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Mantras for the Planets

(Used when certain planets need to be strengthened in our astrological chart) To the Sun, Japa kusuma-sankarsham kashyapeyam maha-dyutim tamo-rim sarva-papa-ghnam pranato smi divakaram Let us chant the glories of the Sun god, whose beauty rivals that of a flower ! bow to him, the greatly effulgence son of "ashyapa, who is the enemy of darkness and destroyer of all sins # To the $oon, dadhi-shankha-tusharabham kshirodarnava-sambhavam namami shashinam somam sambhor mukuta-bhushanam ! offer my obeisances to the $oon god, whose comple%ion resembles curds, the whiteness of conch shells, and snow &e is the ruling deity of the soma-rasa born from the 'cean of $ilk, and he serves as the ornament on top of the head of Lord Shambhu # To (enus for creativity and success in such things as trading in the markets) hima-kunda-mrnalabham daityanam paramam gurum sarva-shastra-pravaktaram bhargavam pranamamy aham ! offer my obeisances to the descendant of *hrigu $uni +(enus,, whose comple%ion is white like a pond covered with ice &e is the supreme spiritual master of the demoniac enemies of the demigods, and has spoken to them all the revered scriptures # To $ars, dharani-garbha-sambhutim vidyut-kanti-samaprabha kumaram shakti-hastam cha mangalam pranamamy aham ! offer my obeisances to Sri $angala, god of the planet $ars, who was born from the womb of the earth goddess &is brilliant effulgence is like that of lightening, and he appears as a youth carrying a spear in his hand # To $ercury, priyangava-gulikashyam rupena pratimambadam saumyam saumya-gunopetam tam budham pranamamy aham ! bow down to *uddha, god of the planet $ercury, whose face is like a fragrant globe of the priyangu herb and whose beauty matches that of a lotus flower &e

is most gentle, possessing all attractive -ualities # To Jupiter, devanam cha rishinam cha gurum kanchana-sannibham buddhi-bhutam tri-lokesham tam namami brihaspatim ! bow down to *rihaspati, god of the planet Jupiter &e is the spiritual master of all the demigods and sages &is comple%ion is golden, and he is full of intelligence &e is the controlling lord of all three worlds # To Saturn, nilan.ana-samabhasam ravi-putram chaya-martanda-sambhutam tam namami shanaishcharan ! bow down to slow moving Saturn, whose comple%ion is dark blue like nilan.ana ointment The elder brother of Lord /amara.a, he is born from the Sun-god and his wife 0haya # To 1ahu, ardha-kayam mahim-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam simhika-garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy aham ! offer my obeisances to 1ahu, born from the womb of Simhika, who was only half a body yet possesses great power, being able to subdue the Sun and $oon # To "etu, palasa-puspa-sankasam taraka-graha-mastakam raudram raudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamy aham ! offer my obeisances to the violent and fearsome "etu, who is endowed with the potency of Lord Shiva 1esembling in his comple%ion the flower of a palasa plant, he serves as the head of the stars and planets #

The highest spiritual mantra for all purposes:

&are "rishna, &are "rishna, "rishna "rishna, &are &are &are 1ama, &are 1ama, 1ama 1ama, &are &are