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TicketNetwork Web Services Worksheet

If you have technical questions related to TicketNetwork Web Services, please contact the individual listed below. This person will be the liaison between support and engineering at TicketNetwork and should be able to answer the ma ority of your questions! TicketNetwork Contact Name: "yode i "dediran TicketNetwork Contact Phone: #$%.#&%.'(%% TicketNetwork Contact Email: webservices)

Note: To assist you with any technical issues, we need the following information: Please verify that the error also occurs when using the TicketNetwork test form (see below) and Firefox (other browsers may not dis lay the error message)! Please rovide us with any error message! "our website configuration #$ (listed above)! #s the error occurring in roduction or in our test environment% The &'( you are using to reference web services! The web services method name and the )*+,T arguments you are roviding to the method! #f you do not rovide us with the above information, our res onse to your su ort re-uest will be delayed! TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW
TicketNetwork web services can be accessed using S*"+ or simple ,TT+ -.T and +/T operations. The 012 ob ects that are returned and the available web service methods are formally described by a Web Services 3escription 2anguage 4WS325 file, available at!
The form of the S*"+ and ,TT+ requests and responses for each method is available by clicking on the name of the method at this /62!
Samples are given for each request type 4S*"+, ,TT+ -.T, or ,TT+ +/T5. +lease note that to access methods requiring a secure connection, ,TT+S must be used instead of ,TT+ 4replace 7http8 with 7https8 above5. Some development environments do not have adequate support for non9primitive input types to methods. :or those environments, we provide parallel methods with string input types 4all arguments are strings5. +lease use the following /62S instead of those given above. :or the WS32 file, please go to! np!ts.asmx?WSDL
:or the form of requests and responses for each method, click on a method name here!

;<=#<=%%& np!ts.asmx
This last /62 can also be used as a test form to troubleshoot your web service calls 4see below5.


>. +rovide the I+ address of the server you will use to develop your website. NOTE: You will not be authorized to access our test web services until you provide your test server IP address =. 6eview the TicketNetwork Web Services documentation. '. 3evelop website pages in the test environment. (. Site review ? @uality "ssurance 4@"5 is performed by TicketNetwork. +lease send a request for a site review to the TicketNetwork contact listed above and also send email to webserviceqa) A. *nce developed site meets TicketNetwork @" standards, we will ask you to provide your server I+ address, so that calls from your production server can be authenticated. "fter the I+ address has been added to our authentication list, we will provide you with production /62s and your site will have access to production data. NOTE: You will not be authorized to access our production web services until you provide your production server IP address


Bou can start your development process by accessing TicketNetworkCs testing 4sandboD5 environment. This should be where "22 of your testing takes place. We strongly urge you to thoroughly test all service9related calls in this environment before requesting access to the production environment. TicketNetwork reserves the ri!ht to restrict your services calls in our production environment i" we "ind e#cessive errors$ mal"ormed service calls$ or abuse TicketNetwork provides a test form for each method to facilitate troubleshooting. If a method is not giving eDpected results, please try the method call using the following /62! np!ts.asmx
"gain, to access secure services, you must use 7https8 instead of 7http8.

Production access will be granted at end of the testing rocess with the a roval of TicketNetwork .uality +ssurance (.+) and your su ort contact!


INTEGRATING YO$R SITE WITH TIC%ETNETWOR% CHEC%O$T N/T): $/ N/T 0&#($ "/&' /1N ,2),3/&T! "ou must integrate your site with our check out! Please do N/T lace any test orders once you have successfully integrated your site with our checkout! tickettransaction4!com is a live site, and any orders laced will be real!
*nce the front end of the your site is complete, you will need to integrate it with TicketNetworkEs checkout site, *n the page where you display the list of available tickets for events, each purchase link must have a /62 of this form!"hecko!t.aspx? brokeri#$%bi#&'siten!mber$%si#&'tgi#$%tgi#&'evti#$%evti#&'price$%price &'tre($%tre(&'Session #$%sessioni#&

Bou will need to replace everything in angle brackets 4F,G5 above with the appropriate values. 7FbidG8 is your broker I3 4given above5, 7FsidG8 is your site number 4also given above5, 7FtgidG8 is the I3 of the ticket group, 7FevtidG8 is the event I3 of all the ticket groups on the page, 7FpriceG8 is the price you have quoted on your page 4note that this value is passed for logging purposes only5, and 7FtreqG8 is the number of tickets requested by the customer. 7FsessionidG8 must be a unique, A9character alphanumeric random string 4e.g., 7gs'=085 for every checkout link on the page. "gain, each session ID must be unique. ,ere is sample HavaScript code for generating session I3s client9side!
)!nction*makeSession #+,*var*chars*$*./02123456789"D:;<= >?L@NABCRSTDEWFTGabc#e)ghikHmnop(rst!vwxIJ.K* var*si#LHength*$*3K var*si#*$*..K )or*+var*i$/K*i%si#LHengthK*iMM,*var*rn!m*$*@ath.)Hoor+@ath.ran#om+,*N*chars.Hength,K si#*M$*chars.s!bstring+rn!mOrn!mM0,K P ret!rn*si#K P*