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6 Superfoods That Prevent Disease

By Turner, Lisa None of the foods on this lop 6 list will disease is to decrease inflammation-"
surprise you, but they may inspire you How to eat more: Saute broccoli
Simplify your life-and boost your and help you feel good about the food florets with shallots and pine nuts, and
health-with these basic foods that you eat. drizzle with lemon
really work You can nibble on goji juice; steam
berries, whip up noni juice smoothies 1. Broccoli
broccoli rabe and
and stock your shelves with It's still toss with a honey-
antioxidants. But if you're looking for true: few mustard dressing.
what really works for optimal health foods
and disease prevention, the best 2. Pumpkin
approach is to focus on foods that are up to It's not just for pie:
rich in disease-fighting broccoli for pumpkin is one of
phytochemicals. cancer- the best sources of
"Basic foods that have proven health fighting carotenoids,
benefits are what we want to potential. antioxidants that
emphasize." says Steven Pratt, MD, Broccoli is reduce the risk of
author of SuperFoods Healthstyle. rich in cancer. Like sweet
"For example, blueberries, broccoli sulforapha potatoes, carrots,
and tomatoes have a large number of ne, an butternut squash
peer-reviewed published studies antioxidant linked with a reduced risk and other orange-red vegetables,
substantiating their health bent- fits. of a number of cancers, especially pumpkin is rich in disease-preventive
These foods are readily available, lung, stomach, colon and rectal beta-carotene. "And pumpkin is also
inexpensive and have other benefits, cancers. "The phytonuirients in one of the highest sources of alpha-
such as high fiber content. And they've broccoli help detoxify carcinogens carotene, a powerful member of the
been used for years, with m no found in the environment," says Pratl. carotenoid family that's inversely
drawbacks, side effects or toxicity; "They also have anti-inflammatory related to cataract formation and
you're never going to see a headline properties, and we know that an boosts immunity," Pratt says. How to
that blucherries are had for you." important factor in reducing the risk of eat more: Serve warm pumpkin puree
with maple syrup and finely chopped
pecans; make a simple pumpkin soup
Free, fast and with pumpkin
puree, vegetable
or chicken stock,

anonymous onions, black

beans, cumin and
In a first for Australia, potential so borrowers Click the blue
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second assessment to see if good idea about their chances of button for the full story.
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loan. The web site offering this products they may qualify for in a
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service calls it the "60 second
home loan challenge". The web site includes products like
Reverse Mortgage, Lo Doc and No
The My Home Loan Approval web site doc loans as well as fully featured
is not affiliated with any one lender or mainstream bank loans.
brokerage firm so users get a totally
unbiased response. To take the 60 second home loan
challenge click the blue information
The challenge only takes 60 seconds button to be taken to
and is provided FREE OF CHARGE
and its use can be totally anonymous.
On top of that, the assessment results Everyone who does the challenge is
are provided INSTANTLY. eligible to receive a complementary
copy of the eBook. Mortgage
There are products from over 170 Secrets Exposed.
lenders associated with the web site

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$$ $
Learn how you
can improve
the value of
your home.
Put $1,000s
back in your
Get a better
sale price, a
faster sale or a

