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March 11, 2010 STRATFOR is pleased to provide the International School of Beijing ith this proposal to provide sec!

rit" training to the local g!ard force of the school# STRATFOR$s corporate intelligence services and training ill assist the International School of Beijing to pro% activel" identif" possi&le threats at the school, hile training the local g!ard force in 'ethods that ill &etter ena&le the' to 'itigate (no n threats and sec!rit" pro&le's# About STRATFOR STRATFOR is the orld$s leading provider of geopolitical intelligence and anal"sis# )e are also the orld leader in providing &!sinesses ith strategic intelligence and anal"sis on h!ndreds of p!&lic polic" iss!es orld ide# STRATFOR provides proprietar" research and strategic intelligence and anal"sis on a ide range of geopolitical, econo'ic, p!&lic polic" and sec!rit" 'atters to its clients, hich incl!de so'e of the orld$s largest &!sinesses, 'ajor national and international trade associations, and govern'ents# *sing its proprietar" anal"tical 'ethodolog", STRATFOR has 1+ "ears of e,perience in identif"ing e'erging p!&lic polic" trends, geopolitical and sec!rit" iss!es for its clients# STRATFOR$s head-!arters are located in A!stin, Te,as# It 'aintains f!ll%ti'e tea's of researchers, intelligence anal"sts and sec!rit" professionals orld ide# Scope of Work STRATFOR proposes to cond!ct a series of training se'inars at the International School of Beijing in order to &etter prepare the local g!ard sec!rit" staff at the school to identif" &ehaviors and the de'eanor of individ!als inside and o!tside the school that 'a" indicate a threat is present# Additionall", the training ill see( to identif" areas aro!nd the school and its facilities that sho!ld &e contin!all" 'onitored in order to proactivel" identif" and 'itigate potential threats# .ach training se'inar ill incl!de classroo' instr!ction, in addition to practical e,ercises cond!cted in the area aro!nd the school that ill provide practical applications of the sec!rit" s(ills and tactics learned d!ring the classroo' e,ercises# STRATFOR !nderstands that all of the trainees are proficient in .nglish, tho!gh the International School of Beijing ill also have an individ!al in each training session ith the a&ilit" to translate !n!s!al sec!rit" ter'inolog", as needed# Deliverables STRATFOR ill provide fo!r /+0 Sec!rit" A areness training se'inars for the local g!ard staff of the International School of Beijing d!ring a '!t!all" agreea&le ti'efra'e of no 'ore than si, consec!tive da"s# .ach training se'inar ill &e lead &" a t o%person tea' of STRATFOR sec!rit" e,perts ho have e,perience cond!cting sec!rit" operations and have cond!cted this sort of training e,ercise in the past# One STRATFOR 1hina s!&ject% 'atter e,pert ill also &e present to interact ith the school ad'inistration and assist the trainers, incl!ding providing lang!age s!pport here needed# .ach se'inar is designed to acco''odate &et een 12%20 st!dents# At the end of each se'inar, STRATFOR ill present a certificate of co'pletion to each st!dent ho s!ccessf!ll" de'onstrates 'aster" of the co!rse 'aterial#

Pricing Item Fo!r /+0 Sec!rit" A areness training sessions, provided in a ti'e period of no 'ore than si, consec!tive da"s# Travel, lodging and 'eal e,penses for three STRATFOR trainers Pricing 3 100,000 *S4 .,act a'o!nt of e,penses to &e s!&'itted !pon co'pletion of the training e,ercise#

Payment Terms STRATFOR ill invoice the International School of Beijing for 3100,000 *S4 !pon e,ec!tion of this agree'ent# Follo ing the co'pletion of training, STRATFOR ill send an additional invoice to cover the price of &!siness class air travel, lodging and 'eals inc!rred &" the three STRATFOR trainers d!ring their ti'e in Beijing# All invoices are d!e !pon receipt# Proprietary Information 4!ring the co!rse of the ter' of this proposed agree'ent, the International School of Beijing and STRATFOR 'a" have access to infor'ation of the other part" that is confidential and proprietar"# .ach part", independentl", here&" e,pressl" covenants and agrees that an"ti'e d!ring the ter' of this agree'ent, it shall not !se, f!rnish or disclose an" confidential or proprietar" infor'ation to an" other person, corporation, association or other entit" itho!t the prior ritten consent of the other part"# Authori e! "ontacts Business and Contractual Matters 5ate Ta"lor 4irector of 6lo&al Sales STRATFOR /o0 212#7++#+817 /f0 212#7++#+102 /e0nate#ta"lor9stratfor#co' Technical Matters An"a Alfano Briefer STRATFOR /o0 +12#:7+#;+<0 /f0 212#7++#+102 /e0an"a#alfano9stratfor#co' #egal "ompliance STRATFOR represents, arrants, and covenants to the International School of Beijing that all services to &e perfor'ed &" STRATFOR for the International School of Beijing ill

&e perfor'ed in strict co'pliance ith all applica&le federal, state and local la s, foreign or do'estic, incl!ding itho!t li'itation the Foreign 1orr!pt =ractices Act /F1=A0 and an" applica&le privac" la s# Proposal $ali!ity This proposal shall re'ain valid !ntil March 2<, 2010# STRATFOR loo(s for ard to the International School of Beijing$s favora&le response to this proposal and hopes that it is the contin!ance of a '!t!all" &eneficial long%ter' relationship# =lease do not hesitate to contact the !ndersigned or An"a Alfano at the afore'entioned n!'&ers ith an" -!estions "o! 'a" have regarding this proposal# Sincerel", Sincerel", Accepted>

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