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Rukunegara Komitmen Malaysia ke negara kita: untuk mencapai lebih semua orang Rapat bersatu; mengekalkan cara hidup

demokrasi; mewujudkan yang adil Masyarakat dalam perkongsian saksama kekayaan negara; memastikan pelbagai dalam negeri tidak Dan tradisi budaya yang kaya dengan rawatan kemurahan hati; mewujudkan Berdasarkan kemajuan sains dan teknologi dalam masyarakat moden. Oleh itu, kita - rakyat Malaysia, berikrar untuk bekerja bersama-sama Selaras dengan prinsip-prinsip berikut untuk mencapai matlamat ini: percaya kepada Tuhan Setia kepada negara raja menegakkan Perlembagaan menghormati kedaulatan undang-undang penanaman menurut

Pelajaran Negeri Zhe Li Di Malaysia, pendidikan adalah punca yang berterusan, ia komited untuk Dalam perkembangan yang menyeluruh dan bersepadu potensi individu. Dalam pelukan dan mematuhi Tuhan atas dasar membentuk intelektual, emosi, psikologi dan Fisiologi yang boleh kira dan keharmonian. Matlamatnya adalah untuk membawa Mempunyai pelbagai pengetahuan, sikap positif, sifat yang mulia, tanggungjawab Apa-apa rasa, dan keupayaan untuk mencapai kebahagiaan peribadi rakyat Malaysia, dengan itu Keluarga, keharmonian dan kemakmuran masyarakat dan negara untuk menyumbang.

Introduction " Chinese small country " is in line with the Ministry of Education launched the " Education Development Master Plan " in the country China set up additional primary language subjects . As the medium of the small country is Malay, Mandarin in Elementary position belongs to the second language . Interpersonal relationships and communication language is most effective when Communication tools. Develop language skills , is the main task of the second language teaching. Other words Saying , " Chinese small country " as a second language teaching program for the implementation of its main objective Is to develop the students' ability to use Chinese to communicate in real life , and as they entered the Step in learning Chinese language and lay a good foundation. Growth and learning environment in the Malay language national niche, very seldom pick Chinese touch . Therefore , Chinese curriculum to contact their daily lives as much as possible and social Will live , content reflects our objective situation , in order to make teaching more relevant and

interesting Resistance, and allows students to apply their knowledge. " Chinese small country " has focused on strengthening the students of our peoples culture and values Concept of understanding to enhance students' moral values , students of patriotism and solidarity Fraternal spirit , committed to shaping the intellectual, emotional , psychological and physical balance and can Harmony of the people , reflect the " national education philosophy " spirit. The course content includes the general objective standard , teaching objectives and teaching content. Head Standard noted after completing elementary school students in Chinese language courses should meet the targets ; teaching project The overall objective standard for further explanation ; teaching Chinese language course content listed "content standard Quasi "and" learning standards " broadly delineated within the language teaching and language basics Yung category. In the process of teaching , teachers should be based on individual potential and differences between students , schools Demand for equipment and the environment, choice of materials and design appropriate instructional activities for students Lay a solid language foundation . At the same time , teachers also need to actively develop students' intellectual, Cultivate their character, and make other practical skills students master the information and communication technology, to achieve Effects to apply their knowledge. In addition, the language in extracurricular activities is an important part of language teaching and language it Complement classroom teaching. Effectively carry out extra-curricular activities and the strengthening of language learning To play an active role in teaching objectives.

