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ASME VIII Division 1 & 2

Pressure Vessel Series

Discover the latest updates on ASME codes and practical session from the ASME guru 10th March 2014 14th March 2014 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 25th August 2014 29th August 2014 | Jakarta, Indonesia
Case Studies, Discussion, and many Practical exercises!

Petrosync Lecturer
Prakash S. Joshi
ASME, API, TEMA Codes Expert
Life Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers

More than 38 years of experience Director of the Centre for Petroleum Studies Life Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers Conducted more than 350 courses Trained more than 1000 technical professional More than 40 years of Industry experience His students have 90% sucessfull rate in passing exam

Very clear and well explained training! Thank you! The exam is getting easier after I attend your training! Great course. Easy to understand! Good training for me and my team members. Will look forward to applying to my work! Worth the time. Worth the cost!

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Masterclass Overview
This Five-day program offers detailed insight and thorough understanding of the most common ASME codes, pertaining to design/ engineering and testing of the pressure vessels namely Section VIII Div. 1 and Section VIII Div. 2. This course emphasizes understanding of stated and implied requirements (i.e. content and intent) of the codes. The participants would be explained in detail the mechanics of adopting and applying the code rules and design formulas for different Design conditions and Services. ASME VIII Div. 1 is the most commonly adopted code which is simple and used friendly, where as, ASME VIII Div 2 is an alternative code which provides a better engineered vessel with detailed stresses calculations and more rigorous testing, and allows for savings in material costs (thinner parts may be used). This course is designed to give the participants the confidence and practice for carrying out design and Fabrication and testing for new vessels and also carrying out strength calculations and assessment of integrity of existing vessels. How to adopt code rules for different types of vessels and with various service conditions will be illustrated with numerous case studies Important code stipulation will be reviewed and discussed collectively with participants so as to address the difficulties and ambiguities they might have encountered during their working.

Masterclass Objectives
Familiarize participants with the concepts and technical terms of the codes Know the basic concepts of the codes and their design fundamentals Understand salient features and differences between Div 1 and Div 2 Know the design of Shell, Heads, and other pressure parts Learn design of nozzles and nozzle reinforcements Design for external pressure and Jacketed vessels Design requirements for low temperature operation Discover the fabrication requirements, assembly and welding requirements. NDT and Inspection procedures How to carry out pressure testing, certification and stamping of Pressure Vessels. Introduction to Integrity assessment of in-service vessels.

Specially Designed for

The course is designed for, but not limited to, mechincal, maintenance, and inspection / QAQC professionals who are involved in pressure vessel equipment. Design Engineers / Managers Mechanical Engineers / Managers Maintenance Engineers / Managers QAQC Engineers / Managers Inspection Engineers / Managers Reliability Engineers / Managers

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Limited Attendees The course has limited seats to ensure maximum learning and experience for all delegates. Certificate of Attendance You will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures of the Trainer upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is proof of your continuing professional development. Interactive Training You will be attending training designed to share both the latest knowledge and practical experience through interactive sessions. This will provide you with a deeper and more long-term understanding of your current issues. High Quality Course Materials Printed course manual will provide you with working materials throughout the course and will be an invaluable source of reference for you and your colleagues afterward. You can follow course progress on your laptop with soft copies provided.


10th - 12th March 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 25th - 27th August 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia
1 o Introduction to ASME codes o ASME Code system : Code revisions, Editions and addenda o Design principles adopted in ASME codes, o Understanding the code content, code intent o Pressure Vessels : Categories and classification o Design rules, How these were derived and arrived at o Concept of working pressure, design pressure, MAWP, o Design of vessels under internal pressure, o Design of flat heads, dished heads, conical heads, o Nozzle and openings, reinforcement of openings o Adequacy of weld joints for shells and nozzles o Methods of design optimization, economical compliance. o Quality Assurance System as per ASME codes o Material identifications, use of unidentified materials o Material inspection Resolving non-conformances o Fabrication methods, weld joint categories o Weld joints longitudinal circumferential o Welded joints in nozzles and attachments o Fabrication tolerances o PWHT requirement o Impact testing Requirements o QA/QC requirements 3 o Pressure Testing of vessels o Selection of Pressure Test Methods o Test Procedures o Certification and Stamping of vessels

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13th - 14th March 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 28th - 29th August 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia

o Basic differences between ASME VIII Div. 1 and ASME VIII Div. 2. o Users design specification (UDS) o Quality Control, Inspection and test plan

Material requirements
o Materials Permitted For Construction of Vessel Parts o Supplemental Requirements for Carbon and Alloy Steels o Material Test Requirements

Design Requirements
o Allowable Stress Basis, Safety factors for design load combinations o Design by Rule requirements o Design by analysis requirements o Design of Pressure parts: Shells and heads o Design Fatigue Curves o Additional Requirements for Very High Pressure Vessels

Fabricaon Requirements
o Fitting and Alignment o Welding Fabrication Requirements o Preheating and Heat Treatment of Weldments

Inspecon and Examinaon Requirements

o Examination groups for pressure vessels o Examination Method and Acceptance Criteria o Evaluation and Retest o Pressure Testing Requirements


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Petrosync Lecturer
Prakash S. Joshi
ASME, API, TEMA Codes Expert
Life Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers

During his professional career spanning more than 38 years, Mr. Joshi worked in the areas of Plant Design, fabrica on, Inspec on, including in-service inspec on of Plant equipments, Pressure vessel, Heat exchangers, Piping systems and Tank-farms for Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Oil terminals, Fer lizer plants, Gas sweetening plants, Oshore produc on facili es, and Power plants. His is well known expert in the following codes. ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 and Div 2. API 510, API 570 and API 653 TEMA codes AD-MERKBLATTER API 620, API 650 ASME B 31.1, B 31.3 ASME Sec. IX Bri sh Standard BS 5500

Mr. Joshi has worked with several mul na onal companies worldwide and was, involved / interacted with leading mul na onal giants, such as: Toyo Engineering Umm-Al-Nar Renery Balcke Durr GMBH Mitsubishi Heavy Industries PT. PUSPETINDO, Indonesia. Thermax limitedetc, etc

Prior to commencement of training ac vi es, Mr. Joshi was Technical Advisor to Balcke- Durr GMBH, (a Group Company of Deutche Babcock), at Jakarta.

Training Acvies:
Mr. Joshi has carried out training in API / ASME and Welding courses for senior professionals from several leading companies world-over, including the following companies. Saudi Aramco Kuwait Oil Company BAPCO Renery, Bahrain SABIC Group, Saudi Arabia Qatar Liqueed Natural Gas Ltd. Ras Laan Gas, Doha SGS India Lloyds Register of shipping, India Kuwait Na onal Petroleum Company IKPT Jakarta, Indonesia MIGAS Jakarta, Indonesia BPCL Reneries, Bombay Oil and Natural Gas Corpora on-India HPCL Renery, Vizag, India Reliance Industries, India Oman Renery Germanischer Lloyd, Cairo Mangalore Renery, India Indian Oil Corpora on

Course Details
Title Date / Location : ASME VIII Division 1 & 2 - Pressure Vessel Series : 10th - 14th March 2014 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 25th - 29th August 2014 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Contact Email Phone Fax : Cay Aagen : : +65 6415 4500 : +65 6826 4322

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