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1) Topic 1.

a) Perform the following conversions: i) 18 hours to seconds


850 minutes to hours

iii) 198,045 kilograms to grams

iv) 150 meters to feet


402 km/h to m/seg

2) Topic 2. a) Write the missing names and symbols of the basic units of the I.S. Time Length Mass Ampere Kelvin Candela

b) Write the following quantities in scientific or decimal quotation. i) 4,734,000,000 ii) 0.000 000 087

iii) 3.45 x iv) 4.1 x v) 5,125

3) Topic 3. a) Classify the following quantities as scalar (S) or vectorial (V). i) Speed ii) Acceleration iii) Force iv) Time b) Draw the resulting vector of the following 4 displacements: 3m north, 5m east, 6m southwest, 2m south. Then, determine the magnitude and direction of the displacement from the point of origin.

4) Topic 4. a) A car travels 54km in a straight highway found 40 SW. Determine the X & Y components of the displacement.

b) Using the algebraic method, determine the resulting vector of the following 3 displacements. A= 5km 45 N. B= 3km 60 SW. C= 6km 75 NE.

5) Topic 5. a) A car accelerates long a straight road from rest to 150 km/h in 6.0 sec. What is the magnide of its average aceleration?

b) A ball is dropped from the top of a building. If it hits the ground below after 8.5 sec, how high is the building?


In coming to a stop, a car leaves a mark 90m longo n the highway. Assuming a constant deceleration of 6.5 m/ , estimate the speed of the car just before breaking.

6) Topic 6. a) A diver jumps from a 10m trampoline following an horizontal trajectory and dives 2m from where he jumped. Determine the time it takes the diver to reach the wter and his initial velocity.

b) An arrow is thrown with a velocity of 40 m/s from a height of 30m over a flat field. Determine the reach of the arrow.


A cannonball is launched at an initial velocity of 60 m/s at an angle of 25. Determine the horizontal and vertical components of the initial velocity, the maximun height it reaches, its total reach and the time it takes for the cannonball to reach its mximum height.

7) Topic 7. a) An electrical drill makes 1300 revolutions in 2 minutes. Determine its frequency in revs/s, the time it takes to make a revolution, and its angular velocity in rad/s.

b) A Wheel with a radius of 95cm begins from rest and perform 30 revolutions in 10s. Determine its angular acceleration, and its final angular velocity in rad/s.

8) Topic 8. a) A body has a mass of 150kg. Determine its weight in Newtons.

b) An horizontal force of 1500N acts overa n 350kg block. Determine the magnitude of the blocks acceleration.


Determine the net force (magnitude & angle) acting over the object.

100 N 250 N 150 N 75 N

9) Topic 9. a) A box weighting 650 N is moving down a 35 inclined planeo ver the horizontal. Determine the components of the weight parallel and perpendicular to the plane, and the value of the normal force.

b) An athlete competas in the hammer throw competition. If he launches a 7,500g hammer in a radius of 2.2m at a velocity of 23 m/s. Determine the centripetal acceleration of the hammer and the forc that the hammer exercises.


A car with a mass of 900kg moves at a rate of 125 km/h east. Determine the magnitude and direction of its momentum.

10) Topic 10. a) A machine lifts a box to an altitude of 7m performing 15.4 kJ of work. Determine the mass of the box.

b) A block of metal of 40kg of mass falls from a ceiling 8m high. Determine the kinetic energy of the block the instant before it reaches the floor, and the velocity of the block the instant before it reaches the floor.


A puck of 115g slides over the ice and is hit by a player that exercises a constant force of 6.5N along a distance of 50cm. Determine the work the player performs over the puck.

11) Topic 11. a) Determine the value of tension in the ropes A and B.

b) Determine the forces A and B are made by the two supports of the bar.

12) Topic 12. a) Determine the volumen occupied by 5kg of benzene and the weight of its volumen. (Density of benzene = 880 kg/ )

b) A 45kg box occupies a volumen of 2.5

. Determine its density and its specific weight.


Determine the total pressure of an scuba diver found 45m below sea level. (Density of sea water = 1025kg/ )

13) Topic 13. a) An hydraulic press has a piston with a circular section with a radius of 20cm, that when applying a force, the pressure is transmitted to a liquid to another piston of a radius of 50cm. Determine the force you should apply to the small piston to elevate a 2500N machine.

b) Determine the apparent weight of a body when sumerged in wter (density = 1000 kg/ a weight of 350N and a volume of. 005 .

), if it has


Determine the relation between a small piston that presses a force of 100N and a big piston that experiences a forc of 2500N.