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AWARDS The architect of Delhi metro project who has chosen for the Lokmanya Tilak Award for 2013 E. Sreedhara The world renowned music conductor of Western lassical !usic who has "een chosen for the second Ta#ore Award for ultural $armony 2012 !"#$ Meh%a Af#han%s first and only woman #o&ernor who has "een chosen for the 2013 !a#saysay Award for helpin# "uild a functionin# local #o&ernment and pushin# for education and women%s ri#hts in Af#hanistan%s 'amyan pro&ince &a#$#a Sara#$ The non#o&ernmental or#ani(ation which has "een awarded the )ational *outh Award 201112 alon#with 2+ indi&iduals Bha'$(h)a Ed"*a%$+ a, a d Char$%a#,e S+*$e%)- We(% Be .a, The recipient of Amrita De&i 'ishnoi Wildlife ,rotection Award 2010 in the institutional cate#ory Shr$ Dad" Par)a'ara Sa (%ha +/ D$(%r$*% T+ 0 $ Ra1a(%ha . The recipients of Amrita De&i 'ishnoi Wildlife ,rotection Award 2010 in the indi&idual cate#ory Shr$ Sa"ra#h G"2%a a d Shr$ Ga"ra' G"2%a The recipient of en&ironment ministry%s -aji& .andhi Wildlife onser&ation Award 200/ Shr$ S.P. Yada' The sarod maestro who has "een conferred the -aji& .andhi 0ad"ha&na Award for the year 2013 A31ad A,$ 4ha The 1ndian trap shooter who was chosen to "e awarded the -aji& .andhi 2hel -atna Award 2013 R+ 1a S+dh$ The teena#e acti&ist from ,akistan who has "een chosen for the presti#ious 1nternational hildren%s ,eace ,ri(e "y the )etherlands "ased 2ids-i#hts 3oundation Ma,a,a Y+"(a/5a$ The pu"lic sector company which has "een awarded the 1ndira .andhi -aj"hasha 0hield "y the ,resident of 1ndia4 0hri ,rana" !ukherjee on the occasion of $indi Di&as NTPC The 1ndian film star who has "een honoured with the .lo"al Di&ersity Award 2013 at the 0tate -oom of 'ritain%s $ouse of ommons in London A3$%a#h Ba*h*ha The 1ndian freedom fi#hter who has "een posthumously conferred a %Lifetime Achie&ement Award% at 52%s $ouse of ommons for his contri"ution durin# 1ndia%s independence mo&ement and its journey afterwards Ja6ahar,a, Darda

The 1ndian #irl from 2arnataka who has "een awarded the *outh oura#e award for 6ducation "y the 5) at the %!alala Day% function in )ew *ork A(h6$ $ A .ad$ The renowned !alayalam poetess and social acti&ist who has "een conferred the 0araswati 0amman for the year 2012 "y $-D !inister ! ! ,allam -aju S".a%ha 4"3ar$ The !inister of 0tate for $uman -esources De&elopment4 .o&ernment of 1ndia4 who has "ecome the first recipient of 0ree )arayan .uru .lo"al 0ecular 7 ,eace Award 2013 8instituted "y 0ree )arayan Dharma 0amithy9 Dr. Sha(h$ Thar++r The 1ndian economist and .o&ernor of -'1 who has "een awarded the 3ifth Deutsche 'ank ,ri(e for 3inancial 6conomics 2013 "y the entre for 3inancial 0tudies 8 309 in partnership with .oethe 5ni&ersity 3rankfurt Ra.h"ra3 Ra1a DEFENCE The airstrip in Ladakh where 1ndian Air 3orce%s 20 Au# 13 Da",a% Be. 7,d$e 130: $ercules transport made its historic landin# on

2ilo class 1ndian su"marine which sank in !um"ai%s na&al dockyard followin# a fire accident on 1; Au#ust 2013 INS S$ dh"ra0(ha0 1ndia%s first indi#enous aircraft carrier "uilt "y ochin 0hipyards Ltd< which was launched "y the Defence !inister !r< A<2< Antony at 2ochi is named INS 8$0ra % 1ndia%s first indi#enous nuclear powered su"marine4 the nuclear propulsion reactor in which achie&ed criticality on 10 Au#ust 2013 INS Ar$ha % 1ndian Air 3orce%s lar#est transport aircraft 8with a carryin# capacity of +0 tonnes9 which was formally inducted into the 1A3 "y the Defence !inister at $indon C91: G,+#e3a(%er III The hi#h=altitude e>ercise conducted jointly "y the 1ndian Army and its 3rench counterpart in the 3rench Alps at .reno"le from 0ep 0/ was named Sha0%$ PERS7NS The new 8;0th9 hief :ustice of 1ndia4 who has taken o&er the post from hief :ustice Altamas 2a"ir J"(%$*e P. Sa%ha($'a3 The 1ndian sand artist who has won the #old medal at 12th 1nternational 0and Art ompetition 2013 held at 0t< ,eters"ur#4 -ussia S"dar(ha Pa% a$0 The 1ndianAmerican entrepreneur and academic "ehind the re&olutionary sound systems of 'ose orporation4 who died on :uly 12 at the a#e of ?3 in Wayland4 !assachusetts A3ar G+2a, B+(e The pseudonym under which :<2< -owlin# author of the popular $arry ,otter series of no&els wrote a detecti&e no&el4 The uckoo%s allin# R+#er% Ga,#ra$%h

