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Menu frozen food was established by the seasons food LTD in 2006 It provided the frozen food for customer which is ready to eat ready to cock within minutes Menu is doing good in the market he is competiting well with their competitors K&NS, MANO SALWA, DWAN FOODS etc. but I would like to suggest menu free home delivery service provide to their customers even the his competitor do not provide that service if he provide that he will earn more profit and beat the competitors he will get first mover advantage from it as well as differentiations

Seasons Foods Pvt. Ltd., established in 2006 is a new venture of Seasons Group of Companies in the emerging market of meat processing in Pakistan. After pioneering in the Poultry business for the last 22 years ranging from poultry feed (National Feeds, Punjnad Feeds & Supreme Feeds), breeder and broiler farms & hatcheries (Supreme Farms) there was a consistent need to complete the product cycle and introduce a modern, state of the art processing facility to broaden our customer base. We are the largest producers of poultry and cattle feed in Pakistan having three manufacturing facilities in the country. We have other sister concerns producing flour (National Flour Mills & Supreme Flour Mills) under the name of Punjab Atta and edible oil (Wali Oil Mills) under the name of Seasons.

About MENU
Seasons Foods Pvt. Ltd. is Pakistans leading meat processor in every facet of operation; through maintaining the highest quality and safety of fresh and frozen products in partnership with our customers. Our processing plant is situated in 11.5 acres with a covered area of 140,000 sq. feet. We have used the best equipment available in the poultry processing industry namely Meyn, Stork, CFS and Grasso. We have a production capacity of slaughtering 6000 birds/hour in accordance to Islamic Law. To keep up with the production line we have installed a 1200 tons capacity cold storage which includes Blast Freezers, Storage Freezers, and Chilled storage for fresh products. Our modern state of the art processing plant with strict hygiene and quality assurance guarantees that our products have superior taste, tantalizing appearance and it retains the natural flavor and nutritional value. Our versatile clear packaging ensures product safety and is easily reusable. Our production facilities adhere to the technical and religious rules and conditions in accordance with the Islamic Laws. We have a fleet of company owned refrigerated vehicles delivering our products to our distributors and retailers across Pakistan. Each vehicle is installed with a temperature logger which monitors the temperature every half an hour. This information is downloaded in our Quality System to audit each shipment. We have successfully launched our products under the umbrella of MENU and are catering to institutions and local/international store chains in the country. We have introduced a wide range of cuisine ranging from Prime Cuts (Fresh & Frozen), Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat products. Each product is carefully prepared by our finest chefs using quality ingredients and finally frozen to retain the mouth-watering taste for you and your family anytime, anywhere.

Were passionate about food and therefore at Seasons Foods, we believe you deserve fresh, whole some and great tasting products.

We transform natural raw materials into value-added items that sustain and enhance life. We value our environment not only because we depend on the continued availability of natural resources for our livelihood, but also because good stewardship of air, land, and water is the right thing to do.

To build and maintain a trusted reputation among our customers and to provide superior quality, safe & Healthy, mouth-watering Zabiha Halal meat products by bringing Earths Resources to Life.

Poultry Integration

Halal certification
Our Processing Plant has been thoroughly audited and approved by Jamiah Naimiyyah and Minhaj-ul-Hussain and Jamia Markaz-Uloom-e-Islamia for Zabiha Halal slaughtering. We are a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certified Company. This management system is used at all stages in which food safety is implemented through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product

SWOT analysis

Menu is recognized as a brand Name Easily available of all products Less Time consuming Full nourishment diet Halal Food ISO 9000 Certified WEAKNESS Expensive Food Target only working women Presented in only posh areas market Non presence in country side Lack of awareness in people Their discount for only regular customers

Use of white meat will increase People can take less Protein in less expensive cost More workers will get more work in poultry industry Company will extend business in all over the world through export products Country also get benefit in economic power through trade of foodstuff There is big threat from competitor like k &ns Man o salva dawn food etc Increase inflation rate in the country Disease in poultry like bird flu influenza Hydro pericardium syndrome etc Growing prices of equipments Rising rates of poultry related things such as day old chicks feed


Competitor analysis of Menu

Direct competitors
Competitors of Menu are K&Ns and Mano salwa. Both of these brands couldnt make its brand image as strong as Menus has. Secondly they are not providing that level of customer satisfaction that K&Ns is providing

Indirect competitor


While developing competitive strategy following core element keep in minds while making competitive strategy Important We deliver highly valued benefits to our target customers in our products Distinctive We have no strong competitor enjoy distinctiveness in the market Superior We are providing pure hygiene food in comparable price Communicable Consumer can feel the difference in our Quality, taste hygiene and price that are communicable Preemptive Competitor needs lot of hard work to match our standard Affordable Buyer can afford and pay for difference

The company is targeting different age groups as well as different income groups. Their prices are normal so even a middle class person can afford it. They are targeting elite upper middle and middle class. On the age basis, they are targeting children as well as the young people

Key frozen food purchaser Stressed-out worriers:

A cautious group, who, despite being concerned with the content of packaged foods, are still making these purchases, this group understands the value of frozen foods and is open to indulging their food cravings, but nonetheless worries about the processing involved,.

