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Hardware Installation Steps

Before installing the ro ter! "onne"t first #o r PC to the Internet thro gh #o r $roa%$an% ser&i"e' If there(s an# )ro$le* o"" rre%! )lease "onta"t #o r ISP' Then install the ro ter a""or%ing to the follo+ing ste)s, -' Power off #o r PC(s)! Cable/DSL /' Co%%e&$ the DSL/Cable o!e"! an% the ro#$er'

.' Co%%e&$ the PC(s) an% ea"h Sw'$&(/H#b on #o r L)N to the L)N Por$s on the ro ter' o!e" to the W)N *or$ on the ro ter' 0' Co%%e&$ the )C *ower a!a*$er to the )C *ower so&+e$ on the ro ter! an% the other en% into an ele"tri"al o tlet' The ro ter +ill start to +or1 a to*ati"all#' 2' Power o% #o r PC(s) an% Cable/DSL "o!e"' NOTE, Don't forget to pull out the power plug and keep your hands dry.

Steps on how to obtain an IP Address automati all! in "indows #$

-' Cli"1 S$ar$ $ tton' .' Cli"1 Co%$rol Pa%el- the *en +ill a))ear' /' Cli"1 Ne$wor+ a%! I%$er%e$- the *en +ill a))ear' 0' Cli"1 Ne$wor+ a%! S(ar'%. Ce%$er- the *en +ill a))ear' 2' Cli"1 Lo&al )rea Co%%e&$'o% on the right si%e% the 3o"al Area Conne"tion Stat s +ill a))ear' 4' Cli"1 Pro*er$'es $ tton, the 3o"al Area Conne"tion Pro)erties +ill a))ear' 5' Cli"1 I%$er%e$ Pro$o&ol /ers'o% 0 (TCP/IP10)2 6' Then "li"1 Pro*er$'es $ tton' 7' Choose Ob$a'% a% IP a!!ress a#$o"a$'&all32 -8' Choose Ob$a'% DNS ser1er a!!ress a#$o"a$'&all32 --' Then "li"1 O4 $ tton' To follow this instruction, please see image below.

How to &et an IP Address o' the Router$ -' Right "li"1 the Lo&al )rea Co%%e&$'o% I&o% on the lo+er right "orner of #o r %es1to)' .' Cli"1 O*e% Ne$wor+ a%! S(ar'%. Ce%$er2 /' Cli"1 Lo&al )rea Co%%e&$'o% on the right si%e of #o r +in%o+' 0' Cli"1 De$a'ls $ tton' 2' Then &o*3 the P(3s'&al )!!ress &al e lo"ate% on the right si%e' ()* +,-,A./0,1-C Note$ Re*o&e %ashes on e&er# *a" a%%ress' 4' Co*3 also the I*10 Defa#l$ 5a$ewa32

With a We$9$ase% (I%$er%e$ E6*lorer- 7'refo6- 5oo.le C(ro"e e$&2) tilit#! the Ro ter is eas# to "onfig re an% *anage' The We$9$ase% tilit# "an $e se% on an# W'%!ows! a&'%$os( or UNI8 OS +ith a +e$ $ro+ser'
-' Conne"t to the ro ter $# t#)ing 19:216;2102:<0 in the a%%ress $ar of the +e$ $ro+ser' .' Then )ress ENTER 1e#' /' The Web 5UI of Broa%$an% Ro ter +ill a))ear'

To Set2up DHCP Se$$'%.s$ -' Cli"1 TCP/IP Se$$'%.s fol%er! the *en +ill a))ear' .' Cli"1 W)N I%$erfa&e% the WAN Interfa"e set ) +ill a))ear' /' On W)N )&&ess T3*e, sele"t DHCP Cl'e%$. 0' In Clo%e )C )!!ress- fill the $o: +ith the *a" a%%ress of #o r PC lo"ate% on the P(3s'&al )!!ress of Ne$wor+ Co%%e&$'o% De$a'ls2 ;The Ph#si"al a%%ress &al e that #o ha&e "o)ie% earlier<' 2' Cli"1 )**l3 C( $ tton to sa&e ne+ "onfig rations'

When the =C(a%.e se$$'%. s#&&essf#ll3>? a))ears! "li"1 Reboo$ Now $ tton to ta1e effe"t of the ne+ "onfig rations'

To Set2up W'reless Na"e Se$$'%.s$ -' Cli"1 W'reless fol%er! the *en +ill a))ear' .' Cli"1 @as'& Se$$'%.s, the W'reless @as'& Se$$'%.s +ill a))ear' /' In SSID, in) t #o r %esire% +i9fi na*e' ()* =Your_Wifi_Name> 0' Then "li"1 )**l3 C( $ tton to sa&e ne+ settings'

Cli"1 Reboo$ Now $ tton to ta1e effe"t of #o r ne+ "onfig rations'

To Set2up W'reless Se&#r'$3 Se$$'%.s$ -' Cli"1 W'reless fol%er, the *en +ill a))ear' .' Cli"1 Se&#r'$3, the W'reless Se&#r'$3 Se$#* +ill a))ear' /' On E%&r3*$'o%, sele"t WP):. 0' In Pre- S(are! 4e3! in) t #o r %esire% )ass+or%' The )ass+or% sho l% $e at least a *ini* * of 6 "hara"ters onl#' 2' Then "li"1 )**l3 C( $ tton to sa&e ne+ settings'

Cli"1 Reboo$ Now $ tton to ta1e effe"t of #o r ne+ "onfig rations'

To he 3 i' !ou are onne ted to the Internet$ -' Cli"1 a%a.e"e%$ fol%er! the *en +ill a))ear'

.' Cli"1 S$a$#s, the )&&ess Po'%$ S$a$#s +ill a))ear' /' Un%er the W)N Co%f'.#ra$'o% #o +ill see the infor*ation' 3oo1 for )$$a'% IP Pro$o&ol- if DHCP is %is)la#e% an% has an IP )!!ress this *eans that #o are alrea%# "onne"te% to internet'

To "he"1 if #o ha&e a""ess on the internet! tr# to o)en an# Internet Bro+ser an% &isit an# We$site that #o +ant to a""ess' Yo "an also tr# the +ireless "onne"tion to "he"1 if #o r Wi9Fi ga%get "an a""ess the internet'
)#$(or, Aa%!3 10/1;/1: