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LxecuLlve Summary ............................................2
Cvervlew & SlLuaLlonal Analysls/Coals....................................3
SWC1 Analysls.................................................4
key Messages/1heme.............................................6
1acLlcs conL'd...............................................8
1acLlcs conL'd...................................................9
1acLlcs conL'd..................................................10
1acLlcs conL'd................................................11
1acLlcs conL'd..................................................12
LvaluaLlon conL'd...............................................14
LvaluaLlon conL'd...............................................13
LvaluaLlon conL'd...............................................16
LvaluaLlon conL'd...............................................17
LvaluaLlon conL'd...............................................18

Medla 8elease.................................................19
Medla Advlsory.................................................20
news leaLure ................................................21
8adlo SA.....................................................22
1elevlslon SA.................................................23
lacL SheeL...................................................24
LvenL osLer.................................................23
uonor LlsL.....................................................26
Wordress 8log.................................................27
lnsLagram AccounL................................................28
Medla LlsL...................................................29

Lxecut|ve Summary

S|tuat|ona| Ana|ys|s
MlLoCanada lncreases awareness, supporL and research for mlLochondrlal dlseases ln Canada buL
recelves mlnlmal fundlng Lo do so. 1he foundaLlon depends on charlLable donaLlons Lo flnance
mlLochondrlal research and help lncrease awareness of Lhe dlsease. 1he general publlc and
medlcal and healLh care secLor are under educaLed on mlLochondrlal dlseases and Lhls ls why
MlLoCanada formed a foundaLlon Lo supporL research and supporL efforLs.

SWC1 Ana|ys|s
llrsL and only mlLochondrlal research and
supporL foundaLlon ln Canada
LlmlLed fundlng
?oung charlLy/SLlll growlng
ALLracL medla aLLenLlon
arLner wlLh local buslnesses
SLruggllng economy
number of noL-for-proflLs ln Lhe area Lo
compeLe wlLh

1. 1o lncrease overall awareness of mlLochondrlal dlseases Lo ulLlmaLely help promoLe
lmprovemenLs ln dlagnosls of Lhe dlsease, supporL and research by uecember 31, 2013.
2. 1o lncrease fundralslng dollars compared Lo $294,238.99 from 2013 by 3, ln order Lo
lncrease research opporLunlLles by uecember 31, 2013.
3. 1o LargeL Lhe medlcal and healLhcare communlLy ln order Lo secure a mlnlmum of Lwo
research parLnershlps by uecember 2013.
Strateg|es & 1act|cs
1. uLlllze medla relaLlons Lo ralse awareness wlLhln Lhe general communlLy.
1act|cs: Medla klL, 1elevlslon-leaLured SLory, SAs, news leaLure
2. Launch speclal evenLs Lo lnform and hlghllghL Lhe reallLles of mlLochondrlal dlseases.
1act|cs: 8unnlng on LmpLy 2.0, lundralser/8affle, lnformaLlonal 8ooLh, Cuerllla MarkeLlng
3. romoLe awareness of MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases Lhrough soclal medla.
1act|cs: lnsLagram, lnLeracLlve blog, lacebook/1wlLLer, ?ou1ube Channel & 'MlLovldeo'

MlLoCanada wlll evaluaLe each sLraLegy and LacLlc Lo deLermlne lf Lhey wlll saLlsfy speclflc
ob[ecLlves made Lo help achleve foundaLlonal goals. varlous evaluaLlon Lools wlll be used Lo
deLermlne how successful MlLoCanada's sLraLegles and LacLlcs are Lo achleve SMA81 ob[ecLlves
LhaL wlll enhance Lhe foundaLlons presence ln Lhe communlLy and lncrease funds for
mlLochondrlal research and supporL efforLs.


MlLoCanada loundaLlon was formed ln 2009 by a group of mlLochondrlal dlsease paLlenLs,
famllles, careglvers and frlends, wlLh supporL from dedlcaLed medlcal professlonals.

MlLoCanada focuses on Lhree maln areas LhaL help supporL Lhose affecLed by MlLochondrlal
ulseases. 1he foundaLlon provldes supporL and awareness Lo Canadlans dlrecLly and lndlrecLly
affecLed by Lhe MlLochondrlal ulseases and mosL lmporLanLly supporLlng Lhe advancemenL of
mlLochondrlal research. 1he foundaLlon hopes Lo reach paLlenLs, parenLs, careglvers and Lhe
medlcal communlLy by provldlng analyLlcal lnformaLlon LhaL wlll lmprove Lhe quallLy of llfe and
sense of communlLy for Lhose affecLed.

MlLochondrlal dlsease" relaLes Lo a group of dlsorders and each condlLlon ls a resulL of a geneLlc
muLaLlon - a speclflc change ln Lhe geneLlc maLerlal of Lhe mlLochondrla. When a muLaLlon has
formed, Lhls causes Lhe mlLochondrla Lo fall and produces less energy ln Lhe cells Lhan Lhe body
needs Lo funcLlon. 1he cells wlll elLher sLop worklng or dle, whlch resulLs ln elLher Lhe body noL
funcLlonlng properly or several healLh problems Lo arlse. lallures of Lhe mlLochondrla can cause
damage Lo cells of Lhe braln, hearL, llver, skeleLal muscles, kldney and Lhe endocrlne and
resplraLory sysLems. 8esearch has lndlcaLed LhaL Lhe dlsease affecLs one ln flve Lhousand
lndlvlduals. 1hls shocklng sLaLlsLlc ls why MlLoCanada ls passlonaLe abouL advanclng research
conducLed on Lhe dlsease ln hopes Lo one day Lo be more educaLed ln ways Lo help Lhose
sufferlng from MlLochondrlal ulseases aL early sLages, because Lhere ls no cure for Lhe dlsease.

S|tuat|ona| Ana|ys|s

MlLoCanada loundaLlon focuses on supporLlng Lhose affecLed by mlLochondrlal dlseases dlrecLly
or lndlrecLly by provldlng Lhem wlLh lncreaslng awareness of Lhe dlsease Lhrough fundlng Lhe
advancemenL of medlcal research. Mlnlmal amounL of research has been done and medlcal
pracLlLloners are noL fully educaLed on Lhe dlsease because of Lhls. MlLoCanada recelves mlnlmal
Lo no fundlng from granLs Lhey apply for Lo supply research lnlLlaLlves. 1hls ln Lurn means LhaL
MlLoCanada heavlly depends on charlLable donaLlons and fundralslng efforLs Lo flnance Lhe
research LhaL needs Lo be done Lo educaLe MlLoCanada's varlous audlences. uue Lo Lhe
complexlLy and challenges of dlagnosls, and broad specLrum of sympLoms, lL ls esLlmaLed LhaL
less Lhan 10 percenL of people affecLed recelve a dlagnosls. MlLoCanada's blggesL challenge LhaL
Lhey wanL Lo overcome ls Lo ralse awareness and recognlLlon of Lhe dlsease wlLhln Lhe general
populaLlon, as well as Lhe medlcal and healLhcare communlLy. 1he foundaLlon also wanLs Lo
supporL research LhaL alms Lo lmprove Lhe ldenLlflcaLlon and LreaLmenL of mlLochondrlal

lncrease awareness Lo medlcal pracLlLloners and Lhe healLhcare secLor
SupporL Lhe growlng need for mlLochondrlal research and fundralslng efforLs
lncrease fundralslng efforLs ln Lhe communlLy and advance fundralslng lnlLlaLlves

SWC1 Ana|ys|s

MlLoCanada employees have real-llfe experlences wlLh lndlvlduals sufferlng wlLh
mlLochondrlal dlseases.
MlLoCanada loundaLlon ls a reglsLered charlLy organlzaLlon LhaL supporLs Lhe advancemenL
of mlLochondrlal research.
MlLoCanada ls Lhe flrsL and only mlLochondrlal research and supporL charlLy organlzaLlon ln
Pelps new and exlsLlng mlLochondrlal famllles recelve necessary lnformaLlon abouL
mlLochondrlal dlseases.
MlLoCanada develops supporL neLworks and sesslons for Lhose affecLed dlrecLly or lndlrecLly
by Lhe dlseases across Canada.
MlLoCanada hosLs varlous evenLs LhaL promoLe mlLochondrlal research and awareness.

