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Title: The effects of ph and Substrate Concentration on Enzyme Controlled Reactions


-We are trying to figure out what the charges in substrate concentration will be based on pH levels.


-If you add substrate concentration to the enzyme controlled reaction, it will remain decrease since it will

decline the enzyme’s controlled reaction production.







  • 1. Adjust the pH level of each test tube to 7

  • 2. Add .5 g substrate to test tube 1, 1.0 g substrate to test tube 2, 2.0 g substrate to test tube 3, 4.0 g substrate to test tube 4, and 8.0 g substrate to test tube 5.

  • 3. Click on the computer screen to observe the calculated data. Record the data (Number of the Molecules of Product) in Data table 1: Substrate Concentration in column pH 7

  • 4. Click the reset button

  • 5. Adjust the ph level of each test tube to 3

  • 6. Repeat steps 2 and 3, making sure to record all the data in the appropriate column.

  • 7. Click the reset button and repeat the experiment one more time after adjusting each test tube to a pH level of 11.





pH 7

pH 3

pH 11

Substrate (g)

Test Tube 1





Test Tube 2





Test Tube 3

  • 2.0 300

  • 82 103


Test Tube 4

  • 4.0 350

  • 96 121


Test Tube 5

  • 8.0 350

  • 96 121

Test Tube 3 2.0 300 82 103 Test Tube 4 4.0 350 96 121 Test Tube

Observation Paragraph:

The first portion of this graph show where the production started with the pH level 7,

having the high, and pH 3 having the lowest. From then on, the started to increase but at

different rates. pH 7 increased dramatically while pH 3 and 11 went up gradually. When

the substrate reached 4, it seemed it could produce no more than that since it stayed

the same throughout. If you were to add more pH levels, then we would see the

varieties on which they grow.


After days of working on this lab, this is what my final outcome is.My hypothesis was

not correct as the number of substrate concentration did increase the number of

molecules of product formed. It proved that substrate helped improve the amount of

production until it surpassed 4.0. I also learned that the pH level has to stay consistent

level if it is going to cause more enzymes to be produce. If i was to change anything

about this lab, i would change my hypothesis so i could have gotten it right. Then, i

would conduct more test to see if the results were consistent. This lab can relate to real

life because it is what is going on in our body at this moment. For enzymes to survive,

they have to have specific pH level.