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CE 5212 Pavement Design I

Numerical Lab [The ELSYM5 Program]

L: Drive ("Data on S it!ire""# $o to !ol%er: L:&'E5()(&* +r N: Drive (", o - on S./ha0.""# $o to !ol%er N:&'our-e-&'E5()(&

1n either ca-e ma.e -ure to co / !our !ile-: ()" an-i#com ((" el-/m#bat (2"

el-/m5#e3e* an% (4" el-/m5#in-#

5unning the


+nce /ou have %o0nloa%e% the !ile- ma.e -ure /ou 0rite the !our !ile- on the -ame !ol%er (let -a/ !ol%er "':&'E5()("" S0itch /our 0in%o0- environment to Do- Prom t# (You can %o that in 6in 75879 b/ 8Start8 rogram-8MS Do- Prom t#" 1! /ou 0ant to toggle bet0een !ull -creen an% an MS D+S 0in%o0 /ou can %o -o b/ entering: ,LT:;ENTE5<# S0itch to the !ol%er containing the El-/-m5 rogram b/ t/ ing the comman%:

'D&'E5()( ;enter<
To run the El-/m5 rogram b/ t/ ing the comman%-:

an-i ;enter<

The -/-tem 0ill echo -omething -imilar to:

Then /ou 0ill t/ e the comman%:

el-/m ;enter<
1! all i- 0ell to thi- -tage the -/-tem 0ill come bac. 0ith the !ollo0ing -creen:

,t the main menu* i! /ou -elect "()" 1n-truction-" the !ollo0ing -creen- -houl% come u # (Ne3t age- are invo.e% b/ t/ ing ;enter<":

ELSYM5 Elastic Layered System with Normal Loads IBM-PC version The Elastic Layered System comp ter pro!ram "ELSYM5# was modi$ied %y S&' Technolo!ies( Inc)( $or *+,' nder a st dy titled( -Pavement .esi!n and 'nalysis Proced res on Microcomp ters)- The ori!inal analysis ro tine was developed at ITTE( /niversity o$ Cali$ornia at Ber0eley) This version contains interactive inp t processors to assist the ser in the development o$ data $iles) and o tp t

ELSYM5 will determine the vario s component stresses( strains( and displacements alon! with principal val es in a three-dimensional ideal elastic layered system) The layered system %ein! loaded with one or more identical system) 'll coordinates within the system are descri%ed %y sin! the ni$orm circ lar loads normal to the s r$ace o$ the

rectan! lar coordinate system "1(Y(2#( with the 1Y plane at 234 %ein! the top s r$ace o$ the elastic system where the loads are applied) P&ESS 5C&6 T7 C7NTIN/E)))) The positive 2 a8is e8tends vertically down $rom the s r$ace into the system) The applied loads are descri%ed %y any two o$ the three $ollowin! items9 load in po nds( stress in psi( and radi s o$ the loaded area

in inches) The pro!ram determines the missin! val e) Each layer o$ the system is descri%ed %y mod l s o$ elasticity( Poisson:s ratio and thic0ness) Each layer is n m%er with the top layer as one and n m%erin! each layer consec tively downward) ---------*or more in$ormation( see9

-ELSYM59 Interactive ;ersion( /ser:s < ide(- *+,' report( =>?5)

P&ESS 5C&6 T7 C7NTIN/E)))) 7peration The ser is presented with a series o$ men s $rom which data

entry@modi$ication is chosen) Each selection displays a $orm on the screen which contains the c rrent val es $or the selected data items) This co ld

%e the val e $rom the $ile %ein! modi$ied( the last val e entered when creatin! a $ile( or the pro!ram de$a lt val es) The pro!ram navi!ates the ser $rom data $ield to data $ield in a lo!ical seA ence) 't each $ield( the ser has three choices9 accept the val e shown %y

pressin! B st the carria!e ret rn( enter a new val e( or press $ nction 0ey *C to si!nal that no more data is to %e entered or modi$ied on screen) the c rrent

