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Panama canal work to resume on Thursday

The Panama Canal administrator has announced that work to widen the canal, which was halted two weeks earlier over a disagreement with a contractor on USD 1.6 billion in cost overruns, will resume on Thursday. Canal dministrator !orge "ui#ano said that the $uro%ean&led construction consortium, 'ru%o Unidos %or el Canal ('UPC), will return to its work even though they haven*t reached a +inal agreement on how to +inance the remaining work. S%ain*s Sacyr, who is leading the consortium, made %oor %lanning res%onsible +or the cost overruns. ,owever, Panama said that the com%any is res%onsible +or any un+oreseen costs. The century&old waterway handles -. o+ global seaborne trade. 'UPC wants Panama to add that sum to the initial contract +ee o+ USD /.0 billion. 'UPC claims un+oreseen geological di++iculties have +orced them to s%end much more on cement than e1%ected. They said that they based their estimates on data %rovided by the Canal uthority that were incorrect. The canal e1%ansion is one o+ the world*s most ambitious civil engineering %ro#ects and was due to be com%leted this year in time +or the 122th anniversary o+ the +abled canal. The original canal, built by the US, mostly with workers brought in +rom the Caribbean, was o%ened in 1314. 5ollowing the delay, the deadline +or com%leting the work is now December 021-. (with in%uts +rom 5P)

IMO summarises 2014 regulations

The 6nternational 7aritime 8rganisation (678) has issued a statement summarising various amendments to international maritime conventions that entered into +orce on !anuary 1, 0214. 9The amendments cover %assenger shi% sa+ety (in relation to sa+e return to %ort a+ter a +looding casualty): testing o+ +ree&+all li+eboats: minimum sa+e manning levels: %rohibition o+ blending onboard: revised 7 ;P8< nne1 666: the US Caribbean Sea $mission Control rea ($C ) and the =inter Seasonal >one o++ the southern ti% o+ +rica,9 the 678 statement noted. The S8< S amendments include the +ollowing? an amendment to S8< S regulation 66&1@A&1 & to introduce a mandatory reBuirement +or new %assenger shi%s +or either onboard stability com%uters or shore&based su%%ort, +or the %ur%ose o+ %roviding o%erational in+ormation to the master +or sa+e return to %ort a+ter a +looding casualty and amendment to S8< S regulation 666@02.11.0

regarding the testing o+ +ree&+all li+eboats, to reBuire that the o%erational testing o+ +ree&+all li+eboat release systems shall be %er+ormed either by a +ree&+all launch with only the o%erating crew on board or by a simulated launching. Source? 678

Greek frigate joins ! counter "iracy o"eration off #omalia

,ellenic Cavy warshi% ,S Psara has +ormally #oined the $U Caval 5orce Somalia, 8%eration talanta on 5ebruary 02. The 'reek Cavy +rigate le+t Salamina Caval Dase on 5ebruary 1/. The +rigate has been de%loyed +or three months as %art o+ the $U*s counter& %iracy o%eration in the ,orn o+ +rica and =estern 6ndian 8cean. ,S Psara, a ,ydra class +rigate, %reviously %artici%ated in $U Caval 5orce between December 022A to %ril 0223. The multi&role +rigate was commissioned into the 'reek Cavy in 133A. The +rigate is ca%able o+ carrying a wide mi1 o+ sensors and armaments, including one Sikorsky S&E2D Seahawk helico%ter. 6n the meantime, 'reek Shi%%ing 7inister 7iltiadis Farvitsiotis met with members o+ the 'reek Seamen*s 5ederation administration and discussed all the %roblems %re&occu%ying their sector. They discussed various issues, including collective labour agreements in coastal shi%%ing and ocean going shi%%ing, seamen*s unem%loyment and the regulation on a security shi% during strikes.

IMO "romotes $lying %ngel &ide 2014

The 678 has recently hosted a rece%tion to %romote 9The 7ission to Sea+arers 5lying ngel ;ide 02149. Shi%%ing %ro+essionals and their +amilies hailed last year*s event. 5ollowing the success, this year the industry will host the %rogramme on 7ay 0- in the Cew 5orest, $ngland. 678 Director o+ 7aritime Sa+ety Division, ndy =inbow said? 9The evening was a great way to %romote the 5lying ngel ;ide 0214 and to encourage shi%%ing %ro+essionals to get +it. The mission is an im%ortant charity that su%%orts the sea+arers that kee% our industry a+loat.9 The 7ission to Sea+arers Secretary 'eneral, ;evd ndrew =right said? 9=e would like to thank the 678 +or holding the rece%tion and +or those who signed u% to the challenge event that will raise vital +unds +or the mission to continue su%%orting sea+arers across the globe.9 So +ar, /E shi%%ing %ro+essionals have signed u% to take %art in the ride. ll %artici%ants will be sent a +und&raising %ack with use+ul ti%s +or training and ways to get s%onsorshi% and will be raising vital +unds to hel% the mission ensure sea+arers are cared +or in the 062 %orts in E1 countries o%erates in.

2 !# security officers found dead in #eychelles

Two merican security o++icers have been +ound dead on a shi% made +amous when it was hi#acked by Somali %irates, according to a statement by Seychelles %olice on =ednesday. The two mericans & !e++rey ;eynolds and 7ark Gennedy, both 44 & were +ound dead on Tuesday in a cabin on the shi%, according to the %olice. The shi% was hi#acked by %irates in 0223, an event dramatised in the movie 9Ca%tain Philli%s9 starring Tom ,anks. The two men*s bodies were +ound on Tuesday in their cabin on the shi% where it was berthed in Port Fictoria in the 6ndian 8cean island nation o+ Seychelles. The %olice gave no cause o+ death but said a %ost mortem has been scheduled. The US Coast 'uard stated +rom its headBuarters in =ashington that it is also investigating the deaths. Dut is 9not related to vessel o%erations or their duties as security %ersonnel9, sources con+irmed a+ter initial investigations. The two men worked +or US&based Trident Security, according to the Seychelles %olice statement. 5ormer military %ersonnel +reBuently %rovide security on board shi%s sailing through the waters o++ Somalia to %rovide security against %irate attacks. ( P)

'ali (oat ca"tain held o)er *a"an di)ers+ accident

6ndonesian %olice have arrested the ca%tain o+ a boat that took a grou% o+ !a%anese divers on an ill&+ated e1%edition o++ Dali in which at least one woman died, an o++icial said on Thursday. The man has been named a sus%ect and is accused o+ 9negligence, which caused the loss o+ li+e9 by leaving the +emale divers alone in the o%en seas during the tri%, said ,andoyo Su%eno o+ Dali 7arine Police. The news came as o++icials called o++ the search +or the +inal missing diver, Shoko Takahashi & one o+ seven women who took %art in the e1%edition which set o++ last 5riday +rom an island east o+ Dali. The divers Buickly became lost and dri+ted +or miles in stormy seas be+ore +ive o+ them managed to clamber onto rocks in the ocean and were rescued three days later. The body o+ a si1th diver was +ound +loating near a beach on Tuesday.