The place at which esta"lishment of 1ndia%s first uni&ersity e>clusi&ely for women 81ndira .andhi )ational 5ni&ersity for Women9 has "een appro&ed "y the 5nion a"inet Rae Bare,$ 1ndian youn#ster4 "eneficiary of a cleft lip sur#ery4 throu#h )ew *ork"ased or#ani(ation 0mile Train who flipped the coin at the Wim"ledon men%s sin#les final "etween Andy !urray and )o&ak Djoko&ic P$ 0$ S+ 0ar !ahasundari De&i4 a ,adma 0hri awardee of 20114 who died on 0; :uly 2013 was associated with Madh"#a $ 2a$ %$ . The American en#ineer and in&entor known for in&entin# computer mouse who died on 02 :uly 2013 D+".,a( E .,e#ar% The hief :ustice of 6#ypt%s 0upreme onstitutional ourt who was sworn as the 1nterim ,resident after the country% first democratically elected ,resident !ohammed !orsi was ousted "y the military Ad,) Ma (++r The new hief of 1nte#rated Defence 0taff who took o&er the office from Lt .eneral )aresh handra !arwah L%. Ge A $, Cha$% The eminent 1ndian classical sin#er and music director4 "etter known as a noted &ocalist of :ayade&a%s %.ita .o&ind% who died on 2@ Au# 2013 Pa d$% Ra.h" a%h Pa $.rah$ The hief economic ad&isor who has "een desi#nated to take o&er as the ne>t .o&ernor of the -eser&e 'ank of 1ndia Ra.h"ra3 Ra1a The e>istin# ,resident of Aim"a"we for the last 33 years who has "een declared elected for a further @ year term in the recent elections R+#er% Ga#r$e, M".a#e The new ,resident of 1ran who took office succeedin# !ahmoud Ahmadinejad &a((a R+"ha $ The new ,resident of ,akistan who has succeeded !r Asif Ali Aardari4 who stepped down after completion of his fi&e year term Ma3 ++ &"((a$ The former 1A0 officer who has "een elected as the re#ional director of World $ealth Br#ani(ation%s 0outh=6ast Asia -e#ion 806A-9 "ein# the first 1ndian to hold the post after a #ap of ;; years P++ a3 4he%ar2a, S$ .h The person who has "een appointed as 1ndia%s first woman hief 1nformation ommissioner M( Dee2a0 Sa dh" The 1ndian economist who has taken o&er the 23rd .o&ernor of -eser&e 'ank of 1ndia from the out#oin# .o&ernor Dr< D 0u""a -ao Ra.h"ra3 Ra1a The 1ndian author of "est=sellin# "ook A 2a"uliwala%s 'en#ali Wife who was shot dead "y suspected militants in Af#hanistan M(. S"(h3$%a Ba er1ee

PLACES The nei#h"ourin# country to which 1ndia has restored the supply of su"sidi(ed fuel4 which had "een stopped a"out a month a#o on technical #rounds Bh"%a The place in Tamil )adu where 1ndia%s 21st nuclear reactor set up with -ussian technolo#y has #one critical on 0aturday4 13 :uly 2013 4"da 0",a3 The 1ndonesian pro&ince which has "een hit "y an earthCuake measurin# D<14 causin# su"stantial dama#e to life and property A*eh The state which has "een declared the country%s first smokefree state for achie&in# ?@<;2 percent compliance with 0ection ; of the i#arettes and Bther To"acco ,roducts Act 8 BT,A94 2003 &$3a*ha, Prade(h The country which has "ecome the 2?th nation to join the 6uropean 5nion Cr+a%$a The fi&e cities in which new 111Ts ha&e started functionin# under ,u"lic ,ri&ate ,artnership 8,,,9 mode from this academic year are Ch$%%++r ;A.P.<- 4+%a ;Ra1.<- T$r"*h$ra2a,,$ ;TN<- G"6aha%$ ;A((a3< a d 8ad+dara ;G"1.< The place in Andhra ,radesh at which a fire "roke out in an $, L refinery on 23 Au# killin# o&er 20 persons and injurin# se&eral others "elon#s to 8$(a0ha2a% a3 The place in Andhra ,radesh where the 5nion .o&ernment has decided to set up a major port 8alon#with a decision to set up a new major port at 0a#ar in West 'en#al9 D".ara12a% a3 The place in )orthern 1reland where World ,olice and 3ire .ames 2013 are "ein# held from 01 to 10 Au# Be,/a(% The place in 2erala where 1ndia%s first )a&al and !aritime 6>po 8)A!6E,B9 was held from 2; 0ep 13 C+*h$ The place in -ajasthan where the foundation stone of !ainline 6lectrical !ultiple 5nit 8!6!59 oach 3actory has "een laid "y 0mt 0onia .andhi4 hairperson of the 5,A R"2ahe,$ S%a%$+ ;Bh$,6ara D$(%.< )T, %s Lara 0uper Thermal ,ower ,roject4 the foundation stone of which was laid "y the ,! in 0ep 2013 is located in Ra$.arh ;Chha%%$(.arh< )T, %s 24/?0 !W -aji& .andhi 0ipat 0uper Thermal ,ower 0tation which was dedicated to the nation "y Dr< !anmohan 0in#h on 1/ 0ep 2013 is located in B$,a(2"r- Chha%%$(.arh The city which has "een #i&en the ri#ht to host Blympic .ames 2020 "y the 1nternational Blympic ommittee T+0)+ The state which has "ecome the first in the country to use FF,AT 8Foter Ferifia"le ,aper Audit Trail9 with 6lectronic Fotin# !achines 8for the "y=elections to )oksen Assem"ly constituency<9 Na.a,a d

