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PP AFS Restrictions

AFS does not support assembly orders. The creation of a production order with configuration does not take AFS-specific data into account (grid values and categories). AFS does not support the creation of a production order with reference. Collective orders are not supported in AFS. You cannot use AFS components for a production order without a header material. The automatic batch determination is not possible for AFS components. The automatic batch determination can, however, be carried out for SAP standard components that are assigned to an AFS header material. Atemporary batch determination for AFS components takes place during the AFS MRP. You can make a fixed batch assignment in the production order. The order information system does not contain AFS-specific data (grid values and categories). No AFS-specific selection criteria exist for this. You can maintain tolerances at SKU level in the production order. The tolerance check in Enter time ticket for production order (transaction CO11N) and Reprocessing Incorrect Confirmations (transaction CO16N) takes place at SKU level. When confirming using the order number or confirmation number (transactions CO11 and CO15), the tolerance check takes place at operation level. You cannot modify system messages for the order creation. AFS does not support the missing parts processing in quality management.


AFS Restrictions
Multiple bills of material are not supported in AFS. AFS MRP does not consider follow-up materials. AFS MRP does not consider alternative items. AFS does not support intra materials. AFS only supports the direct procurement of BOM items that are described as stock items.

However, non-stock items are not supported by AFS.

Mass changes for AFS-specific data are not supported. AFS does not support the selection-ID for the alternative selection when exploding the BOM during

MRP (Standard Customizing). Instead, AFS uses the alternative determination using the key for the BOM application that belongs to the order type (Standard Customizing).
The AFS BOM does not support an interface to CAD. In the where-used list of components in other BOMs, AFS-specific data is not considered.

In the modification parameters of the SAP standard Customizing you can define that changes of

subitems should be documented. This function is not supported by AFS.

BOM change documents for deviation quantities and categories - Essentially whenever you make

any change to a field, change documents are created. For an AFS BOM if you make changes to the deviation quantity (either insert, change or delete) or to the categories (exclude/include) the change documents are not created. This is because the functionality to create the change documents are not enhanced for AFS BOM.

Phantom Assemblies in AFS

Please note the following restrictions: As in the standard, dependent requirements are only created for the components of the phantom assembly and not for the phantom assembly itself. AFS restriction: You cannot change the quantity of the phantom assembly in the planned order or in the production order. AFS restriction: If you add a phantom assembly in the planned order or the production order, the BOM will not be exploded and the assembly will be treated as a normal requirements-relevant component.

You define a phantom assembly in the material master with the special procurement key 50.