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Module Reprogramming

Scott Shotton

Methods of Programming
Initialization or Configuration Coding Remote Pass Thru
J2534 OE

Passive Off Board

Remote versus Pass Thru

Remote usually uses an OE scantool Pass Thru can be OE or J2534
J2534 is Pass Thru ONLY

Remote Method
Calibration File PC Scantool



Pass Thru Method





or J2534


Read First!
Check TSBs Check Procedures Check Manufacturer Sites Check other Resources Be aware of after flash procedures Follow instructions to the T

2 Extremely Useful Resources

Links to manufacturer Sites Reprogramming information
OE and J2534

Drew Tech Toolbox

J2534 Universal Programming Interfaces OE tools (covered in individual OE sections) Power Supplies

What is Required to Flash J2534

A laptop or PC (Microsoft Windows OS) A reliable high-speed internet connection. Programming software from OEMs usually with a software wizard and specific drivers for that OEMs calibration installation. The flash calibration file. This usually requires a subscription from the OEM but there are exceptions. A J2534 Universal Programmer (Hardware) A good clean and stable source of battery voltage.

OE Tools
OE tool requirements vary as well as techniques OE tools will be covered separately

J2534 Universal Programming Interfaces

PC Internet /CD Driver for J2534 Interface OEs API Pass Thru Device Hardware Cables Vehicle Vehicle Network ECU

Universal J2534 Programmers

Different J2534 Manufacturers Info

Drew Technologies- Actia- EASE- Snap On sThruPro Ottotest and i flash- Bosch-

Drew Tech Products


Vendors of J2534 Tools

Precision Tec Diagnostics AESwave- AE Tools- Drew Technologies ATS-

Points Critical to Successful Programming

There are 3 key points that need to be followed for successful reprogramming. The vehicles system voltage must remain constant (specified by OE) during the reprogramming. The vehicles electrical system needs to be functioning properly (e.g. battery state of charge and state of health, cable connections and alternator charge performance). Note: A power supply or reflashing charger can be a key addition to ensure these systems are up to the task of reprogramming. Follow the manufacturers reprogramming instructions to the "T"!

A Clean Power Source is a Must!

Midtronics PSC-550 Pricing

Another Option

Pre-Programming Checklist
ALL reading and research completed Power supply connected to vehicle PC connected to power supply Reliable high speed internet connection * Correct tool (Validated)

For the remainder of this class

Topics will be broken down by manufacturer into mini-classes Each mini-class will cover:
J2534 and/or OE programming and procedures Appropriate tooling OE specific resources Programming case studies

Programming Ford

Module AllowsReplacement. changing of Installation of new Usually parameters inhale/exhale such as calibration software. auto-lamp and sometimes timers, Does not usually automatic requires door PATS locks, require PATS functions. programming. etc.



Install FMP

2006 Fusion 3.0L

PCM calibration update

Ford OE Tool Options:

IDS is the Ford scan tool and reprogramming software application. VCM and VCM II are the Ford interface devices (or hardware.)

2002 Ranger 2.3 L PCM replacement

PCM was replaced (for the second time) due to ignition coil driver failure. Alcolock had to be disabled to perform diagnosis, reprogram and PATS functions.

From this point forward, steps are almost identical. Follow the directions on the screen.

Engine is a No Crank Continue Anyway screens will be the same

Programming is complete but vehicle is still has a no crank condition

What if we only have 1 key?

NOTE: Do this with a key you wish to program and not an already functioning key.

2001 Taurus 3.0L

Used PCM installed. Needs VIN correction and programming.

Choose PMI and continue with the KEY IN THE OFF POSITION

From this point forward, steps are almost identical. Follow the directions on the screen.

2007 Fusion RCM replacement

Vehicle was repaired at a body shop and new RCM was installed. Old RCM is gone. PMI was performed with As-Built data.

Ford Summary
2 keys are required for replacement of PCMs or PATS components. (Vehicle dependent) Calibrations that are current can be overwritten by choosing PMI instead of reprogramming FMP and IDS software operates the same FMP requires an internet connection and IDS does not Some module replacements (ie FICM) may require multiple flash events

2004 Tahoe
Radio does not eject CD. Shop installed a replacement radio that required programming. 1GNEK13Z24J332805

Scroll Down to Bottom of Page

Select Look up Vehicle Calibration

Some Additional Post Cal Steps

CKP Relearn BPP Calibration Primary Key Installation PPS Calibration/Learn VTD Learn Module Option Configuration Code Clearing

GM Pitfalls and Workarounds

Aftermarket radios and accessories can cause re flashing problems on pre CAN GMs disconnect prior to calibrating. If a pre CAN PCM fails to program it is most likely dead. Consult procedures to see if something was missed, it may be recoverable.-DO NOT TURN KEY OFF!- if key is cycled off PCM is almost always unrecoverable on most GMs. Some GM PCMs can have the same service number and have different protocols depending on the model they came out of. Example CAN vs. Class 2. They are not interchangeable. The Remote programming method can only be used on pre CAN vehicles. Most 2006/2007 and newer model require use of Tech 2 J2534 or J2534 MDI methods.