The &enue of 2013 .=20 0ummit "ein# held from 0@ 0eptem"er4 1ndia "ein# represented "y ,! Dr< !anmohan 0in#h S%. Pe%er(#"r.- R"(($a SPACE 1ndia%s ad&anced weather satellite which was launched a"oard launch &ehicle Ariane@ from 2ourou4 3rench .uiana INSAT3D The satellite na&i#ation system de&eloped "y 10-B which was launched a"oard ,0LF 22 from ,rof 0atish Dhawan 0pace entre in 0riharikota on 01 :uly 2013 is named IRNSS91A The .0LF mission desi#nated to launch into or"it the ad&anced communication satellite .0AT 1;4 which was a"orted "arely an hour "efore the launch followin# a fuel leak GSL89D= 1ndia%s first full fled#ed military communications satellite which was launched a"oard Ariane @ rocket from 2ourou 83rench .uiana9 on 30<0?<13 GSAT: The talkin# ro"ot launched "y :apan a"oard $ 11' Launch Fehicle towards 1nternational 0pace 0tation from the Tane#ashima 0pace enter is named 4$r+#+ The rocket launched "y :apan carryin# the payload 0,-1)T=A4 which :apan has claimed is a cheaper and more efficient way of sendin# satellites into space E2($,+ The spacecraft launched "y )A0A in 1/++4 which has "ecome the first man=made o"ject to enter the interstellar space on 2@ Au# 2012 8as confirmed "y )A0A in 0ep 20139 8+) 1 The unmanned space craft launched "y )A0A on 0+ 0ep to study the moon%s atmosphere is named LADEE ;L" ar A%3+(2here a d D"(% E '$r+ 3e % E>2,+rer< SP7RTS The 1ndian sportsperson who won the first e&er #old medal in ja&elin throw at the 1, 81nternational ,aralympics ommittee9 Athletics World hampionships "ein# held at Lyon in 3rance De'e dra Jha1har$a The 1ndian .randmaster who won the ommonwealth hess hampionship 2013 held at ,ort 6li(a"eth4 0outh Africa A#h$1ee% G"2%a The new coach of 1ndian hockey team appointed to replace !ichael )o""s Mahara1 4r$(ha 4a"(h$0 World )o< 2 'ritish Tennis player who won the Wim"ledon .entlemen 0in#les title defeatin# 0er"ian )o&ak Djoko&ic in the finals 8thus "ecomin# the first 'ritish player since 1/3D to win the Wim"ledon crown9 8$e also "ecame the first man since 1/3D to win the 50 Bpen in 2012 defeatin# )o&ak Djoko&ic in the finals9 A d) M"rra) The 1@th seeded 3rench Tennis player who has won the Wim"ledon Ladies 0in#les title defeatin# .ermany%s 0a"ine Lisicki in the finals Mar$+ Bar%+,$

