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Some Philippine Epics: Ifugao - Aliguyon Mindanao - The Darangan Maranao - Indarapatra & Sulayman

Ilocos/Ilocano - Biag (Life) ni Lam-Ang -> Pedro Bukaneg, father of Ilocano poetry Bicol - Ibalon

Hudhud - a long tale sung in sung during special occasions such as panahon ng pag-ani at paggapas o paglalamay Aliguyon - main epic hero Amtulao - father of Aliguyon Dumulao - mother of Aliguyon Aginaya - Aliguyon's little sister Hannanga - their village Pumbakhayon - father's enemy's son Pangaiwan - father's enemy Dangunay - Pumbakhayon's mother Bugan - Pumbakhayon's little sister Daligdigan - enemy's village

Signs that they were rich - house big enough to hold 3 of their neighbors' huts, piles of red and white camote, buried jars of rice wine, matataba at well-fed na aso *childless -> still unhappy despite their wealth - lived simply and frugally to appease the anitos in hopes for a child Aliguyon as a baby - learned the songs his mother sings to him, recites long prayers chanted by the warriors of Hannanga and the village stories at night Aliguyon at 3 - made his first spear, speared a fish -> father offered a pig as a sacrifice in their thanksgiving Aliguyon at 5 - speared wild chickens Aliguyon at 7 - accompanied father on hunting trips, was taught how to hunt and fish *Aliguyon as the leader of the children - spun his top the best Aliguyon grown up - called his childhood friends, told them about the glories and prizes of war such as fame if they joined him to Daligdigan *Left with 10 warriors, challenged Pangaiwan but he was too old Aliguyon and Pumbakhayon fought for 3 years, villagers admired them for their courteous and fair-fighting, warriors thought the girls in the village were shy and sweet *While taking a break, Pumbakhayon: What a waste of time! If were not enemies, we could be at home drinking rice wine and eating broiled river fish or roasted meat. But were enemies even though neither of us did the other any harm. Aliguyon: Ah, how truly you speak. Perhaps the anitos do not favor this fight, for neither has won. Perhaps the gods put your words into your mouth and this feeling in my heart, for I no longer wish to kill you, O Pumbakhayon. Both went back to their homes and preparations for a celebration began. People of Hannanga and Daligdigan became friends. Aliguyon asked for Pumbakhayon's sister, Bugan's hand in marriage when she was 14. (to be married at 16) *Pumbakhayon agreed -> Aliguyon and friends sang and danced for her Bugan bore many grandchildren, Amtulao and Dumulao often visited Pangaiwan and vice versa

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