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Aglarond & Altumbel & Cities of the Coast

Furthinghome (Valkur) Laothkund (Gargauth) Spandeliyon (Istishia) Velprintalar (Valkur) Yuirwood (Sharess/Zandilar the Dancer) P&P 72 P<S?P 24 F&A 80 P&P 72 P&P 52

his appendix lists by region locations of centers of worship of importance to certain faiths o r i n a few instancesorganizations closely tied to certain faiths. The following abbreviations are used here: "F&A"found i n Faiths & Avatars; "P&P"found i n Powers & Pantheons; "AA:N"found i n A R C A N E AGE: Netheril: Empire of Magic.

Athkatla (Arbalest's House; M i l i l ) Athkatla (Goldspires; Waukeen) Athkatla (Knights of the Shield; Gargauth) Athkatla {Schooner of the Seas; Valkur) Athkatla (Shadowhouse; Bhaal) Athkatla, north of Mountain of Skulls; Cyric) Eshpurta (Towers of Willful Suffering; Ilmater) Eshpurta, east of (Duskwood Dell; Eldath) Esmeltaran, vicinity of Harvest House; Chauntea) Myth Lharast (Selune) Small Teeth between Imnescar and Esmeltaran (Dark Embrace; Shar) Small Teeth, north and east of Murann Towers of the Eternal Eclipse; Cyric) Snowflake Mountains, northwest flank (ruins of Castle Trinity; Talona) Tejarn Hills, east of Hillfort Torbold (The Dark Redoubt; Cyric) Troll Mountains, between Assar's Peak and Mount Thalangar northeast of Eshpurta (Gulf of Storms; Talos) Vale of Wailing Women, west of Hillfort of Ishla (Black Spires of the Maiden; Loviatar) F6?A 117 F6?A 179 P&P 25 P&P 74 Fd?A 46 F&A 53 F&A 76 F6?A 58 F&A 50 F<S?A 136 F&A 141 F&A 53 F6?A 153 F&A 53 F&A 157 F&A 102

Elah'zad (House of the Moon; Eldath) Lundeth (Kossuth) F&A 58 F6?A 88

Calimport (Festhall of Eternal Delight; Sharess) Calimport (Istishia) Calimport (Temple of Old Night; Shar) Calimport, and other cities (artifact museums; Deneir) Gaullidurth, vicinity of, i n the Underdark (Ibrandul) Keltar (House of the Broken God; Ilmater) Teshburl (Istishia) Teshburl (Seacaves of the Roaring; Umberlee) , P^P 53 F<S?A 80 F&A 141, PS?P 54 F&A 55 F&A 73 F&A 76 F&A 80 . F&A 174

Chessenta & Threskel

Adder Swamp (Sebek) Akanax (The Thunderous Hand of Vengeance; Hoar) Mourktar (Amphitheater of the First Thunder; Hoar) Mourktar (Black Lord's Cloak; Bane) P&P 125 P&P 30 P&P 30 F&A 39, P<S?P 30, 136

The Chultan Peninsula

Lapal Sea, northwestern shore of the (Pit of Vipers; Sseth) P<S?P 86

A P P E N D I X 2: Locations

Mezro (Maze of Life; Ubtao) Tashluta (House of Night's Embrace; Talona) Tashluta (House of the All-Seeing Orb; Savras) Valley of Lost Honor (The Great Shadow's Mansion; Eshowdow)

P&P 90, 91 F&A 153, P&P 50 P&P 50 P&P 82

Mintar (Knights of the Black Gauntlet; Bane) Mintar (Pursuers of Pure Knowledge; Oghma). Tulmon (Skullspire; Myrkul) Yondath, north of the Thornwood (Vale of the Reaver; Garagos)

F<S?A 39 F&A 132 F&A 126 P<S?P 20

Arabel (The Lady's House; Tymora)... Eagle Peak (Citadel of the Rampant Eagle; Torm) King's Forest, dense heart of (gate; Eldath) Marsember (House on the Cliff; Umberlee) Stonebolt Trail, west of (Lanthalas's Requiem; Shaundakul) Suzail (Istishia) Thunder Peaks, west of Lake Sember (Falls of Tumbling Stars; Mielikki) Tilverton (House of the Wonderbringer; Gond) Various long-neglected shrines (Siamorphe)


F&A 167 F&A 165 F&A 57 F6?A 174 F6?A 144 F&A 80 F&A 114 F&A 63 P&P 59

Illul (High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration; Gond)

