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Pre-reading Activities 1. What do you know about the weather in your place recently? Recently, the rain came early this year in my place. Rain often come in evening and make some places flooded. The weather is so cool in evening, but in afternoon it is so hot. But, if rain doesnt come, my place is so hot like in oven. 2. Do you think there are some changes compared to weather some years ago? Yes, I do. 3. Do you have an air condition in your house? How often do you use it? Why? Yes, I do. I usually us air condition in night, because it is hot. 4. Have you ever visited a farm recently? What have you observed there? Yes, I have. I have observed the place, farm, farmers. 5. How is the weather there? it is cool, because there are many plants and the view is beautiful 6. Does the plant there need an extra care, like from heat or rain? Yes, it does. 7. What do the farmers there do about that? The farmers put fertilizer in the plant. They irrigate their farm.

Reading passage Find the main idea The topic in the text is advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse effect. The main idea is that the greenhouse effect can be important because the Earth would not be warm enough for humans to live but if it becomes stronger could make the Earth warmer then usual. Even a little extra warming may cause problems for humans, plants, animals.

Vocabulary 1. In Indonesia there are no extremes of temperatur. It is not too hot and never gets very cold. 2. The atmosphere is a term to refer to a mixture of gases surrounding the earth.

3. The canary has escaped from its cage bacause my father forgot to close the door. 4. Farmers need sunlight to grow plants. Without it, green plants cannot perform the photosynthesis process. 5. We can have perfect dinner if you heat up the food you have just taken from the refrigerator. The cold soup will not be delicious. 6. Travel through space to other planets interests many people today. 7. We do not have to work harder as people in the past time bacause we are assisted by electrical energy like in the washing machine, blender, and mixer. 8. Hydrogen and oxygen are some gases which exist in the atmosphere. 9. There are so many people would like to go home for Lebaran that the government has to put on extra buses, trains and aeroplans. 10. Our soldiers pretented to run away and the enemy in pursuing them fell into a trap.

Post-reading Activities: Language Focus Exercises 1. Identify the use of present tense in the text The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature. Have you ever seen a greenhouse? Greenhouses are used to grow plants Greenhouses work by trapping heat from the sun. The Earths atmosphere is all around us. Sunlight enters the Earths atmosphere This energy is sent back into the atmosphere Some of the energy passes back into space The greenhouse effect is important The greenhouse effect becomes stonger

2. Make 5 sentences of your own using the present tense He washes his clothes on Sunday morning. You come to class on time every day. Ann usually buys some vegetables in the market She doesnt like rock music. Mr. Dani teaches English in a high school.

Writing Practice Make a cause-effect essay on why you like or dislike studying in the evening

I dont like studying in evening

It is important for every student to study hardly for their success in their school or their college. The effective time to study is morning, because our mind is still fresh and easy to accept the lessons. Same as me, I like study in morning but I dont like study in evening, because its so boring. I think studying in evening is not effective. Evening is our time to rest. I am tired in evening. Studying in evening make me sleepy, I cant focus in my lessons. So, it makes me lazy for studying.