The overall objective of The overall objective of the course is a small country Chinese students to fully grasp the listening, speaking , reading and writing Skills , and thus correctly applied standard Chinese to learn , express emotion , and people ditch Pass ; simultaneously by the MOI to improve the quality of students' thinking , cultivate patriotism , Promote cultural exchange , in order to achieve national unity . Course Objectives After completing elementary school Chinese language course, students should be able to : 1 . Basic knowledge of speech , the right standard Chinese , appropriate tone and language Tune talk and read aloud . 2 . Focused, listen patiently to get information , ask for the topic , smooth Syria It reasoning . 3 . Introduced orally and in writing to each other , to express feelings, use appropriate

language and Social etiquette to communicate with others , to establish and maintain good relations. 4 . Master various reading skills , access to information through a variety of media . 5. Read and understand all kinds of materials, to develop good reading habits. 6. Master writing skills to write the correct strokes and stroke , and then writing essays . 7 . Application of a variety of media , effective use of all types of cards and Practical , with people exchanging information . 8. Orally and in writing, explains the meaning of patriotism , patriotic spirit and culture to improve National consciousness .
Course Outline " Elementary Chinese curriculum standards " and " overall goal " that students completing the country Xiaohua After language courses should reach the targets ; " course objectives " for " overall goal " for further Description ; "Curriculum " includes " classroom " , "teaching " and " teaching Four-part assessment "and" teaching equipment " , which specifically raised the curriculum standards The basic idea of the direction and implementation , and the implementation of the proposed method briefly . " Curriculum " is based on the classroom teachers , including " content Standard "and" learning standards " ." Content standards " to " course objectives " as the basis, the total Including lists from the small country of Chinese teaching content . " Learning Standards " is a more detailed , Specifically grades one to six students should master the language skills , language and Fun Standard basic language knowledge. " Learning Standards " is a student in the learning process should reach The index is a guide classroom teachers . Design and teaching activities , Shall be " learning standards " as the basis . Therefore, teachers should understand " content standards ." And " learning standards " of the content and requirements in order to carry out effective planning and teaching . " Curriculum " in order to grasp the basis of language skills , but also combined with fun language Activities through appropriate teaching materials to achieve the " course objectives ." Teaching language skills package Including listening, speaking , reading and writing four aspects . Only fully to the students heard , read Language and writing skills , and basic knowledge of the language by teaching students the palm Chinese grip inherent laws , in order to enhance the use of language in interpersonal relationships, information processing , etc. The ability to achieve teaching objectives .

Curriculum Classroom Classroom should be student- centered learning , the teacher is the whole learning process Organizers and promoters . Teachers must meet students' different learning styles and inspire students Interest in learning, teaching various forms of creative activity , individualized, through Progressive sequence , language proficiency and attention to the cultivation of a sense of language , literacy committed to students' language The overall increase accumulation. Teachers should be based on individual potential and differences between students , schools Demand for equipment and the environment, appropriate choice of materials and design teaching activities , guiding students Lay a solid language foundation . Teaching activities closely linked to social life , pay attention to the development of the language in real life Teaching resources, enhance communication inside and outside the class . Teachers can use radio, television, Internet And other media , you can also organize various literary groups , increase the chance to practice the language , so that language Language learning can apply their knowledge. Develop language skills at the same time , students should pay attention to the formation of personality . Teachers should reDepending on the language of communication and spiritual teachers and students to communicate , be good at guiding students to develop intelligence, improve thinking Want to know , morality , culture, taste and aesthetic appeal. While paying attention to the development of students Multiple intelligence and thinking ability , with particular emphasis on cultivation of creative thinking . Classroom teaching should note the following points : First, I heard that teaching I heard that the purpose of education is to enable students to listen to standard pronunciation and understanding the meaning of words , to understand all kinds of Content to speak, and points to seize the center , to develop focus , patience obedient habits ; say When words do articulate a clear , appropriate tone , attitude naturally polite, and can accurately narrative Reasoning, express emotion .
Second, the teaching of reading The purpose of reading instruction is to enable students to master the basic knowledge of voice , correctly Reading, and be able to use silent reading , reading familiar with other ways to understand the teaching and Know how to use books and other media to aid understanding. Students are more in order to understand the world , Development of thinking , get the aesthetic experience , and to develop the ability to access