,hen the end o$ a screen is reached( the ser has another oppor-

t nity to modi$y the data %e$ore proceedin!) 't all times( the prompt lines at the %ottom o$ the screen tell the ser what options are availa%le) 7 tp t $rom the inp t processor is a ELSYM5 data $ile in the same $ormat as sed %y the ori!inal main$rame version) The str ct re o$ ELSYM5 allows

m ltiple cases per data $ile) ,hen modi$yin!( one case is read %y the pro!ram at a time and availa%le $or modi$ication) EN. 7* INST&/CTI7NS) P&ESS 5C&6 T7 &ET/&N T7 M'IN MEN/)

,t the main menu* -electing "((" 'reate a Ne0 %ata !ile" 0ill lea% to another -ubmenu a- !ollo0-:

,t the main menu* -electing "(2" Mo%i!/ an E3i-ting Data =ile" 0ill lea% to another -ubmenu a- !ollo0-:

,- !ar a- creating %ata!ile-* ma.e a

oint o! 0riting to !ile (-te

>" once /ou have gone

through -te - ) to 5 above# 1! /ou nee% to %u licate -imilar %ata 0ith minor change- /ou can ma.e change- to an e3i-ting !ile an% 0rite in %i!!erent !ile name#

+nce the in ut %ata have been create% the anal/-i- can be run b/ going bac. to the main menu an% -electing o tion (4" Per!orm ,nal/-i-# The !ollo0ing -creen 0ill come u 0hen /ou -elect thi- o tion:

,t thi- -tage /ou nee% to t/ e in the %ata !ilename# 1! /ou -urvive thi- -tage the -/-tem 0ill a-. /ou 0hether /ou 0ant to -ave the re-ult- o! the anal/-ion not# 1 0ill recommen% /ou choo-e YES# The ne3t rom t i- to a-. /ou the !ilename !or -aving the re-ult-# You can -till ignore -aving -im l/ b/ choo-ing "'+N" !or con-ole (monitor#" You can al-o -ent the re-ult- to a rinter b/ choo-ing P5N# +ther0i-e t/ e in !ilename to -ave the out ut in a te3t tile# ,t thi- -tage the ne3t -creen 0ill loo. li.e thi-:

Note the la/er number an% ? coor%inate# Naturall/ the anal/-i- -tart- 0ith the to mo-t la/er an% !ir-t @Acor%inate% %e!ine% at in ut -tage# There are !our t/ e- o! anal/-i- /ou can %o a- -ho0n in the menu# Normall/ /ou 0ill be intere-te% in -train- an% %e!lection-# The anal/-i- i- carrie% out one choice at a time an% one la/er at a time# +nce /ou choo-e the t/ e o! anal/-ito move to the ne3t la/er Bu-t re-- 4# The -/-tem 0ill automaticall/ roll the re-ult- to the ne3t la/er until the la-t one# 1! /ou re-- 4 once more a!ter the la-t la/er the -/-tem 0ill go bac. to the main menu# So* the roce%ure i-* i! !or e3am le* a!ter the above -creen /ou are not intere-te% in an/ anal/-i- !or la/er number )* re-- 4 to %i- la/ the ne3t la/er (Ever/ time /ou re-- 4 in thi- -creen the -/-tem move- one la/er %o0n"# Then -elect the %e-ire% t/ e o! anal/-i-* eg# Strain-### E3am le re-ult-* a!ter running the -election "((" StrainC Princi al" loo.- a- !ollo0-: Normal C Shear

The re-t o! the game /ou -houl% be able to ic. it a- /ou la/ aroun% 0ith the rogram# ,n/ comment- or Due-tion- can be brought to m/ attention b/ email* hone call or in cla--#

The rogram u-e- ES unit- throughout# The out ut- are 0ritten to a lain te3t (,S'11" !ile on the -ame !ol%er# Ma.e -ure /ou

give a Do- vali% !ilename !or each anal/-i- /ou run# To vie0 the re-ult- o! anal/-i- /ou 0ill nee% to e3it the rogram an% e%it the out ut

!ile u-ing a te3t e%itor (6in%o0- 75 come- 0ith a -im le te3t e%itor# Fu-t t/ e " ED1T

=1LEN,ME#EGT";ENTE5 <"# +r /ou ma/ u-e /our common 0or%

the out ut !ile#

roce--or to o en