F&A 63

The Moonsea

Border Forest, north of River Tesh (Oak H i l l , gate; Eldath) Glister (House of Audi's Breath; Auril) Mulmaster (Black Lord's Altar; Bane) Yulash (Abyss of the Abomination; Moander) Zhentil Keep (Heart of the Hand; lyachtu Xvim) Zhentil Keep (The Black Altar; Bane) Zhentil Keep (Twilight Hall; Cyric)

F&A 57 F&A 31 F<S?A 39 F<S?A 121 F&A 83 F<S?A 39 F&A 53

The Dalelands

The Moonshaes
P&P 30 F&A F&A F&A F&A F&A 159 130 57 133 57

Arch Wood, depths of the (Hidden Hand of Fate; Hoar) Battledale, southwest of Essembra (Abbey of the Sword; Tempus) Elventree, east of (House of Mysteries; Mystra) Elventree, near (gate; Eldath) Highmoon Deepingdale (Leaves of Learning; Oghma) Lake Sember, near (gate; Eldath) Mistledale, northwest of Ashabenford (Abbey of the Golden Sheaf; Chauntea) Myth Drannor (ShaundakuPs Throne; Shaundakul) Tarkhaldale (Singing Cave; Finder Wyvernspur)

Caer Callidyr (Istishia)

F&A 80

F6?A 50 F&A 144 P&P 16

Damara & Vaasa

Castle Perilous (Wings of the Queen Reborn; Tiamat) P&P Earthspur Mountains (Monastery of the Yellow Rose; Ilmater) Galena Mountains, between Bloodstone Valley and Ironspur (Citadel of Assassins; Bhaal) Giantspire Mountains (secret temple; Grumbar) 134, 136 F&A 77 F&A 46 F6?A 67

Gheldaneth (Arcanum of Magic; Thoth) Great Vale (Cereal Combine; Isis) Great Vale (Hathor) Jhalhoran (Crypt of Shadows; Osiris) Mishtan (Gateway to the Afterworld; Osiris) Neldorild (Istishia) Neldorild (Vault of Golden Commerce; Nephthys) Sampranasz (Cavern of the Jackal; Set) Sekras (River's Maw; Sebek) Ship of the Gods island (Golden Forge; Geb) Skuld (Guardians of Skuld; Anhur, Osiris, & Isis) Skuld(Mask) Skuld (Solarium; Horus-Re) Skuld (Temple of Bountiful Joy; Isis) Sultim (Blood Fortress; Anhur)


P&P 131 P&P 116 P<S?P 107 P&P 122 P&P 111 F6?A80 P&P 118 P&P 128 P&P 111, 125 P&P 100 P&P 98, 116, 122 P6?P96 P6?P 112 P&P 116 P&P 98

Various temples (Loviatar) F6?A 102

Netheril (Lost Empire)

The Dragon Coast

Starmantle (Istishia) Telpir (Tower of the Morning; Lathander) Teziir (Gargauth) Westgate (House of Steel; Garagos) Westgate, near ( H i l l of Fangs; Moander)

F&A 80 F&A 91 P&P 24 P<S?P 18, 20 F&A 122

The Great Dale

Bezentil (Divine Den; Malar)

F6?A 106

The Great Glacier Halruaa

Great Glacier (Glacier of Ulutiu; Ulutiu)

P&P 63

Abbey Mountains, atop Selune Crest (Abbey of the Moon; Selune) The Glorifier, north of Rememberance (Groundcover; Jannath) Imbrue (Tyche) Ioulaum, flying city of (Temple of A l l Mysteries; Mystryl) Moander's Footsteps, at the headwaters of the Pox River (Root of the God; Moander) Monikar (Kozah) Quagmire, flying city of (Targus) Sepulcher (Reign of Night; Shar) Seventon (Vaults of Doom; Jergal) Shade (Tyche) Unity (The Forested Enclave of the Face on the Sun; Amaunator)

A A . N 44 A A : N 33 A A . N 51 A A : N 42 A A . N 40 A A : N 38 A A : N 49 AA.-N 47 A A : N 35 AA.-N51 A A : N 28, 31

Lhairghol, near Lhair (House of the High One Ascendant; Azuth) Mt. Talath (Mystra) Muaraghal (secret temple; Grumbar)

F&A 35 F6?A 130 F&A 67 Various temples (Leira) F&A 95

The North

Earthfast Mountains (Iron Dragon Mountain; Deneir) Lyrabar (Istishia) River Icehilt, south of (Lyon's Oak) Songhal, west of (House of Many Tomes; Oghma)


