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THE INSTRUCTIONS OF AMENEMHE'ET (THE GOD AMON IS FIRST) Beginneth here the Instruction !"e #$ the !

%est$ o& the 'ing o& u((er !n" )o*er Eg$(t+ Sehote('e#,Re+ son o& the Sun+ A ene he'et+ the (- ./0 1usti&ie"- . He s(e!2eth thus in "isco3ering *or"s o& truth unto his son+ the 4or" o& the 5or)"6 .- Shine &orth+ he s!ith+ e3en !s the Go"- He!r2en to th!t *hich I s!$ unto thee7 th!t thou !$ reign o3er the )!n"+ th!t thou !$ go3ern the *or)"+ th!t thou !$ e8ce) in goo"ness/- 4et one *ith"r!* hi se)& &ro his su#or"in!tes entire)$- It #e&!))eth th!t !n2in" gi3e their he!rts unto one th!t c!useth the &e!r- Mi8 not ! ong the !)one7 &i)) not thine he!rt *ith ! #rother7 2no* not ! truste" &rien"7 !2e &or th$se)& no &! i)i!r "e(en"ents7 in these things is no s!tis&!ction9- 5hen thou )iest "o*n h!3e ! c!re &or th$ / 3er$ )i&e+ since &rien"s e8ist not &or ! !n in the "!$ o& is&ortunes- I g!3e to the #egg!r+ !n" c!use" the or(h!n to )i3e7 I !"e hi th!t h!" not to !tt!in+ e3en !s he th!t h!":- But it *!s the e!ter o& $ &oo" th!t !"e insurrection !g!inst e7 to *ho I g!3e ine h!n"s+ he cre!te" "istur#!nce there#$7 the$ th!t !rr!$e" the in $ &ine )inen reg!r"e" e !s !

(- ./. sh!"o*7 !n" it *!s the$ th!t !nointe" the se)3es *ith $ s(ices th!t entere" $ h!re ;- M$ i !ges !re ! ong the )i3ing7 !n" $ !chie3e ents !re ! ong en- But I h!3e !"e !n heroic stor$ th!t h!th not #een he!r"7 ! gre!t &e!t o& !r s th!t h!th not #een seen- Sure)$ one &ighteth &or ! )!ssoe" o8 th!t &orgetteth $ester"!$7 . !n" goo" &ortune is o& no !3!i) unto one th!t c!nnot (ercei3e it<- It *!s !&ter the e3ening e!)+ !n" night *!s co e- I too2 &or $se)& !n hour o& e!se- I )!$ "o*n u(on $ #e"+ &or I *!s *e!r$- M$ he!rt #eg!n to *!n"er (=)- I s)e(t- An" )o> *e!(ons *ere #r!n"ishe"+ !n" there *!s con&erence concerning e- I !cte" !s the ser(ent o& the "esert- / ?- I !*o2e to &ight7 I *!s !)one- I &oun" one struc2 "o*n+ it *!s the c!(t!in o& the gu!r"- H!" I recei3e" @uic2)$ the !r s &ro his h!n"+ I h!" "ri3en #!c2 the "!st!r"s #$ s iting !roun"- But he *!s not ! #r!3e !n on th!t night+ nor cou)" I &ight !)one7 !n occ!sion o& (ro*ess co eth not to one sur(rise"- Thus *!s IA- Beho)"+ then+ 3i)e things c! e to (!ss+ &or

(- .// B(!r!gr!(h continuesC I *!s *ithout thee7 the courtiers 2ne* not th!t I h!" (!sse" on to thee,, $ (o*er- I s!t not *ith thee on the throne- . 4et e then+ !2e $ ()!ns- Bec!use I !*e" the not I *!s not un in"&u) o& the 7 #ut ine he!rt #ringeth not to re e #r!nce the s)!c2ness o& ser3!ntsD- H!3e e3er *o en g!there" together !ss!i)!nts= Are !ss!ssins re!re" *ithin $ (!)!ce= 5!s the o(ening "one #$ cutting through the groun"= The un"er)ings *ere "ecei3e" !s to *h!t the$ "i"- / But is&ortunes h!3e not co e in $ tr!in since $ #irth7 nor h!th there e8iste" the e@u!) o& e !s ! "oer o& 3!)i!nce.0- I &orce" $ *!$ u( to E)e(h!ntine+ I *ent "o*n unto the co!st,)!2es7 9 I h!3e stoo" u(on the #oun"!ries o& the )!n"+ !n" I h!3e seen its centre- I h!3e set the )i its o& ight #$ $ ight in $ "ee"s..- I r!ise" corn+ I )o3e" No(i7 : the Ni)e #egge" o& e e3er$ 3!))e$- In $ reign none hungere"7 none thirste" therein- The$ *ere contente" in th!t *hich I "i"+ s!$ing concerning e+ EE3er$ co !n" ent is eet-E

(- ./9

./- I o3erc! e )ions7 I c!rrie" o&& croco"i)es- I c!st the Nu#i!ns un"er $ &eet7 I c!rrie" o&& the southern Nu#i!ns7 I c!use" the Asi!tics to &)ee+ e3en !s houn"s.9- I h!3e !"e e !n house+ !"orne" *ith go)"+ its cei)ings *ith )!(is )!Fu)i+ its *!))s h!3ing "ee( &oun"!tions- Its "oors !re o& co((er+ their #o)ts !re o& #ronFe- It is !"e &or e3er)!sting7 eternit$ is in !*e o& it- I 2no* e3er$ "i ension thereo&+ O 4or" o& the 5or)"> .:- There !re "i3ers "e3ices in #ui)"ings- I 2no* the (ronounce ents o& en *hen in@uiring into its #e!uties7 #ut the$ 2no* not th!t it *!s *ithout thee+ O $ Son+ Sen*esert7 )i&e+ s!&e !n" soun"+ #e to thee,,#$ th$ &eet "o I *!)27 thou !rt !&ter ine o*n he!rt7 #$ thine e$es "o I see7 #orn in !n hour o& "e)ight7 *ith s(irits . th!t ren"ere" thee (r!ise.;- Beho)"+ th!t *hich I h!3e "one !t the #eginning+ )et e set it in or"er &or thee !t the en"7 )et e #e the )!n"ing,()!ce o& th!t *hich is in thine he!rt- A)) en together set the 5hite Cro*n on the O&&s(ring o& the Go"- &i8ing it unto its "ue ()!ce- I sh!)) #egin th$ (r!ises *hen in the Bo!t o& R!- Th$ 2ing"o h!th #een &ro (ri e3!) (- ./: ti e7 not #$ $ "oing+ *ho h!3e "one 3!)i!nt things- R!ise u( onu ents+ !2e #e!uti&u) th$ to #- I h!3e &ought !g!inst hi *ho thou 2no*est7 &or I "esire not th!t he shou)" #e #esi"e th$ M!%est$- 4i&e s!&e !n" soun"+ #e to thee-