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Dear Priyadarshini,

We are sorry to hear that you did not pass your Informatica Certified Professional exam.

Please find hereafter helpful tips on exam preparation and your second attempt voucher code in this email.

Please join our Informatica University Community ( in order to consult the most recent skill set for your exam and for tips on Informatica Certification preparation and passing your exam successfully. This platform allows you to connect with fellow exam takers and to review answers or to post questions around your exam preparation and exam passing. The skill set of your exam is available in the CERTIFICATION GUIDES section and helps you prepare for your exam.

In addition, the Informatica Learning Management System has plenty of free preparation recordings that you obtain on:

Enter PREPARATION in to the right search box and then put the items that you wish to register for into your shopping cart by clicking the blue underlined title. Note: If you have not already registered you may be asked to create a new account first.

Please use this following exam voucher in order to schedule your retake exam appointment in your test taker account (


Please note that you must wait 2 weeks before you can reschedule a new date.

Full Certification FAQs available on

Best of luck with your exam preparation.

Kind regards,

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From: [] Sent: zondag 9 maart 2014 7:40 To: Subject: DI PowerCenter Developer 9 Specialist Completed

Hello Priyadarshini, You have completed the assessment, DI PowerCenter Developer 9 Specialist on Sat Mar 08 23:39:37 MST 2014. Overall Score: 60% Topic Level Scoring: Mapping Design_Basic: 59% Mapping Design_Advanced: 58% Parameters and Variables: 0% Transformation Language: 83% Troubleshooting: 100%

Workflows and Worklets: 50% Architecture & Administration: 75% Result: Fail Unfortunately you have not passed this exam. Please review your score summary and study any areas of weakness before retaking the exam. Our Product Help guides are a good source of information on skills and concepts tested in our exams. Joining our Informatica Community page is another great resource. In the Community you will find posts from others who have passed exams sharing their experience and preparation tips. We do have an exam retake policy in place: You must wait two weeks after this exam to reschedule your next attempt. You may take the same version of an exam up to three times in one year. Effective February 1, 2014 all Specialist level exams and our Velocity Expert exam have new pricing. Each exam is now priced at $240 USD. And, your purchase of an exam includes a free retake. Any questions? please contact us at Thank you for participating in the Informatica Certified Professional program. If you have questions please contact Informatica at Thank you.