Su%eno, the head o+ law en+orcement at the marine %olice, said the ca%tain, whom he did not name, had been named a sus%ect on =ednesday +ollowing interviews with +our o+ those rescued. The women told how they 9dived +or /2 minutes and came to the sur+ace but the 8cean $1%ress was not there,9 he said, re+erring to the boat. The ca%tain has been detained, added Su%eno. ( 5P)

Ocean #afety (ags !, defence contract

The UG*s 7inistry o+ De+ence (78D) has signed a +our&year contract with an inde%endent sa+ety su%%lier 8cean Sa+ety. 5ollowing the contract, the sa+ety su%%liers will kee% on su%%lying, service and re%air 78D*s commercial li+e&ra+ts and DDC marine evacuation systems. 8cean Sa+ety will %rovide direct su%%ort to the ;oyal Cavy*s current +lagshi% ,7S Dulwark and to the new +leet o+ Ty%e 4- destroyers, which are based in Portsmouth. 8cean Sa+ety*s 8%erations Director ;ichard Desse said? 9Deing awarded this contract is a +antastic achievement +or us at 8cean Sa+ety and a testament to the overall level o+ service that we %rovide on a national scale. =e look +orward to continuing the su%%ort and develo%ing the great working relationshi% that we already have with the 78D.9

Greek-owned freighter rescues 12. migrants

'reek&owned +reighter rescued 10- migrants who were on a boat in danger north&east o+ Tri%oli o++ the <ibyan coast, +ollowing an order by ;ome*s Search and ;escue Centre. Two migrants were +ound dead. The shi% was due to dro% o++ the +oreign nationals at the %ort o+ its +inal destination & ugusta in 6taly & on Tuesday. ( C )

!# /a)y remo)es fuel from grounded *a"anese )essel

The US Cavy along with other +ederal and local agencies has success+ully removed a%%ro1imately -42 gallons o+ the remaining diesel +uel +rom the grounded !a%anese commercial +ishing vessel in outer %ra ,arbour. $++orts, however, are currently underway to remove the remaining +uel. $arlier, the divers in+ormed that the %ort&side and bow +uel tanks were ru%tured. %%ro1imately 62. o+ the estimated E,-22 total ca%acity was lost in the wreck and a+termath, the e1%erts said.

$nvironmental teams have +ound no visual evidence o+ +uel residue or sheen on the beach and surrounding waters. ll 12 crew&members o+ the shi% were rescued by a Cavy aircrew a+ter the vessel ran aground near S%anish Ste%s on 5ebruary 1/. Dennis Siler, Caval Dase 'uam 8%erations 7anager said? 98nce we +inish removing the remaining +uel, the ne1t big challenge the uni+ied command and %articularly the salvage teams will +ace is how to sa+ely remove the vessel.9

0orld+s first 1/G dri)en tug(oat set for maiden )oyage

The world*s +irst <C' driven tugboat has arrived at the %ort o+ >eebrugge +or a bunkering o%eration *truck to shi%*. The new tug boat, which is the +irst o+ two identical tug boats ordered by the Corwegian DUD$, emits nearly /2. less C80 and u% to 32. less C81 and +ine dust as com%ared to the conventionally&%owered tugs. <eaving the Sanmar shi%yard in Turkey, the tug has set sail +or Garsto in Corway to begin her long term o%erational contract +or Statoil. To +uel u% on <C' +or her maiden tri%, the shi% halted at the Port o+ >eebrugge.

'%1TI2 324%/G
Market snapshot: 1100 GMT Dry Index BDI 1160 Capesize Index BCI 1690 !ana"ax Index B!I 12#2 %&pra"ax Index B%I 106# 'andysize Index B'%I 6(# +14 +2 $16 +19 +1

324%/G &%T #
)e* +ork ,-ed C.s/ 01n C&rren2y in 3%D Britain ,!o&nd/ 146696 Canada , 04902( China ,+&an/ 041645 6&ro 14 (45 India ,7&pee/ 040161 Indonesia ,7&piah/ 040000#5 8apan ,+en/ 04009((4 )or*ay ,9rone/ 041650 !hi.ippines ,!eso/ 040224 !o.and ,:.oty/ 04 29# 7&ssia ,7&;.e/ 0402(9 %in1apore , 04(922 3kraine ,'ry<nia/ 04112 3%D in 01n C&rren2y 0459#9 1410(# 640(## 04(2(6 6242#00 11((#400 1024 200 640609 4446 00 40 00 54(914 14262 #49050


#O!T4 %$&I2%
South +rica is a country located at the southern ti% o+ +rica. 6t has 0,E3Akm o+ coastline that stretches along the South tlantic and 6ndian oceans. To the north lie the neighbouring countries o+ Camibia, Dotswana and >imbabwe: to the east are 7oHambiBue and SwaHiland and within it lies <esotho, an enclave surrounded by South +rican territory.

Getting there
By air: ir%orts Com%any South +rica o%erates South +rica*s 12 %rinci%al air%orts & including three ma#or international air%orts & which together handle over 022,222 aircra+t landings and 0/&million %assengers annually. 8; Tambo 6nternational ir%ort (+ormerly !ohannesburg 6nternational) is the ma#or gateway, o++ering both domestic, +rican regional and international connections. There are also an increasing number o+ international +lights direct to and +rom Ca%e Town and a +ew direct to and +rom Durban. By ship: ll the big cruise liners dock in Ca%e Town and sometimes Durban. 5or more unusual e1%erience, try the ;7S St ,elena. ;unning +rom Southam%ton to Ca%e Town via St ,elena, it*s one o+ the last real old mail shi%s.

To" attractions
Cape Town: 6t is the second&most %o%ulous city in South +rica, a+ter !ohannesburg. Ca%e Town and the Ca%e Peninsula u% to Ca%e Point, are +amous +or scenic beauty: celebrity beaches: Table 7ountain: whale&watching: world&class sho%%ing, nightli+e, +ood and wine and a laid&back atmos%here. Garden Route: Gnown as South +rica*s $den, the +amous 'arden ;oute traverses an area rich in natural beauty and charm, attracting adventure&seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Kruger Nationa !ar": This world&renowned %ark o+ nearly 0 million hectares +eatures 16 ecosystems. S%ot the Dig 5ive on a 414 game drive or walking sa+ari. Ta# e $ountain: Situated within a national %ark, reaching the %innacle o+ the Table 7ountain is an thrilling e1%erience that o++ers %henomenal, birds&eye views overlooking the city o+ Ca%e Town, ;obben 6sland to the north and the tlantic seaboard tothe west and south. Peaking at 1,2A6m, reaching the to% is sim%le via an ingenuous cableway and each ;otair car +eatures revolving +loors allowing %assengers to en#oy /62&degree views during the trek to the to%.

4 1M P% nominated for 4eyerdahl %wards 2014

The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) has been nominated for the prestigious Thor Heyerdahl International Maritime Environment A ard !"#$%

The shipping industry& hich has made an outstanding contribution to ards the environment& ill receive the a ard% The a ard as established by the late 'or egian adventurer and e(plorer& Thor Heyerdahl (#)#$*!""!)& ho made first*hand observations of marine pollution during various e(peditions% His reports to the +' about the marine environment raised the a areness of the pollution issue throughout the International maritime community% An Academy * A ard * nominated documentary& ,on*Ti-i tells the story of his .ourney across the Pacific aboard a papyrus raft% In collaboration ith the 'or egian /hipo ners0 Association& the a ard as first launched in !""#& ith .ust si( inners of this pri1e since then% After assessing each nominee& a specifically*appointed E(pert 2ommittee& comprised of eight members& representing international and 'or egian maritime bodies ill pass do n their final .udgement for ho ill be the recipient of this a ard% The a ard ill be presented at a special ceremony in 3slo on March 4#& !"#$%

#%$ T5 #T!65
The bridge cre on a container ship sailing at night thought a light .ust ahead of their ship as stationary& hen in fact it as aslo ly*moving fishing vessel%

A container ship& proceeding est*north est to port ith a master and #5 cre members aboard& collided ith a fishing vessel that as proceeding south*south est& ith a s-ipper and a single cre member aboard% Prior to the incident& the bo( ship0s master assigned the chief officer to -eep atch after the ship left port at about #5!"% The third officer came to the bridge for his assigned atch at #)6"% The 23& in turning over the atch to the 43& told him that there as a cargo ship ahead heading left ard and that attention must be paid to this ship% The engine as full ahead& that the course as about "!"7 and on autopilot% An ordinary seaman& ho as on duty together ith the 43& -ept a loo-out hile standing behind the steering stand% The 43 set the course on about 4""7 at about #)66 and sighted a light around #67 to !"7 off the starboard bo as reported by the 3/% 8ut because the light as not moving& he thought that it as a float and proceeded on the same course at #9 to #9%6 -nots% At #)66& in response to a report by the 3/& the 43 chec-ed and sa the :float: at five to ten degrees off their starboard bo and very close% He ordered 0hard*a*port0 hich the 3/ complied ith immediately% The 43 thought that the vessel collided ith the float and loo-ed behind after passing% After confirming that the light had disappeared and that the time as !"#6 on the bridge cloc-& he altered the course bac- to the original course and continued to navigate% As a result of the collision& the s-ipper on the fishing boat as -illed and the cre member ent missing% The bo section of their vessel as crushed&

and she as capsi1ed% The container vessel suffered a scratch to its bulbous bo on the starboard side%