MlLoCanada recelves llmlLed fundlng and granLs Lo properly promoLe and open new offlces ln
all provlnces across Canada.
MlLoCanada ls a young charlLy organlzaLlon LhaL ls sLlll growlng resulLlng ln llmlLed exposure.
Mlnlmum knowledge by medlcal professlonals on Lhe dlsease.

Carner medla aLLenLlon Lo educaLe Lhe general populaLlon abouL mlLochondrlal dlseases.
AddlLlonal research and slgnlflcanL developmenLs can be made Lowards helplng Lhose who
suffer dlrecLly or lndlrecLly from mlLochondrlal dlsease.
Lxpand offlces across Canada Lo lncrease awareness of Lhe dlseases.
uevelop school parLnershlps wlLh '8unnlng on LmpLy 2.0' evenL package.
new parLnershlps wlLh buslnesses or aLhleLes Lo creaLe fundralslng opporLunlLles and
Company cause markeLlng - parLnerlng wlLh local buslnesses LhaL are wllllng Lo donaLe a
porLlon of Lhelr proceeds for a day Lo MlLoCanada.
lncrease volunLeer base and funds - volunLeerlng efforLs wlLh local schools/groups/Leams.

Lconomlc Llmes could make donaLlng Lo charlLles dlfflculL for Lhe general populaLlon.
An over-saLuraLed non-proflL markeL makes lL dlfflculL for lndlvlduals Lo choose whlch charlLy
Lhey would llke Lo supporL. MlLoCanada, belng less promlnenL Lhan oLher charlLles, may noL
be Lop of mlnd.
CompeLlng evenLs may decrease Lhe amounL of funds and supporL MlLoCanada recelves.
LlmlLed undersLandlng of mlLochondrlal dlseases may deLer lndlvlduals from supporLlng


arenLs wlLh MlLo-chlldren
uocLors/Medlcal rofesslonals
Medlcal/Sclence 8esearchers
PosplLals/uocLors Cfflces
CovernmenL/CovernmenL Cfflclals

CommunlLy Leaders
CommunlLy CenLers
Walk-ln cllnlcs
Medlcal LqulpmenL suppllers
harmaceuLlcal professlonals
8oard of ulrecLors/Advlsors


1. 1o lncrease overall awareness of mlLochondrlal dlseases Lo ulLlmaLely help promoLe
lmprovemenLs ln dlagnosls of Lhe dlsease, supporL and research by uecember 31, 2013.

2. 1o lncrease fundralslng dollars compared Lo $294,238.99 from 2013 by 3, ln order Lo
lncrease research opporLunlLles by uecember 31, 2013.

3. 1o LargeL Lhe medlcal and healLhcare communlLy ln order Lo secure a mlnlmum of Lwo
research parLnershlps by uecember 2013.

key Messages

1. ?our klnd donaLlons can help us ralse Lhe necessary awareness abouL mlLochondrlal

2. Cur ma[or focus ls Lo help lndlvlduals sufferlng wlLh mlLochondrlal dlseases llve longer,
happler, and producLlve llves."

3. 1hose sufferlng wlLh mlLochondrlal dlseases have no endurance for day-Lo-day acLlvlLles LhaL
everyone else flnd efforLless. MlLoCanada ls Lhe only Canadlan organlzaLlon LhaL advocaLes
for Lhose affecLed dlrecLly or lndlrecLly by Lhe dlsease."

4. 1here ls no cure for mlLochondrlal dlseases. MlLoCanada supporLs Lhe advancemenLs of
mlLochondrlal research ln order Lo lncrease awareness of Lhese dlseases wlLh medlcal
professlonals and Lhe general publlc."

3. MlLoCanada flghLs for Lhe Lhose LhaL don'L have Lhe energy Lo."

6. Llvlng wlLh Lhe 'lnvlslble dlsease' can leave Lhose affecLed dlrecLly or lndlrecLly wlLh open-
ended quesLlons due Lo llmlLed research done. MlLoCanada flghLs for Lhe rlghL Lo have Lhose
answers and funds Lhe advancemenL of mlLochondrlal research."


1. 8unnlng on LmpLy"

8aLLery and 1oy Analogy ! A baLLery can be used over and over agaln unLll Lhe baLLery geLs
weak and Lhe Loy evenLually runs ouL of energy." 1hose sufferlng wlLh mlLochondrlal
dlseases cannoL puL a new baLLery ln. 1hey have chronlc faLlgue and run on empLy" on an
everyday basls.

2. 1he reallLles of MlLo"

3. MlLo: Lhe lnvlslble ulsease"


1. uLlllze medla relaLlons Lo ralse awareness wlLhln Lhe general communlLy abouL MlLoCanada
and mlLochondrlal dlseases.

2. Launch speclal evenLs Lo lnform and hlghllghL Lhe reallLles LhaL Lhose llvlng wlLh
mlLochondrlal dlseases deal wlLh on a day-Lo-day basls.

3. romoLe awareness of MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases Lhrough soclal medla ln
lnLeracLlve ways.


Strategy #1: Ut|||ze med|a re|at|ons to ra|se awareness w|th|n the genera| commun|ty about
M|toCanada and m|tochondr|a| d|sease.
1act|c 1: Med|a k|t
A medla klL wlll be creaLed Lo expose Lhe medla Lo MlLoCanada ln an effecLlve and deLalled
way Lo lncrease Lhe posslblllLy of medla exposure and coverage.
1he klL should be dellvered Lo medla ouLleLs ln 8ranLford, PamllLon and all surroundlng areas.
1he medla klL should lnclude: a medla release, MlLoCanada facL sheeL, brochure, newsleLLer
and backgrounder. CLher maLerlals can be lncluded dependlng on Lhe sub[ecL maLLer.
1he medla release wlll hlghllghL MlLoCanada as a foundaLlon and all Lhelr supporLlng efforLs.
1he resL of Lhe klL wlll showcase how mlLochondrlal research ls lmporLanL for Lhe communlLy
Lo undersLand LhaL oLher dlseases are llnked wlLh muLaLed mlLochondrlal cells. 1he klL wlll
help medla personnel undersLand Lhe foundaLlon as a whole so LhaL lL can be mosL accuraLely
represenLed ln any medla coverage.
1act|c 2: 1e|ev|s|on-Ieature Story
1he Lelevlslon-feaLured sLory wlll be creaLed Lo glve consumers lnformaLlon abouL
MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases LhaL wlll be alred on naLlonal Lelevlslon sLaLlons ln
8ranLford, PamllLon and surroundlng areas.
1he segmenL wlll feaLure varlous aspecLs LhaL MlLoCanada ls lnvolved wlLh: Lhelr offlce,
AccounL LxecuLlve, vlcky Spadonl speaklng on behalf of Lhe foundaLlon, coverage aL
MlLoCanada evenLs, famlly supporL vldeos, eLc.
uslng experlence LesLlmonlals from famllles LhaL are affecLed dlrecLly or lndlrecLly by
mlLochondrlal dlseases wlll creaLe a more personal experlence for vlewers.
1hls provldes hlgh reach ln a shorLer Llme Lo achleve MlLoCanada's ob[ecLlves and ln hopes Lo
maxlmlze fundralslng efforLs.