2 Extremely Helpful Sites

2005 Grand Caravan BCM reflash

Power windows intermittent

Old Cal 04839664AD

Old Cal 04839664AD

Dcx j
Tech authority Jmain screens

2002 Dodge Neon 2.0


Customer complaint: rough idle Performed PCM reflash per TSB with DRB3 emulator and wiTECH pod. This update also requires the TCM to be updated. TCM update failed using the emulator.

Using the BlueStreak iFlasher, the control module update completed succesfully

Using the BlueStreak iFlasher, the control module update completed succesfully

Using the BlueStreak iFlasher, the control module update completed succesfully

Using the BlueStreak iFlasher, the control module update completed succesfully

2008 Liberty Module Reprogram

3.7 L Initial call for battery replacement that resulted in error on the odo. Reflash fixed that issue.

2006 Town & Country

3.3 L Bad Key SKIM program with MaxiDAS

Customers complaint was intermittent start and stall with theft light flashing. Wiggling the key made the problem go away. Shop bought a new Chry key.

DTCs stored due to intermittent key operation.

Main screen for SKREEM functions.

Choose Program Ignition Keys to add the new key.

Warning Word for word as displayed on the DRBIII.

We need the PIN, period. DRBIII or aftermarket.

PIN was obtained and entered.

Are you sure? Too many tries and you get locked out.

PIN matches and everything looks OK.

Read and try You may be done. A cycle of the ignition key confirmed that the new key and remote had been learned.

2005 Chrysler 300 2.7 PCM replacement using MaxiDAS Reflash was performed with iFlasher earlier Despite the error messages, the repair was successful.

According to TSB 08-030-06A, P0633 will remain and not clear, if an AM scan to is used

2000 Neon
Salvage Yard PCM with equipped with SKIM installed in a Neon not equipped with SKIM.

2003 Camry
P2238 A/F Sensor Pumping Circuit Current Low (B1S1)

2004 Corolla P0420

Shop found a TSB for a calibration update.

2006 Civic Hybrid

IMA Battery software update

No Identification Label.

2002 Civic
Shop installed a used PCM. Now vehicle does not start, Immobi light flashing.

On newer vehicles, the VIN from the new/used PCM must be used.

Vehicle starts now and Immobi light is off.

Coding vs. Programming

Coding is entering a series of numbers into a module to correctly configure the module to the vehicles options.
Scan tool function that does not require subscriptions or files

Programming is installing software into a module.

Requires a file to be purchased and programmed into the module

1999 Jetta PCM replacement

Auction vehicle with issues. Shop diagnosed bad PCM and purchased a used unit.

Original J220 coding #

New Used J220 coding #

Vehicle has a manual transmission. J220 is from a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission.

Choose Login - 11 to enable coding

Choose Coding - 07

Dead or Missing Module?

Coding numbers can be found in various resources Knowing what options/systems the vehicle is equipped with is important Here are three different examples of obtaining determining coding numbers:

000 5433

TSB describes where to find and how to read the color code on the module. Color code is also on the original modules box or the parts invoice.

Color Code

2005 VW Toureg

2005 Subaru Outback 2.5 L P2097

Shop replaced the AF sensor and needed the PCM reflashed.

Will not work. Has to be all caps.







Reflash took ~ 20 min.

Last 3 versions of NERS

Current version, 1999 and newer PCM/TCM programming Previous versions, 1999 and newer PCM/TCM programming (never got it to work) Earlier version, 2004 and newer PCM/TCM programming

2005 Infinity G35 Coupe

Reflash for AF Sensor heater codes Performed using last version of NERS

2004 Nissan Maxima

Shifting Issues

TCM Re-flash
Shop rebuilt transmission Vehicle returned weeks later with same issue Shop found a TSB for a shifting issue First reprogramming attempt failed using current (at the time) version of NERS Second reprogramming attempt using older version of NERS was successful Flash did not fix the issue anyway

2007 Nissan Quest

PCM update. Failed first attempt with last version. Now attempting with latest version.