An investigation revealed that the third officer of the container ship did not appropriately -eep atch on the starboard side and that the s-ipper of the fishing boat noticed the much bigger container vessel only hen it as already very close% Investigators noted that the 43 thought a light he sighted in the direction of the starboard bo as a float because it as not moving& and therefore there as no danger in that direction% He maintained his observation on the port side ahead& thin-ing that the 3/ ould -eep atch on the starboard side% /ource; <apan Transport /afety 8oard

17 sailors rescued off 2heung 2hau

/eventeen sailors have been rescued after their cargo vessel began to list badly off 2heung 2hau Island on =riday morning% A senior police officer said that the situation had been brought under control shortly before midday% According to the Marine >epartment& the vessel& hich as carrying cement& as en route to Indonesia via Hong ,ong from 'ansha in ?uangdong province% The )"m @ietnam*registered vessel reportedly e(perienced a mechanical problem hen it as #-m east of 2heung 2hau% :An initial investigation sho ed the boat had suddenly begun to list&: a department spo-es oman said% :The cargo as moving on board& hich caused the vessel to lean significantly to one side&: said the police officer% The official said that at one point the vessel as listing at a $6*degree angle and added that the technical fault might have been related to the boat0s steering gear% The boat0s captain said he issued a distress signal immediately after the vessel started ta-ing on ater and the cre members ere told to gather on one side of the ship to a ait rescue% :The cre members ere rescued and no in.uries ere reported&: the department spo-es oman confirmed% The Marine >epartment along ith police officers is investigating the cause of the incident%

#audi at Guantanamo "leads guilty o)er tanker attack

A /audi detainee at the +/ prison in ?uantanamo 8ay pleaded guilty on Thursday to terror charges in connection ith the !""! suicide bombing of a =rench oil tan-er off Aemen% Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Ha1a al*>arbi& the brother*in*la of one of the /eptember ##& !""# plane admitted to planning& aiding and supporting an attac- on the tan-er hich -illed a 8ulgarian sailor& in.ured a do1en and caused a large oil spill in the ?ulf of Aden%

>arbi* ho has been held in 2uba for more than a decade*li-ely faces up to #6 more years in prison& the chief prosecutor& Army 8rigadier ?eneral Mar- Martins& said in a statement% /ome of that time could be served in his native /audi Arabia% Bearing a hite button*do n shirt and a fluorescent yello tie and headphones carrying simultaneous Arabic translation& the stout /audi ith a sparse beard admitted to being an :alien unprivileged enemy belligerent%: His la yer Cam1i ,assem announced his client as pleading guilty to charges of terrorism and to attac-ing civilians and civilian targets before the +/ military .udge at ?uantanamo% :This moment is bitters eet&: said ,assem& hose client agreed to co*operate ith prosecutors as part of the plea deal% They accuse >arbi of having met ith and or-ed for fello /audi ?uantanamo detainee Abd al*Cahim al*'ashiri& ho faces the death penalty on charges he masterminded the tan-er attac- and the !""" attac- against the +// 2ole in Aemen that left #5 dead% 8y pleading guilty& >arbi& 4)& could become a -ey itness against 'ashiri& hose trial is li-ely to open in /eptember% (A=P)

6utch go)t orders com"lete remo)al of sunken 'altic %ce

The >utch government has ordered a complete removal of sun-en 8altic Ace car carrier% The vessel capsi1ed and san- on >ecember 6& !"#! after it collided ith a containership near the port of Cotterdam% Bhen it san-& the 8altic Ace as carrying about 66 tonnes of marine diesel and $99 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and #&$"" cars% The sun-en vessel continues to pose a threat to the environment and also to ships entering Eurogeul& a busy deep* ater shipping lane leading to the port of Cotterdam% The >utch >epartment of Public Bor-s plans to a ard the contract for the complete removal of the sun-en 8altic Ace to >utch maritime service provider Coyal 8os-alis Bestminster%

/8I&O/M /T
Gothen(urg "romotes cleaner shi""ing
The Port of ?othenburg0s campaign saved more than #!" tonnes of sulphur emissions in !"#4% Many vessels have participated in the campaign for a cleaner shipping industry% The vessels that meet emission standards set by the Port of ?othenburg0s campaign committee ill receive a re ard of up to /E, !6"&""" per year per vessel% The campaign calls for s itch to fuels li-e marine gas oil or L'? that have a ma(imum of "%#D sulphur content% As part of the environmental campaign& the Port of ?othenburg committee paid out /E, $ million in !"#4%

Anna <ivrn& acting Environmental Manager at the Port of ?othenburg said that the savings of #!" tonnes of sulphur emissions in !"#4 is #4 tonnes more than in !"#!% 3n the method of testing sulphur emission& <iven said; :=lue gas plumes are analysed via a measuring station located on the roof of the Alvsborg fortress% This allo s us to measure the level of sulphur in the fuel and to determine ho effective the sulphur programme actually is%:

& #2!
!#2G rescues man from cargo shi"
The +/ 2oast ?uard (+/2?) has rescued a 6$*year*old man& ho suffered a sei1ure hile aboard a !""m cargo ship appro(imately #6" miles south est of Tampa% Batchstanders at 2oast ?uard /ector /t Petersburg& =la& ere informed about the master0s ill health by the ships agent at appro(imately );!$am local time% An aircre as launched by atchstanders aboard a MH*9" <ayha - helicopter from 2oast ?uard Air /tation 2lear ater% After the helicopter arrived on scene& the aircre lo ered their rescue s immer to lift the man and transported him to Tampa ?eneral Hospital for further care% :The mission as ell*e(ecuted&: said Petty 3fficer #st Emily /hea& search and rescue co*ordinator at the sector% :It as a great e(ample of a .oint effort from multiple parties to effectively ensure the master of the vessel as able to get safely to emergency care&: he added%

$ishing ro"e cut from endangered whale off Georgia

Bildlife e(perts cut a ay more than !E" feet of commercial fishing line being dragged by an endangered right hale off the ?eorgia coast& though some of the heavy rope had to be left tangled in the hale0s mouth& officials said on Thursday% Entanglement in commercial fishing gear and collisions ith ships off the East 2oast are considered the greatest threats to the right hale0s survival% E(perts estimate only about $6" of the large hales remain% Each inter they migrate to the armer atersoff ?eorgia and =lorida to give birth to their calves% It as the first time since !"## that a right hale snared in fishing gear has been spotted offshore in the /outheast& said 2lay ?eorgia& a marine mammal biologist for the ?eorgia >epartment of 'atural Cesources% He as part of the team that got close enough to the 4"*foot hale to sever the three*Fuarters*inch fishing line using a grappling hooeFuipped ith cutting blades% :Be feel li-e hat e did gives the hale a fighting chance to shed the remainder of the rope on its o n&: said ?eorge& ho estimated the hale is still dragging about !" feet of the rope oven ith lead eights%

:The real ta-e*home message here is e can0t .ust go out and save and fi( every hale that sho s up entangled% In some cases it0s .ust completely impossible to disentangle that hale&: he added% (AP)