ww .im
more p r o v click
information, e mthis
y hsymbol
o u s e v awhenever
l u e . cyou
o msee. ait.u
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With the August interest rate rise service and the primary factor, long- ensure their financial arrangements
and another possibly on the way term cost saving, mortgage providers are best suited to their needs. This
before year’s end, many often offer a myriad of new products should include professional advice
homeowners are feeling the enticing consumers to refinance. regarding those options that will
squeeze when it comes to provide a foundation for optimal
A rate rise can act as a catalyst for
mortgage serviceability. Peter conditions over the life of their
home owners to re-examine their
White of the FBAA outlines the current mortgage and given the highly
factors homeowners should be competitive nature of the mortgage The mortgage industry today has
looking at when weighing up market, many consumers decide to never been
their future mortgage options, switch to an alternative mortgage more
and urges those looking to which has more favourable conditions competitive
refinance to be measured in and will save them money over the and an
long-term. This is a positive process individual
approaching new mortgage
given that many homeowners do not could well be
reassess their mortgage regularly better off
For some, an interest rate rise has enough. refinancing
little or no impact on their ability to to a loan
On the other hand, there is a tendency
service a mortgage but for many the offering a
to look at alleviating the financial
burden of increased repayments can better rate or terms. When a new
burden of mortgage repayments in the
have a significant influence on how mortgage product is the best
short-term rather than consider the
they view their financial future. approach, homeowners should
‘true’ impact a switch of mortgage will
carefully consider the
When interest rates rise many have over the long-term. Some
options that are available
consumers are prompted to reassess homeowners head straight for the
and think beyond their
their mortgage options in light of quick-fix option which may allay their
immediate needs as
increased repayments. In an effort to short-term concerns but fails to provide
refinancing may provide
meet the subsequent demand for financial benefits over the longer term.
temporary relief but a
lower fees, greater flexibility, superior Consumers should long-term view could reveal that in
carefully examine the fine some cases the cost outweighs the
print and pay close benefit.
attention to peripheral
As with all significant financial matters,
fees and charges, loan
it’s always wise to seek professional
conditions and
advice before making any decisions.
commissions. It is very
Accredited mortgage brokers (such as
important to look closely
those belonging to the FBAA) are
at the schedule of fees
governed by a strict code of conduct
and charges to avoid
which mandates they can only suggest
being hit with hidden
refinancing options that are in the
charges. It’s also
customer’s best financial interests.
important to be aware of
‘honeymoon’ rates and Peter White is the National Senior
consider the eventual Vice President of the Finance
position when the ‘real’ Brokers Association of Australia.
rate kicks in.
While cautioning
homeowners to be
measured in their
mortgage decisions, I
would not advocate they
take a complacent or ‘set-
and-forget’ attitude to their
mortgage. Australian
households should
undertake a regular
financial ‘health check’ to

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WEALTH WARNING: Bank Errors Could

Be Costing You A Fortune. We Show You How
To Find Them And Get Your Money Back.
A study published in the Sydney Morning Herald discovered that chances are you are being overcharged on your home
loan you don't even know about. This is not only unfair but insulting.
This study found that ....
• 54% of monthly bank statements contain errors.
• 80% of errors favour the banks (that percentage has to
make you suspicious).
• The average monthly error is $242.
As you can see the odds are NOT stacked in your favour so
chances are your lender actually owes you some money.

"Find Errors In Your Statements

Or They'll Give You ...
$250 For Wasting Your Time."
That is how confident the people at
are that you are sitting on errors in your statements. You get their
software, check your statements and if there are no errors they
will give you your money back PLUS another $250.
MortgageWatchdog have over 11,000 and guess how many times
people have found zero errors in their statements? Would you
believe 6 times ... 6 times in over 11,000 people who have used
their software to check their statements .. so you can see the
chances of you not having errors in your statements is nearly

Why Would Anyone Think They Don't Have

Errors In Their Statements?
Have at look at some of their latest success stories....
"I have now been reimbursed the exact amount of
discrepancy I had found using your program of
$7,563.04 plus reimbursement of the cost of the
package against my loan." - Ann-Maree Enders - Kingsley, WA.
“Your software has uncovered overcharging by my bank to the tune of almost $1,300 just for the
last two years. Like so many others, I had assumed the Bank would get the figures correct.” -
Mike V - Bungendore, NSW
"We found a discrepancy of $8,643.00 on our fixed loan and this has now saved us $33,000 over
the life of our loan." - Mrs. Mackenzie - Logan QLD.

Special Discount for Mortgage Insider Readers

As a special gift for our readers we have contacted and asked if you
could have a special discount on the software ... and the end result is that you have a 20%
discount waiting there for you. This is not available through the front of their website, to receive
the discount CLICK HERE.
The best thing is that you still get their famous SuccessGuarantee - find errors in your statements
or they refund you and give you an additional $250 for wasting your time.
You can't get fairer than that can you?