The former tennis star from 0wit(erland who was inducted into the 1nternational Tennis $all of 3ame 8)ewport4 -hode 1sland9 Mar%$ a &$ .$( The 20th Asian Athletic hampionship which "e#an at 0hi& hatrapati 0tadium on 03 :uly in ,une were inau#urated "y Pr$%h'$ra1 Cha'a ;CM +/ Mah< The team which has won the 2013 onfederations up defeatin# 0pain in the finals played at -io de :aneiro Bra5$, The 1ndian team of archers which won the #old medal at World Archery hampionships 0ta#e 1F at Wroclaw4 ,oland consisted of Dee2$0a 4"3ar$- B+3#a),a De'$ a d R$3$, B"r$",) The team which won the 1ndian 'adminton Lea#ue%s inau#ural title defeatin# Awadhe Warriors in the finals played at !um"ai &)dera#ad &+%(h+%( The 1ndian trap shooter who was chosen to "e awarded the -aji& .andhi 2hel -atna Award 2013 R+ 1a S+dh$ 1ndian wei#htlifter who has won #old medal in the D2k# wei#ht cate#ory4 liftin# a total of 1/2 k# at the 1W3 World !asters Wei#htliftin# hampionships4 in Turin4 1taly S"dha0ar Ja)a % The &enue of World Athletics hampionships 2013 "ein# held from 10 to 1? Au#ust 2013 M+(*+6 The "adminton player from Thailand who won the World 'adminton hampionshis women%s sin#les title defeatin# Li Euerei of hina in the finals Ra%*ha +0 I %ha + The 1ndian "adminton player who won the "ron(e medal at World 'adminton hampionships 8at .uan#(hou4 hina9 losin# to -atchanok 1nthanon of Thailand in the semifinals 8"ecomin# the first 1ndian woman to win a medal at the World 'adminton hampionships9 P.8. S$ dh" The 31=year old athlete from 2enya who won the ;0th '!W 'erlin !arathon and set a new world record "y clockin# 2 hrs 3 mts and 23 secs W$,(+ 4$2(a . The country which won the 10TA3 0epaktakraw !en%s title defeatin# !alaysia in the finals at 1ndira .andhi 0ports omple> in )ew Delhi S+"%h 4+rea The country which won the 10TA3 0epaktakraw Women%s title defeatin# 1ndonesia in the finals at 1ndira .andhi 0ports omple> in )ew Delhi Tha$,a d The country which won the Asia up hockey championship defeatin# 1ndia in the finals at 1poh4 !alaysia S+"%h 4+rea The 1nternational 0hooter who was chosen for Bdisha%s most presti#ious award for sportspersons 6kala"ya ,uraskar for the year 2013 Shr$)a 0a Sada .$ The chess player from West 'en#al who won the )ational Women%s ,remier hess title4 third time in a row Mar) A G+3e(

The sportin# e&ent which has "een reinstated for the Blympics 2020 a"out se&en months after it was e>cluded from the #ames Wre(%,$ . MISCELLANE7US The company which has de&eloped a 1ndia%s first $ydro#enpowered automo"ile "us4 jointly with 1ndian 0pace -esearch Br#anisation Ta%a M+%+r( L%d The #roup accident insurance scheme for nearly 2<@ lakh dri&ers of ). run pu"lic transport &ehicles in Delhi launched "y Dr< !< Feerappa !oily4 5nion !inister for ,etroleum 7 )atural .as4 and 0mt< 0heila Dikshit4 hief !inister of Delhi is named IGL S"ra0(ha Y+1a a The World $erita#e 0ite at which the 5nion Tourism !inister4 0hri 2 hiranjee&i launched the lean 1ndia ompai#n Ta1 Maha, The nationwide )ational To"acco ontrol ampai#n launched "y !inistry of $ealth 7ampG 3amily Welfare4 .o&ernment of 1ndia to raise pu"lic awareness a"out the dan#ers of smokeless to"acco is named Tear( )+" a2ar% 'an#alore 1nternational Airport has "een renamed as 4e32e.+6da I %er a%$+ a, A$r2+r% The "irthday of ,akistani child acti&ist4 !alala *ousaf(ai4 which was commemorated as !alala Day "y the 5nited )ations 12 J",) The 1D3old tele#ram ser&ice has "een closed with effect from /<00 p<m<4 1; :ul 2013< The first tele#raph line in 1ndia was inau#urated on Bct ;4 1?@1 "etween 4+,0a%a a d D$a3+ d &ar#+"r The country which has passed The ,rotection of Life Durin# ,re#nancy 'ill 20134 permittin# a"ortion if the motherHs life is in dan#er 8followin# widespread outra#e o&er the death of 0a&ita $alappana&ar4 an 1ndian dentist9 Ire,a d The theme of World ,opulation Day 2013 o"ser&ed on :uly 11 F+*"( $( + Ad+,e(*e % Pre. a *) The uni&ersity in the 5nited 0tates at which international edition of the 6ncyclopedia of $induism was launched on Au# 2D U $'er($%) +/ S+"%h Car+,$ a 6arth B&ershoot Day4 which marks the day our resource consumption for a #i&en year e>ceeds the planetHs a"ility to replenish was o"ser&ed for 2013 on 20 A"."(% The toll free helpline 81?00 11 20019 to pro&ide information a"out welfare pro#rammes for minorities launched "y !inority Affairs !inister 2< -ahman 2han is named 4h$d3a% ???? uprisin#4 whose 2@th anni&ersary was o"ser&ed on 0? Au# 2013 pertains to student uprisin# in M)a 3ar The first e&er "ur#er made from la" #rown "eef which was eaten at a news conference in London was de&eloped "y Pr+/ Mar0 P+(% +/ Maa(%r$*h% U $'er($%)

