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3G6llP+ 3G wlreless-NPouter wlth US82.0lnterfaceand bullt-ln 4-Port wl-Pl

l50Mbps Pouter ls deslgned for people who want to share the 3G |nternet
connectlon wlth multl computers or devlces wlth wl-Pl functlon. To plugyour
3G US8 modem lnto the US8 2.0 lnterface of thls router, you are able to
create an advanced secured wl-Pl l50Mbps LAN and have access to the
|nternet vla 3G connectlon. ou can do thls ln hotel, bus, car, traln and even
on the boat, to let your group of people to vlslt the |nternet, check emall,
onllne chattlng, llsten to onllne muslc, play onllne game and so on. 8esldes,
thls router supports flxed xDSL and cable modem wlred broadband
connectlon and also the latest w|SP wlreless wAN connectlon.

5ecure wPA2 ncryrien 150Mbs wireless 5eeJ
Model No.:3G611R+
l US8 port provlded for 3G connectlon to share the |nternet wlth
multlple computers.
Unlque wAN feature for wlreless broadband access to ampllfy
slgnals and share the |nternet.
Multlple broadband access ways and powerful compatlblllty
8andwldth Control (QoS) over speclflc computer's downloadlng
5hnre Yeur 3CCennecrien wirelessly

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Share your 3G |nternet connectlon wlrelessly.

l50Mbps LAN speed .
Support wPS push button to glve you secure
wPA2 hlghest level of data encryptlon .
Lasy to lnstall thls router by uslng Tenda Setup
wlzard software burned ln CD.
Connect thls router to xDSL and Cable Modem
to share the flxed connectlon.
Able to connect to w|SP vla wlreless wAN.
To plug your US8 modem lnto the US82.0 lnterface
of thls router to create a wlreless l50Mbps LAN and
have conslstent access to the |nternet.
Model No.:3G611R+
MlNlMdM RdlRMN75
3G llNwlreless Pouter wlth Detachable Antenna
Power Adapter
Qulck |nstallatlon Gulde
CD-POM(User Gulde lncluded)
5henzhen 7enJn 7echnelegy Ce., LrJ.
Cenrncr ds
AJJtess:7enJo lnJustt|ol Potl, No. 34-1, 5h|lon kJ.,5h|yon 7own,
8ooon 0|stt|ct, 5henzhen, P.k. Ch|no 518108
7el: 0086.755.2765.7180 lox: 0086.755.2765.7178
l-mo|l: ltt:
Ceyrighr 5rnremenr 0blignrien-Iree 5rnremenr
7enJo |s the te|steteJ ttoJemotl ol 5henzhen 7enJo
7echnoloy Co. l70|n CllNA onJ cetto|n othet countt|es.
Coyt|ht 2007 5henzhen 7enJo 7echnoloy Co. l70
All t|hts tesetveJ. Othet otonJs onJ toJuct nome
ote ttoJemotls ot te|steteJ ttoJemotls ol the|t
tesect|ve holJets.
7he mox|mum etlotmonce lot w|teless |s Jet|veJ ltom llll 5tonJotJ 802.11 sec|l|cot|ons. Actuol
etlotmonce con voty, |ncluJ|n lowet w|teless netwotl cooc|ty, Joto thtouhut tote, tone onJ
covetoe. Petlotmonce JeenJs on mony loctots, conJ|t|ons onJ vot|ooles, |ncluJ|n J|stonce ltom
the occess o|nt, volume ol netwotl ttoll|c, ou|lJ|n motet|ols onJ consttuct|on, oetot|n system
useJ, m|x ol w|teless toJucts useJ, |ntetletence onJ othet oJvetse conJ|t|ons.
Checl the toJuct ocloe onJ contents lot sec|l|c leotutes suotteJ. 5ec|l|cot|ons ote suoject to
chone w|thout not|ce.
|nternet Lxplorer 5.5 or Plrefox l.0 Hlgher
Network Adapter
u to 150Vos
keset, wP5
0C 12v, 1.5A
32 to 104l (0 to 40C
10 to 90NonconJens|n
-40 to 158l (-40 to 70C
5 to 90 NonconJens|n
190.5mm122mm32mm( 7.5"x4.8"x1.3"
3C, w|teless wAN, 0lCP, 5tot|c lP, PPPol, PP7P, l27P, 802.1x
64/128-o|t wlP, wPA, wPA2 onJ wPA/wPA2
1 0etochoole Antenno (3Jo|
1 Powet Pott,1 10/100Vos wANPott, 4 10/100Vos lAN Potts
Max.Wireless Speed
Power PaIing
OperaIing TemperaIure
OperaIing HumidiIy
SIorage TemperaIure
SIorage HumidiIy
Dimension (WXDXH)
Gross WeighI
ConnecIion Type
LncrypIion Mode
CerIiicaIe Cl ,kol5 ,lCC
wC0VA, C0VA2000 onJ 70-5C0VA
TTN Wiroloss
PCl Aduplor
Powor Porl
(plouso uso
lho slundurd
Powor Aduplor}
TTN Wiroloss
US8 Aduplor
TTN Wiroloss
US8 Aduplor
llll802.11n, llll802.11, llll802.11o, llll802.3 , llll802.3u