1act|c 3: ub||c Serv|ce Announcement for 1e|ev|s|on and kad|o
ubllc servlce announcemenLs approxlmaLely one mlnuLe long for Lelevlslon and 60 seconds
long for radlo can be used Lo lnform Lhe publlc abouL mlLochondrlal dlseases and Lhe
MlLoCanada loundaLlon.
1he publlc servlce announcemenLs can use shocklng facLs Lo grab vlewers and llsLeners
aLLenLlon and lncrease awareness of Lhe dlseases.
ubllc servlce announcemenLs can use key messages and/or Lhemes Lo educaLe Lhelr
audlences on how Lhey can help MlLoCanada and also supporL Lhose affecLed dlrecLly or
lndlrecLly by mlLochondrlal dlseases.
lmporLanL facLs should be used Lo make Lhe announcemenL more lnLeresLlng and seem more
relevanL Lo Lhe publlc (ex. MlLochondrlal dlseases affecL 1 ln 3,000 lndlvlduals durlng Lhelr
1he Lelevlslon SA should be made wlLh vlsuals ln mlnd, whlle Lhe radlo SA should be made
wlLh more audlLory effecLs, however Lhe scrlpL and messaglng can remaln very slmllar.

1act|c 4: News Ieature
varlous news feaLures can be creaLed and dlsLrlbuLed Lo prlnL medla ln hopes of galnlng
coverage of Lhe sLory or follow up lnLervlew.
new feaLure Loplcs can lnclude: a closer look aL mlLochondrlal research, selecLed famllles
sLruggles/ways Lo survlve day-Lo-day when deallng wlLh mlLochondrlal dlsease, eLc.
news leaLures lnclude real people, facLs, and supporL LhaL can glve a blgger plcLure of
MlLoCanada and more speclflcally research advancemenLs for mlLochondrlal dlseases.
Lnsure LhaL MlLoCanada brandlng ls correcLly dlsplayed and all necessary conLacL lnformaLlon
ls presenLed.
uslng news feaLures as a LacLlc wlll glve a personal elemenL Lo each feaLure and noL [usL
lnformaLlon on mlLochondrlal research. vlewers wlll have more of an emoLlonal connecLlon
Lo feaLures.
Lnsure LhaL MlLoCanada logo and slgnage ls presenL on news feaLures and hlgh-quallLy

Strategy #2: Launch spec|a| events to |nform and h|gh||ght the rea||t|es that those ||v|ng w|th
m|tochondr|a| d|seases dea| w|th on a day-to-day bas|s.
1act|c 1: kunn|ng on Lmpty 2.0
PosL an evenL aL Lhe klwanls 8oys and Clrls Club PamllLon LasL LhaL Leaches chlldren and
Lhelr parenLs abouL mlLochondrlal dlseases and Lhe MlLoCanada loundaLlon.
Chlldren learn abouL Lhe reallLles of Lhose wlLh mlLochondrlal dlseases by parLlclpaLlng ln an
educaLlonal obsLacle course. 1he course forces chlldren Lo feel and Lhlnk abouL Lhelr bodles
sLruggllng ln dlfferenL ways.
Chlldren wlll be glven MlLoCanada swag, cerLlflcaLe of parLlclpaLlon and MlLoCanada facL
sheeL as a Lake home LhaL wlll help educaLe parenLs on whaL Lhelr chlldren learnL abouL.
A chlld wlLh mlLochondrlal dlsease wlll make an appearance Lo Lhe evenL, whlch wlll make Lhe
learnlng experlence more lmpacLful and creaLe a 'wow' facLor for Lhe evenL. 1hls 'wow' facLor
wlll make Lhe evenL more memorable for Lhe chlldren as Lhey wlll be able Lo see an example
of an lndlvldual who suffers on a day-Lo-day basls wlLh facLs LhaL chlldren learned abouL ln
Lhe obsLacle course.
Lunch wlll also be provlded aL Lhe evenL sponsored by lzza lzza and uomlnos. Sponsorshlp
leLLers would be senL ouL Lo local grocery sLorles Lo obLaln glfL cards or [ulce boxes for
aLLendees aL Lhe evenL.
1he evenL can be used as a plloL evenL lf MlLoCanada decldes Lhey would llke Lo pursue
annual chlldren's evenLs Lhrough Lhe klwanls Club, oLher communlLy cenLers or wlLh Lhe
school board. LvaluaLlng Lhe evenL Lo see how successful lL ls wlll glve a beLLer reporL LhaL can
be submlLLed Lo school boards wlLh a ul? evenL klL for elemenLary schools Lo use as a yearly
fundralslng evenL.
1act|c 2: Iundra|s|ng kaff|e Sa|e
PosL a raffle/fundralslng Lable aL Mohawk College Lo ralse funds Lo conLrlbuLe Lo research
relaLed Lo mlLochondrlal dlseases.
8affles wlll Lake place ln a hlgh Lrafflc area of Lhe school where many sLudenLs wlll be exposed
Lo Lhe fundralser.
8affle LlckeLs wlll be sold for $3 for an arms lengLh of LlckeLs.
MlLoCanada slgnage, brochures and facLsheeLs wlll be presenL on fundralslng Lable Lo help
ralse awareness abouL MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases.
All funds ralsed wlll go dlrecLly Lo Lhe MlLoCanada research fund.

1act|c 3: Informat|ona| 8ooth
lnformaLlonal booLhs wlll be seL up ln hosplLal lobbles or common areas Lo expose docLors,
employees and Lhe general publlc on lnformaLlon abouL mlLochondrlal dlseases and how
MlLoCanada funds and supporL medlcal research.
lnformaLlonal booLh should lnclude: brochures, facL sheeLs, MlLo slgnage and conLacL
8ooLh should have one or Lwo MlLoCanada represenLaLlves or volunLeers worklng LhaL are
educaLed abouL mlLochondrlal dlseases and MlLoCanada. 1hls wlll allow Lhose who have
quesLlon Lo be answered rlghL away and see lf Lhey wanL Lo geL lnvolved wlLh MlLoCanada ln
any way.
Pavlng an lnformaLlonal booLh wlll also be a good way Lo generaLe donaLlons Lowards
research lnlLlaLlves.
lnformaLlonal booLhs need Lo be eye caLchlng and branded wlLh MlLoCanada slgnage and
colours Lo creaLe a branded, puL LogeLher and credlble lmage. Pavlng swag, donaLlon sheeLs,
sponsorshlp packages, eLc. wlll make MlLoCanada be more prepared for any quesLlons or
1act|c 4: Guer|||a Market|ng
lace glanL mlLochondrla ln a hlgh volume place ln 8ranLford, PamllLon and surroundlng areas
Lo generaLe awareness and lnLeresL. lacLs abouL MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases wlll
be shooLlng ouL of Lhe mlLochondrla.
Shocklng exposure Lo MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases ln publlc places wlll force
lnformaLlon lnLo Lhe mlnds of Lhe audlence.
MlLoCanada's webslLe wlll be on Lhe dlsplay and wlll generaLe Lhe general publlc Lo look up
Lhe webslLe Lo galn more lnformaLlon on Lhe foundaLlon and Lhe dlseases.
AnoLher example LhaL MlLoCanada can use ls people dressed up as blologlcal phenomenon
llke cells around Lhe dlsplay, performlng a dance-mob around lL. 1hls wlll shock Lhe general
publlc and leave Lhem wanLlng Lo more. 1he dance-mob can go from hlgh-lnLenslLy Lo low-
lnLenslLy/slow-moLlon danclng Lo showcase Lhe reallLles of mlLochondrlal dlseases.
Lxposure ln publlc places, as well as gaLherlngs ln Lhe medlcal communlLy (conferences,
semlnars, dlnners eLc.) ls an excellenL way Lo galn exposure buL also lncrease awareness ln
boLh Lhe general publlc and medlcal secLor.
1he purpose ls noL Lo educaLe people abouL Lhe deLalls of MlLoCanada or mlLochondrlal
dlsease, buL Lo encourage Lhem Lo know LhaL lL exlsLs, ln a lasLlng and lmpresslonable way. lL
ls also used Lo encourage Lhem Lo vlslL all soclal medla and webslLe Lo galn addlLlonal

