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IT & Media Division

Mustang Corporation owned and managed several Online Media businesses. We run the online media portal thorugh our own dedicated news reporter and editor. The media portal engine is running on our fully owned platform and servers. The web portal can be accessed smoothly from both desktop and mobile devices. Our IT & Media business also provides various type of Advertisement services including rich media ads, banner ads classified ads for both business and personal clients. We encourage our clients and guests to check our online media portal as follow:

1. (Penting, Panas, Perlu, dan Seru) provides a comprehensive 24/7, reliable and quality news and information, including hot and daily news of national and international news, business and finance news, family, entertainment and other news. Sitemap : : Barometer Berita Terkini 1. Mobile Seruu 2. Utama Seruu 3. Sport Seruu 4. Entertainment Seruu 5. Energi & Pertambangan Seruu 6. Hobby Seruu 7. Kota Seruu 8. Keluarga Seruu 9. Indonesiana Seruu 10. Pariwisata Seruu 11. Investigasi Seruu 12. Pemilu Seruu

2. (Wisata Pilihan Keluarga Idaman) provides the most complete news and information on travel and tourism. It provides tourism information such as culture, social, traditional food, travel destination, hotel information, travel agent, land, sea and air transportation schedule.

3. (Solusi Cerdas Komunikasi Pintar) provide comprehensive news and information on mobile devices, market information, IT and technologies trend. It also provides mobile shop information (distributor, online shop, gallery), service center information, buying guide, and download service.

4. (Solusi Cerdas Informasi Properti) provides news and information on property business, market information, technology and trend, inlcude housing, real-estate, apartment, town house, hotel, high-rise building and indsutrial estate.

5. (Solusi Cerdas Informasi Otomotif) provides the most complete news and information about automotive business, market information, automotive industry and trend in Indonesia and international. It also provide shopping information, advertorial service, testimony and owner's guide. Moreover, also provides various type of advertisement including rich media, banner ads and classified ads.

6. MataWanita (Dunia Dalam Genggaman)

Matawanita.Com features news and updates, most popular, most complete and reliable of the world of women, and in a language which is straightforward and easy to understand, so that the readers can easily apply the information available.