The hospital in 2olkata at which 1ndia%s first "reast milk "ank in pu"lic sector was opened to cater to the needs of new "orns who are una"le to #et mother%s milk SS4M &+(2$%a, Tui&ai $ydro 6lectric ,roject4 the construction of which was accorded centre%s appro&al is located in 8Tui&ai ri&er is a tri"utary of 'arak ri&er9 M$5+ra3 The anti dia"etes dru# which was "anned in :une 2013 for the risk it caused to heart and kidneys and on which the "an has "een re&oked allowin# it to "e marketed with "o> warnin# 2$+.,$%a5+ e The film written and directed "y .yan orrea4 which has "een nominated to represent 1ndia in the 'est 3orei#n 3ilm cate#ory at ne>t yearHs Bscars 8The film had won the )ational Award for the 'est 3eature 3ilm in .ujarati9 The G++d R+ad The film star who was awarded the ,ride of the )ation award "y Anti Terrorist 3ront for his attempt to raise the sensiti&e issue of former ,rime !inister -aji& .andhi%s assassination throu#h his role as a -AW a#ent in I!adras afeI J+h A#raha3 The "eauty pa#eant contestant who has "ecome the first 1ndian ori#in woman to "e crowned !iss America N$ a Da'","r$ The 1ndian representati&e at the !iss World "eauty pa#eant4 who was awarded the 2nd !ultimedia Award 8the first was awarded to 1ndian contestant Fanya !ishra in 20129 Na' ee% 4a"r Dh$,,+ !e#an *oun#4 who was crowned !iss World 2013 at the "eauty pa#eant in 'ali4 1ndonesia "elon#s to Ph$,$22$ e( The 1ndian tanker ferryin# oil from 1raC4 which was detained "y 1ran for a"out 2D days at its 'andar A""as port was named De(h Sha %$ The 0omalia "ased terrorist outfit has claimed responsi"ility for attack on )airo"i%s West#ate shoppin# mall a,9Sha#a# The 1ndian -ailway manufacturin# unit which has rolled out the countryHs most powerful en#ine of @@00 $, 8also the lar#est on a 22=a>le load in the world9 D$e(e, L+*+3+%$'e W+r0(- 8ara a($ The dedicated pin code which has "een allotted to the 0upreme ourt "y the Department of ,osts 110201

Na%$+ a, F++d Se*"r$%) B$,,- 2013
Ordinance Promulgated by the President on 05 July 2013 I32+r%a % Fa*%( %+ Re3e3#er The Cuantity of food#rains a person shall "e entitled to recei&e per month at su"sidised prices from the 0tate .o&ernment under the Tar#eted ,u"lic Distri"ution 0ystem @ k#s The Cuantity of food#rains a household co&ered under Antyodaya Anna *ojana shall "e entitled to recei&e per month at the specified prices 3@ k#s Be e/$%( %+ 2re. a % 6+3a a d ,a*%a%$ . 3+%her !eal free of char#e durin# pre#nancy and si> months after the child "irth4 throu#h the local an#anwadi< !aternity "enefit of not less than R"2ee( S$> %h+"(a d< Be e/$%( %+ *h$,dre hildren in the a#e #roup of si> months to si> years a#e appropriate meal free of char#e throu#h the local an#anwadi< hildren upto lass F111 or within the a#e #roup of si> to fourteen years one midday meal4 free of char#e4 e&eryday4 e>cept on school holidays in all schools run "y local "odies4 .o&ernment and .o&ernment aided schools< hildren sufferin# from malnutrition shall also "e pro&ided meals4 free of char#e throu#h the local an#anwadi<< F++d Se*"r$%) A,,+6a *e 1n case of nonsupply of the entitled Cuantities of food#rains or meals to entitled persons4 such persons shall "e entitled to recei&e such Jstron#K3ood 0ecurity AllowanceJLstron#K from the 0tate .o&ernment as may "e prescri"ed "y the entral .o&ernment< W+3e E32+6er3e % The eldest woman of not less than ei#hteen years of a#e in e&ery eli#i"le household shall "e the head of the household for the purpose of issue of ration cards<

7#,$.a%$+ ( +/ Ce %ra, G+'er 3e % The entral .o&ernment shall allocate from the central pool the reCuired Cuantity of food#rains to the 0tate .o&ernments under the Tar#eted ,u"lic distri"ution 0ystem< 1n case of short supply of food#rains4 the entral .o&ernment shall pro&ide funds to the e>tent of short supply to the 0tate .o&ernment< 7#,$.a%$+ ( +/ S%a%e G+'er 3e % The 0tate .o&ernments shall take deli&ery of food#rains from the entral .o&ernment and ensure deli&ery to the entitled persons throu#h fair price shops or an#anwadis as applica"le<