G%11 5
Tunisian grilled salad
=ood lovers& ho li-e a little heat in their food& must try this delicious salad% Ingredients9 =resh tomatoes and green chilliesG !*4 garlic clovesG olive oilG saltG corianderG eggs (one or t o eggs per person)G olives (green or blac-)G tuna% Method9 ?rill the tomatoes& chillies and garlic on a pan till they turn blac-ish% 'o & ta-e those off the oven& put them in a plastic bag (as it ill ma-e the s-in come off easily) and peel them% 2hop the tomatoes and chillies finely and crush the garlic% 'o & mi( everything in a plate and -eep the salad in the fridge% 8efore serving& add olive oil& salt& coriander and decorate ith olives& tuna and a hard boiled egg%

1emon-her( "otato salad

Ingredients9 4H$ pound fingerling potatoesG #tbsp of olive oilG #H$tsp of grated lemon rindG #tbsp of lemon .uiceG #tsp of >i.onG #H$tsp of pepperG #H4 cup of arugula (chopped)G !tbsp of -alamata olives (sliced)G #tbsp of parsley (chopped)G #tbsp of fresh basil (chopped)G #tbsp of fresh chives (chopped)% Method9 Place a saucepan filled t o*thirds ith ater over high heat% 2ut potatoes into #inch pieces% 'o & add potatoes to the pan& cover it and bring to a boil% Ceduce the heat to medium* high and coo- for five minutes% 'o & drain the ater% Bhis- olive oil& lemon rind& lemon .uice& >i.on and pepper together in a bo l% /tir in arugula& -alamata olives& parsley& basil and chives% Add the drained potatoes and toss it gently to coat% 'o & serveI

#4IPPI/G 6%T%
'%1TI2 324%/G
Market snapshot: 1100 GMT Dry Index BDI 1164 +4 Capesize Index BCI 16#0 $10 !ana"ax Index B!I 1261 $21 %&pra"ax Index B%I 10#( +19 'andysize Index B'%I 6(6 $2

324%/G &%T #
)e* +ork ,Th& C.s/

01n C&rren2y in 3%D Britain ,!o&nd/ 146659 Canada , 04900 China ,+&an/ 041644 6&ro 14 (1# India ,7&pee/ 040161 Indonesia ,7&piah/ 040000#5 8apan ,+en/ 04009((4 )or*ay ,9rone/ 041640 !hi.ippines ,!eso/ 04022 !o.and ,:.oty/ 04 29 7&ssia ,7&;.e/ 0402#0 %in1apore , 04(90# 3kraine ,'ry<nia/ 04112

3%D in 01n C&rren2y 04600 14110( 640# ( 04(290 6242550 11#05400 1024 100 6409(5 444#000 40400 54((25 142646 #49050

Paris MO!9 ngines: machineries to" latest 2I2 deficiencies

Preliminary data +rom the latest 32&day concentrated ins%ected cam%aign 3C6C) launched by combined %ort state control authorities show that most de+iciencies +ound on board shi%s related to main %ro%ulsion systems, emergency generators and lighting, as well as the cleanliness level o+ engine rooms. The latest C6C, conducted by the Paris 78U and Tokyo 78U +rom Se%tember 1 through Covember /2 last year, covered 4,106 individual shi%s. total o+ 1,12de+iciencies were related to main %ro%ulsion and au1iliary machinery systems, which was the +ocus o+ the C6C. ccording to the advance re%ort released by the Paris 78U on Tuesday, 6A shi%s (1.A.) were detained as a direct result o+ the cam%aign. 5orty&one %ercent o+ the detentions during the cam%aign were C6C&to%ic related. The %reliminary re%ort said that in %revious years, de+iciencies related to %ro%ulsion and machineries accounted +or about seven %ercent o+ the total number o+ de+iciencies within the Tokyo and Paris 7oUs, ranking si1th in com%arison with all the de+iciencies. 7ore than hal+ (-4.) o+ all C6C&to%ic related detentions involved shi%s o+ 02 years or more. This category had a C6C&to%ic related detention rate o+ /.6., twice higher than the overall 1.A. C6C&to%ic related detention rate. 9This outcome illustrates that wear and tear o+ %ro%ulsion and au1iliary machinery remains an issue, which should be adeBuately addressed by shi% owners,9 according to ;ichard Schi+erli, secretary general o+ the Paris 7oU. bout /4 (-2.) o+ the detained shi%s were general cargo@multi%ur%ose shi%s, nine (1/.) were bulk carriers and nine were (1/.) container shi%s. mong the other detained shi%s were si1 oil tankers, +our chemical tankers and three re+rigerated cargo shi%s.

7ost ins%ections were carried out on shi%s under the +lags o+ Panama with 43ins%ections, <iberia (/00), 7alta (/1E) and ntigua and Darbuda (046).

%A&ET' /I connects ha(ita(ility to safety

The Cautical 6nstitute (C6) in its latest bulletin, 6ssue /4, e1%lained why habitability is im%ortant +or reasons o+ e++iciency and sa+ety. 6t noted that the new 7aritime <abour Convention (7<C) gives %ort state ins%ectors %ower to detain vessels that do not con+orm to decent habitability standards and %rovides a strict regulatory +ramework to ensure that sea+arers live in decent conditions. ,abitability is a key design criteria in modern shi%s, with the need to consider matters such as noise, vibration, indoor climate and lighting in living and working s%aces. ,uman&centred shi% design recognises both human +actors and ergonomics with the aim o+ %roviding +acilities that are com+ortable and %romote e++iciency. The bulletin use+ully summarises the sco%e o+ 7<C regulations, along with %lenty o+ guidance on the detailed regulations themselves. 6t e1%lains other bene+its, including ensuring that crew can work more e++iciently and also introduces a warning about the %enalties +or not %roviding a habitable shi%, which can go beyond detention and crew %roblems. The bulletin is %acked with use+ul in+ormation on this to%ic, which is more com%le1 than merely %roviding each sea+arer with a cabin and a bunk. Source? C6

!# "re"ares for laser de"loyment on /a)y shi"

<asers will soon be %art o+ the US Cavy*s arsenal. n o++icial o+ the Caval Sea Systems Command said that a laser will be de%loyed this year on a US shi%. rail gun %rototy%e, on the other hand, will be ready in two years, giving the US Cavy*s arsenal a huge boost. 96t +undamentally changes the way we +ight,9 said Ca%t. 7ike >iv, a %rogram manager at the Command. The +irst laser %rototy%e will be %laced on the USS Ponce. =hile the laser system is so%histicated, it can be o%erated by a single sailor, according to >iv. The solid&state <aser =ea%on System is designed to target what the Cavy describes as 9asymmetrical threats.9 These include aerial drones, s%eed boats and swarm boats, all %otential threats to warshi%s in the Persian 'ul+, where the Ponce, a +loating staging base, is set to be de%loyed, The ssociated Press re%orted.

Indian court delays Italian marines case

6ndia*s attorney general on Tuesday sought more time to %rosecute two 6talian marines accused o+ killing two +ishermen, as ;ome recalled its ambassador in %rotest over delays in the case. The Su%reme Court in Cew Delhi ad#ourned the case until 7onday a+ter ttorney 'eneral 'oolam Fahanvati said the government was still working on the matter. 9The matter was under the consideration o+ the law ministry and 6 need more time to work out a solution to the issue,9 Fahanvati told the court. The case has caused ma#or tensions between the two countries over delays in charging the marines who allegedly shot the +ishermen they mistook +or %irates o++ 6ndia*s southern coast in 0210. The court had been due on Tuesday to decide on whether to acce%t the attorney general*s reBuest the %air be %rosecuted under a maritime security law, that attracts a 12&year sentence. 6taly on 7onday slammed the maritime security charge as 9unacce%table9, and warned o+ 6talian and $U reaction, 5P re%orted.

