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Leading Effective Meetings Checklist

Necessary? Not Necessary?

Customer Issue x Routine
New Work Process x Discuss
Solving Systemic Problems x Share Information 1-way
Gather and Leverage Ideas x Communicate Basic Information
Make Group Decisions x No Time to Prepare
Delegate Responsibility x Confidential Information
Build a Sense of Accountability x Discipline People
Build a Sense of Community x Unclear Objectives
Develop a Plan for a Group x Key Attendees not Available

Alternatives to Meetings Designing Effective Sessions

- 1-1 Discussion: Ask/Tell Use Enough Time to Plan
- Hall Talk Magic Number 7 +/- 2
- Iterative Documents Plan to Involve the Right People
- Asynchronous Meetings Have the Right Number of People
- Wiki Write a Good Agenda
- Electronic Bulletin Board Use subject/verb construction
- e-mail: Broadcast, Routed 3-5 topics per meeting max.
- Telephone Allocate Appropriate Timing
- Automated Reporting Plan for Breaks, Snacks
- Text Messaging Check with Sponsor: Clear, Complete?
- Voice Mail (one or many) Distribute Agenda in Advance of Meeting
- Copy of Info with Note Notify Using Meeting PAL
- Hallway Bulletin Board Notice Purpose of Meeting
- Newsletter Agenda
Specify Location, Starting Time

Logistics Execute Effective Meetings

Reserve Meeting Room, A/V, Etc. Stick to the Agenda
Order Refreshments Control the Meeting
Arrive Early to Setup Room Assign a Recorder, Timekeeper
Start and End on Time Summarize at the End
Eliminate Distractions (cell phones…) Decisions Reached
Reporting Results Actions Requiring Follow-up
Summarize Who/When
List Action Items with Responsibilities Unresolved Issues
List Detail from Meeting

Prepared by Bob Michel

Evaluating Success Impromptu Meeting Agenda
Facilitator Effectiveness Define Purpose:
- Role Clear 1.Define Problem(s) or Objective(s)
- Focused Group: 2.Identify All Likely Causes
- Keep agenda moving? 3.Agree to Solutions and Assign Tasks
- Allow All to Participate? 4.Document Agreements
- Remained Neutral? 5.Inform All Parties
Afterwards: Evaluate Success
Meeting Type Appropriate? Length: how long will this meeting take:

Group Composition
- Right People?
- Heterogeneous?
- Right Number of Participants?

Meeting Space
- Size, Shape, Layout?

- Sent Ahead?
- With Background?
- Objective/Purpose Clear?
- Subject/Verb Construction?
- 3-5 Agenda Items?
- Length of Time Set?

Problem Solving Meetings

- Problem Clearly Defined?
- Background Information Available?
- Was there a Rush to Decide?

- Presenter Well Prepared?
- Purpose Clear?
- Organized and Delivered Well?

Prepared by Bob Michel