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7 Proven Steps to Fix

Your Personal
Finances That You Can
Fixing your personal finances is not rocket d) Calculate your monthly spending. Work out where all the
science. You can do it if you apply some money goes. Don’t leave any thing out.
commitment and are prepared to stick to the plan. e) Take the monthly spending total away from the monthly
Imagine how your world could open up if you income total and review the answer.
were debt free. Imagine all the options. Quit your
job, work fewer hours, have more holidays or just Are you living beyond your means? Are you spending more
help others. than you earn each month? Are you putting any money
aside for emergencies or saving to replace costly items
The proven methods listed below will work for such as the car or some major electrical appliances? Do
you if you are determined to succeed and you have any money left over to increase your monthly
implement them in your own circumstances. credit card payments? Set your self a goal of paying off
your credit cards within a certain time.
Step 1. Imagine how good life will be once the debt is
paid. The questions raised here can be addressed by putting
Steps 3-7 into practice.
Imagine for a minute how good life would be to if you were
debt free. Think what you could do with the money you Step 3. Live within your means.
currently use to pay off those credits cards. You could use it You can never get your finances under control if you
to save for your future, save for your retirement, hit the continue to live beyond your means. The cost of living this
sales with a clear conscience, go on holidays or save for way is the interest charged by the credit card provider. This
your children’s college education. Think on this often and is one of the major reasons you are suffering now. Commit
visualize in your mind’s eye how your life would change for yourself to live within your means. Once you have done the
the better once the debt was gone. If you seriously want budget as outlined in Step 2 you can easily see what you
this to happen to you it will be easier to follow the next have available to spend.
Continued page 9
Step 2. Do a budget.
Unless you know what your financial position is currently
you won’t know what targets to set, will
you. Agreed? Good. The best, most
simple way to do this is to set up a
personal or family budget. A lot of
people stop here and don’t progress
any further. Bad idea! This can be done
very simply. Just follow the points listed
Looking for
a) Get out your latest credit card
statements. Add up all the unpaid
b) If there are any other unpaid debts
(not home or car) include these
balances as well.
c) Calculate your (or family) monthly Click here!
income - just the amount brought home
each month.

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Click here to put $1,000's back in

your pocket. Learn how to
improve the value of your home
by using Equity+ software.

7 Proven Steps to Fix Your Personal Finances That You Can d) Ask yourself "Do I really need this?"
Implement Right Now - CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 twice or three times before you hand
over your hard-earned cash.
e) If there is something you really want
Step 4. Cut up your - wait for it to go on sale.
credit cards. (Well,
maybe keep 1 for f) Don’t buy your items at the height of
emergencies, if you the fashion or the fad, wait a few
have to.) weeks.
It is really important not Step 6. Set aside a savings amount.
to add more debt. Read
A target of 20% of your take-home
that again. If you can
salary is recommended. However,
live within your means,
saving any of your salary is a good
you can cut up your
start. Set your goal and stick to it. The
credit cards and focus
idea is to match your lifestyle to your
on paying off the credit
income. Having some savings can
card balance as soon
help in emergencies, pay a larger
as possible. You may
deposit on your next car or be the
have items around the
beginnings of your holiday or
house that can be sold.
retirement nest egg.
Maybe a second car
that is not a necessity. Step 7. Don’t compare yourself with
Sell these things and others.
use the funds to pay
down the credit card Your task of living within your means
balances. Take on some will be made easier if you don’t
extra hours at work, compare your lifestyle with others. You
think of ways to earn don’t know, but their finances may be
extra income so that in a worse state than yours. If you
these extra funds can want a better lifestyle, then save for it
be applied to those and/or work out ways to increase your
credit card balances. income.

Step 5. Find bargains - These are just the very beginning

have fun. steps that you can take towards
getting your finances in shape. With a
If this whole process little commitment and the right tools,
becomes a drudgery you will succeed.
then it will all become
too hard and you won’t Article by Bruce Hokin who has
keep going. Don’t let designed a simple budget tool called
this happen! Set some money aside "5 Steps to Freedom Personal
so that you can, occasionally, buy a) Look for sale items Budget." It based on his extensive
those things you want. Learn how to b) Don’t buy on impulse background as a qualified,
only buy things you need and ensure experienced accountant, manager,
c) Only use free cash funds to buy - consultant and financial adviser.
they are at the cheapest price not by credit card
possible. Here are some hints that will