Strategy #3: romote awareness of M|toCanada and m|tochondr|a| d|seases through soc|a|
med|a |n |nteract|ve ways.

1act|c 1: Instagram
An lnsLagram accounL wlll be creaLed for MlLoCanada wlLh Lhelr handle: [mlLocanada.
varlous hashLags wlll be creaLed Lo be Lrendlng on lnsLagram LhaL can creaLe awareness
around MlLoCanada loundaLlon and varlous evenLs LhaL MlLoCanada hosLs. Lxamples:
#mlLodad #mlLomom #runnlngonempLy #runnlngonempLy2.0 #mlLoresearch #mlLosupporL
Members and famllles can submlL phoLos Lo MlLoCanada Lo be posLed on [mlLocanada wlLh
Lhelr own hashLags. lamllles can wrlLe Lhelr own llLLle sLory Lo go wlLh Lhelr phoLo and
MlLoCanada can publlsh Lhese.
uslng Lrendlng pre-made hashLags, lL allows users Lo cllck on Lhe hashLag and see all phoLos
LhaL are llnked wlLh Lhe same Lag ln one place.
under each phoLo, sLorles and commenLs can be creaLed Lo explaln whaL one ls feellng,
lmporLanL key messages LhaL MlLoCanada wanLs users/audlences Lo know, and lncrease
awareness wlLh lnsplraLlonal phoLos.

1act|c 2: Interact|ve b|og
use a free-hosL web slLe such as: Weebly, Wordress, and/or 8logger, eLc. and creaLe a
communlLy blog
1he blog can feaLure: lnformaLlon on MlLoCanada, mlLochondrlal dlseases recenL sLudles,
medlcal professlonal LesLlmonlals and research sLudles, supporL sLorles, famlly LesLlmonlals,
recenL dleL Lrends LhaL wlll beneflL suffers of mlLochondrlal dlseases, eLc.
All conLenL provlded by MlLoCanada wlll allow users Lo be updaLed wlLh mlLochondrlal
dlseases and ln reLurn, followers can posL commenLs and feedback on all conLenL.
An lnLeracLlve blog allows MlLoCanada's key audlences Lo sLay connecLed and up-Lo-daLe wlLh
lnformaLlon ln a more lnLeracLlve way. 1he blog wlll connecL Lo ?ou1ube Lo connecL vldeos Lo
Lhe blog Lo showcase varlous research, LesLlmonlals, mlLochondrlal dlagrams eLc.
MlLoCanada's blog wlll be llnked and promoLed Lo oLher soclal medla plaLforms.
Members and famllles can posL personal sLorles abouL Lhelr experlence wlLh Lhe MlLoCanada
loundaLlon (on how lL has helped Lhem wlLh someLhlng parLlcular) and also on Lhelr
experlences llvlng wlLh or knowlng someone ln Lhelr famlly wlLh Lhe dlsease.
Lnsure LhaL Lhe blog uses MlLoCanada brandlng colours, logos, and phoLos followlng prlvacy
laws wlLh parLlclpanLs ln Lhe phoLographs.
Lnsure LhaL Lhe blog ls easy Lo follow and navlgaLe, and ls updaLed regularly (aL leasL Lwo
posLlngs a week) Lo show followers LhaL MlLoCanada ls up-Lo-daLe wlLh lnformaLlon.

1act|c 3: Iacebook]1w|tter
CreaLe a sLronger onllne presence on boLh soclal medla plaLforms (1wlLLer and lacebook) Lo
lncrease menLlons and follow backs.
Llnk lnsLagram page, ?ou1ube page and 8log Lo boLh lacebook and 1wlLLer pages Lo have all
lnformaLlon ln one place and an easy way for users Lo surf all accounLs.
Ask engaglng quesLlons Lo followers on boLh lacebook and 1wlLLer Lo have a more personal
level wlLh Lhem. SLarLlng engaglng conversaLlons wlll glve a more personal elemenL Lo
lacebook and 1wlLLer accounLs.
When posLlng evenL lnformaLlon on boLh neLworks, ensure LhaL regular updaLes are done Lo
lnLrlgue followers on Lhese evenLs. osLlng shorL lnformaLlon ln varlous posLs wlll keep
followers wanLlng more lnsLead of posLlng all lnformaLlon aL one Llme.
Lnsure LhaL boLh soclal medla plaLforms followlng prlvacy laws for all phoLographs.

1act|c 4: ou1ube Channe| & M|toV|deo
CreaLe a MlLoCanada ?ou1ube channel where MlLoCanada followers can sLay up-Lo-daLe wlLh
Lhe organlzaLlon and new lnlLlaLlves.
1he ?ou1ube Channel wlll follow oLher ?ou1ube users wlLh lnformaLlon LhaL ls relevanL for
MlLoCanada's key audlences. lor example: medlcal research, mlLochondrlal research and
lnformaLlon, famlly supporL vldeos, vegan reclpes, eLc.
Members and famllles of MlLoCanada can posL and/or send vldeos creaLed Lo MlLoCanada
and Lhose can be posLed Lo Lhe ?ou1ube accounL.
MlLoCanada can creaLe a MlLovldeo" LhaL can be posLed on Lhelr ?ou1ube accounL and also
llnked Lo oLher soclal medla plaLforms. 1he vldeo can sLarL off wlLh vldeoLaplng Lhe general
publlc asklng Lhem lf Lhey know whaL mlLochondrlal dlsease ls. Pavlng Lhls conLenL as an
openlng vldeo wlll show Lhe lack of knowledge of Lhe dlsease and how lncreased awareness
wlll beneflL MlLoCanada's audlences. 1he resL of Lhe vldeo can have famlly supporL sLorles
and AccounL LxecuLlve, vlcky Spadonl, speaklng on behalf of Lhe foundaLlon.


Strategy 1 - Med|a ke|at|ons
uslng medla relaLlons as a sLraLegy, Lhe followlng LacLlcs allgn wlLh Lhe ob[ecLlve Lo lncrease
awareness Lo help promoLe lmprovemenLs ln dlagnoses wlLhln Lhe general publlc by 2013.

