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Aaron and AngieArnold completed their study of Spanish at the language institutein San Jose, Costa Rica, and arrived on the field in Santiago, Chile in April of this year. They have beguntheir initial work with the Metropolitan Churchof Christ, working closely with Craig and Shirley Woolsey, 18-year veteranmissionaries to Chile.
Because 92% of all people who accept Christ do so before the age of 18; because most
missionaries work with adults; and because 98% of all trained youth workers minister in the United States, Cross Cultural Youth Ministry is dedicated to placing youth ministers on the mission field. CCYM's focus in Santiago will be in developing a relational and

evangelistic program to reach out to the unsaved youth of Chile and to bring them into a relationship with God, and in developing a peer discipleship program that involves Christian Chilean youth; and then to record data for the purpose of evaluating and
reproducing this project in other fields. The Arnolds "hit the ground, running." In only a few months, they have seen a

tremendous interest and growth, both spiritually and numerically. Aaron maintains an intensive evening calling program, traveling by public transport all around the city. A 4-day Youth Retreat was held in October with an attendance of almost 80 young people, and plans are underway to travel with several of the youth to Caranavi, Bolivia on a
short-term mission trip in Febuary of 1999. Aaron Arnold is the son of Mike and Rita Arnold ofPlainfield, IN. Angle's parents are Norman and Jane Melsheimer of Greenwood, IN. Aaron and Angie both graduated from Cincinnati Bible College, Cincinnati, OH in 1995, he with a degree in Biblical Studies and she with a degree in Christian Education. Aaron had a student ministry while in college, and began a three-year youth ministry with the Piqua Church of Christ, Piqua, OH, while still attending CBC. At Piqua, Aaron developed a Youth Ministry program and Angie was Beginner Church Leader. They have a 3-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, and are expecting their second child in June 1999..

The Arnolds' field address is: Casilla 298-22 Nunoa, Santiago, Chile. This family is highly recommended and supported by Kingsway Christian Church, Avon, IN. Gifts for the work in Chile may be made payable to Cross Cultural Youth Ministry and sent to their business administrators, Roger and Ann Toon, 9775 Country Club Road, Piqua, OH

October, 1997

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don't imdepstdndr: A taste of language learning

Our Chance to Say Thanks!

In each newsletter we would like to take some

We have officially begun language school, which is the second step in getting the Chile Pilot Project
Mailing Address:
9775 Country Club Rd. PiquQ, Ohio 45356

mobilized. We have



spent nearly a year rais ing support to get the Project funded and now we are on to the Spanish Language Institute. The
Institute is located in San

space and thank those who are making it possible for CCYM to minister to the youth of the world. This month we would like to say thanks to two femilies that support CCYM. Robin and Kim Vicena have supported the Arnolds since they decided to go to Chile. The two families met while they were attending Cincinnati Bible College to gether. Robin and Kim live in Hamilton, OH which
is located on the north side of Cincinnati. for Westside Christian churchHe

works as a computer analyst and Kim is a secretary

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Jose, Costa Rica, which is

in Central America. The

Roger A Ann Toon

fo>ard of
Directcrs: Aflron Arnold
Malcolm Arnold

whole purpose of our

time here is to leam

Spanish, the language of

Chile. We feel that it is

Roger Toon
Teom of Advis(M*s
Mike Nichols

necessary to be able to effectively communicate with the people there in

order to minister to them.

Lincoln CMstian College Tony Allmoslccher

Christ In Youth

Lorry Butt
Young Ufe
Scott Rosen

Young Ufe
Ric Musselmon First Christian Churd)

So here we are feeling like we are in elementary school once again. We are learning how to put simple sentences to gether. "I am Aaron."
and "I am from the
United States" now roll

Dodge City. KS

Kent Fillinger
Norton Chirch of Christ

Columbus, OH
Brain Bolton
Central Church of Christ

Wanda Outlaw

Heywofih Christian Church Heyewth, IL

off my tongue. Fortu nately, I have had some Spanish learning in my past and I was able to be
"School" contirmed on pg. 2 A view ofour neighborhoodfrom the Language School


Insight From Angle

Aaron asked me to share around 5:30 AM and dark

that we must walk, ride a

a little bit with all of you

about what it is like to live

in Costa Rica. I spent some time thinking about what differences impressed
me the most about this cul ture and how it has af

at 6:00 PM year around, but just going about the days chores takes quite a
bit more time. For in

all of these things at one supermercado, but the qual ity is poor at best and the meat usually smells funny.
All of this taken into con

bus, or take a taxi every where that we need to go. This has not been a prob
lem as we have found that

we actually enjoy walking

and the extra exercise that

fected our lives. 1 have

come to the conclusion that

thus far the biggest adjust

ments have been in terms

stance, getting groceries routinely involves a visit to the neighborhood grocery for staples, a visit to the feria (farmer's market) for wonderful fruits and veg
etables, and a visit to the camerceria (butcher) for

sideration plus the fact that

you can only buy as much as you can carry makes for very interesting shopping.
We have found that Mazie's stroller makes a

it provides. Finally, I should say that

we have found that the ini

tial adjustment to the Latin

culture has not been

tremendously difficult.
We know that this time

wonderful cart to carry gro

ceries home in.

oftime. Not only are the days shorter, it gets light at

meat. It is possible to get

here will be very special

for us.