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RATE, MFAA Identity
Mandatory comparison rates since 2003, the majority of consumers
(MCR) for home loans will
always be misleading to
consumers and should be
still struggle to understand them.
“A number of consumer studies, both
Identity theft is a complex
in Australia and overseas, have found
abolished, the mortgage and low levels of awareness and problem that is not likely to go
finance understanding of away. Avoiding identity theft is
industry’s peak comparison rates getting harder and harder. If you
body has said. and they have should turn out to be a victim,
already been you will need to take action
Chief executive abolished in New promptly.
officer of the Zealand,” he
Mortgage & said. The following suggestions will get you
Finance Association started in the right direction:
(MFAA), Phil “In fact, the latest
Naylor, said: “MCRs BankWest/MFAA · Notify the police, banks, and creditors
are fraught and Home Finance right away.
rarely provide a true survey shows a · Get a copy of your police report, as
comparison for large proportion evidence of the fraud having been
consumers to of respondents committed.
accurately compare were confused
different loan about how · Cancel all existing credit cards,
products when comparison rates accounts, passwords and PINs, and
choosing a home worked and sixty replace them with completely new
loan. five per cent ones.
were unable to · Call Veda Advantage and ask each of
“Although MCRs answer how the
are a great concept, them to attach a fraud alert to your file.
rates applied to
their execution is them. · Ask creditors to call you before
difficult and flawed. adding any new items to your report.
Recently, financial product research “It is alarming that comparison rates
firm, Cannex, called for regulatory are presented to consumers as the · Contact the post office if you think
changes to make the comparison rate yardstick for choosing a home loan that an identity thief has filed a change
a more accurate tool for comparing when there are so many other of address form for your name, and is
loans. important factors that need to be redirecting your mail to another
considered. address.
“But no matter how many changes
were made to the existing comparison “Consumers must be aware that there · Alert all utility companies that
rate tool, it could never take into is no single figure that can give a someone has been using your identity
account all the different elements of definitive comparison between fraudulently and inform the correct
each and every product out there. products. Rather than impose the authorities that someone may be
imperfect comparison rate on lenders, misusing your SIN and/or driver's
“It is misleading to promote MCRs as the government should focus on license number.
providing the ‘true cost’ of a loan by promoting financial literacy to
simply combining fees and charges · Talk to your Solicitor about legal
Australians, starting in schools.” action short a stolen credit card have
with interest rates.
The Mortgage & Finance Association been used to have any adverse credit
“Costs such as exit fees or redraw fees of Australia (MFAA) is the peak entries permanlety removed.
and cost savings such as fee waivers industry body providing service and
are not included in the comparison · Keep a log of all your
representation to over 12,500 contacts and make
rate, yet these are the individual mortgage brokers, finance brokers,
features that influence the cost of a copies of all documents.
mortgage managers, mortgage You may also wish to
loan.” lenders (bank and non-bank), and contact a privacy or
Mr Naylor said although the inclusion originators to assist them to develop, consumer advocacy
of comparison rates in loan foster, and promote the mortgage and group.
advertisements has been mandatory finance industry in Australia.

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A Backyard to be
Proud Of
Remember the story of Dorothy
By: Kelly Gillis.

wants to think that every neighbor can How much entertaining do you do?
in the Wizard of Oz? After her see his or her every move. It's time to Would you do more in an updated
long journey away from the think about having a privacy fence put backyard? Think of your backyard as
comfort of her home to Oz she around your an extension of your
found out that the best things property which home. Outdoor kitchens
will shield you are becoming
were already right in her own
from prying increasingly popular.
backyard, that "there's no place
eyes. If you You can have an
like home". Are you aware that already have a outdoor kitchen that is
the best things are in your fence, but have simple, containing just a
backyard already? You may not a deck high off grill a small refrigerator
see them clearly right now, but the back of and a few cupboards
with a little bit of work on your your house you and a countertop, or you
part you can make your could think can have an elaborate
backyard an oasis in which to about other outdoor kitchen with two
relax and entertain friends and types of grills, a large
family. screening for refrigerator, wine
your deck. Try storage, many
Look around your backyard as it using climbing cupboards, and a bar.
presently is. Do you have an area vines and Outdoor kitchens can
designated for entertaining such as a flowers on rival indoor kitchens.
patio or deck? If you don't, is there a trellises. Use lattice work to build
place for either or both of these to be Think about adding solar lights or low
built? If there isn't enough room for voltage lighting to enhance your yard.
deck, or enough money in your budget If it's your own landscaping that is You can find either type in many
for one is there room for a gazebo or a lacking perhaps you could start small different styles. Keep in mind that for
pergola? Either a gazebo or a pergola by adding a flower garden. Flower solar lights to work they must get
can be built to suit a particular size, gardens using a mix of both perennial some sun each day. If you have a
and to suit the style of your home and and annual flowers can fill your shady spot you want to place light in
can be done inexpensively. backyard with beauty and color all look for low voltage lights that are very
summer long. If you can't, or don't easy to install.
Maybe you already have an outdoor want to do full fledged gardening work
space but don't use it because of the Make your backyard a gathering spot
then perhaps container gardening
sun. A lot of lovely decks and patios for local wildlife too. Bird watching is a
would be more your style. You can
can be blasted by the hot sun all day great hobby that can be shared by all
choose whatever container you like
long making them too hot to use. Look members of your family. You'll be very
and plant whatever plants or
into having an awning placed, or into surprised how many birds make their
vegetables you want without any fuss
having a pergola built to give you home in your backyard even if you
or muss when you do container
shade so you can use the space only have a birdbath. You must keep
gardening. Your could use a variety of
again. Maybe you don't have the birdbath filled with clean cool
different color pots in a container
comfortable furniture outside, or your water everyday. Think about adding
garden to add color and variety. If
furniture needs a facelift. Don't throw bird houses to your yard to invite the
you're more of an adventurous type
your old patio furniture set away. A birds to nest and have young.
you could put in a backyard pond or
good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint some other water feature. Water
and new cushions will give it new life. features are always very popular in
If you do want a new patio set look at About the author: Kelly Gillis has
backyards. A backyard pond or a
cast aluminum patio sets. Since backyard waterfall can be built fairly great ideas to help you enjoy your
they've hit the market they've become easily by a DIY homeowner. You can backyard. To learn about backyard
very popular. Cast aluminum furniture add fish or other aquatic life or aquatic landscaping and decks, patios,
is lightweight and durable. plants as you see fit, or add none at and pergolas visit these
Perhaps you don't have enough all. informative sites.
privacy in your backyard. No one

