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Memorandum of Understanding

Support for Instrumental Music Savannah Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) 208 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia 31401 912.395.1000 Agency Portmans Music, Incorporated 7650 Abercorn Street Savannah, Georgia 31406 912.354.1500 Purpose: This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) serves as a facilitating document toward establishing a mutual understanding and agreement between the SCCPSS and the agency listed above. It establishes the basic terms and conditions for providing support to the music teachers and students in the SCCPSS. Background: The recruiting of students into instrumental music programs is critical for the success of middle and high school music programs. It is also important for students success that they begin on quality instruments that they are suited for in terms of aptitude and physical characteristics. Solution: Portmans Music asserts it has experience, resources, staff and a proven recruiting and retention program that can assist in (1) bringing more students into the instrumental programs, and (2) helping to retain students in the instrumental programs by matching students characteristics to instruments, providing the means for acquiring quality instruments, and servicing instruments to maintain a satisfying experience for the students. Intended Use: The objective of this agreement is to offer instrumental music education to more students and families, thus increasing the involvement in our middle and high school performing ensembles, and increasing the cultural and intellectual achievements of our students. Agreements: 1. Portmans Music, in honor of founders Ben and Pearl Portman, will donate instruments to deserving students who might not otherwise be able to participate. The Performing Arts Specialist and instrumental music teachers will develop criteria for determining how students will be selected to receive instruments. During the transition year from 5th grade beginning band to 6th grade beginning band, the number of donated instruments will be determined based on sales. In subsequent years it is expected that 15 instruments will be provided by Portmans. Note to Ronald: We eliminated 5th grade band in the 2012-13 school year. Beginning band instruction now takes place in 6th grade.

Agreements, continued 2. Portmans will assist in recruiting in the following ways: a. Upon approval of the site supervisor, a music aptitude screening will be administered to every potential beginning band student in Chatham County. b. Parents will be informed of the results of the aptitude screening and informed how to allow their child to join the instrumental program. c. For children whose parents give permission, the instrumental director at the school, with the assistance of Portmans staff, will then assist in the selection of instruments by and for the students. Physical characteristics, aptitude, student choice, and the needs of the program will be considered. d. The instrumental director and Portmans staff will host a parent night at the school to allow parents the opportunity to hear about Portmans rental programs that are available. e. Portmans staff will assist the instrumental director on the first day of class with the essentials of correct instrument assembly, care of the instrument, hand positions, and the production of the first notes. f. Portmans will hold Saturday master classes free of charge for instrumental music students. g. Portmans will waive the July rental payment for families that choose to continue to rent instruments for the upcoming school year. h. Portmans will hold four band rehearsals free of charge during the summer. i. Portmans will conduct, throughout the year, repairs and adjustments of the instruments at the school site as requested by the band director. j. Portmans will provide loaner instruments to students whose instruments cannot be repaired on the spot and that will require extensive repair. k. Portmans will continue to assist, throughout the year, with students who are having specific problems with tone production or technique. 3. Portmans will conduct the recruiting process as a business partner of the SCCPSS. Portmans will also be available for instrument rentals and purchases for student use. Parents will be advised, however, that the choice of instrument provider is theirs alone and that the SCCPSS does not require the use of any vendor of music, equipment, or instruments. 4. Donated instruments will be used for the intended purposes but shall remain the property of the SCCPSS. 5. Current employees of Portmans Music have undergone criminal background checks as a condition of employment. Future employees will have the same requirements.

6. Information about student grades or student records shall be kept confidential as required by state or federal laws or rules. 7. Portmans shall act as an independent contractor.

Term of Agreement, Amendment, and Termination: The term of this agreement shall be from July 1 through June 30. It shall be automatically renewable for the same duration unless terminated by either party by written notice given 30 days before the end of a term. In case of breach of the MOU, either party may terminate this MOU after sending written notice to the breaching party stating the particulars of the breach. A one-month grace period shall be provided to correct the breach to both parties satisfaction.

Savannah Chatham County PSS

Portmans Music, Inc.

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