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From: Jeffrey Malkan (jeffrey.malkan@outlook.

Sent: Mon 4/28/14 8:19 AM
To:; Baker, Jessica (

This message to SUNY Counsel is my second attempt to file a report of President Tripathi's false

Dear Mr. Ruggieri and Ms. Baker,

I'm writing to inform you for the second time that the affidavit you prepared for President
Satish K. Tripathi's signature on December 5, 2013 was intentionally misleading and materially
false, both regarding his claim that he was never briefed about my allegations against Dean
Makau W. Mutua, and his claim that my appointment papers never passed across his desk. The
Provost must sign off on all appointments and promotions to the rank of Clinical Professor.

Dean R. Nils Olsen, Jr., on December 19, 2013, testified that he had adhered to that protocol
when he sent then-Provost Tripathi my dossier along with a memorandum endorsing the P&T
Committee's recommendation on my reappointment. Although the subpoenaed documents
generated by that process were destroyed by Dean Mutua when he vandalized my personnel
file, President Tripathi is well aware of the procedures of the Provost's Office.

President Tripathi's carelessness and dishonesty in a sworn legal instrument is a violation of
federal law as well as a betrayal of his obligations to the university community. In addition,
almost five months have now passed since he signed that affidavit, and Makau Mutua is still
occupying the Dean's Office under his protection. The Rules of Professional Conduct require
you to advise him to correct his misrepresentations of fact without any further delay and take
whatever other remedial measures are necessary to preserve the integrity of the judicial


Jeffrey Malkan

memoranda re clinical appointments from Deans Mutua and Olsen to then-Provost Tripathi dated
May 21, 2009 and September 3, 2007

excerpt from President Tripathis false testimony re Provosts role in clinical appointments in
affidavit sworn December 5, 2013