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Digital Unit Plan Template Unit Title: The Trial of Mark Twain through Language Arts Content Area:

English Language Arts

CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):

Name: Monica Torres Grade Level: 11th Grade

Vocabulary and Concept Development 1.3 Discern the meaning of analogies encountered, analyzing specific comparisons as well as relationships and interferences. Reading Comprehension 2.2 Analyze the way in which clarity of meaning is affected by the patterns of organization, hierarchical structures, repetition of the main ideas, syntax, and word choice in the text. 2.6 Expository Critique- Critique the power, validity, and truthfulness of arguments set forth in public documents; their appeal to both friendly and hostile audiences; and the extent to which the arguments anticipate and address reader concerns and counterclaims (e.g., appeal to reason, to authority, to pathos and emotion) Literary Response and Analyses 3.1 Analyze characteristics of subgenres (e.g., satire, parody, allegory, pastoral) that are used in poetry, prose, plays, novels, short stories, essays, and other basic genres. 3.2 Analyze the way in which the theme or meaning of a selection represents a view or comment on life, using textual evidence to support the claim. 3.3 Analyze the ways in which irony, tone, mood, the authors style, and the sound of language achieve specific rhetorical or a esthetic purposes or both.
Big Ideas:

The big ideas for this Digital Unit Plan are for students to understand racism and connect historical events to racial tensions in our society today. Furthermore, students should focus on the language used and decide whether this selection inevitably makes the text racist or was a product of its time. The big idea regarding language is for students to learn the definition and importance of Language and Dialect variety in the United States, and accept the varieties of the way we speak as valid.
Unit Goals and Objectives:

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Students will read and critically analyze both literature and nonfiction. Students will examine significant historical events of U.S. history and their relevance to the literary work. Students will analyze the development of the main character and the moral choices made. Students will discuss the complexities of Language and Dialect in the literary work and understand the usage of Dialect in the literary work. Students will have the ability to understand the meaning of language in literature and the tone language creates.

Unit Summary:

In this Digital Unit we will discuss the major themes of Racism, Slavery and Morality in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 11th grade AP Language Arts. The unit will focus on the racial issues and moral dilemmas the literary work explores. We will investigate the history of slavery, and connect the controversies in the work to current moral and racial tensions. The unit will also explore the significance of the language used. We will discuss sensitive topics using current legal issues and news coverage.
Assessment Plan: Entry-Level: Survey on Historical Facts Quickwrites Formative: Short entry about Racism Quizlet: Dialects Group Project Presentations on Historical Events Peer Presentation Review Notes Summative: Quickwrite: Translating Passages from Huck Finn to Students own Language/Dialect Essay Graphic Organizer

Lesson 1 Student Learning Objective: Students will assess the background information of historical facts and Language variation by viewing a Prezi presentation and by taking guided notes. Lesson 2 Student Learning Objective: Students will examine information regarding Vernacular English and how it relates to Huck Finn. In addition students will perform research on historical events relevant to Huck Finn. Lesson 3 Student Learning Objective: Students will assess whether Mr. Mark Twain is guilty of racism or innocent. Acceptable Evidence: The completed guided notes. Instructional Strategies: X Communication _ Collection X Collaboration X Presentation X Organization X Interaction Instructional Strategies: _ Communication X Collection X Collaboration _ Presentation _ Organization X Interaction
Lesson Activities:

- Prezi, which includes short videos - Guided Notes - Quickwrites - Group Presentations

Acceptable Evidence: The completed Webercise.

Lesson Activities: - Webercise activities with links to websites for students to view.

Acceptable Evidence: The completed Graphic Organizer and class trial participation.

Instructional Strategies: X Communication X Collection X Collaboration

Lesson Activities: - Students will complete a Graphic Organizer with three pieces of evidence demonstrating whether Mr. Mark Twain is guilty or innocent of Racism. - Students will have a mock trial in class sharing the examples they found to support Mr. Mark Twains innocence or guiltiness.

X Presentation X Organization X Interaction Unit Resources: U.S. History The Impact of Slavery - U.S. History Separate No Longer -
Civil Rights Crash Course Video - Context of a Controversial Word in Huck Finn Video - PBS Do you Speak American Information on Language Varieties in the U.S. - You Tube Video showing Language Varieties - Ronald Reagan Speech -