F&A 55 F&A 80 F6?A 147 F&A 133

Wu Pi Te Shao (secret temple; Grumbar) F&A 67

The Lake of Steam & The Border Kingdoms

Barony of Great Oak (Godswalk Keep; Garagos, Jergal, & Sharess) P&P 20, 33, 52

Bargewright Inn, south of (Goldenfields; Chauntea) Everlund (sacred park; Sune) Karse (Shrine of the Undying Heart; Karsus) Leilon, northeast of (Place of the Untcorn; Lurue) Luskan (Istishia) Luskan (Valkur) Neverwinter (Hall of Justice; Torm, Tyr) Neverwinter (sacred park; Sune) Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep (Plague Rats; Talona) Savage Frontier (Beorunna's Well; Black Lion/Uthgar, Red Tiger/Uthgar) Savage Frontier (Flintrock; Elk/Uthgar) Savage Frontier (Great Worm Cavern; Great Worm/Uthgar)

F&A 50 F&A 150 P&P 36 P&P 39 F<S?A 80 P&P 74 F&A 165 F<S?A 150 F&A 153 P&P 69 P<S?P 69 P&P 69

APPfiNf )IX 2: Locations.-181

Savage Frontier (Morgur's Mound; Thunderbeast/Uthgar) P&P 69 Savage Frontier (One Stone; Golden Eagle/Uthgar, Red Pony/Uthgar, Sky Pony/Uthgar) P&P 69 Savage Frontier (Ravenrock; Black Raven/Uthgar, Gray Wolf/Uthgar) P&P 69 Savage Frontier (Shining White; Griffon/Uthgar) P&P 69 Savage Frontier (Stone Stand; Blue Bear/Uthgar) P&P 69 Savage Frontier (Tree Ghost; Grandfather Tree/Uthgar) P&P 69 Sea of Swords, west of Waterdeep (Legacy of Deep Death; Myrkul) FS?A 126 Silverymoon (The Golden Oak; Shiallia) P&P 56 Silverymoon (various libraries; Deneir) F6?A55 Silverymoon (various sites; Lurue) P&P 39 Spine of the World Mountains (secret temple; Grumbar) F&A 67 Sundabar (Hall of Justice; Torm, Tyr) F&A 165 Trackless Sea, depths of the (Castle of the Dancing Dolphin; Istishia) F<S?A 79 Triboar, west of (Gwaeron's Slumber; Gwaeron Windstrom) P&P 28 Unicorn Run, headwaters of the (Glade of Life; Shiallia, Chauntea, Eldath, Lurue, & Mielikki) P&P 56 Unicorn Run, near the upper reaches (gate; Eldath) F&A 57 Waterdeep (Chapel and Chalice of the Divine Right; Siamorphe) P<S?P 60 Waterdeep (The Cynosure; A o ) F&A 30 Waterdeep (Font of Knowledge; Oghma) F&A 133 Waterdeep (Gargauth) P&P 24 Waterdeep (House of the Moon; Selune) F<S?A 133, P&P 154-164 Waterdeep (House of Wonder; Mystra) F&A 129 Waterdeep (Istishia) F<S?A 80 Waterdeep (Spires of the Morning; Lathander) F&A 91 Waterdeep (Temple of Beauty; Sune) F&A 150 Waterdeep (Temple of Good Cheer & New Olamn; M i l i l ) F&A 117 Waterdeep, Undermountain (Savras) P&P 50 Waterdeep, Undermountain (Deep Hunting Grounds; Malar) ....F&A 107 Waterdeep, Undermountain (Deep Temple of Dark Hope; Ibrandul) F&A 73

Thesk & Telfiamm

Milvarune (House of Tyr's Hand; Tyr) Telfiamm (Valkur) Telfiamm (House of the Master's Shadow; Mask)

F&A 170 P&P 72 F&A 110

Tethyr & Erlkazar

Carradoon, northwest of (Soaring Spirit; Deneir) F&A 55 Forest of Tethir, depths (gate; Eldath) F&A 57 Forest of Tethir, east of Mosstone (Old Oak Dell; Silvanus) F&A 147 Forest of Tethir, eastern edge of the (Red Knight) P&P 44,46 Kzelter (Knights of the Black Gauntlet; Bane) F<S?A 39 Myratma (Gargauth) P&P 24 Saradush, north of (Spires Against the Stars; Beshaba) F&A 43 Starspire Peninsula, M t . Adiir (Cloister of St. Ramedar; Ilmater) P&P 142-146 Various minor chapels (Siamorphe) P&P 59 Velen (Shipsgrave Tower; Umberlee) F&A 174 Zazesspur (Knights of the Shield; Gargauth) P&P 25 Zazesspur, south of (Fortress Faithful; Tyr) F&A 170