C+32a $e( B$,, 2013

Sa,$e % Fea%"re( +/ %he B$,, 2a((ed #) Ra1)a Sa#ha $ A"."(% 2013 1t allows a sin#le indi&idual to set up a one=person company as a#ainst a minimum of 2 reCuired as per e>istin# rules< 1t is mandatory for companies to spend at least 2 per cent of their net profit on oporate 0ocial -esponsi"ility< The companies will also ha&e to #i&e preference to the local areas of their operation for such spendin#< 1f they are una"le to meet 0- norms4 they will ha&e to #i&e e>planations and may e&en face penalty< ,unishment has "een introduced for falsely inducin# a person to enter into any a#reement with "ank or financial institution4 with a &iew to o"tainin# credit facilities< 1n order to #uard the interests of employees4 the "ill pro&ides for payment of two years% salary to employees in case a company shuts operations< Auditors may "e appointed for a period of fi&e years su"ject to ratification "y mem"ers at e&ery annual #eneral meetin#< The limit in respect of ma>imum num"er of companies in which a person may "e appointed as auditor has "een proposed as 20< The ma>imum num"er of directors in a pri&ate company has "een increased from 12 to 1@4 which can "e increased further "y special resolution< 1ndependent directors shall "e e>cluded for the purpose of computin# Ione=third of retirin# directorsI< The financial year of any company can end only on !arch 31 and the only e>ception is for companies which are holdin#Lsu"sidiary of a forei#n entity reCuirin# consolidation outside 1ndia<

20%h A($a A%h,e%$* Cha32$+ (h$2( 2013
FenueM 0hi& hatrapathi 0tadium ,une4 03 :uly to 0+ :uly 2013 !edals Tally ,osition 1< 2< 3< ;< @< D< ountry hina 'ahrain :apan 0audi Ara"ia 5("ekistan 1ndia .old 1D 0@ 0; 0; 03 02 0il&er 0D 0+ 0D 02 0; 0D 'ron(e 0@ 03 10 01 01 0/

I d$a G+,d Meda, W$


1<Fikas .owda Discus Throw 2<Women%s Team comprisin# )irmala4 Anu !ariam :ose4 Tintu Luka4 ,oo&amma !- Womens ; > ;00 m relay I d$a S$,'er Meda, W$ er(

1<:ithin Thomas !en%s $i#h :ump 2<,rem 2umar !en%s Lon# :ump 3<-enjith ! !en%s Triple :ump ;<Asha -oy Women%s 200 m @<,oo&amma !- Women%s ;00 m D<0udha 0in#h Women%s 3000 m steeple chase I d$a Br+ 5e Meda, W$ er(

1<-atiram 0aini !en%s 10000 m 2<0atinder 0in#h !en%s ;00 m hurdles 3<Arpinder 0in#h !en%s Triple :ump ;<Bm ,rakash !en%s 0hot ,ut @<0amarjit 0in#h !en%s :a&elin Throw

D<Dutee hand Women%s 200 m +<Tintu Luka Women%s ?00 m ?<$emasree : Women%s 100 m hurdles /<!ayookha :ohny Women%s Lon# :ump

IAAF W+r,d A%h,e%$*( Cha32$+ (h$2 2013

8e "e ? L"5h $0$ S%ad$"3- M+(*+6 !edals Tally M Top @ medallists P+($%$+ 1< 2< 3< ;< @< C+" %r) -ussia 5<0<A< :amaica 2enya .ermany G+,d + D D @ ; S$,'er ; 1; 2 ; 2 Br+ 5e D @ 1 3 1

Pr+3$ e % W$ @ 1< 2< 3< ;< @< D< +< E'e % 100 m 200 m @000 m 10000 m !arathon ; > 100 m relay ; > ;00 m relay

er( 9 Me W$ er C+" %r) :amaica :amaica .reat 'ritain .reat 'ritain 5#anda :amaica 5<0<A< Mar0 /<++ secs 1/<DD secs 13M2D</? 2+M21<+1 2M0/M@1 3+<3D secs 2M@?<+1

5sain 'olt 5sain 'olt !ohamed 3arah !ohamed 3arah 0tephen 2iptotich )esta arter4 2emar 'ailey= ole4 )ickel Ashmeade and 5sain 'olt Da&id Fer"ur#4 Tony !cNuay4 Arman $all and La0hawn !erritt

Pr+3$ e % W$ @ 1< 2< 3< ;< @< E'e % 100 m 200 m ,ole Fault ; > 100 m relay ; > ;00 m relay

er( 9 W+3e W$ er 0helly=Ann 3raser=,ryce 0helly=Ann 3raser=,ryce *elena 1sin"aye&a arrie -ussell4 2erron 0tewart4 0chillonie al&ert and 0helly=Ann 3raser=,ryce *uliya .ushchina4 Tatyana 3iro&a4 2seniya -y(ho&a and Antonina 2ri&oshapka C+" %r) :amaica :amaica -ussia :amaica -ussia Mar0 10<+1 22<1+ ;<?/ m ;1<2/ 3M20<1/

US 72e 2013
E'e % !enHs 0in#les WomenHs 0in#les !enHs Dou"les WomenHs Dou"les !i>ed Dou"les W$ er -afael )adal 0erena Williams Leander ,aes -adek 0tepanek Andrea $la&acko&a Luce $radecka Andrea $la&acko&a !a> !irnyi Na%$+ a,$%) 0pain 50A 1ndia (ech -epu"lic (ech -epu"lic (ech -epu"lic 'elarus R" er9"2 )o&ak Djoko&ic Fictoria A(arenka Ale>ander ,eya 'rono soares Ashlei#h 'arty asey DellacCua A"i#ail 0pears 0antia#o .on(ale( Na%$+ a,$%) 0er"ia 'elarus Austria 'ra(il Australia 50A !e>ico

