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Class: 2 Rafflesia Time: 1.25 p.m. 1. 55 p.m. No.

of students: 37 Topic: Hobbies Focussed skill: Speaking

Date: 15th April 2014 Day: Tuesday Unit: 7 Level of proficiency: Mixed abilities Integrated skill (s): Listening and reading

Summary of the lesson: This is a speaking lesson. Speaking skill is integrated with listening and reading skills. In set induction, the teacher asks the students about their hobbies and why they like it using the targeted sentence structure. In the presentation stage, the teacher presents the targeted sentence structure and asks the students to read them aloud. In the practice stage, the teacher asks students to work in pairs to practice the sentence structure by interviewing each other about their hobby. In the production stage, the students complete worksheet 1 by filling in the blanks using the targeted sentence structure. In closure, teacher recap the lesson by asking what they have learnt in the lesson.

Content standard

Learning standard

1.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal situations for a variety of purposes.

1.2.2 Able to participate in daily conversations: (d) talk about oneself

Behavioural objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: i) Use the targeted sentence structure while interviewing their friends and being interviewed about their hobbies. ii) Answer correctly at least 7 out of 10 fill in the blanks question in Worksheet 1.

Previous knowledge: Students have learnt about types of hobbies in the previous lesson.

Content: Grammatical Item Sentence structure What is your hobby? My hobby is

Why do you enjoy ? I enjoy . because it makes me happy / it is fun / I like ./ I can make .

Moral value (s): Being polite when asking and answering questions.

Thinking skill(s): Identifying, logical deduction, reasoning

Teaching aid (s): Word card, coloured papers, Worksheet 1, students name card

Procedures: Stages Set induction Steps 1. Teacher asks students (picking names from namecard) about their hobbies and the reason they liked it using the targeted sentence structure. Presentation 1. Teacher paste the word card containing targeted sentence structure. 2. Teacher explain that students should use the targeted sentence when they want to ask or answer questions about hobbies. 3. Students read aloud the targeted sentence. Practice 1. Teacher pick two pairs of students to demonstrate the conversation using the targeted sentence structure. 2. Students then work in pairs to interview each other about their hobbies. 3. Teacher moves around the class to listen to every pair of students conversation and correct them instantly if there any mistake. Production 1. Teacher distributes Worksheet 1 to each students. 2. Teacher explains the instruction to each students. 8 minutes 12 minutes 5 minutes Remarks 3 minutes

3. Students individually.




4. Students exchange their worksheet. 5. Teacher discusses the answer. 6. Students correct the worksheets. Closure 1. Teacher recap the lesson by asking the students what have they learnt on that day. 2 minutes