Shussel (Spring of Eternal Hope; Isis) P&P 116 Smoking Mountains (Citadel of Black Ash; Gilgeam) P&P 105, 165-168, 177-178 Unthalass (Ziggurat of Eternal Victory; Gilgeam) P&P 105 Unthalass (Altar of Scales; Tiamat) P&P 136

The Vast

Procampur (Domes of Reason; Oghma) Procampur (House of the Hand; Torm) Procampur (Istishia) Tantras (Temple of Torm's Coming; Torm) Tsurlagol (Noble Hand; Helm) Tsurlagol (Valkur)

F&A 132 F&A 165 F&A 80 F&A 164 F&A 69 P&P 72

Vilhon Reach

Peleveran (Lost Empire in the Shaar and the Eastern Shaar)

Peleveria (Dark Pit of Maleficence; Gargauth) P&P 23, 24

Rock of Bral, i n the Tears of Selune (Pantheist Temple of Tyr; Tyr) F&A 170

Sea of Fallen Stars

Scci of Fsllcn Stcirs

Prespur, Isle of (Mistkeep; Leira) (Temple of Endless Waves and Wind; Valkur)

Ffi?A 95 P&P 74


Daerlun (House of Firehair; Sune) Saerloon (House of the High One; Azuth) Selgaunt (Istishia) Selgaunt (Palace of Holy Festivals; Lliira) Selgaunt (Tower of Thought; Oghma)

F&A 150 F&A 35 F&A 80 F<S?A 99 F&A 132

Alaghon (Istishia) F&A 80 Chondath (Plague-Mother's Children; Talona) F&A 153 Gosra, in Fields of N u n in central Chondath (Garagos) P&P 18, 20 Gurnth (Machran Spire; Nobanion) P&P 42 Hlondeth (Cathedral of Emerald Scales; Sseth) P&P 86, 87, 138-142 Hlondeth, at the foot of M t . Ugruth (Tabs) F&A 157 Ilighon, island of (House of Silvanus; Silvanus) F&A 147 Iljak (Temple of the Vigilant Guard; Helm) F&A 69 Nathlekh (Malar) P&P 42 Nathlekh (Pride of Nobanion; Nobanion) P&P 42 Nathlekh (Sharess) P&P 42 Ormath (Tower of Skulls; Kelemvor) F&A 86 Ormpetarr (High House of Swords and Banners; Tempus) F&A 159 Osraun Mountains (secret temple; Grumbar) F&A 67 Shining Plains (Nobanion's Great Pride; Nobanion) P&P 41, 42 Turmish, various locales (gate; Eldath) F&A 57

Western Heartlands
Baldur's Gate (Gargauth) Baldur's Gate (Knights of the Unicorn; Lurue) Baldur's Gate, long-neglected shrines (Siamorphe) Baldur's Gate, northeast of (Citadel of Strategic Militancy; Red Knight) Baldur's Gate (Knights of the Shield; Gargauth) Berdusk (Twilight Hall; Deneir) Bridge of Fallen Men, west of (Sign of the Silver Harp innf Gargauth) Candlekeep (Hall of Pools and Mirrors; Savras) Candlekeep (Oghma) Fields of the Dead (Order of One Thousand Nightmares; Velsharoon) Forest of Wyrms (Shrine of Cowled Serpents; Sseth) Mintarn (Cove of the Queen; Umberlee) Misty Forest, near (Eldath's Water, gate; Eldath) Orlumbor (Stormhaven House; Umberlee) Skull Gorge (Crypt of the Arisen Army; Velsharoon) P&P 24 P&P 39 P&P 59 P&P 46 P&P 25 F&A 55 P&P 22, 23 P&P 50 F&A 133 P&P 77 P<S?P 86 F&A 174 F&A 57 F&A 174 P&P 77

The Shaar & Eastern Shaar

Blaskaltar (First Shrine; Akadi) Castle Al'hanar (Knights of the Undying Dragon; Myrkul) Chondalwood, near Torsch (Hidden Glades; Moander) Sheirtalar (Gargauth)

F&A 25 F&A 126 F&A 121 P&P 24

The Shining Lands

Lastarr (Selune) Mountains of Wisdom (Library of Curna; Oghma)

F&A 136 F&A 133


Bezantur (Crypt of Imminent Death; Jergal) P&P 33 Bezantur (Flaming Brazier; Kossuth) F&A 89, P&P 147-154 Bezantur (Gargauth) P&P 24 Bezantur (House of Iyachtu Xvim; Iyachtu Xvim) F&A 83 Tyraturos, just outside (Tower of Swift Death; Bhaal) F&A 46


182 A P P E N D I X 2: Locations