E'e % .entlemenHs 0in#les LadiesHs 0in#les .entlemenHs Dou"les LadiesHs Dou"les !i>ed Dou"les W$ er Andy !urray !arion 'artoli 'o" 'ryan !ike 'ryan $sieh 0u=wei ,en# 0huai Daniel )estor 2ristina !ladeno&ic Na%$+ a,$%) .reat 'ritain 3rance 50A Taiwan hina anada 3rance R" er9"2 )o&ak Djoko&ic 0a"ine Lisicki 1&an Dodi# !arcelo !elo Ashlei#h 'arty asey DellacCua 'runo 0oares Lisa -aymond Na%$+ a,$%) 0er"ia .ermany roatia 'ra(il Australia 'ra(il 50A

Ma.(a)(a) A6ard W$ er( 2013

1< Er e(%+ D+3$ .+ 8,hilippines9 -eco#ni(ed for his e>emplary em"race of the social mission of medical science< 2< 4+3$($ Pe3#era %a(a 4+r"2($ 8 orruption 6radication ommission981ndonesia9 -eco#ni(ed for its fiercely independent and successful campai#n a#ainst corruption 3< Lah2a$ Se . Ra6 8!yanmar9 -eco#ni(ed for her Cuietly inspirin# and inclusi&e leadership ;< &a#$#a Sara#$ 8Af#hanistan9 -eco#ni(ed for her "old e>ercise of leadership to "uild up a functionin# pro&incial #o&ernment a#ainst #reat odds @< Sha0%$ Sa3"ha AP+6er Gr+"2B8)epal9 -eco#ni(ed for transformin# their li&es in ser&ice to other human traffickin# sur&i&ors<

Ca2$%a, F+" da%$+ A6ard(

The Fice ,resident of 1ndia 0hri !< $amid Ansari presented the apital 3oundation Awards instituted "y apital 3oundation 0ociety on 0+ 0ep 2013< Ca2$%a, F+" da%$+ J"(%$*e 8.R. 4r$(h a I)er A6ard 0hri 0< :aipal -eddy = 1n reco#nition of his outstandin# contri"ution to 0cience4 Technolo#y and ,u"lic 0er&ice< Ca2$%a, F+" da%$+ C( J"(%$*e P.N. Bha.6a%$ A6ard Dr< Lalit 'hasin = 1n reco#nition of his outstandin# contri"ution to $uman -i#hts and Le#al 6ducation< Ca2$%a, F+" da%$+ C( J"(%$*e 4",d$2 S$ .h A6ard !r Fijay ,anjwani = 1n reco#nition of his outstandin# contri"ution to 6n&ironmental ,rotection< Ca2$%a, F+" da%$+ A6ard 0hri Arun :aitley Dr :ustice 2< )arayana 2urup 0hri !anjit 0in#h Lt< .eneral 0yed Ata $asnain !ajor .en Dr< )aresh handra Arora 0hri !<.< Arora 1n reco#nition of his contri"ution as an Butstandin# ,arliamentarian 3or ,u"lic $ealth and Anti 0mokin# ampai#n 3or ,unja"i Lan#ua#e4 ulture and Tradition 3or !ilitary 0er&ices and Leadership 3or Brthopaedics 3or Law ,u"lications

S2+r%( A6ard( 2013

Ar1" a A6ard( 2013 The 0election ommittee for -aji& .andhi 2hel -atna Award and Arjuna Awards was headed "y Shr$ M$*hae, Ferre$ra. O 1< 2< 3< ;< @< D< +< )ame !s< hekro&olu 0wuro !s< ,F sindhu !s< 2a&ita hahal !r< -upesh 0hah !r< Firat 2ohli !r< A"hijeet .upta !r< .a#an :eet 'hullar Discipline Archery 'adminton 'o>in# 'illiards 7 0nooker ricket hess .olf O /< 10< 11< 12< 13< 1;< 1@< )ame !s< 0a"a Anjum !s< -ajkumari -athore !s< :oshna hinnappa !s< !ouma Das !s< )eha -athi !r< Dharmender Dalal !r< Amit 2umar 0aroha Discipline $ockey 0hootin# 0Cuash Ta"le Tennis Wrestlin# Wrestlin# Athletics 8,ara9

N+%e? -anjith !aheshwari was initially chosen for the award "ut his name was later dropped from the list of awardees< The #o&ernment finally decided to not to confer him with the presti#ious Arjuna award as the triple jumper has "een found to ha&e used a %scheduled% su"stance 8ephedrine9 in 200?< Dh)a *ha d a d Dr+ a*har)a A6ard( 2013 Dh)a *ha d A6ard( Na3e D$(*$2,$ e !s< !ary DH0ou(a 0eCueira Athletics !r< 0yed Ali $ockey !r< Anil !ann Wrestlin# !r< .irraj 0in#h ,ara 0ports 8Athletics9 Dr+ a*har)a A6ard( Na3e D$(*$2,$ e !s< ,oornima !ahato Archery !r< !aha&ir 0in#h 'o>in# !r< )arinder 0in#h 0aini $ockey !r< 2<,< Thomas Athletics !r< -aj 0in#h Wrestlin#

