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ACTPACO Second Half Course Requirement Group Research Project

Objective The research project aims to orient accounting students with the actual financial statements of a stock corporation. After learning the accounting standards applicable to corporation accounting, this project will further enhance their understanding of the course by giving the students practical perspectives of real life business enterprises. Guidelines 1. The class will be divided into groups of 4 students or less. A group leader is identified. 2. Each group will get copies of 2 !2 annual reports of a stock corporation. "ne#!$ annual report is re%uired per group. The professor, at her option, may select a specific industry for her class. 3. The group will go over the annual reports, relate the annual report to lectures taken in A&T'A&" and prepare a written report. (or the annual report, please answer the following %uestions)

a. *hat is the name of the corporation+ *hat is the nature of their business+ b. *ho are the members of the ,oard of -irectors+ *ho is the chairman of the board+ c. *ho is the president of the corporation+ d. *hat types of stock are they authori.ed to issue+ /ow many are the authori.ed shares+ /ow
much are their par values+ /ow many shares are issued+ /ow many shares are subscribed+

e. -o they have treasury shares+ /ow many shares are there in the treasury+ /ow much is the
cost per share+ *hat method of recording treasury stock do they follow+

f. /ow much is their total retained earnings+ /ow much is free+ /ow much is appropriated+
*hat kind of appropriations did they make+

g. -id they declare cash dividends during the year+ 0f yes, how much+ h. -o they have any stock dividends distributable as of balance sheet date+ 0f yes, how many
shares are to be issued and when are these to be distributed+

i. /ow much is net income or net loss during the year+ j. -oes their 1tatement of &hanges in E%uity follow the format given in class+ 0f yes, what column
headings do they have+ *hat amounts did they include under each column heading+ 0f the company did not follow the format given in class, what format do they have+

k. *hat conclusions can you derive from this simple research+ 4. The written report must a. be typewritten in short bond paper2 b. be double spaced with a font of !2 arial2 c. have a one inch margin all over2 d. not be longer than ! pages2 e. be submitted in a short folder. 5. The copy of the annual report must be saved on a C !properly labeled" and submitted to#ether
$ith the $ritten report%


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