On-the-go eaters:
Convenience-driven food consumers who are likely to be purchasing packaged foods rather than cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients and are generally less engaged with food than other consumers.

Families with values:

Family-focused consumers seeking value at the grocery store. These budget-conscious consumers are focused on making the basic food purchases that will satisfy the families they sit down to eat with each night.

An engaged, knowledgeable and influential audience who are often looked to for their opinions on food. These consumers enjoy preparing meals from scratch, preferring to cook at home rather than eat out at a restaurant.

Wallet-driven: Thrifty consumers, putting little value in other considerations such as convenience, nutrition or even taste. These consumers are less engaged with food purchasing than other segments.

SEGMENTS NOT IN EITHER GROUP Social activist anti-frozen:

A conscientious group of consumers, who put a lot of thought into the food purchases they make. This group takes the time to read nutrition labels and is likely to consider not only healthfulness of their choices but also the broader impact of the purchases they make.

Young Followers:
A trend-following group, who are food-engaged, but are unlikely to make choices based on traditional personal factors, such as taste. This group considers themselves to be somewhat knowledgeable but are not the influencers driving trends.

PEST Analysis

Political Factors Halal regulations

Halal issue is very important in Pakistan as the Muslim population in Pakistan is huge.

Government always concern of Halal issue of the food in the country. The word Halal came from an Arabic word which means lawful. Actions, food & drinks and things that allow by Shariah law is called Halal and can be safely use or consume by Muslims (Halal Definition 2007). So, in terms of the procedure to execute chicken and the process to handle it until the customers hand has to pay attention to as Halal issue is big in Pakistan

Economic Factors Economic Growth/Drop

Economic rate is very important in doing business. It will affect the currency exchange rate in Pakistan which impacts on businesses costs and operations. When come to outsourcing currency is a determination of companys success. If there is positive growth in economic, that means businesses are doing great in the market. Menu may enjoy a short period of high profit due to increasing economic growth but they also have to prepare in case economic rate of Pakistan falls falls.

Interest rate
Interest rate is the rate charged or paid for the use of money and usually not a fixed rate. It is normal that a company borrow money from the bank. So if there is any change in the interest rate, it will somehow affect debt repayment and also the incentive to borrow. Little changes in the interest rate will affect the operating profit of Menu and their debt ratio.

Social Factors Culture

Culture refers to the way people live their life. Every country has different culture. The way how Pakistani perceived food is changing from the past till present. People nowadays tend to look at the quality of food. This is a change from past behavior. This may due to the increasing of unhealthy society among Pakistani

The population in Malaysia started to improve their educational level. People are getting smarter by increasing in literacy rate.

Technological Factors Improvement of internet uses

The uses of internet have grown more and even shopping is done online. It is so convenient that enable businesses to operate in the internet world due to increasing of computer users. For instance, Menu website - provide all the information about them and their products. It also shows the share price rate in the website.

THE global frozen food market, which was worth $218.4 billion in 2010, is expected to grow to $261.5 billion by 2015, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.7 per cent. The growth is significant and is driven by two factors: first the necessary pressures which have forced consumers to eat more at home, and second frozen foods brands offer more wholesome and nutrient rich options. The frozen food industry requires related developments and facilities for transporting, storing, and marketing its products from the processing plant to consumer. Thus, a large amount of capital investment is needed for these types of facilities. In developing countries, especially in rural or semi-rural areas, the frozen food industry has therefore not developed significantly. The growth of frozen food industry in Pakistani market seems to have closely mimicked that of the global market. According to Data Monitor, the local frozen foods market grew at an annual rate of 6.6 per cent between 2004 and 2009. However, it slowed down to roughly 3.4 per cent in 2010 and 2011. Frozen meat products specifically poultry account for 47 per cent of the market (of which chicken burgers and nuggets account for a staggering 60 per cent of all consumer purchases). Part of the reason why frozen food wasnt on the shelves before the late 90s was because of the common Pakistani perception (which exists in some circles to this day) that frozen food is not fresh and therefore inherently unhealthy. In recent decades, however, awareness has been created by different companies dealing with frozen food about the difference between domestic and commercial freezing the latter uses the quick freeze process to freeze freshly prepared food within 20 minutes of cooking, at a temperature of minus 20 degrees. In contrast, domestic freezers have a minimum temperature of minus 13 degrees.