1act|c 1: Med|a k|t - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- ls Lhe medla klL lnformaLlve and helpful Lowards lncreaslng mlLochondrlal awareness?
- Wlll medla ouLleLs use all conLenL provlded ln medla release?
- Whlch medla ouLleLs wlll run our sLory? Pow many ouLleLs wlll run our sLory?
- lf Lhe medla release ls used ln Lhe newspaper, whlch secLlon?
- lf promoLed on radlo/Lelevlslon, when wlll lL be alred and on whaL segmenL/sLaLlon?
- WhaL wlll Lhe quallLy of Lhe coverage be? oslLlve or negaLlve?
- Wlll Lhe medla release be used verbaLlm?
- Were all audlences posslble reached?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: Medla 8elaLlon olnLs (M8) wlll be used Lo measure any edlLorlal prlnL and
broadcasL coverage regardlng Lhe news plece LhaL varlous medla ouLleLs run. M8 wlll allow
MlLoCanada Lo analyze lf medla channels used conLenL wlLhln Lhe medla klL. 1hls LacLlc and Lool
wlll meeL Lhe ob[ecLlve of lnformlng and educaLlng Lhe general publlc abouL MlLoCanada and Lhe

1act|c 2: 1e|ev|s|on Ieature Story - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Whlch medla ouLleLs wlll run Lhe feaLure sLory? Pow many ouLleLs wlll run Lhe sLory?
- When wlll Lhe sLory alr? Pow long wlll Lhe sLory run for?
- Whlch parLs of Lhe feaLure sLory wlll medla channels use?
- WhaL wlll Lhe quallLy of coverage be? oslLlve or negaLlve?
- Pow many vlewers wlll waLch Lhe Lelevlslon segmenL?
- WhaL audlence demographlcs wlll be reached?
- Wlll Lhere be a poslLlve or negaLlve reacLlon Lo Lhe feaLure from Lhe general publlc?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: uaLa reLrleval and analysls wlll be used Lo evaluaLe how Lhe publlc wlll reacL Lo
MlLoCanada's feaLure sLory belng presenLed and how many medla lmpresslons Lo deLermlne Lhe
number of people who were exposed Lo Lhe segmenL. 8y evaluaLlng uslng daLa reLrleval and
analysls, MlLoCanada wlll be able Lo deLermlne lf Lhe Lelevlslon feaLure sLory wlll meeL Lhe
ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng awareness and ln hopes ralslng funds for Lhe foundaLlon.

1act|c 3: ub||c Serv|ce Announcements - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Whlch medla ouLleLs wlll run Lhe SA? Pow many ouLleLs wlll run Lhe SA?
- lf promoLed on radlo, when wlll Lhe SA be used and on whaL segmenL?
- lf promoLed on Lelevlslon, whaL sLaLlon/channel wlll run Lhe SA and aL whaL Llme wlll Lhe
sLory alr?
- WhaL wlll Lhe quallLy of Lhe coverage be? oslLlve or negaLlve?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: Medla ConLenL Analysls wlll be used Lo evaluaLe how many ouLleLs ran Lhe SA's
and Lhe quallLy of coverage we recelved. 8y uslng medla conLenL analysls, we wlll be able Lo
deLermlne lf Lhe SA's meL our ob[ecLlve Lo lncrease awareness of MlLoCanada and lLs cause. 1he
SA's wlll meeL Lhls ob[ecLlve by havlng hlgh reach LargeL audlences Lhrough radlo and Lelevlslon.

1act|c 4: News Ieature - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Wlll medla ouLleLs use all conLenL provlded ln Lhe news feaLure?
- Whlch medla ouLleLs wlll run Lhe feaLure? Pow many ouLleLs wlll run Lhe feaLure?
- lf Lhe news feaLure ls used ln Lhe newspaper, whlch secLlon ls lL ln?
- WhaL wlll Lhe quallLy of Lhe coverage be? oslLlve or negaLlve?
- Wlll Lhe news feaLure be used verbaLlm?
- Wlll Lhe LxecuLlve ulrecLor of MlLoCanada be quoLed correcLly?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: SysLemaLlc Lracklng wlll be used Lo evaluaLe and measure Lhe amounL of medla
exposure. Also, Lhe Lone of Lhe coverage, key polnLs and Lhe Lypes of new ouLleLs wlll be
measured Lo deLermlne lf Lhe news feaLure ls a valuable LacLlc Lo meeL ob[ecLlves. 1he news
feaLure wlll meeL Lhe ob[ecLlve LhaL LargeLs Lhe medlcal fleld due Lo medlcal research used wlLhln
Lhe feaLure. AddlLlonally, Lhe feaLure can meeL Lhe ob[ecLlve of Lhe need Lo lncrease awareness
for research and lmproved mlLochondrlal dlagnosls for all paLlenLs, due Lo Lhe personal sLorles
and conLenL ln Lhe feaLure.

Strategy 2 - Spec|a| Lvents
uslng speclal evenLs as a sLraLegy, Lhe followlng LacLlcs wlll speak Lo all Lhree ob[ecLlves. 1he
evenLs wlll asslsL ln Lhe need for mlLochondrlal awareness and research ln Lhe general publlc Lo
ensure LhaL medlcal professlonals provlde proper dlagnosls. AddlLlonally, speclal evenLs wlll
lncrease Lhe exposure of fundralslng efforLs and parLnershlp opporLunlLles.

1act|c 1: kunn|ng on Lmpty 2.0 - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Pow many chlldren wlll aLLend Lhls evenL?
- Wlll chlldren undersLand MlLoCanada's overall message and mlLochondrlal facLs?
- Wlll Lhere be negaLlve or poslLlve feedback from aLLendees?
- Wlll aLLendees be more lnformed and educaLed aL Lhe end of Lhe evenL abouL our cause?
- Wlll Lhls evenL be able Lo be repeaLed agaln and lmplemenLed lnLo schools?
- Wlll medla channels respond Lo Lhe medla release senL ouL and come Lo Lhe evenL?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: Surveys can be used afLer Lhe evenL Lo deLermlne lf aLLendees had a poslLlve or
negaLlve experlence aL Lhe flrsL 8unnlng on LmpLy 2.0. lL wlll be effecLlve ln deLermlnlng lf
aLLendees were lnformed and educaLed abouL MlLoCanada and mlLochondrlal dlseases. 1he
evenL wlll also be measured Lo see lf Lhe effecLlveness of Lhe obsLacle course showcased Lhe
reallLy of how Lhose affecLed wlLh Lhe dlsease feel. 1hls LacLlc speaks Lo Lhe ob[ecLlve of
lncreaslng awareness of Lhe dlsease. lf Lhe evenL has poslLlve feedback and ls Laken Lo school
boards, Lhe ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng funds for Lhe foundaLlon can be achleved wlLh MlLoCanada
pledge forms.

1act|c 2: Iundra|ser - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Pow much money wlll be ralsed?
- Was our Lable lnformaLlve and educaLlonal abouL Lhe effecLs of mlLochondrlal dlsease and
MlLoCanada loundaLlon?
- Pow many brochures and facL sheeLs wlll be Laken?
- Was Lhe fundralser ln a hlgh volume area?
- Were funds ralsed more from raffle prlzes or personal donaLlons?
- Were people supporLlve of Lhls cause? Was Lhere poslLlve or negaLlve feedback?
- Pow many people wlll wanL Lo know furLher lnformaLlon abouL MlLoCanada and Lhe

LvaluaLlon 1ool: MlLoCanada represenLaLlves wlll calculaLe how much money was ralsed Lhrough
an ln-house Lally of funds. uurlng Lhe fundralser, lf lndlvlduals wanLed more lnformaLlon Lhey
could wrlLe Lhelr emall on a slgn-up sheeL for furLher communlcaLlon wlLh MlLoCanada. 1he
fundralser maLerlals (facL sheeLs and brochures) wlll be benchmarked Lo evaluaLe how many
aLLendees aL Lhe fundralser Look Lhese maLerlals home and how many were lefL over. 1hls
fundralser LacLlc wlll allgn wlLh Lhe ob[ecLlve of ralslng funds for MlLoCanada and lncreaslng
awareness of Lhe dlsease and Lhe lmporLance of proper dlagnoses Lo Lhe general publlc.