4, eyes new maritime (ureau

,o%ing to revive its maritime sector*s %revious lustre, ,ong Gong is set to establish a s%ecial bureau to %romote shi%%ing services. side +rom %rioritising %ort develo%ment, the inter&de%artmental body will also +ocus on shi% management, brokerage, +inance and insurance services. ccording to lawmaker 7iriam <au Gin&yee, the new maritime bureau is %art o+ e++orts to make ,ong Gong at %ar with <ondon in terms o+ having an international shi%%ing service hub. 9<et*s +orget about attracting more containers to go through ,ong Gong9 es%ecially since ShenHhen had already overtaken the city as the third&busiest %ort in the world last year,9 <au noted. ,ong Gong has been receiving +lak over its dismal maritime industry %romotion, resulting in shi%owners leaving the Chinese&controlled region +or Singa%ore, which o++ers lower ta1es and +ewer restrictions in terms o+ o%erations. Peter Cremers, chie+ e1ecutive o++icer o+ nglo $astern 'rou%, said Singa%ore was able to overtake ,ong Gong as a %remium maritime hub because its %ort authority is very systematic in terms o+ %roviding services. 9,ong Gong is di++erent. Unless the shi%owner knows what the ta1 (reBuirements are) +or shi%%ing, you may get into the wrong hands,9 he added. 7eanwhile, 7aritime 6ndustry Committee member Sabrina Chao&sih&ming suggested that the new maritime bureau be headed by an individual who is knowledgeable in handling maritime&related services.

8122 rates slum" in *anuary; %frama<: #ue=ma< u"

!anuary was not a good month +or the F<CC market, which saw +reight rates %ost the least gains com%ared to the SueHma1 and +rama1 segments. ccording to an 8P$C re%ort, F<CC s%ot +reight rates +ell by eight %ercent last month on the back o+ lower activities and tonnage oversu%%ly in their routes. Tonnage build&u% brought about by sliding level o+ activities also triggered the decline. ;ates +or SueHma1 and +rama1, however, registered an 1A. and -2. on& month increase, res%ectively, mainly due to bad weather conditions that led to delays, shortage o+ suitable tonnages and increased activities that s%iked demand +or such vessels.

D(%!)TE% #inga"ore (ans dis"uted Indonesian na)y shi"

Singa%ore said Tuesday it will ban +rom its %orts and naval bases an 6ndonesian navy shi% named a+ter two marines who bombed an o++ice com%le1 in the city& state during a %eriod o+ tense relations in the 1362s, 5P re%orted. De+ence 7inister Cg $ng ,en said the shi% will be barred in an ongoing dis%ute over the 6ndonesian navy*s decision to name a re+urbished +rigate a+ter the two marines, Usman ,a#i 7ohamed li and ,arun Said, who were convicted and e1ecuted in Singa%ore +or the bombing o+ the downtown 7acDonald ,ouse in 7arch 136-. The attack killed three %eo%le and in#ured // others. 6t was %art o+ an e++ort by then 6ndonesian %resident Sukarno to stage an armed con+rontation against the newly +ormed +ederation o+ 7alaysia, which included Singa%ore. 9Singa%ore will not allow this military shi% named Usman ,arun to call at our %orts and naval bases,9 Cg said in %arliament Tuesday.

DEVELO!$ENT 'oat ca"tains in P4 "ro)ince get seaman+s (ooks

The 7aritime 6ndustry uthority (7 ;6C ) has distributed over a hundred seaman*s books to boat ca%tains o+ tourist motor bancas in Puerto Princesa City, Phili%%ines

$ngineer Celson Sobre%ena, chie+ o+ the 7 ;6C in Puerto Princesa, said Tuesday that re%resentatives +rom their head o++ice in 7anila arrived early in the week to distribute the seaman*s books and to give e1amination to residents, who want to have it since their livelihood de%ends on o%erating motoriHed boats and bancas +or tourists. The seaman*s book is im%ortant, he said, as it serves also as 9their license9 to manage and o%erate boats to bring tourists to the subterranean river at Sitio Sabang, Darangay Cabayugan, and island destinations in ,onda Day, Darangay Sta. <ourdes. Sobre%ena added that it also %rovides a sim%le and %ortable method +or boat ca%tains to record their sea time, and gives legal identity whenever they are on other vessels +or various legal %ur%oses.

(NC(DENT% Oil s"ill re"orted off 'usan after (unker misha"

bout 0/E kilolitres o+ oil s%ewed into the sea o++ the coast o+ Dusan on Saturday a+ter a <iberian&+lagged bunker collided with an oil tanker, the Dusan Coast 'uard (DC') re%orted. DC' chie+ Dae !in&hwan said that 9high waves were sus%ected to be the main cause o+ the accident.9 9The sea was swelling with a wind s%eed o+ around eight to ten meters %er second9 when the incident ha%%ened, he added. +ter conducting a seaborne %atrol, the DC' said that about A22 meters wide o+ oil sheen was already observed in waters o++ Dusan&si. nother 022 meters o+ oil sheen was sighted moving northeast +rom the shi%s, according to a re%ort by Ionha%. 8il continued to see% out +rom the vessel three hours a+ter the incident be+ore the DC' sealed a hole in the damaged hull o+ the <iberian&+lagged vessel to sto% the leak. lthough DC' %ersonnel were able to contain the oil, environmental news website $co& re%orted that the oil continues to s%read +our kilometers south o+ the incident location.

$AR(T($E (N%T(T)T(ON %sian Institute of Maritime #tudies

The sian 6nstitute o+ 7aritime Studies ( 67S) is a merchant marine college located in Pasay City, Phili%%ines. 67S %rovides courses in maritime education, and is considered one o+ the to% maritime schools in the Phili%%ines.

8n 16 ugust 133/, 67S was legally registered as a non&stock educational institution, and was issued government accreditation by the Commission on ,igher $ducation (Phili%%ines) (C,$D) to o++er Customs dministration and 7erchant 7arine courses. The 67S is situated along ;o1as Doulevard, . rnaiH Street (also known as <ibertad Street), ;oberts Street, and 5.D. ,arrison Street in Pasay City. 6t is com%osed o+ seven buildings, namely the 7aritime College Duilding, the 67S 7ulti&%ur%ose Court, 7aritime College nne1 Duilding, !une 5ive Dormitory, 7@F Du++alo wings <aboratory, Ca%t. =ili#ado P. buid 5oundation Duilding, and the College o+ Dusiness Duilding. The institute is a semi&military, regimental institution. 6t im%lements a mi1 o+ civilian and military disci%line among its students. s a reBuirement +or graduation, a student should undergo the 7erchant 7arine Cadetshi% Programme (77CP), a one month semi&military academy&style training course. $very maritime cadet in the institute is reBuired to +inish three years o+ academics and one year Shi%board %%renticeshi% Training on board. They are also reBuired to take the Cational Service Training Programme (CSTP) 1 and 0 as %rovided by ;e%ublic ct 316/. Dusiness students o+ the institute are in a +our&year degree %rogramme and are also reBuired to +inish the CSTP&C=TS curriculum. 6n 022-, a si1&storey building was inaugurated at the ;o1as Doulevard cam%us to house the 7aritime College. The +acility also hosts the 7aritime Gnowledge J&Change where libraries and an envisioned museum will be o%ened to the %ublic.

