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IME Claim / Case Management and Billing Software

Comprehensive and easy to use claim/case data recording, note taking, T+E / flat rate / flat fee/cost plus based billing, report production, document sharing on claims, document library for (procedures, instructions, document delivery), calendar workflow management !ecure "ocument creation (reports, letters, etc ), upload and retrieval over the web or on your local network !ecure online access to claim/case data (case details, notes, appointments, work performed, etc ) and associated documents (reports, pictures, etc ) for your medical specialists and your clients #ntegration with $E"E! electronic billing submission systems (i e %llegient !ystems, &changing)

'ere is some of what () can do

Create, store, search, protect claim/case data Claimant/e*aminee name, address, contact, in+ury information %ttorney name, address, contact details %d+uster name, address, contact details ,rovider name, address, locations, speciality information "efine services and case types !chedule and manage one or more services (e*aminations,reviews,etc ) per case ,owerful and easy to use searching o -se search results to print reports and labels o -se search results to remember a list of files for later recall o -se search results to create E*cel spreadsheets .ecord and search case notes and service notes ,owerful and easy to use document management o Create documents (letters, notifications, reports, etc ) using () templates o "ocument $ibrary for procedures, instructions, manuals, etc o -pload/download documents, images, fa*es, evaluation files, etc /anage your fee schedules and your provider rate schedules in multiple currencies !chedule, reschedule, monitor and report e*aminee appointments with providers Task and appointment diaries -ser calendars #nvoices in multiple currencies !ecure () features and data with user and claim/case access rights /anage multiple branch locations including inter0branch claim/case sharing and transfers #mprove efficiency, simplify communication, reduce costs 1ring clients online to submit case referrals and electronic documents, review and monitor case status, make notes and provide instructions, access/download reports 1ring providers online to submit reports, images, notes and bills Email o !end and receive emails o !ave Emails directly onto the claim/case

o !ave Email attachments as documents on the claim/case !ecured data e*change via W5s (orkflow /anager service including offline T+E and notes, invoice payments %utomated currency e*change rate updates $E"E! 2333 bill submission #ntegrate with accounting systems such as #ntuit 4uick1ooks, ,eachtree and /icrosoft 5reat ,lains

!ome of the above features are add0on modules

Billing & Invoicing

Claims can be billed at regular intervals, on demand or +ust at closing 6ou can tell () what the regular interval is and () will let you know when to bill each claim The interval can be changed for any claim at any time 1illing for any claim can be set to 7final bill only8 and/or can be postponed indefinitely 9ees and e*penses are automatically gathered and can be changed as re:uired %ny e*pense can be automatically billed through automatic billing using any of several very powerful and fle*ible commands 9lat 9ees can be set for any claim or any individual invoice #nvoice detail formats can be defined by the user !ubscription claims are automatically prorated and a separate invoice is created for each #nsurer $ast billed dates are automatically updated %ccounts receivable and 5eneral $edger postings are automatically created and are passed into your %ccounting system on demand %ll claims which are overdue for billing are listed for investigation

Check System

1ase check anounts on available reserves /ake instant reserve ad+ustments where authori;ed, ,roduce audited payment transactions that are automatically reflected in the financial values, /ultiple bank accounts and check formats, Check register and transaction audits, .econciliation, Create check re:uests for delivery to e*ternal processes such as insurer claim departments for approval and issuance, !et up re:uest approval workflow

Claim Search

1y 1y 1y 1y 1y #nsurer #nsurer claim reference E*aminer name 1illable .esource #nsured name

1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y 1y

,olicy reference <=ther< ,arty 9ile 5roup Claim Title Third ,arty name Third ,arty reference "ate of $oss .eceived "ate 9ile .eference %ddress information >ote te*t .eserve transaction dates %ny >ame listed on a file plus many more search combinations

Diary & Calendar System

The () diary is an easy to use appointment and task management system () users can maintain appointments, tasks, and record other important deadlines and reminders Each entry can be set for any date/time Events that recur on a regular schedule can be automatically rescheduled for the ne*t date by the diary system %s a user manages their diary entries the diary can be used to assist in time and e*pense recording !ince diary entries can reference claims, the diary system can present a diary for any claim, providing the users with a claim specific schedule of tasks and appointments