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5 Important Features To
Consider When Buying a Home
With so many questions to If there is easy access to the back neighborhood, look for a house that is
consider when buying a home, a yard, this is an even greater plus, as on a lot that is rectangular. Try to stay
buyer can get muddled in the there will be occasions for barbecues away from odd shaped lots or oddly
myriad of details involved. and outdoor entertaining. situated lots.
However, the following are five 3. Bedrooms and Bathrooms Yard sizes are smaller in modern
general pointers that a home homes than in older homes, but there
Three and four bedroom houses are
buyer should examine about a should still be a decently sized front
the most popular among homebuyers,
home's physical features as you and back yard.
so if you can stick to buying in that
do your home shopping and range you will have more potential Remember that overly landscaped
compare different properties buyers when it comes time to resell. properties will usually be priced at a
during the home buying premium which you may not be able to
process. There should always be at least a
recover when you sell. You will get
minimum of two bathrooms in a house,
your best value if you choose the
1. House Size preferably at least two and a half. At
house that is moderately landscaped
the very minimum, look for houses that
In each residential neighborhood, or under-landscaped for the area. You
have one bathroom that is accessible
houses will vary in total square can always improve the landscaping
to guests or will be the one shared by
footage and the number of rooms; during your ownership by improving
the other bedrooms, and one for the
however, they should not be too the lawn and adding bushes and trees.
master bedroom.
different. Since the 50's, house size
As a general rule, like most things that
has almost doubled. When 4. Storage - Closets, Garages and
you will buy in life, houses have their
determining market value, the homes Laundry
pros and cons. You will be much more
adjacent to the house you are
Walk-in closets are extremely satisfied with your purchase if you
interested in are the most important. If
desirable for the master bedroom. For concentrate on the positive aspects of
most of the nearby houses are smaller
the rest of the house, just be sure a home that are on your "most
than your house, they can act as a
there is plenty of closet space. Don't desirable features" checklist or those
drag on the price appreciation of your
forget to check for storage space for that will impr ove your resale value.
linens and towels. Many linen closets Other less important features can be
Remember if resale value is an are placed in hallways near satisfactorily and creatively addressed
important consideration, you should bathrooms. in the course of your home ownership.
not buy the largest house in the
A garage will add to the resale value
and you should always make sure to
Furthermore, if you choose to buy a get at least a two-car garage. Lately, Click here to put
small or medium house for the three-car garages have become
neighborhood, the larger homes will desirable in some areas of the country.
$1,000's back in
help raise your home's value. In addition, it should be a short trek your pocket. Learn
between the garage to the kitchen so
2. The Kitchen
that hauling groceries in from the car
how to
Family activity is usually centered does not become a chore that you will improve the
around the kitchen, so this room has dread.
become the most important room of value of
The laundry facilities should be
the house. As a general rule, homes your home
located somewhere convenient on the
with larger kitchens are more desirable
main floor of the house, but not in a by using
especially if they are equipped with
place that it will create an eyesore.
modern appliances. With today's open
floor plans, the dining room and 5. Landscaping
Equity+ software.
breakfast nook should be located
Even though most real estate value is
adjacent to the kitchen. In newer
usually concentrated in the structure
houses, floor plans usually place the
itself, the lot is important, too. Make
family room close to the kitchen as
sure that the lot is as level as possible.
Assuming the property is in a typical

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The #1 Mistake Consumers Make

with Credit Cards
If you have trouble controlling Why Do You Buy? The first step toward the responsible
credit card debt, I have a simple The buying impulse is so strong in use of credit is learning to differentiate
rule for you: some people that they actually believe between necessity and desire.