%*(!!(NG DATA
'%1TI2 324%/G
Market snapshot: ,0e;r&ary 1(/ Dry Index BDI 11 0 Capesize Index BCI 1625 !ana"ax Index B!I 1 0# %&pra"ax Index B%I 1026 'andysize Index B'%I 6(6 +24 +(1 $ +2# +5

324%/G &%T #
)e* +ork ,Mon C.s/ 01n C&rren2y in 3%D Britain ,!o&nd/ 146(01 Canada , 049122 China ,+&an/ 041649 6&ro 14 (05 India ,7&pee/ 040162 Indonesia ,7&piah/ 040000#5 3%D in 01n C&rren2y 0459## 14096 64064 04(29( 614#550 11((5400

8apan ,+en/ 04009#10 )or*ay ,9rone/ 041646 !hi.ippines ,!eso/ 040225 !o.and ,:.oty/ 04 06 7&ssia ,7&;.e/ 0402#4 %in1apore , 04(944 3kraine ,'ry<nia/ 0411 1

10149400 640(64 4444500 40200 54224( 1425## #4#450

Tanker market to (enefit as %sian crude demand u"

The tan-er mar-et can e(pect steady progress over the coming months on the bac- of rising crude oil demand from Asia% According to ?ibson0s ee-ly report& 2hina0s crude oil imports have increased over the past t o months& ith the country importing 9%94 million barrels per day (bpd) in <anuary& up from 9%44 million bpd the previous month% 3n*year& 2hina0s oil imports registered a four*percent increase& the report noted% The London*based shipbro-er also cited /outh ,orea0s recent go*ahead for the construction of t o nuclear plants as having an undetermined effect on the country0s reliance on fossil fuel% /outh ,oreans are ary of possible po er interruptions amid the country0s d indling capability to maintain po er supplies% /eoul has been trying to halt operations in several nuclear plants due to safety concerns follo ing the =u-ushima crisis in <apan% ?ibson0s report li-e ise stated that the @L22 mar-et ill most li-ely benefit from rising +/ crude oil production% The shipbro-er said +/ shale output is e(pected to hit about )%6 million bpd by !"#9& mar-ing a $%6 million bpd hi-e from !"") levels& indicating a positive sign for the shipping segment% 3verall& ?ibson said the tan-er mar-et ill post a relatively good output this year& although signs of a slo do n in ma.or Asian economies should al ays be a cause of concern%

#%$ T5 #T!65
P& M%T!& & 1 %#
Tugboats unsecured from a large container ship& dense fog& a river bend and an old .etty in the ay are a recipe for potential disaster%

A !46*metre container ship& fitted ith a single& right*hand fi(ed pitch propeller as unmooring from a riverside terminal% A pilot as embar-ed and t o tugs assisted% A 64* tonne bollard pull tug as tied to the centre lead for ard and a 99*tonne tug as secured aft% The aft tug as slo er than usual as her secondary to ing gear as being used due to her primary gear being defective% @isibility as about one mile as the moorings ere singled up& but reduced to less than t o cables hen the ship sailed% The pilot0s intention as for the tugs to -eep the vessel parallel to the berth as she as being pulled about $"m

into the river% 8ut the ship0s bo as pulled further than her stern& hich resulted in the vessel heading a ay from the line of berth at an angle of #67% The aft tug as then released% The vessel came to dead slo ahead ith the for ard tug still tied to assist in negotiating a nearby river bend% The vessel entered dense fog% The for ard tug as released before the container ship gained more head ay% Bith no tugs tied and as the ship neared the turn in the river& it failed to respond to full port rudder and increased engine rpm% The pilot stopped the engine& ent astern and gave full bo thruster to port% The for ard tug as as-ed to push the starboard bo % The ship made contact ith a disused .etty% The ship sustained minor damage but the .etty as demolished%

1 ##O/#
#% The state of visibility is -ey in many operations& and here there are signs that it might reduce considerably& it is freFuently better to abort a manoeuvre early rather than risbeing caught out half ay through% !% Although mooring and unmooring are usually achieved using the mar- one eyeball& this is not possible once visibility has reduced and visual references are lost% In such circumstances electronic aids& such as compass repeaters and radar are available to enable a vessel0s heading to be accurately monitored% 4%Tugs are most effective hen secured especially hen approaching a berth% /imilarly& hen leaving a berth& tugs should remain attached for as long as needed% The safety of tugs and the vessel being assisted must be ta-en into account at all times& but this is usually best ensured by proceeding at a sensible speed& rather than by premature release% /ource; +, MAI8

0est %frica gets circular on G!%&62O/ a""lication

/hipo ners in Best Africa have been issued a special circular regarding the use of the ?+AC>23' contract in their operations% The guidelines& hich ere published follo ing consultations ith the International group of PJI 2lubs& tac-le -ey issues concerning the recruitment of security guards for vessels operating in the ?ulf of ?uinea% +nder current la s& Bestern African countries prohibit security guards from carrying firearms onboard merchant vessels% Most ships operating in the ?ulf of ?uinea are :destination*bound: and they are reFuired to only employ local security personnel :under strict agreements%: ?+AC>23' see-s to provide merchant vessels ith armed personnel hile transiting on the high seas& particularly in pirate*infested areas% 8ut vessels hose operations only cover territorial aters such as the ?ulf of ?uinea& there are certain rules to be considered ith regards to the recruitment of armed security guards% The circular states that if shipo ners in Best Africa ho ant to use the ?+AC>23' contract& they need to be a are about specific policies first%

#ea #he"herd: *a"anese whalers trade am(ush claims

Militant environmentalist group /ea /hepherd and <apanese halers on Monday traded accusations of a potentially dangerous attac- in the perilous /outhern 3cean%

/ea /hepherd said t o <apanese harpoon ships attac-ed their 8ob 8ar-er vessel on /unday night& using steel cables in an attempt to .am its propellers and rudders from close range in violation of la s aimed at preventing collisions at sea% 8ut officials in To-yo in charge of the hunt said it as their ships that had been ambushed% 8ob 8ar-er captain Peter Hammarstedt said he had been tailing the <apanese factory ship 'isshin Maru since /unday morning but the harpooners aited until night fell * :launching their onslaught under the cover of dar-ness:% High*seas confrontations are common bet een /ea /hepherd and the <apanese& ho hunt hales off Antarctica under a :scientific research: loophole in the moratorium on haling% /unday0s incident mar-s the second such sho do n in a month% :Be maintain un avering dedication in the face of an increasingly vicious onslaught from the poachers& the last line of defence standing bet een these criminals and the protected hales they are targeting to -ill&: Hammarstedt said% The captain said he radioed the <apanese ships to inform them that his operations ere :completely la ful and that any aggressive action on their part ould be reported to the Australian government and 'e Kealand /earch and Cescue%:

India won+t use tough law against Italian marines

In a reversal& India0s government told the /upreme 2ourt on Monday that it ill not use a severe anti*piracy la hen it tries t o Italian marines accused of -illing t o Indian fishermen in !"#!& The Associated Press reported% Attorney ?eneral ?oolam @ahanvati told the court that the government has decided that the la & hich carries the death penalty& ill not apply in the case% India had previously ruled out a death penalty but said it ould still prosecute the marines under the anti*piracy la % The Italian government strongly protested that position and sought +%'% and European +nion intervention in easing the deadloc-% The Italian marines& Massimiliano Latorre and /alvatore ?irone& ere providing security aboard a cargo ship in =ebruary !"#! hen they opened fire on a fishing boat they mistoo- for a pirate craft and -illed t o Indian fishermen% The marines are on bail pending trial& and are living and or-ing at the Italian Embassy in 'e >elhi% The case has spar-ed a bitter ro bet een the t o nations% Last ee-& Italy recalled its ambassador to India to protest delays in filing charges against the marines%

& G!1%TIO/#
Intl seafarer certification gets (oost with new %M#% "olicies
The Australian Maritime /afety Authority (AM/A) has ta-en a step for ard to the training and certification frame or- for international seafarers% AM/A chief e(ecutive officer ?raham Peachey has approved four marine orders& including policies that involves Fualification and certification reFuirements of Master and >ec- 3fficers and Engineering 3fficers% :These marine orders also meet the standards set by the International 2onvention on /afety& Training& 2ertification and Batch-eeping (/T2B) that govern certification standards for the orld0s #%6 million seafarers&: Peachey said% :They also implement amendments to the /T2B convention ratified in Manila%:

I/2I6 /T#
&i)er closed at /ew Orleans after (arge s"ills oil
A #"$*-ilometre stretch of the Mississippi Civer remained closed at 'e 3rleans on Monday follo ing a ee-end collision that resulted in crude oil spilling from a barge% Authorities involved in the clean*up and investigation planned a Monday morning conference call as they or-ed on estimates of ho much oil spilled and hen the river ould re*open& a 2oast ?uard spo-esman& Petty 3fficer 8ill 2olclough& said% At last count /unday night& the river closure affected !9 vessels * #9 aiting to go do nriver and ten aiting to go upriver% 3fficials reported only a light sheen follo ing the accident but river traffic as halted to avoid contaminating passing vessels and to prevent oil from spreading do nriver% 'o in.uries ere reported in /aturday afternoon0s accident involving the barge being pushed by a tugboat and another tugboat near @acherie& 56-m est of 'e 3rleans% The other tugboat as pushing grain barges% Public drin-ing ater inta-es on the river ere closed as a precaution in nearby /t% 2harles Parish& officials said% :The ater supply in /t% 2harles Parish remains safe&: parish officials said in a ne s release /unday afternoon& The Associated Press reported%

