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high efficiency motor technology for fans


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Comparison of the different levels of system efficiency

Drive system efficiency level in % The entire product line of direct driven fans by Nicotra Gebhardt is now available with the particularly energy efcient brushless DC technology. These innovative motors achieve the highest efciency and therefore cost less to operate than traditional AC motors in every application. Brushless DC drive AC drive (frequency converter) AC drive (transformer control)

Fit for the future with brushless DCs

The EUs ErP Directive prescribes minimum levels of efciency for electric motors. These levels of efciency will be steadily increased in the coming years. Motors with brushless DC drives already exceed the requirements that will become compulsory in 2015 and 2017.

Speed range The brushlessDC motor operates without slip losses and thus consumes significantly less power than conventional AC motors. Important: This applies for all speeds, i.e. even in partial-load operation! The brushlessDC motor therefore uses less power than the AC motor under all operating conditions and has a significantly higher level of drive system (motor and control) efficiency.

Brushless DC

L Conventional AC motor IE3 L with brushless DC technology



Drive efciency



IE1 2011 2011




iv ct

0 20


/ 25

148.5 131.4 210.2



Full load 2015 2015 2017 2017

Partial load

Base load

Up to 50% of the power consumption of a fan can be saved (depending on the operating environment) by the use of brushlessDC motors in place of AC motors.

Compact direct driven centrifugal fan, double inlet

High efficiency variable speed drive

Energy saving concept J high efficiency drive due to optimized motor design J PFC disabled at stop J NTC bypassed during operation General features J integrated PFC J brownout protection J IP 54 for complete drive J dry contact - error signal J simple usage - fan selection by DIP-switches and GO! (no parameter setup) J designed for double inlet fans J external unit - no obstruction of intake less aerodynamic losses Interface J analogue J MODBUS RTU

High efficiency direct driven centrifugal fan

J new brushlessDC external rotor motor J new lap jointed scroll J impeller with forward-curved blades J high efficiency J low power consumption J low sound power level J high reliability

BrushlessDC technology used in many applications

Direct driven centrifugal fans DDMB with brushlessDC internal rotor motor

Direct driven centrifugal fans RZP with brushlessDC external rotor motor

Direct driven centrifugal fans RZM with brushlessDC internal rotor motor

Plug fans RLM56 and RLM-Evo with brushlessDC internal rotor motor

Plug fans RLE with brushlessDC external rotor motor

Roof extract fans RDA with brushlessDC external rotor motor. Ideal for being connected to central control systems or any other individual control

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