1act|c 3: Informat|ona| 8ooth - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Pow many brochures and facL sheeLs were Laken?
- Pow effecLlve wlll Lhe booLh be aL lnformlng and educaLlng people on Lhe effecLs of
mlLochondrlal dlsease? Wlll Lhere be poslLlve or negaLlve feedback?
- ls Lhe lnformaLlonal booLh locaLed ln a hlgh-volume area of Lhe hosplLal?
- Wlll Lhe booLh connecL MlLoCanada wlLh medlcal professlonals ln Lhe bulldlng?
- Pow many people approached us Lo hear MlLoCanada's messages?
- Pow many people were already lnformed on Lhls dlsease?
- Were people supporLlve of Lhls cause?
- Pow many people wanLed Lo know furLher lnformaLlon?
- Pow many people wanLed Lo donaLe or volunLeer Lhelr Llme Lo supporL Lhe cause?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: Surveys wlll be dlsLrlbuLed from Lhe lnformaLlon booLh Lo evaluaLe lf people
were recepLlve Lo MlLoCanada's messages and lf Lhey found Lhe booLh Lo be educaLlonal. 1he
survey wlll ask lf Lhese lndlvlduals wlsh Lo elLher volunLeer Lhelr Llme or flnanclally supporL Lhe
foundaLlon. A commenL box wlll be aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe survey for any general commenLs,
oplnlons or quesLlons LhaL lndlvlduals may have afLer approachlng Lhe booLh. MlLoCanada can
Lhen conLacL Lhem back wlLh answers for Lhelr quesLlons. 1hls Lles Lo Lhe ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng
awareness and LargeLlng Lhe medlcal communlLy for Lhe lmporLance of mlLochondrlal research,
ln hopes of securlng a mlnlmum of Lwo parLnershlps by Lhe end of 2013.

1act|c 4: Guer|||a Market|ng
- Wlll Lhe glanL mlLochondrla caLch Lhe general publlc's eye?
- Pow effecLlve wlll Lhe vlsual be for MlLoCanada exposure?
- Wlll Lhe glanL mlLochondrla recelve poslLlve or negaLlve feedback overall from people?
- Wlll Lhe general publlc conLacL MlLoCanada afLer seelng Lhe vlsual?
- Pow many people wanLed Lo know furLher lnformaLlon? lf Lhe publlc conLacLed
MlLoCanada for more lnformaLlon, how many were because of seelng Lhe vlsual?
- uld guerrllla markeLlng persuade lndlvlduals Lo donaLe or volunLeer?
- Was Lhe glanL mlLochondrla placed ln a hlghly populaLed area?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: ConLenL analysls wlll be uLlllzed Lo deLermlne how many people were exposed Lo
Lhe vlsual durlng Lhe Llme perlod used. 1hls wlll lnclude researchlng sLaLlsLlcs: number of
commuLers, demographlcs, psychographlcs and Lravel lnformaLlon. Also, MlLoCanada can
evaluaLe Lhe success of guerllla markeLlng by how many emalls Lhey recelved speclflcally
regardlng Lhe vlsual. Pavlng wlde exposure of a mlLochondrla cell wlll help evaluaLe how Lhls
LacLlc meeLs Lhe ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng awareness ln Lhe general publlc.

Strategy 3 - Soc|a| Med|a
uslng soclal medla as a sLraLegy, Lhe followlng LacLlcs wlll speak Lo Lhe ob[ecLlve of Lhe
lmporLance of mlLochondrlal research Lo supporL Lhe need of lncreaslng awareness for proper
dlagnoses for famllles affecLed dlrecLly and lndlrecLly by Lhe dlsease.
1act|c 1: Wordpress 8|og - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Pow many followers/vlewers wlll Lhe blog recelve?
- Wlll followers posL poslLlve or negaLlve commenLs abouL conLenL posLed?
- Wlll followers posL Lhelr own conLenL Lo make Lhe blog lnLeracLlve?
- Pow many followers wlll Lhe blog capLure?
- Wlll blog be easy for vlewers Lo navlgaLe?
- WhaL audlences wlll be reached uslng Lhe blog?
- Wlll Lhe blog lncrease MlLoCanada's onllne presence and expand Lhelr audlence base?
- Wlll Lhe blog help Lo geL MlLoCanada's overall message/key messages across?
- uoes Lhe blog lncrease supporL of Lhe foundaLlon (l.e.: donaLlons, volunLeers, eLc.)?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: An onllne poll wlll be posLed on Lhe blog Lo evaluaLe feedback Lo deLermlne lf
Lhe lnLeracLlve blog ls valuable Lo audlences and vlslLors. 1he poll wlll also ask vlslLors Lo [udge lf
Lhe conLenL ls lnformaLlve and enLerLalnlng. ln Lhe commenL secLlon of Lhe blog, MlLoCanada wlll
analyze Lhe poslLlve and negaLlve commenLs LhaL Lhe blog secures Lo deLermlne lf Lhe blog ls a
valuable LacLlc. 1hls LacLlc wlll help evaluaLe lf awareness of Lhe dlsease and MlLoCanada has
lncreased by Lhe end of 2013.

1act|c 2: Instagram Account - w||| be eva|uated to determ|ne:
- Pow ofLen wlll MlLoCanada posL plcLure/vldeos on Lhe accounL?
- Pow many follows wlll Lhe accounL obLaln?
- Wlll MlLoCanada members send plcLures and vldeos Lo Lhe foundaLlon Lo posL on Lhe
- Pow many llkes wlll plcLures/vldeos recelve?
- Wlll plcLures/vldeos be able Lo palnL an overall sLory for vlewers?
- Wlll conLenL supporL Lhe organlzaLlon overall message?
- Pow many shares and commenLs wlll Lhe accounL recelve on each posLlng?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: Web slLe analyLlcs and conLenL analysls wlll be used Lo evaluaLe how many
vlews, followers, llkes, commenLs, and shares MlLoCanada's accounL wlll recelve, as well as Lhe
overall feedback ls poslLlve or negaLlve. 1he accounL wlll allgn wlll Lhe ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng
awareness by deLermlnlng how many followers lL obLalns.

1act|c 3: Iacebook]1w|tter
- Wlll posLs encourage Lwo-way conversaLlon?
- Wlll soclal medla accounLs recelve an lncrease ln followers, llkes, commenLs, eLc.?
- Wlll uslng shorL bursL of lnformaLlon for evenLs be more successful ln creaLlng exclLemenL
for followers?