Passengers e)acuated after (oat misha" near %uckland

Thirty*si( people& including a number of children& have been evacuated from a charter vessel near 'e Kealand0s largest city of Auc-land on /unday after it began ta-ing on ater& Linhua reported% Emergency services ere told the M@ >ream Beaver as in trouble in the Tiri 2hannel& near the Bhangaparaoa Peninsula north of Auc-land& .ust before !pm& 'K 'e s ire reported%

/everal vessels responded and the police launch >eodar loaded all 49 passengers a short time later% 'o in.uries ere reported but some passengers ere suffering sea sic-ness and ambulance staff ere as-ed to ait at Besthaven Marina in do nto n Auc-land as a precaution%

PO&T O$ T4 0
Port ,lang

Port ,lang is a to n and the main gate ay by sea into the southeast Asian country of Malaysia% ,no n in colonial times Port / ettenham& it has become the largest port in the country% The comple( is located about si( -ilometres south est of the to n of ,lang& and 4E-ms south est of the national capital of ,uala Lumpur% Located in the >istrict of ,lang& it as the #4th busiest transshipment port in !""$ and the #9th busiest container port (!""5) in the orld% It as also the !9th busiest port in by total cargo tonnage handled in !""6% The state*o ned Port ,lang Authority administers the three ports in the Port ,lang area& namely 'orthport& /outhpoint and Bestport% 8efore the Port ,lang Authority as organised& /outh Port as the only e(isting terminal% It as administered by the Malayan Cail ay Administration& also a state organisation% 8oth Bestport and 'orthport have been privatised and managed as separate entities since they ere organised% The total capacity of the cargo comple( is #")&5""&""" tons of cargo in !""6% This compares favourably to its old capacity of 66"&""" tons in #)$"% 'orthport is o ned and operated by 'orthport (Malaysia) 8hd and comprises purpose* built port facilities and services% Bestport is managed by Bestports Malaysia /dn 8hd% It is composed of a passenger port& Port ,lang 2ruise 2entre& hich as opened in >ecember #))6 at Pulau Indah% This facility is located ne(t to the cargo terminals of Bestport% The terminal comple( is served by the ,TM ,omuter service and the trains stop at the Port ,lang ,omuter station% The electric train service lin-s to ,lang& ,uala Lumpur& Petaling <aya& /hah Alam and other parts of the ,lang @alley% A passenger ferry terminal to Pulau ,etam and an international passenger and cargo terminal to Tan.ung 8alai and >umai in Indonesia are also located in the area% The old ferry terminal provided berths and services to passenger boats to Pulau Lumut and Telo?on.eng terminal until the completion of 'orthport 8ridge lin-%

The main roads that lin- the Port ,lang to n& /outhport and housing area are Persiaran Ca.a Muda Musa and <alan Pelabuhan +tara%

#4IPPI/G 6%T%
'%1TI2 324%/G
Market snapshot: ,0e;r&ary 21/ Dry Index BDI 11(5 Capesize Index BCI 1(01 !ana"ax Index B!I 1244 %&pra"ax Index B%I 109# 'andysize Index B'%I 6(( +11 +21 $1( +11 +1

324%/G &%T #
)e* +ork ,Th& C.s/ 01n C&rren2y in 3%D Britain ,!o&nd/ 146659 Canada , 04900 China ,+&an/ 041644 6&ro 14 (1# India ,7&pee/ 040161 Indonesia ,7&piah/ 040000#5 8apan ,+en/ 04009((4 )or*ay ,9rone/ 041640 !hi.ippines ,!eso/ 04022 !o.and ,:.oty/ 04 29 7&ssia ,7&;.e/ 0402#0 %in1apore , 04(90# 3kraine ,'ry<nia/ 04112 3%D in 01n C&rren2y 04600 14110( 640# ( 04(290 6242550 11#05400 1024 100 6409(5 444#000 40400 54((25 142646 #49050

Piracy attacks off #omalia dwindling further9 !# official

Enhanced naval operations& coupled ith improved security in maritime ships& have been effective in clamping do n on piracy*related activities off /omalia0s coast last year% According to the +nited /tates and the European +nion& piracy attac-s in both the Ced /ea and Arabian /ea plunged in !"#4% There has also been no reported attempt on any vessel in the area since May !"#!% +/ /tate >epartment counter*piracy co*ordinator >onna Hop-ins said the figure is the lo est rate in si( years% The official also stressed that no vessel is currently under control by /omali pirates& although at least $) individuals are being held hostages% /he assured that the international community is doing its best to pursue their release% /ome #&$4" pirates face prosecution in !# countries% :The remar-able drop in piracy is due primarily to t o things * first& proactive counter* piracy operations by the many national navies and missions that are preventing and disrupting pirate attac-s off the coast of /omalia and in the eastern Indian 3cean& and

better self*protection by commercial ships& including the use of embar-ed armed security teams&: Hop-ins said% 3fficials also attribute the continuous decline in piracy*related activities off /omalia to the concentrated efforts of the E+& ith the help of countries such as Egypt and 2hina& in deploying a tas- force to pirate*infested areas and providing battleships to foil attac-s% 8ut =rancois Civasseau& an E+ official& arned that piracy could re*emerge in the Middle East and its surrounding region but noted that the international community is al ays prepared to carry out more measures to fend off the illegal act%

#%$ T5
#O< regulations
/ulphur o(ides (/3() and particulate matter emission controls apply to all fuel oil& as defined in MACP3L regulation !%)& combustion eFuipment and devices onboard and therefore include both main and all au(iliary engines together ith items such as boilers and inert gas generators% These controls divide bet een those applicable inside Emission 2ontrol Areas (E2A) establishedto limit the emission of /3( and particulate matter and those applicable outside such areas and are primarily achieved by limiting the ma(imum sulphur content of fuel oils as loaded& bun-ered& and subseFuently used onboard% These fuel oil sulphur limits (e(pressed in terms of D mHm) are sub.ect to a series of step changes over the years& regulations #$%# and #$%$% Inside an E2A established to limit /3( and particulate matter emissions; "%#"D mHm on and after <anuary #& !"#6G outside an E2A established to limit /3( and particulate matter emissions; "%6"D mHm on and after <anuary #& !"!"% >epending on the outcome of a revie to be concluded in !"#E as to the availability of the reFuired fuel oil& this date could be deferred to <anuary #& !"!6% Most ships hich operate both outside and inside these E2A ill therefore operate on different fuel oils in order to comply ith the respective limits% In such cases& prior to entry into the E2A& it is reFuired to have fully changed over to using the E2A compliant fuel oil& regulation #$%9& and to have onboard implemented ritten procedures as to ho this is to be underta-en% /ource; IM3

India launches M%P#

In a bid to provide more information regarding the role of the maritime industry in India& the government has formed the Maritime A areness Program /ociety (MAP/)& hich ill initiate several events to brief the public on the industry0s special role% MAP/& a non*profit organisation& is eyeing development programmes that ill involve e(perts in the shipping industry% >edicated forums and boo-s are also part of MAP/0 plan to further educate the public on the maritime industry%

:The shipping industry has tremendous untapped potential and through this event our industry ill receive the right e(posure and public a areness&: said /abyasachi Ha.ara& a >oehle >anautic India board member%