In spite of the many positive developments, growth is slowing down, although the reasons locally are completely different from those impacting the international market, according to the owners of many frozen food industries. The reason is the power crisis. Prolonged power outages have forced manufacturers to invest huge amounts of money in their cold chain, in better freezers for retailers, backup generators and improved packaging, all of which have reduced profitability. A manufacturer complains that many retailers and their shop assistants have little knowledge of how to handle frozen products, often leaving products out of the freezer for an hour or so, on the pretext of cleaning the freezer. Others will overload branded freezers with cheaper brands in order to make a quick buck. And worst of all, Pakistan is the only country where retailers will accept returns of frozen foods, a loss that must ultimately be borne by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers have mitigated the extent of the problem by thoroughly vetting each retailer before giving him a branded freezer. Although retailers are generally vetted to ensure that they attract the kind of consumer who will buy frozen products, manufacturers also tend to go for larger, modern trade outlets which are more likely to ensure that the merchandise is handled with care. With local markets not growing fast enough for many, manufacturers are focusing a large part of their energy on their export business. Others say that while the short-term forecast appears not so bright, once the power crisis is sorted, things will start to look up again. However, one thing is certain: the growing consumer demand for frozen food products. That in itself is reason enough for optimism.


MENU introduces a wide range of cuisine from the house of Seasons ranging from Prime Cuts (Fresh & Frozen), Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat products. Each product is carefully prepared by our finest chefs using quality ingredients and finally frozen to retain the mouth-watering taste for you and your family - anytime, anywhere. Our modern state of the art processing plant with strict hygiene and quality assurance guarantees that our products have superior taste, tantalizing appearance and it retains the natural flavour and nutritional value.


Ready to cock Ready to eat Wheat products Veggie products Frozen chicken Chilled chicken Sea food

The menu is only serving nationwide so they set the prices of their products nationally. They cut price of product if the sales will not increase accordingly They reduce price in order to increases sale and to capture market share They focus to customers

Distribution channel of menu products is indirect marketing channel because indirect marketing contain one or more intermediary levels Easily accessible to the products and indirect marketing channel all products are available at departmental stores and their outlets in prominent locations



They do promotion on TV like advertisements sales promotion discount loyalty card capons and public relations provide different sponsorships direct marketing and on print media and media electronic

Membership Card is MENU's loyalty offer that is focused totally on you. In this offer, you not only get the stuff you love, you get more of it too. We've designed Membership Card to deliver the best customer experience possible. That means benefits galore! You'll gain access to exclusive offers and one-of-a-kind events for Membership Card members only. Join today and start taking advantage of a universe of benefits:

Free membership Earn 1 point for every rupee spent at Menu outlets (Company Maintained) for purchasing products. Special offers to help you earn more points Exclusive access to member-only privileges like limited time sales, Treat of the Week Offers, Free Product, Product Discounts, events and contests Convenient online access to your account - for tracking points, adding points from past purchases and seeing exclusive offers Membership Card notification via e-mail and print coupons online at

Our versatile clear packaging ensures product safety and is easily reusable. Were passionate about food and therefore at MENU, we believe you deserve fresh, whole some and great tasting products

Five forces model of menu frozen food

Barging power of supplier

In frozen food business, there are plenty of suppliers who sell raw material such as vegetables, meats, and other ingredients that used in the process of producing frozen foods. Since lots of supplier who sell the same kinds of raw materials, all of these suppliers must compete against each other to get the customers because we have the same target market. They suppliers sell them at the low price because when the frozen food companies purchase the raw materials, they must be in large quantities.


As the reason provide above, the company has the solution to prevent the situation that compete against each other by joining the company together to purchase the raw material. So, we will get the lower price because we purchase large volume than the past.

Bargaining power of buyers

The same type of company join together to purchase the raw material so they get the same price. As this reason the power of the customers for bargaining will be low. Because the suppliers sell the product at the same price.

When mentioning about the frozen food that sells the ready meal to the customers in the USA, it is considered to be less number of Frozen Foods Company. There are not many companies that provide Pat-Thai ready meal to the customers.

Substitute products
As the Ok company is in the food industry, there are so many substitute products that can provide the same need to the consumers such as other types of food and will replace the demand for our products. For example, the restaurant, the Canned Fruit beverages that are sold in retail shops for food industry; there are a lot of foods that can substitute the dishes of our frozen foods, which can easily find everywhere.

Threats of new entrance

There are some competitors who are willing to operate the same business as Ok company which produce same kind of products the menu should be ready to defeat them


I will suggest menu to provide free home delivery to their customers and build competitive advantage against mano salwa and K&NS because these both do not provide that facility if menu provide that he will get first mover advantage as well as differentiation advantage he can increase their profit as well as create good image in consumers mind about his products