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Cancer Research Project

Elijah Manns & Udoka Ahaneku

1. Photolyase is a DNA repair enzyme. It is common in lotions and creams for protecting skin against sun rays. In this specific case, the DNA repair enzyme is fixing strands, or bonds nucleotides in DNA that ha e been deformed by ultra iolet radiations. !hen these nucleotides are fused to each other, and not forming the iconic double helix of DNA, cancers such as skin cancer may arise. ". Photolyase is a protein, specifically a photoreacti ating enzyme that re erses the effects of ultraviolet radiation. #hese enzymes use a blue light photon as a co$substrate. #his helps photlyase fix cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers, %hich create lesions in DNA. Photolyases ha e a strong affinity for these lesions. #his strong attraction pulls the lesions back into the original DNA forms. &. Photolyase is a great helper in skin cancer. It is a damage repair enzyme that that repairs damaged DNA from exposure to ultra iolet light. #he enzyme re'uires isible light to %ork, this is called photo$reacti ation. Photolyase is present in plants and animals, but is no longer present in humans. Photolyases (oins complementary DNA strands and break certain types of pyrimidine dimers that appear %hen a pair of thymine or cytosine bases on the same strand of DNA become co alently linked. #his results into a lesion, %hich is a bulge in the DNA structure from the dimers. )lue light is used to initiate a cyclic electron transfer to break bonds and restore the integrity of DNA. *+kin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the ,nited +tates and can be lethal if not properly treated. #he leading cause of skin cancer is epidermal absorption of ultra iolet -,./ radiation.0 -DNA Photolyase, "112/

2. Photlyase pre ents many skin cancers3 like 4alignant 4elanoma, )asal cell 5arcinoma, and s'uamous cell carcinoma. 4alignant 4elanoma can occur on exposed and co ered skin that has been sunburned in the past, spreads through your body and causes death. +'uamous cell 5arcinoma forms a scaly, pink, and lumpy %art like gro%th. #his happens to areas exposed to a lot

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