- Wlll consLanL posLlng and LweeLlng recelve poslLlve or negaLlve feedback?
- Pow ofLen wlll conLenL be posLed? WhaL klnd of conLenL wlll be posLed?
- Pow many new followers wlll soclal medla accounLs recelve?
- Pow many reLweeLs wlll MlLoCanada recelve?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: Coogle analyLlcs and 1weeL8eep wlll be used Lo evaluaLe Lhe effecLlveness of
lacebook and 1wlLLer plaLforms. 1hese evaluaLlon Lools wlll show MlLoCanada who ls posLlng
abouL Lhe foundaLlon and whaL Lhey are posLlng. MlLoCanada can deLermlne how many new
followers, llkes, commenLs, shares and reLweeLs Lhey recelve by benchmarklng. uslng soclal
medla wlll saLlsfy Lhe ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng awareness of MlLoCanada and Lhe need for
fundralslng efforLs by Lhe publlc. knowlng whaL Lhe publlc ls saylng on a plaLform Lhey use ls
lmporLanL Lool of reachlng MlLoCanada's audlences.

1act|c 4: ou1ube ("M|toV|deo")
- Pow many subscrlbers wlll MlLoCanada's ?ou1ube channel?
- Pow many vlews wlll Lhe MlLovldeo" recelve?
- Wlll Lhere be poslLlve or negaLlve commenLs on vldeos uploaded Lo MlLoCanda channel?
- Pow annually wlll MlLoCanada posL on Lhe channel?
- Wlll Lhe channel recelve an lncrease ln followers, llkes, commenLs, eLc.?
- Wlll conLenL supporL Lhe organlzaLlon overall message?
- Wlll ?ou1ube vldeos be shared on oLher soclal medla channels?
- uoes Lhls accounL lncrease supporL of Lhe foundaLlon (le: donaLlons, volunLeers, eLc.)?

LvaluaLlon 1ool: MlLoCanada can use ?ou1ube analyLlcs Lo evaluaLe demographlcs, llkes,
subscrlbers, commenLs, audlence reLenLlon, Lrafflc sources, eLc. 1hls LacLlc wlll maLch up wlLh Lhe
ob[ecLlve of lncreaslng awareness and supporL Lhe general publlc wlLh mlLochondrlal facLs,
research and educaLlon. 1he MlLovldeo wlll showcase Lhe general publlc's lack of knowledge of
mlLochondrlal dlseases and Lhe need for research, awareness and supporL.

Append|x: Med|a ke|ease - kunn|ng on Lmpty 2.0

lor LducaLlonal urposes Cnly
"#$%&' %()*+#%,*-$($.$/*01 23$0%,$4&" 5"1%6,0$,%*( 7' 89:;8 <<<= 55>>>9

:<> @,/ A$B& CD"/E A/F/ G*H :<>9I
G0$(,)*0.E FJ JK5 =LI

ConLacL: SamanLha llchLner
AccounL LxecuLlve
1he Agency aL Mohawk College
: 613-608-3977

T*6,%(1 M%06, 5B((%(1 *( O#W,X :/>
T$#%&,*(E FJ/ ?$0-3 :>9I YMlLochondrlal ulseases affecL 1 ln 3,000 lndlvlduals and are rarely dlagnosed rlghL away.
1hls leaves chlldren and parenLs wlLh open-ended quesLlons walLlng for answers LhaL even medlcal professlonals are
unable Lo answer. MlLoCanada loundaLlon provldes supporL and awareness Lo Lhose affecLed dlrecLly and lndlrecLly
by MlLochondrlal ulseases and mosL lmporLanLly funds Lhe advancemenL of mlLochondrlal research.
MlLoCanada wlll be hosLlng Lhelr flrsL 8unnlng on LmpLy 2.0" evenL, whlch wlll provlde educaLlon on
MlLochondrlal ulseases, buL also demonsLraLe Lhe reallLy of how Lhose sufferlng wlLh Lhe dlsease feel on an everyday
basls. 1he evenL wlll Lake place on March 14, 2014 from 11-1 p.m. aL Lhe klwanls 8oys and Clrls Club PamllLon.
lL ls exLremely lmporLanL LhaL Lhe younger generaLlon along wlLh oLhers undersLand whaL mlLochondrlal
dlsease ls," sald vlcky Spadonl, LxecuLlve ulrecLor aL MlLoCanada. Pavlng chlldren parLlclpaLe ln an obsLacle course
wlll exerL Lhem physlcally unLll Lhey hlL Lhe wall where Lhey cannoL go on unLll Lhey resL. 1hls ls how lndlvlduals
sufferlng wlLh mlLochondrlal dlseases feel on a day-Lo-day basls."
MlLoCanada provldes supporL and awareness Lo Canadlans dlrecLly and lndlrecLly affecLed by MlLochondrlal
ulseases and ralses funds for Lhe advancemenLs of mlLochondrlal research. 1he foundaLlon hopes Lo reach paLlenLs,
parenLs, careglvers and Lhe medlcal communlLy by provldlng analyLlcal lnformaLlon LhaL wlll lmprove Lhe quallLy of
llfe and sense of communlLy for Lhose affecLed.


Append|x: Med|a Adv|sory


Attention: Editors/Producers/Reporters

March 11, 2014

MitoCanadas Running on Empty 2.0 Event

The MitoCanada Foundation will be hosting an event at the Kiwanis Boys and
Girls Club to educate children on the realities of mitochondrial disease. This
event will help to increase awareness for this charitable organization.

WHO: The MitoCanada Foundation and Mohawk College PR
students; Vicky Spadoni, Executive Director at
MitoCanada will be speaking during opening speech

WHAT: Running on Empty 2.0 obstacle event to educate
children on the realities of mitochondrial disease and how
patients living with this disease feel on a regular basis.

WHERE: The Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club. The event will be held
in the gymnasium of the venue. 45 Ellis Avenue,
Hamilton, Ontario. Just off of Barton Street East.

WHEN: Mar. 14, 2014 - 11-1 p.m.

WHY: The event is being held in order to increase awareness
and knowledge of mitochondrial disease to educate the
public on the organization.

HOW: This event can help people understand the realities of
mitochondrial disease and what the symptoms are.

MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Vicky Spadoni and the Mohawk College
PR students will be made available for media to interview.

Media Contact:
Shelby VanderEnde
Account Supervisor
The Agency

Append|x: Samp|e News Ieature (f|rst page examp|e]temp|ate)

!"# %&'()*+",)- .'#."/%/ ",-0

NitoCanaua Founuation
26u St. Paul Ave
Biantfoiu, 0N
Contact: Shelby vanueiEnue
Phone: S19-872-SS1S

1234(565758 ) ,439:4;9.;4:23 !2<=326< 3=> +6?2@2AB> &2@>5@>

Nitochonuiial uisease has attackeu the Spauoni family. Aftei yeais of
misuiagnoses anu complete unceitainty on what was wiong with vicky Spauoni's
son Auam, he was finally uiagnoseu with
mitochonuiial uisease. The majoiity of Canauians
have nevei heaiu of this uisease anu many meuical
piofessionals have yet to come acioss it in theii
caieeis. To pioviue some context, vicky explaineu
Nito like a batteiy. A young chilu ieceives a new toy foi Chiistmas anu plays with it
ovei anu ovei again until the batteiy eventually iuns out. 0nce the batteiy iuns out,
you can easily pop in a new batteiy anu it will iun just like new. With mitochonuiial
uisease, you can't put a new batteiy into the peison suffeiing anu theiefoie, they aie
always iunning on empty. Also known as "The Invisible Bisease," mitochonuiial
uisease is a iesult of the failuie of the mitochonuiia. Nito is a iesult of eithei
inheiiteu oi mutations in a peisons BNA, which leau to alteieu functions of the
piotein anu molecules that live within a mitochonuiia. Nitochonuiia aie iesponsible
foi giving a peisons bouy 9u peicent of its necessaiy eneigy to aiu in piopei bouy
function anu giowth. When the mitochonuiia fail, the bouy ieceives less anu less
!"#$ #$ &#'()*+*,*-$ (..#/#*0 0(1(

