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The resolve to any problem begins with realizing there is one as in a water leak find the source and

stop it before it rises over head

There were no dates in this history, but scrawled this way and that across every page were the words Benevolence Righteousness and Morality finally I began to make out what was written between the lines. The whole volume was but a single phrase, Eat People
Stop being food for the Reptilian Complex RC

Public Relations PR Political Religious Encapsulate PIN Put in Nutshell Natural Encapsulation Universal Reverence Osmosis Sects Integrated Separatist Egoist Diversity NEUROSISED

Neurosis is a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations,

whereby behavior is not outside socially acceptable norms.

Kaleidoscopic pin ball ricochet eminence imminent collision course Psycho of life

PROWLERS Political Religious Opulent Wealth Logistics Exasperates Righteousness Sanctimoniously SALACIOUS Sapience Avarice Legal Assertions Conspicuously Innocuous Obtrusive Unscrupulous Subterfuge

Yahoos Accountably Responsible Neurosis Schematics

Conscious Omnipresence Natural Science Essence Compatible Righteousness Acquiesced Tranquil Environment

Harmonious Universal Mandate Adhered Nuances Inherently Tacit Accountably Responsible Intercept Apathetic Neurosis
VERRIDES Occult Veracious Elective Rhetoric Rivalry Intrinsic Deception Evidencing Self

SLUMP Schematic London Unabridged Mansbridge Pr Critical thinking PRO Political Religious Optimist
a flea backstroking with reserved erection calls ahead for the draw bridge to be raised

Truth Holistic Osmosis Ubiquitous Garble Humanity Transcendental

Holistic Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts: holistic medicine; holistic ecology.

The gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure

rather than deliberate learning

Transcendental 1. Not experienced but knowable Philosophy independent of human experience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge 2. Mystical Relating to mystical or supernatural experience and therefore beyond the material world

Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition.
Truth Retrospect Assessment Universal Medical Assimilation Trauma

an extremely distressing experience that causes severe emotional shock and may have long-lasting psychological effects
NET Neurosis Entanglement Terminal

RIP ESP Regulate Insidious Pharma Epiphany Self-proficient Prophecy

Cancer Cured What's up Doc? Reptilian Agenda (Part 1)