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Angels A s Exist t
By y Joanne Br rocas
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AN NGELS ARE E CELESTIA AL BEINGS that radiate div vine light and d work on be ehalf of their r creator God d for r the greater good of man nkind. Angeli ic beings also o ass sist in manag ging and main ntaining ord der within the e un niverse, and th his involves t the intervent tion of dif fferent ranks of angels wh ho are attribu uted divine kn nowledge and d wisdom, div vine power, a and who hav ve specif fic divine roles and tasks given g to them m by God. It t is because o of the differin ng knowledge e and power p awarde ed to the ang gels that we have h what is k known as the e angelic or c celestial hierar rchy. It is said that there are a nine choi irs of angels, which are al lso divided in nto three distin nct orders or spheres. The e angels close est to God wi ill have more e divine know wledge, wisdo om, and pow wer bestowed on them tha an the orders directly rank ked below th hem, thus the e hierar rchy is forme ed. Each disti inct order an nd each indiv vidual choir h have specific tasks and divine e roles and al ll choirs carry y out the wil ll of God. The first order o of ange els are said to o be closest to o God. They y protect the d divine throne and they constantly c sin ng the praises s of God and d help to mai intain the vib bration of creation. nd order of an ngels are said d to manage t the daily fun nctioning of t the heavens The secon and they help h to maint tain the balan nce of the un niverse. They y receive orde ers from the angels clos sest to God and a they carr ry out these o orders. They also give task ks to the angels ran nked below th hem. The third order of ang gels are said to watch over r mankind an nd the earth plane and s divine mess sengers and protectors p of people. This s order of ang gels includes they act as the mighty y and powerf ful archangel ls, and the be est known of f all the angels the guardian angels. a

Guar rdian Angels The guardian g ang gels are with us u daily and their t love for r us is uncon nditional. They minister t to us on n behalf of Go od and they take our pray yers to God a and bring ba ack the answe ers to us that t
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are always in alignment with our greatest good. Part of their divine role is to help to keep us safe from harm and to help prevent our passing before our allocated time so that we can fulfil our life purpose and destiny. Guardian angels will try their best to lovingly influence us to make wiser life choices so that we can alleviate much unnecessary pain, suffering, or any irritating mistakes we make through our own free will. They cannot interfere with our spiritual lessons and if we are meant to experience certain temporary obstacles or temporary difficult life circumstances, then they cannot take this away from us, but they can help to spiritually support us through these testing times. Guardian angels can also send us healing when we are sick, and they can help us to cross paths with other people who can play an important role in attaining our hearts desires. Some people will have more than one guardian angel assigned to them depending on their life task and purpose. Most people have closed their hearts and minds to their guardian angels and this is why the person must want to receive help from a higher power and must reach out to a higher power to ask for help as this will then establish their personal spiritual connection with their guardian angel. What Do Angels Look Like? Angels are spiritual beings and therefore they do not have physical bodies. They are typically unseen and invisible beings of divine light that differ from each other in vibrational frequency depending on their place and role within the angelic hierarchy. The angels can also manifest any kind of physical form they wish, to assist in a divine task on earth, but always under the direction and will of God this is known as divine intervention. Most guardian angels and many other angelic beings do however have physical features and will vibrate the appearance of human form. Most angelic beings have wings of light, which we have come to know as white feathered wings and this is the universally accepted perception of what angels look like. Angels are often depicted in this way in paintings and great works of art. Other angelic forms, such as the mighty Seraphim and the Cherubim, have unusual features according to scripture and research. The study of angels is known as angelology and it is certainly a fascinating subject to research. Angels have an energy field of different colors, which are especially associated with their specific divine role and with their individual appearance. An example of this is with the mighty and powerful Archangel Michael, who has legions of angels working with him on the blue ray of divine light, and these are known as the blue ray angels. The main role of the angels on a personal level is to help assist us from behind the physical scenes of our life and to help guide us and protect us along our life path without interfering with our free will. How to Communicate with Angels As angels are spiritual beings you interact with them in subtle intuitive ways, which are nonphysical. Everyone is intuitive and the more self-aware you become, then the stronger your natural intuition becomes. It is much easier than you may consider to be able to sense, hear,


and see the angels around you. However, if you are waiting for physical evidence of the angels around you as proof of their existence, then you may be waiting a very long time and you will miss out on the loving guidance of the angelic realm because you will naturally block all other avenues of communication. The angels are able to and are happy to bring you certain signs as tangible evidence that they are around you; such as a white feather, a butterfly or a reference to angels by others etc. but they will not appear in physical form, or speak to you in a direct physical sounding voice just to satisfy your desire for proof of their existence. To be able to spiritually sense, see, and hear the angels through your intuitive nature you simply need to relax your body and energy field and ignite your faith and belief that your guardian angel is by your side. So how do you know if you are sensing, hearing, and seeing angels if they are typically unseen? Sensing the angels is very subtle but it will evoke a calm feeling within your nervous system, you can also have the sensation of feeling safe and secure, and you may have a physical sensation of body warmth when the angels are near. You can also feel overly joyous or instantly uplifted when you sense the angels around you. Simply ask your guardian angel to surround you with their loving energy so that you can feel/sense them. The touch of angelic energy on your own vibration is very uplifting and healing. Seeing the angels will also be very subtle and will work through your intuitive mind and imagination. You may have a mental picture and quick glimpse within your mind of what your guardian angel looks like, or you may even see your guardian angel within your dream state. You can also use the art of meditation to intuitively see what your guardian angel looks like. You may see sparkles of light, different colors of light, or a human looking angel with white wings. Let your imagination roam free and your creative mind will activate your desire to see what the angels look like as they will impress their image within your imagination. Hearing the angels will again be very subtle and so much so that you can often feel like you are making it all up. The angels will work through your mental energy by filtering angelic guidance through your own thought process. The thoughts will always be positive, uplifting, healing, and inspiring when they are angelic in nature. Angels love to whisper their helpful guidance to us in the hope that we will listen. We have free will to pay attention and choose our own paths, but when you ask for help from a higher power, then the angels will work in co-creation with you and God, and you will be aligned with a power that is far greater than yourself alone. Faith and belief in a higher power are the key ingredients to help you activate powerful spiritual assistance within your life. Gods holy angels can and will help you in all your ways, and all you need to do is to remember to Ask! For he shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11
2014 Joanne Brocas, author of The Power of Angels: Discover How to Connect, Communicate and Heal with the Angels published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. ISBN-13: 9781601633194 List Price: US $14.99