If you can’t afford to pay for an credit card dept is their only option. The second step is treating every
Telling these people they don’t need credit purchase like the debt that it is.
item with cash, you can’t afford
that extra purse, pair of shoes, or suit Always pay more than the minimum
to pay for it with plastic either.
is like telling them they don’t need food payment. Dedicate yourself to getting
If an emergency forces you to or water. rid of that debt as quickly as you can.
buy something you cannot Instead of throwing a few extra bones
afford (it happens, I know), A close friend of mine used to struggle
with spending. She could barely pay toward the payment whenever you can
make sure you are brutally swing it, actually sit down and draft a
her utility bills and was always
honest in your assessment of timeline for expedient payment.
borrowing money from friends to keep
what you really need. If you
the electricity from getting shut off. If you take your debts seriously, you’ll
don’t need something, don’t Despite her obvious lack of funds, she pay them off more quickly, pay less
charge it. I know people who somehow managed to keep her closet interest, and be in a
pay 18% interest on Hostess stocked with new clothes. And there better position the
Twinkies. Come on now. You always seemed to be a new package next time you need
know better. showing up on her front porch to finance
containing things she’d purchased something.
The most common mistake
from the Home Shopping Network.
consumers make with credit cards is Published with
using them as income She tried to justify these purchases by permission of Johns
supplementation. Instead of using saying, “John, you know I need to buy Place.
them for emergencies or convenience, new clothes so I can look professional
they use them as additional salary. when I’m at the office.”
So let’s agree right now that credit is
not salary. Credit belongs to a lending
Well, yes, it’s important to appear Click here to put
professional, but she did not need to
institution. Credit must be repaid.
buy expensive clothing every week. $1,000's back in
How Much Debt is Too Much?
Financial gurus suggest that total
Eventually, my friend was forced to
declare bankruptcy. I still remember
your pocket.
debt, excluding first mortgage, should
not exceed 20% of take-home pay.
her sitting there on her sofa,
surrounded by shoes still in the box
Learn how to
This includes car payments, home
equity loans, second mortgages,
and clothes still tagged. She looked at
me and said, “John, I don’t think I
improve the
credit card debt, and so forth. Upper
income consumers may be able to
bought any of this stuff because I
needed it. I bought it because I thought
value of your
handle higher debt loads due to
greater expendable income, while
it would make me feel good.” home by using
“Did it make you feel good?” I asked.
lower income consumers may be wise
to carry less. She paused, touching her chin. “I
Of course, you probably know if your
thought it did at the time. Now, seeing
all this stuff I never used, I guess not.”
debt load is too high without whipping
out your calculator. If you honestly The emotional high that comes from
don’t know, here is another rule of buying something new is short-lived
thumb: If you can’t pay off your credit and cannot compensate for the
card balance in full every month, you emotional burden of carrying too much
have too much debt. Credit cards, debt.
when used responsibly, help shift the
But What if You Really Do Need It?
timing or increase the ease of making
payments – They do not exist so you Yes, there are times in life when credit
can run up debt you cannot pay. can help you out of a jam. The key is
being honest about what you need.

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You can improve your

house value and regain
your equity!
Are you thinking of re-financing
or selling your house?
If you are, then you are in the
hands of a property valuer
either through your bank or
through the purchaser’s bank.
Either way it’s essential that you
understand that it is possible to
get a better valuation and Equity
+ can show you how.
Equity+ software is more than a multi
platform software program that allows
shows any homeowner how to
improve the value of their home either
for re-finance or property sale. Equity+
comes with a number of integrated
resources to assist in your re-finance
or selling process.
On 6th October 2005 the Sydney
Morning Herald when talking about
of your home for re-sale or refinance.
the Valuer General reported “One in
10 valuations was out by more than Equity+ could allow you to borrow Equity+ could mean the
40 per cent, a pretty handy margin of more and in some cases pay no difference between
error”. Lenders Mortgage Insurance - LMI getting a loan or missing
which will save you $1,000's. out.
The developers of the Equity+
package understand how valuers and
real estate agents work and have
adapted the Equity+ to maximise your
house’s valuation potential.
When Equity+ is used in conjunction
with supporting resources that are
supplied, every user will have greater Looking for
control over regaining their lost Equity.
In fact, Equity+ guarantees a better
valuation or sale price every time and
that could mean many thousands of
dollars in your pocket.
Think of it. An increase in the sale or
valuation price of your house of just 2
or 3% could mean more than $10,000
in you pocket. Click here!
Equity+ could give you reason to
celebrate when you improve the value