information . Content includes the teaching of reading literacy , reading comprehension chapter and other projects . Literacy Literacy is the foundation of reading , but also a focus on language teaching , we must strive to Bit . Teachers should guide students to identify patiently similar shape , pronunciation , or other similar Prone to confuse the word . Easy to write hard literacy , literacy teaching, should be more literate , less writing, can not be Seeking knowledge to write sync , so slow down the literacy rate , but can not write as literacy teaching Activities. Literacy teaching should pay attention to each word form , sound and meaning three ties , but every A character has its own characteristics , teachers can not be only one way to teach Science, and various attempts to do and explore a variety of educational activities designed to guide school Health literacy . Read Read the importance of teaching students reading interests and habits, themes and body materials Cut must diversify to be able to raise students' interest , broaden their horizons , and never Different angles to provide nutrients for the students . When teachers during teaching , must learn Students understand the content of a summary, then explore the form of articles ; seek first to understand, then seek record Yi .

This requirement . To write a word, students must read, write there are certain aspects of the first Basis , therefore, to begin to write the words teaching , be sure to fully consider the students' learning Xi starting point can not be hurried . Writing Teaching of writing is to write words and improve continuity of teaching aims to equip students with writing Basic capabilities of various genres article. Writing must focus on teaching students to develop reading and Health Living habits of language skills and accumulated material, taking into account the development of thinking, learning guide Health and collecting , filtering , organizing writing materials , master the basic knowledge of writing . Students should be trained teaching of writing I hand my mouth , my heart, my handwriting capabilities , emphasizing Students say the truth in writing , and express the truth . Teachers should cherish the unique personal experience, to Seeking student based on individual strengths and interests of independent writing, and more would like to write , so that felt like it,

Personality , creative expression . Fourth, Fun Language Fun language teaching materials to meet students' life experiences and rich education Significance. Teachers in teaching the game to combine education , teachers in teaching to combine education Game , do not preach Ban Qilian hole , but not to use vulgar way , blindly funny, Flow in bad taste , and let every student has the opportunity to participate in activities and work together to complete the school Learning , to foster the spirit of unity and cooperation . Five basic language knowledge Teaching the basics of the language , its purpose is to enable students to systematically learn Chinese Language . By learning the basics of the language , students can grasp the inherent law of the Chinese language , to mention L language proficiency . Therefore , knowledge of language learning is integrated into the teaching of language skills among In the interpretation of the text , when , as the case requires knowledge of the language with the text out . Language based The basic foundation of knowledge , including knowledge of

Chinese characters, voice , words, sayings , punctuation and word Sinks. Language teaching Language is the carrier of culture , people in the process of learning a second language , inevitably Encounter a lot of unfamiliar or difficult to understand cultural phenomena . In addition to written materials must focus The actual use of language , but also there are plans to incorporate the necessary culture of learning a second language Background knowledge , in order to avoid future communication, resulting in communication caused by cultural barriers Mistakes. Due to the lack of a small country to learn Chinese language environment , if only to teach students in isolation Words, phrases or sentences , rather than arrange appropriate language applications and situations , they learn Knowledge of the language can not be translated into actual language communicative competence. For students to really After being to learn Chinese , you must pass certain language environment for students to learn Chinese To have practical use . Therefore , preparation of teaching materials , and to try to create close to natural language Environment , so that students can put what they have learned correctly and flexibly applied to real lives. Therefore , the scope of teaching elementary Chinese curriculum content , curriculum

standards must be in accordance with It covers all aspects of knowledge , including the humanities , science , the natural environment and current affairs And so on, as far as possible reflect the student's life and social life. Selected materials in addition to " Ayami And the United States " , focus on practicality and fun , more should pay attention to the specification language , thus raising To students on the proper use of customary norms of language. Language teaching should also take into account the ever-changing trends in today's society , therefore , China Language teaching should be integrated into the thinking skills, information and communication technology, learning skills, skills for future research Energy and multiple intelligences and other practical skills to prepare students to set foot in the future society . In addition, it should be emphasized teaching moral values , national consciousness and patriotism