This brings me to the fact

"School"continuedfrom pg, I in an advanced class.

Angie is having to start basically from scratch.

Other than our two visits to Chile, she has had no

formal training in Spanish. So far, as we are about three weeks in to class, she is doing great. She is confident to speak with nationals to prac
tice and they are able to understand her. (a very important thing). The class that I am in is very small and several of my classmates have lived in Spanish speaking countries for a couple of years. That makes it a real challenge for me. Pray that I don't get fiustrated. Overall we are really enjoying the school. It is structured so that we have three types of classes. There is grammar, conversation and last but not least, phonetics. The teachers here are simply top notch. Angie and I love our teachers. I have developed a good fiiendship with one of my teachers to the point that he has invited me to his home. It is evident that the teachers really care. They are all Christians and feel that it is their contribution to missions to help us with language learning. The thing is that they get paid very lit tle for doing it. Most have second jobs to help
make ends meet. I thank God for them and their


dedication. I'll leave you with one of the most important things that I've learned. "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal."
1 Corinthians 13:1

Aaron, Angie & Mazie


Getting To Know Us

Our Administrators*.

The Toons

Roger and Ann Toon have taken on an awesome responsibility for Cross Cul tural Youth Ministry. Without them it would be impossible for us to fimction. They will be the Business Administrators for CCYM. When you receive a re ceipt, you know that Ann made that happen. They are the behind the scenes people who get noticed, unfortunately, when a mistake is made. They work very hard for no pay. Roger and Ann are both graduates of Ozark Christian Col lege. Roger has been involved in ministry for the last ten years. He has preached as well as being involved in youth ministry. That enables him, on a first hand basis to understand how needed youth ministry is on the mission field. Roger currently ministers part-time at the Good Shep herd United Presbyterian Church. In order to support his family, Roger runs a electrical contracting busi ness during the week. In spite of all this, he still finds time to keep the communication lines open for CCYM. Roger is our computer specialist. He helped to design our webpage on the Internet. He also serves as a representative for CCYM while the Arnold's are on the field. Ann has her degree in DeafSign Language Ministry. She has used it in the church, as well as in the public schools. Currently Ann is a fulltime mom and part-time secretary/administrator for the Toon's business and CCYM. She makes sure that the details get taken care of. She does all the book-keeping and financial accounting for CCYM. If you need anything in reference to records or information, she will help you. The Toon's have two sons, Nathan and Philip. Nathan is in the sbdh grade and in an honor program called Project Discovery. Philip is in the second grade and enjoys being rambunctious. Both boys are involved in Boy Scouts. Please keep

Ro^er, Ann and family in your prayers and as they help CCYM follows God's call.



Sept 1997

Ministry Expense
2,914.98 30,200.62




Misc. Income

Total Income



Moving 263.15 3,100.19 Office Equipment Office Supplies 286.52 One-Time Expense lap top 2,034.96 dryer 175.00
Furniture... 601.46
79.95 Other

Publicity Storage Rent Safe Deposit Box Salary Savings

School Bill





126.00 465.00

Automobile Communication Credit Cards
Educat. Material


199.99 200.00 48.01


Housing Allow

483.91 169.00

Total One-Time Exp.. Passports Petty Cash Postage and Delivery Printing
Professional Fees

40.00 100.00
109.44 59.00 250.00 52.06

Total Expense
Net Income



Language School 2,501.56


Program Expense

9775 Country Club Road PiquQ, OH 45356



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r i n ^a.o-v & it tlil

In This Issue...

How do you say, "I don't understan

iiiintli{tli!iL!!ltlli.ii A taste 0 f language learning. f? TiTitrfttTiih

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Aaron and Angle's study of Spanish in San Jose,
Costa Rica. v

where they attend. They are sold out for Jesus and we thank them for their prayers and financial sup port. Ray and Betty Wackier are members at the Piqua Church of Christ, where Aaron Arnold minis tered. Ray is an elder emeritus in the congregation and has helped to lead that church for several

CCYM Administrator^jRpger and Ann Toon, as they are new at their j(i>. ;?
That the remainder of support would come before

decades. They live nearby in the town of Covington. Ray is retired fi-om Hobart and Betty has never retired from taking care of their home. Ray has had a hard way to go these past few years. He has almost been in the hospital more than out. Their fahh has kept them going, though. And through faith they support CCYM. Ray and Betty are special people to the Arnolds. We thank Ray and Betty for their prayers and the money they give that provides the means for children and teens in Chile to see how important Jesus Christ is in their

we depart for Chile (^iay 1998).

The Metropolitan Church ofChrist in Chile, as they prepare for the Arnold's arrival. Craig and Shirley Woolsey and Jack and Janine Swanson, our missionary partners in Chile, as they
prepare for the Arnold's arrival.

If you are interested in supporting the Arnolds or CCYM please get in touch with Ann Toon by
phone, letter or email.

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