Ra(h%r$)a 4he, Pr+%(aha P"r"(0ar 2013 1< 2< 3< ;< ommunity 0ports 1dentification and )urturin# of 'uddin# *oun# Talent 3inancial 0upport for 0ports 6>cellence 6sta"lishment and !ana#ement of 0ports Academies of 6>cellence 6mployment of 0portspersons and sports welfare measures Dr< 5<2< !ishra4 3ounder and ,resident4 )ational 0ports Academy4 Allaha"ad 0er&ices 0ports ontrol 'oard ,ullela .opichand Academy of 'adminton4 $ydera"ad ,etroleum 0ports ,romotion 'oard

W+r,d &a22$ e(( Re2+r%

World $appiness -eport released "y the 5nited )ations .eneral Assem"ly ranks nations on the "asis of si> key factors that include .D, per capita4 healthy life e>pectancy4 someone to count on4 percei&ed freedom to make life choices4 freedom from corruption4 and #enerosity< T+2 10 C+" %r$e( 1< DenmarkG 2< )orwayG 3< 0wit(erlandG ;< )etherlandsG @< 0wedenG D< anadaG +< 3inlandG ?< AustriaG /< 1celandG 10< Australia< Ma1+r C+" %r$e( a d %he$r ra 0( 5<0<A< = 1+G 5<2< = 22G 3rance = 2@G .ermany = 2DG :apan = ;3G -ussia = D? I d$a a d $%( Ne$.h#+"r( 1ndia = 111G 'an#ladesh = 10?G 0ri Lanka = 13+G )epal = 13@G ,akistan = ?1G hina /3

Sa,$e % Fea%"re( +/ %he Re2+r% +/ C+33$%%ee /+r E'+,'$ . a C+32+($%e De'e,+23e % I de> /+r S%a%e( headed #) Shr$ Ra.h"ra3 Ra1a A !ulti Dimensional 1nde> has "een su##ested to help measure "ackwardness and to aid the entre in allocatin# funds to states< The 1nde> cate#ori(es "ackwardness of states "ased on 8i9 monthly per capita consumption e>penditure 8ii9 education 8iii9 health 8i&9 household amenities 8&9 po&erty rate 8&i9 female literacy 8&ii9 percent of 0 =0T population 8&iii9 ur"ani(ation rate 8&iii9 financial inclusion and 8>9 connecti&ity< Dependin# on the scores on the !ulti Dimensional 1nde>4 each state will "e cate#ori(ed as Least De&eloped4 Less De&eloped and -elati&ely De&eloped< The states that score 0<D and a"o&e 8out of 19 on the composite inde> are classified as Least De&eloped4 the states that score from 0<; to 0<D are Less De&eloped and the states that score less than 0<; are -elati&ely De&eloped<

P+($%$+ +/ S%a%e( a( 2er %he I de> Lea(% De'e,+2ed Arunachal ,radesh Assam 'ihar hhattis#arh :harkhand !e#halaya !adhya ,radesh Bdisha -ajasthan 5ttar ,radesh I de> S*+re 0<+3 0<+1 0<+D 0<+@ 0<+@ 0<D/ 0<+D 0<?0 0<D3 0<D; Le(( De'e,+2ed .ujarat $imachal ,radesh Andhra ,radesh :ammu 7 2ashmir 2arnataka !anipur !i(oram )a#aland 0ikkim Tripura West 'en#al I de> S*+re 0<;/ 0<;0 0<@2 0<@0 0<;@ 0<@+ 0<;/ 0<@@ 0<;3 0<;+ 0<@@ Re,a%$'e,) De'e,+2ed .oa 2erala !aharashtra ,unja" Tamil )adu 5ttarakhand $aryana I de> S*+re 0<0@ 0<0/ 0<3@ 0<3@ 0<3; 0<3? 0<;0

Ge+.ra2h$*a, I d$*a%+r Ta.( A22r+'ed 1< Na.2"r 7ra .e Bran#es culti&ated in the )a#pur and Fidhar"ha re#ion of !aharashtra and some parts in adjoinin# re#ions of !adhya ,radesh 2< Dhar3a'ara3 Pa%%" Saree( $andloom ,attu sarees with "road solid colour "orders with contrast pallus wo&en with "rocaded #old patterns from Dharma&aram4 a wea&in# cluster in Ananthapur of Andhra ,radesh< 3< War,$ %r$#a, ar% ;00 yrs old Tri"al Art 3orm ori#inated in Thane Dist< of !aharashtra "y the Warli indi#enuous tri"e< The paintin#s are made on a austere "rown "ack#round with a sin#le colour4 white< ;< 4era,aD( 4a$2ad r$*e 2aipad rice is naturally or#anic rice produced in the saline prone sea coastal rice tract of )orth 2erala co&erin# 2o(hikode4 2annur and 2asar#od districts<

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