E*ample? Claims are entered into the () database as they come into the office %s a claim is entered it may or may not be assigned to an billable resource 'owever, it does need to be reviewed by someone so a 7review new claim8 task referencing the new claim is entered into the appropriate persons diary The reviewer opens the claim information from the diary, reviews the available data and assigns the claim to the appropriate billable resource via the 7new claim8 diary notification task The reviewer closes the diary entry and if appropriate, records their time spent on the file The billable resource who is now assigned to the claim will be notified in their diary that they have a new claim


Document Management
W5 "ocument /anagement 9eatures

!ecurely create, send and retrieve documents whether you are on the web or on your internal network Create documents (letters, fa*es, reports, forms, etc ) from templates with automatic data fill0in directly from the claim -pload documents directly to the claim o 9rom scanner, o 9rom email attachments,

Estimate files, E*cel worksheets, ,"9 files, fa*es, word documents and more !hare documents among claim files having the same policy number or client claim number %ttach documents directly from the () document library repository so that you dont need unnecessary multiple copies of any document %dd common claim documents into the () document library repository .eview and / or revise documents attached to claims !end documents as email attachments !end a document link that will download the document when the recipient clicks on it

o o

=ur "send it and forget it" technology takes the pain out of sending large documents or many documents when you are working on a slow or intermittent #nternet connection whether you are working from home or from a hotel This is the same technology that helps make our "ocument !canning module work so well under high demand workloads The W5 "ocument $ibrary .epository is an e*tension of our "ocument /anagement system The library allows you to collect and organi;e documents such as? ,rocedure manuals, ,olicy wordings, !tandard forms, E*pense worksheets, Client specific handling instructions, !pecial forms, Client $oss .eports for distribution, 5overnment reports, Etc The documents in the library can be secured so that users can view and / or contribute to document groups as defined by their users security clearances "epending on the availability settings? $ibrary documents can be attached to any claim as a <virtual copy< so that the document resides in the library but can be directly reviewed from the claim $ibrary documents can be copied as a new document to any claim and used as a template

Document Scanning

!can single page or multiple pages from one or more documents to compose a single document in (), Crop, rotate and move pages within the scanned document, -se a multi0page sheet feeder, Control colour and image :uality settings, #nstant load into () or :ueue for batch or after hours transfer to the () document server


M! Estimate files

() "ocument /anagement service can now create ,owerClaim &/$ estimate files from () claim data -sing () templates, users can e*port data from () directly into an &/$ file that ,owerClaim can process This means that ,owerClaim users can e*change data with the most comprehensive, fle*ible and easy to use claims management and ad+usting system on the market today #magine being able e*change data between () and ,owerClaim simply by selecting the <,owerClaim Estimate< template from the new documents list 6ou can even create your own ,owerClaim templates to handle different re:uirements for different types of estimates () doesn@t +ust create a ,owerClaim &/$ file That estimate can now be managed, shared, distributed and updated safely and securely by the () "ocument /anagement service %ll of your estimates are now securely available to whomever you grant access 0 anytime, anywhere This is one of the <easy to use< goals that W5 is all about? Record once - Use everywhere

Integrated E"Mail

/anage your email from within () !end and receive emails =rgani;e emails and attachments %ttach emails to claims files #nstantly convert email attachments into documents attached to a claim file

!edes Su##ort

Create $E"E! e0billing transmission files on demand, Current $E"E! 2A format, 9le*ible task and activity mapping as re:uired by clients for %llegient !ystems, &changing, etc

$eserves Maintenance

.ecord coverage limit, coinsurance, valuation type, etc .ecord financial transactions in multiple currencies such as set/ad+ust reserve, payment, recovery, set/ad+ust deductible, apply deductible Enforce financial rules "efine reserve methodologies to accommodate strict or loose enforcement for different client re:uirements ,roduce reserve worksheets complete with financial audit trail /onitor aggregates #ssue payment re:uests and write checks