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Syllabus Lecture 1.

Introduction Lecture 1 (Tue 9/3) Introduction: Part I Sunil Sinha (UCSD) Neutron properties Fermi pseudo-potential The scattering cross section The born approximation Coherent and incoherent scattering Lecture 2 Introduction: Part II (Thu 9/5) Structure factors and pair distribution functions Small angle scattering and surface scattering Lecture 3 Introduction: Part III (Tue 9/10) Inelastic scattering and dynamical structure factors Lecture 4 Inelastic Scattering (continued) & Formal Theory (Thu 9/12) of Scattering 2. Experimental methods for probing the structural/dynamical properties at different spatial/temporal regions of soft matter Lecture 5 Neutron Sources & Instrumentation Bill Hamilton (Tue 9/17) (ORNL) Lecture 6 (Thu 9/19) Lecture 7 (Tue 9/24) Lecture 8 (Thu 9/26) Lecture 9 (Tue 10/1) Lecture 10 (Thu 10/3) Lecture 11 (Tue 10/8) Lecture 12 (Thu 10/10) Small Angle Neutron Scattering Static Light Scattering & X-Ray Scattering: Part I Static Light Scattering & X-Ray Scattering: Part II Neutron Reflectometry Polarized Neutrons Quasi-elastic Neutron Scattering Neutron Spin Echo Applications to Soft Matter: Macromolecular Dynamics 1 Benjamin Chu (Stony Brook U) Chuck Majkrzak (NIST) Ken Herwig (ORNL) Dieter Richter (Jlich Center for Neutron Subject Lecturer

Lecture 13 (Tue 10/15) Lecture 14 (Thu 10/17)

Lecture 15 (Tue 10/22) 3. Lecture 16 (Thu 10/24) Lecture 17 (Tue 10/29) Lecture 18 (Thu 10/31) Lecture 19 (Tue 11/5) Lecture 20 (Thu 11/7) Lecture 21 (Tue 11/12) Lecture 22 (Thu 11/14) Lecture 23 (Tue 11/19) Lecture 24 (Thu 11/21) 11/25 to 29 Lecture 25 (Tue 12/3) Lecture 26 (Thu 12/5)

Science) Applications of X-ray Photon Correlation Simon Spectroscopy to Soft Condensed Matter Mochrie (Yale U) Atomic Scale Structure Using Neutrons Simon Billinge, Background and theory (Columbia Pharmaceuticals and polymers U/BNL) Water and solvation studies Colloids & Confocal Microscopy: Part I David Weitz (Harvard U) Applications Colloids & Confocal Microscopy: Part II David Weitz (Harvard U) Application of Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Tim Lodge to Polymers: Part I (U Minnesota) Application of Small-Angle Neutron Scattering to Polymers: Part II Biological Applications: Part I Biological Applications: Part II Gels: Micellar Gels Fibrillar Gels Self-assembly: Lipids Block Copolymers Importance of Water to Soft Matter Systems Supercooled Liquids and Glass Transition Thanksgiving Break Rheology and Small Angle Neutron Scattering Bradley Olsen (MIT)

Jeremy Smith (UTK/ ORNL)

Eugene Stanley (Boston U) Yang Zhang (UIUC)

Norm Wagner (U Delaware) Computer Simulation and Quasi-elastic Neutron Juan Scattering Colmenero (U of Basque Country)

Sow-Hsin Chen, USA Takeji Hashimoto, Japan Dieter Richter, Germany John White, Australia


Meiyun Chang-Smith (ORNL), Coordinator Takeshi Egami (UTK/JINS) Sow-Hsin Chen (MIT) Sunil Sinha (UCSD)

Organizing Committee: