and understand something express disapproval of somebody or something make or become better fixed holiday period more willingly accountability manner of writing dirty or disordered

n n n n v n v v n

school administrator set of classes organ of thought and feeling educating cause somebody to participate institution of higher learning keep somebody or something safe learn or teach skills post: a job or post in a company or organization erect something

n n n v v a n n v

somebody owning something organization providing charity electronic data processor give or present something give paid work to somebody extremely good business develop in accordance with something leave without finishing something

n v n n a a n n a ad

daytime between midday and evening breathe words voicelessly writer somebody who writes as profession pleased and satisfied relaxed not widely known high ranking officer not physically comfortable at once, very closely

n a n ad n

ball game using no hands involving several countries something given for achievement over whole earth end of series

outstanding league grade goal performance Unit 31 exercise regular stretch elevator stroll desk gym properly recess stay in shape Unit 32 yawn breathe boredom breath oxygen lungs deep rest meal give off Unit 33 nearby weight schedule yoga similar lose gain work out hold on Unit 34 check-up lifestyle healthy limit carbohydrates vegetables fantastic sugary burger

a n n n n

conspicuously excellent group of sports clubs mark for quality of work aim accomplishment of something

n a v n v n n ad n

physical activity having equal times or spaces between extend by force platform for taking up or down walk unhurriedly table used for work same as gymnasium:large exercise room appropriately break from classes

v v n n n n a n n

open mouth wide take in air bored feeling air breathed in and out element essential for breathing respiratory organ in vertebrates coming from or reaching inside body stopping of work or activity food eaten at one time emit something

ad n n n a v v

not far off in space amount somebody or something weighs list of classes system of exercise alike have something taken away increase in or by something exercise wait

n n a n n n v a n

manner of living in good condition restrict something energy component of diet edible plant excellent containing sugar same as hamburger

advice Unit 35 energy skip salad variety dairy meal balance nutritious protein cereal catch up on Unit 36 lobster amazing seasick travel agency waterfall fishing village package tour deposit motorcycle huge Unit 37 tour historical museum seashore souvenir site construction seashell the Eiffel Tower Euro rail Unit 38 state cave tunnel license plate crawl confused prisoner dig narrow knee

recommendation about action

n v n n a n n a n n

ability to do things omit something mixture of raw vegetables: quality of being varied farm for milk production food eaten at one time steady state on narrow base nourishing complex natural compound grain

n a a n n n n n n a

hard-shelled sea crustacean causing amazement nauseated from rocking of boat business arranging travel river water falling over steep place fully organized vacation tour give payment as security 2-wheeled motor-powered vehicle enormous

n a n n n n n n

pleasure trip formerly existing or happening place where important things are preserved land lying next to sea reminder place of significant event act or process of constructing empty shell of sea organism

n n n n v a n v a n

mostly autonomous region of federal country large underground hollow passageway under obstruction vehicle identification move slowly close to surface unable to think intelligently somebody held in prison break up or remove earth small in width middle joint of human leg

Unit 39 backpack traveler toilet belongings hostel kitchen prepare aisle stove toaster Unit 40 beverage restaurant purchase attendant passenger assistance onward flight relax permit

n n n n n n v n n n

hikers' knapsack somebody on journey fixture for disposing of body waste personal possessions same as youth hostel:inexpensive lodging for young people food preparation area make something ready passageway between seats appliance for cooking or heating appliance for making toast

n n v n n n ad n v v

drink eating place get something by paying money somebody who escorts or serves another person somebody traveling in vehicle help moving forward process or act of flying spend time at ease allow something