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!" LEASING FINANCE FOR - Equipment & Plant, Machinery & Vehicles
!" CONSUMER LENDING - Personal Loans, Car Loans.
!" GENERAL INSURANCE — Business, Motor, Professional Indemnity,
Public Liability (corporate authorised representative 303068 - AI&F afsl 238433)
The Auswest Financial Services Group is a complete financial services provider. Established in 1998
initially providing general leasing products, Auswest Financial Services has significantly expanded
and currently provides a comprehensive array of finance and general insurance products. Our
constant growth has warranted the creation of four stand-alone businesses; Auswest Loan &
Mortgage Options, Ausquip Rentals & Leasing, Ausure Insurance (Newcastle) & Auswest Town &
Country Finance (Aggregations)

The Head office for the group is located in New Lambton and operates nationally as the processing
centre for Auswest Town & Country Finance (Aggregations), Auswest Mortgage & Loan Options and
Ausquip Rentals & Leasing .

The Auswest Financial Services Group plays a major role in an unparalleled business model which
consists of strategic alliances with a number of Mortgage Broking Groups, Accountancy Firms and
Individual Finance Brokers.

Auswest Town & Country Finance is the aggregation and agency arm of the Auswest Financial
Services Group. Accreditation with Auswest Town & Country Finance allows finance brokers to be
directly accredited with Auswest with a choice of two options either as a referring broker or a
direct agent of Auswest with full rights to trading names and other benefits.

Our business purpose is simple; to provide all current and future clients with all their finance
solutions, as well as assisting with their insurance.

PHONE 1300 855 646—email-

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3 Tips To Keeping Your Home

Office Dream From Becoming
A Nightmare By: Brandi Cummings

The dream of working from home is phones, cell phones, virtual fax, video until it is finished. Every action item
becoming a reality for more and more conferencing, and the list goes on and should have a deadline, especially
people everyday. Although once on. All of these technologies make those parts of your job that you don't
home, some may find it more of a working from home a lot easier. necessarily enjoy doing.
nightmare than a dream. The
Let's take virtual phones for example. There are a lot of time management
challenges of working from home are
A virtual phone number allows you to programs out there and most email
different than working in an office and
have just one phone line in the house. programs even have task lists. Take
many people are not prepared.
You are able to differentiate the advantage of them. One of the great
Between the family interruptions,
business calls from the personal calls things about these kinds of programs
barking dogs and the scintillating
with a simple message announcing the is that they will remind you when your
daytime television shows it can be
call is from your virtual phone number. deadline is approaching and will keep
difficult to stay focused and be the
popping up
same efficient and productive working
in your face
machine at home as you were at the
until you
office. Here are a few simple things
finish the
you can do to maintain your efficiency
task. But
amid the chaos and distractions.
even if you
Create Your Space don't use an
Just having a quiet place to work can
task list and
make a huge difference. If possible, it
should be someplace where you go
system, a
only to work and not play. The ideal
simple pen
situation is an actual home office but if
and paper
space doesn't allow it, someplace
will do. The
away from the main traffic of the
house, and out of ear shot of the
thing is to
television, will do as well. Once you
keep your
have established your work area, treat
action items
it as such. Keep it clean and
You can even have the calls forwarded written down and stick to your
organized. When you were working in
to your cell phone when you are out deadlines.
an office you probably didn't keep
and about. Most of these virtual phone
week old coffee cups and stale bread It can be a difficult transition moving
systems also offer email delivery of
crusts hanging around your desk. from the office space to the home
your voice and fax messages so you
Don't do it at your home office either. place. We have been conditioned and
don't have to waste time calling in to
Clutter and trash is distracting. A clear trained to work in the office
retrieve voicemail. Unifying your voice,
workplace makes for clear thinking. environment for a long time. Some
fax and email messages all into one
may find it difficult to stay efficient and
Use The Technology Available place frees up time to focus on more
productive within their new found
important tasks.
Technology has been one of the major freedom of the home office. However,
driving forces in the work from home Keep Deadlines with a little organization and
revolution. Make sure to take full technology, you can keep your dream
For people that are still working for
advantage of it to help you stay of working at home from becoming a
someone else, only now from home,
organized and get more nightmare.
this is probably easier than for those
accomplished. Virtual communications
that are working for themselves. A mortgage broking
is probably the biggest factor that has
Without a boss to be responsible to, it business is an ideal home
allowed so many people to come
is sometimes difficult to keep on a task business. Click here for
home from the office. There is of
some more infromation
course the whole world wide web,
on Oasis Home Loans.
email, instant messages, virtual