Append|x: kad|o SA


Title: Realities of Mito
Client/Sponsor: MitoCanada Foundation
Length: 60 seconds
Air Dates: September 15-21
, 2014

MUSIC: Ohhh Child
(Establish, then under) (3 seconds)

SFX: shock sound (2 seconds)



MUSIC: (Ends fades out) (2 seconds)
SFX: people talking (2 seconds)
ANNCR: (after a short 1 second pause)





Append|x: 1e|ev|s|on SA


Title: Realities of Mito
Client: MitoCanada Foundation
Length: 30 seconds
Air Dates: October 1-7
, 2014


fetal position, holding his head in
SFX: Child whining in pain.
RT: 08

WS: Child crying in pain.
SFX: Mommy!
RT: 03

CU: Childs face in panic
RT: 02

SEQUENCE: Begin with MS of child on
the ground crying and mother calling
the emergency room at the hospital.
SOT: Mothers panic face
ZOOM into bright lights and FADE to
RT: 08

SOT: Emergency Room monitors
beeping. Nurses diagnosing child.
(Establish and then under to end.)
RT: 04


CHYRON: Help increase awareness of
mitochondrial diseases... WE ARE
RT: 02
TOTAL RT: 0:30






Following Emergency Room monitors beeping


Append|x: Iact Sheet 319-734-4208 lnfo[

!"#$% '()(

MlLochondrlal ulsease affecLs ) ln *(((
#+ ,-+.- /012 and Lhere are llmlLed LreaLmenLs
"lL ls noL [usL a baLLery", mitochondria are the bodys baLLery. Llke baLLerles, Lhey work really well for a whlle and
evenLually Lhey sLop worklng ln affecLed lndlvlduals. 1hlnk of Lhe flashllghL LhaL conLlnues Lo dlm unLll Lhe llghL
no longer shlnes.
SomeLlmes called Lhe lnvlslble dlsease noL everyone exhlblLs ouLward slgns every slngle day
Cells begln Lo 342 .52- 6527 89/, 2-21:7, evenLually causlng organs Lo dle, poLenLlally causlng human deaLh
MosL chlldren do noL llve longer Lhan Lhelr mld-Leens. 1he dlsease ls also found ln adulLs.
MlLochondrlal dysfuncLlon 8293; 6+ 32:2-21964<2 34;29;2 of Lhe hearL, muscles, kldneys and more
ls relaLed Lo =064;>? @91,4-;+-A; 34;29;2? =8B524>21A; 34;29;2? C+0 D2514:A; 34;29;2 9-3 +6521 -201+>0;/0891
MlLochondrlal dlsease 4; :2-264/ for Lhe mosL parL
Some ;7>E6+>; >97 4-/8032: developmenLal delay, regressed developmenL, selzures, mlgralne headaches,
sLroke llke sympLoms, muscle weakness, and morecontact us for more information

MlLoCanada exlsLs Lo E1+<432 ;0EE+16 and pracLlcal 4-F+1>964+- LhaL wlll 528E Lo lmprove Lhe G098467 +F 84F2 and
sense of communlLy for paLlenLs and Lhelr famllles.
MlLoCanada H $+--2/6 $9-9349-; dlrecLly and lndlrecLly affecLed ln all corners of Canada
MlLoCanada ls Lhe only Canadlan CrganlzaLlon avallable Lo mlLochondrlal dlsease affecLed lndlvlduals.
MlLoCanada, ln lLs shorL llfe, has ralsed $130,000 Lo supporL Canadlan 8esearch lnlLlaLlves ln Lhe quesL Lo flnd
beLLer LreaLmenL opLlons and a cure. rlor Lo MlLoCanada Lhere was no slgnlflcanL fundlng avallable for
Canadlan 8esearch.
MlLo Mall rogram - connecLs chlldren affecLed by mlLochondrlal dlsease and Lhelr slbllngs wlLh oLhers faclng
slmllar challenges ln an efforL Lo bulld frlendshlps wlLhln Lhe communlLy.
eer SupporL rogram affecLed lndlvlduals are maLched wlLh anoLher mlLo cllenL who volunLeers as a eer
SupporL volunLeer. 1here ls no need Lo feel alone and as a "mlLo famlly" we are avallable Lo supporL oLhers who
are newly dlagnosed, faclng challenges or [usL need a frlendly ear who undersLands.
Lendlng Llbrary -resources can be lenL ouL
1:1 phone, Skype or vldeo calls avallable Monday Lo lrlday 9-3 pm LS1 (off hours can be arranged)
Quilts of Hope Project raises public awareness qullLers make and donaLe Lhe qullLs
1eam MlLoCanada - provldes a means Lo ralse awareness for MlLoCanada and MlLochondrlal ulsease Lhrough
Lhe parLlclpaLlon of Leam members ln sporL of all Lypes. Competing for those who cant.
MlLoMlles newsleLLer ls produced Lwlce a year and reporLs on evenLs, research updaLes and proflle sLorles.

Append|x: Lvent oster

!"#$% '() *+'( ,#-. ''". / '0.
1-23 "45 67#83 98:;3 -, <".78=-4
>?:4474@ A4 B.0=2C
E-4"=7-43 =- ,:#=%F# 3:00-#= =%F !7=-9"4"5" G-:45"=7-4 "#F @#F"=82 "00#F$7"=F5H
9-.F -:= =- 3:00-#= =%F !7=-9"4"5" G-:45"=7-4 "45
="IF 0"#= 74 "4 -;3="$8F $-:#3F J%7$% J788 F5:$"=F
0"#=7$70"4=3 -4 =%F #F"87=2 -, !7=-$%-457"8 E73F"3FD
K-74 :3 ",=F# ,-# ,#FF 07LL" M 5#74I3 ,-# 8:4$%H

Append|x: Donor L|st

!"#"$ &'() * +,-#) ./0##'#1 "# +23)4 5678

96 !"2'#":( ;'<<=
!!"! $%%&' ()*&+ ,-'&&-
.)*/0-123 45
678 9:;
<*1=2-> 9; 0)'?& %/@@)+

56 ;'<<= ;'<<=
"9 A/0+12 ,-'&&- A&+-
<2B)+-&'3 45
67C ;:"
<*1=2-> D 0)'?& %/@@)+

>6 ?""@ A=('B(
"! A/0+12 ,-'&&- A&+-
<2B)+-&'3 45
67C !5!
<*1=2-> E;DFGG ?/H- B)'I

C6 D"E-4(
7"" C10H 6/2J+ K1)I
<2B)+-&'3 45
67L !L!
<*1=2-> E9DFGG ?/H- B)'I

F6 G'=#) H'1-$
M; L/2? C&1'?& K1)I
:')2-H1'I3 45
<*1=2-> E;DFGG ?/H- B)'I

I6 G'=#) H'1-$
7O7 $%%&' 4--)P) ,-'&&-
.)*/0-123 45
<*1=2-> E;DFGG ?/H- B)'I

J6 H=$1-)
ONG S=&&2+-12 K1)I
.)*/0-123 45
6ML !L;
<*1=2-> E!GGFGG

Append|x: Wordress 8|og

Append|x: Instagram age

Append|x: Med|a L|st (8rantford & nam||ton area)