#hi"-(uilding (oom likely as demand increase

Cising demand for ne vessels ill li-ely boost the ship*building sector over the coming months& according to industry e(perts% More than #6" large ne cargo ships ere reportedly ordered in !"#4& indicating the need for more efficient vessels% Analysts also say that prices of cargo vessels are more affordable no & resulting in many shipping companies to invest in them% According to a >anish company that specialises in ship*building& the cost to assemble a ne vessel has plunged to a ten*year lo to about +/>#&$"" per ton in !"#4% 2argo volume& on the other hand& are forecast to go up by 6%ED and e(perts say this ill lead to cargo volume e(ceeding ship capacity for the first time since !""E% The ship*building industry is li-e ise e(pected to receive a shot in the arm from a 2hinese government programme meant to encourage shipo ners to scrap ageing vessels% The measure is in line ith efforts to reduce e(cess shipping capacity and e(perts believe that demand for ne ships ill rise further if more older vessels are scrapped%

2hina: 8ietnam to (oost maritime co-o"eration

2hina and @ietnam on Monday vo ed to .ointly promote their cooperation in areas including maritime& onshore and finance& and achieve more substantial progress% The pledge came out of a meeting bet een 2hinese Premier Li ,eFiang and visiting President of the @ietnam =atherland =ront (@==) 2entral 2ommittee 'guyen Thien 'han% Li said he hoped the t o sides ould give full play of mechanisms such as the guiding committee for bilateral cooperation and three or-ing groups on .oint maritime development& infrastructure and financial cooperation& to achieve substantial progress% The establishment of the three or-ing groups as a consensus reached by 2hina and @ietnam during Li0s visit to the country in 'ovember of last year& hich as important brea-through for the t o countries on their ay to peacefully handle maritime disputes% Li called on the t o countries to push for ard .oint development of larger scale in the /outh 2hina /ea& appropriately handle disputes through negotiation and consultation& and maintain the peace and stability of the /outh 2hina /ea ith common efforts% =or his part& 'han said the @ietnamese side ill or- ith 2hina to fully implement the consensus they already reached& and promote their maritime& onshore and financial co* operation to score more concrete achievements% Linhua reported% Bith regard to the 2hina*@ietnam relations& Li spo-e highly of the :positive progress: the t o countries have made% He said 2hina ill handle relationship ith @ietnam from a strategic vie & and or- ith it to promote a sound and stable development of bilateral ties%

# 2!&IT5
#eafaring drug smugglers challenging !# 2oast Guard
Bhile security has tightened at the +/ borders& drug smugglers are increasingly turning to the high seas% The area here boats ere sei1ed off 2alifornia and the north est coast of Me(ico tripled to a si1e comparable to the state of Montana during the !"#4 fiscal year& hich ended in /eptember% 3ff /outh America& traffic-ers over the years have been traversing territory so big the continental +nited /tates could be dropped inside of it% Me(ico0s /inaloa cartel has been loading mari.uana bales onto 6"*foot vessels as far south as the Me(ican port of Ma1atlan * here its leader& <oaFuin :El 2hapo: ?u1man& as captured early /aturday * and running them up the Pacific coast to the +/& deep into 2alifornia% It0s unclear if ?u1man0s arrest ill hinder the maritime runs% Mean hile& budget cuts have hit one of the lead +%/% la enforcement agencies on international aters * the 2oast ?uard& the only +%/% military service able to ma-e drug arrests hundreds of miles offshore% To meet automatic federal budget cuts& it reduced its operating costs by !6 percent in !"#4% It also lost help from +%/% 'avy ships on drug missions off Latin America that ere decommissioned and not replaced because of cutbac-s& or sent else here because of Bashington0s ne military focus% As such& only a third of suspected drug smuggling boats or aircraft out of /outh America that ere trac-ed by +%/% intelligence in cocaine*traffic-ing corridors in the Pacific and 2aribbean ere stopped last year& the 2oast ?uard0s top officer& Adm% Cobert Papp& told The Associated Press%

I/2I6 /T#
1ower Mississi""i &i)er (ack o"en after oil s"ill
The 2oast ?uard reopened a normally bustling stretch of the lo er Mississippi Civer to ships and boaters Monday& t o days after an oil spill closed the ma.or inland ater ay bet een 8aton Couge and 'e 3rleans& The Associated Press reported% About 4#&6"" gallons of light crude oil spilled into the river after a tan- barge pushed by the to boat Hannah 2% /ettoon collided ith another to boat /aturday afternoon& officials said% At least 4" vessels had been aiting for the river to reopen& 2oast ?uard Petty 3fficer Matthe /chofield said of the spill near @acherie& about 6" est of 'e 3rleans by land% 'o one as hurt& all vessels ere subseFuently secured and there ere no reports of any ildlife harmed by spilled oil& the 2oast ?uard said% /chofield said ships had to go as slo ly as possible in the area of the accident& here both the Hannah 2% /ettoon and the other to boat& the Lindsay Ann Eric-son& ere moored%

Although the 2oast ?uard said /unday that the barge hit the Lindsay Ann Eric-son& /chofield said Monday that that as still a Fuestion for investigation% He said the Lindsay Ann Eric-son as not damaged% The river& hich t ists and turns through southern Louisiana& had been closed earlier from @acherie to belo the Port of 'e 3rleans%

2hile aids stranded ,orean shi" in %ntarctica

A ,orean*flagged fishing ship is stranded in Antarctica ith )" passengers aboard% 2hile0s 'avy said Monday that the , ang <a Ho struc- the ocean floor about $6" metres from the coast hile cruising through Antarctic aters% The maritime governor for 2hile0s portion of Antarctica says that a rescue mission as launched% 3fficials have confirmed that everyone on board is safe and that there currently is no ris- of a fuel spill% The )4*metre tra ler as coming from a Peruvian port and carried E#5 tons of -rill% 3fficials say the damage to the ship is in an area that holds a tan- for drin-ing ater% 2hile0s 'avy has contacted the ship0s o ners so they can start figuring out ho to salvage the vessel& The Associated Press reported%

#hortlist for Intl #eafarers+ 0elfare %wards named
The stage is set for the International /eafarers0 Belfare A ards& hich ill be held on April 5 in ?eneva% The International /eafarers0 Belfare Assistance 'et or- (I/BA') has already released a shortlist for the various categories& including /hipping 2ompany of the Aear& Port of the Aear& and /eafarer 2entre of the Aear% Those shortlisted for the /hipping 2ompany of the Aear are 8B Maritime Pte%Ltd& /ingaporeG 2hina 'avigation 2o% Pte Ltd& /ingaporeG Coyal 2aribbean 2ruises Ltd& +/AG /hell /hipping& +,G Ballem /hip Management& Hong ,ong Those vying for the Port of the Aear A ard are; Port of Ant erpG ,andla PortG Paradip PortG Port of /ingaporeG Port of @enice Mean hile& the /eafarer 2entre of the Aear ill be chosen among >uc-dalben International /eamen0s 2lub& ?ermanyG >urban /eafarers Mission& /outh AfricaG The =lying Angel 2lub =remantle& AustraliaG /eamen0s 2lub Belcome 8remerhaven& ?ermanyG 3dessa 2harity :/eamen0s Home:& +-raineG /tella Maris /riracha /eafarer0s 2entre& Thailand Those shortlisted for the Belfare Personality of the Aear are Alan <ohn Mo er& AustraliaG Cev Paul 'oel& /outh AfricaG Ms Cuth /etaro& +/A& and Ms Apinya Thailand%

/eafarers ere the ones ho nominated those included in the a ards for /eafarer 2entre of the Aear& Port of The Aear and /hipping 2ompany of the Aear hile the Belfare Personality of the Aear a ard is self*nominated& nominated by seafarers0 organisations or by individuals involved in seafarers0 elfare% I/BA' E(ecutive >irector Coger Harris has stressed the essential contributions made by those nominated in the industry% :These a ards are about celebrating the or- of those companies& organisations& and individuals that go the e(tra mile to ensure the health and ell*being of seafarers% Be are privileged to be holding the a ards event at the IL3 on ?eneva in April&: he said%

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