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OASIS: the place to go when the bank says NO!

Struggling to keep
your business
Banks won’t help, but Oasis
Home Loans will!

t’s not much fun when you’re Mortgages are usually the largest
juggling your business expenses payment you make each month.
AND trying to pay off your Refinancing with the right loan product,
mortgage—and the phones are you could end up paying less per
constantly ringing with creditors month ... even reduce the term of your
chasing you for money. loan!

Money worries like this certainly don’t Consolidating your debts will also
help your relationships with family or ...
friends! In fact, it’s tempting to just walk • Take some of the pressure off higher
away from everything! interest rates from your personal
loans and credit cards;
But before you walk ...
We know that life can be tough. You • Give you more flexible finance
can get into tight financial situations options, such as using your existing
through no fault of your own. property equity for other purposes.
Hey, we’ve been there too, at times! It’s
one reason why we’re so good at what
we do. We know how you must feel.
At Oasis Home Loans, we’ve helped
many people who are in your exact
We know how demeaning and
embarrassing it can be to ask the big
lenders for help—and be knocked
back. But you deserve to have your
situation untangled. And usually it CAN
be, especially with the will to succeed
that we bring to tough cases.
Refinancing may be your answer!
By refinancing—which means
packaging your current repayments
from all your debts into one convenient When things look
payment—has helped many people. hopeless, a little
discussion will often
reveal an answer that
Ask us NOW! may be right in front
of you! At Oasis Home
1800 4 OASIS Loans, we revel in

*Fees and conditions apply—to approved persons only

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Increase the Value of your

Home with Effective Interior
Design By: Jane Watt

Now, more than ever, people are replace it, you will also save money in
realising that their home is the
biggest investment that they are
likely to make in their life. With that
the long run through saving on the
replacement costs. Do you
in mind, the way you decide
to decorate your home can
be a very important factor in
need to
how valuable your home will
appear to a property
investor or someone who is
looking to move up, or get
on, the property ladder. With
enough consideration for
interior design, and
understanding what you
have to do, and what you
have not to do, you can
ensure you protect and
enhance the value of your most Professional Service Providers mortgage
valuable asset – your home. If you decide to opt for DIY when it
Neutral Colors
Rather than going for that shocking
comes to doing your wall paper and
fitting your carpet, then you may find
pink, or outrageous orange, you that a potential buyer will not be
should look to decorate your home in impressed by the lack of attention to
a way that would be inviting to new detail in your work. For that reason,
furniture of a different color and also you should always ensure that those Consider a
handy man jobs around the house, are
inviting to those who do not have the
same tastes as yourself. This is done by someone who knows, and has Cash Flow
experience in, how to do them right.
something that is often overlooked by
Although it will cost you more money mortgage
people when they are decorating their
home, and it can be something that the now, you will be grateful when you
find out the extra value it can bring to Click here to get more
can come back to haunt them when
they wish to sell up. This is what some the price that you will be able to get for information
people would refer to as the golden your home.
rule of interior design. Homely
Quality Fixtures and Fittings As well as ensuring that your home
When it comes to interior design, has neutral colors and other elements
people often marvel at how cheaply to make your home generic and
they are able to complete decorating a appealing to everyone, there is
room. As impressive as this may seem probably nothing more important than
at the time, the real sting in the tail ensuring that your home has its own
comes when they find out that the unique character and sense of style.
quality is simply not there. That is why, This is something which an interior
as well as considering price, you also designer is able to do, however you
have to consider if the fixture and can do it to with enough creativity and
fittings are likely to be in as good devotion. Look for ways to compliment
shape in 10 years time. When you buy the existing infrastructure of your
something, and you do not have to home, or ways of making your home fit
well into its surroundings.

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Making your loan possible!

>> My Home Loan Approval <<

Over 170 lenders

Free - Instant - Anonymous

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