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SDA Portfolio Students Assessment

Name of Student: Lakeisha Jackson Name of Chair: Dr. Michele Murray Date: April 25, 2014

Overall, including both the portfolio and the portfolio conversation, how well do you feel you demonstrated accomplishment of the SDA programs learning outcomes: Complete Accomplishment Comments: Now that I have delivered my presentation, I confident that my process in creating my eportfolio was very important in my ability to dialogue with the committee and answer their questions utilizing the SDA learning outcomes and artifacts in my portfolio. Most notably, I was able to provide responses that connected my artifacts and LO # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 &10 very well. That is strong positive feedback that I received from my committee during our feedback session. I appreciate my portfolio chairperson, Dr. Michele Murray, for giving me that piece of advice during one of our two meetings that we had in the weeks leading up to my presentation. Additionally, in hearing the depth and thoughtfulness of the committees questions, I can see that each member dedicated a significant amount of time reviewing each artifact and the written narratives and pulling out my main three key themes: my leap of faith in pursuing graduate school and a graduate assistantship, my leadership during the program and my salient identity as a woman of color. My committee provided strong constructive feedback encouraging me to give more depth in responses in the future. It was noted that during my presentation that I gave strong comprehensive answers that provided breadth. This is feedback that I will be mindful of as I move forward and further integrate my learning during the SDA program into my full-time professional role. Showing expertise in an area is not only okay; it is expected in (some) professional and academic spaces. Furthermore, the committee noted my difficulty at times in answering questions about my challenges and areas of improvement. I saw this in connection to questions that aligned with LO # 1, 7 & 9. This is in part due to expectations that I have of myself. I intentionally take a strengths-based approach in all areas of my life. It will take time, reflection, and guidance from trusted mentors and advisors to work through how I discuss challenges and areas of improvement in my growth and development. It meant a lot to me to have a strong supportive audience to experience this presentation with me. Approximately 40 attendees came, which is a little exuberant of me, but my community and network are a big part of my identity as a graduate student, professional, family member, friend and so forth. Having people from all of those areas of my life attend this occasion was extremely meaningful. Please also complete the assessment of specific learning outcomes on the reverse side. 1 5 4 3 2 1 Minimal Accomplishment

! Clearly/Directly illustrated the outcome

! Somewhat illustrated the outcome ! Obvious/Apparent reflection ! Some insights articulated

! Indirectly/Remotely illustrated the outcome ! Superficial/Trivial reflection ! Few insights articulated

Quality of Entries/Artifacts and Reflections

SDA Outcome #1:
Understanding the foundation and emerging nature of the Student Affairs profession and higher education

! Deep/Insightful reflection ! Numerous insights articulated

Comments: Artifact C1 my campus crisis paper - addressed this LO. There was one question asked during my presentation as well. This is an area for improvement and further growth.

SDA Outcome #2:

Understanding students and student issues

Comments: Artifacts A2 and J show my intentionally in working with and for students at all levels. My committee provided numerous questions to address this LO.

SDA Outcome #3:

Exhibiting professional integrity and ethical leadership in professional practice

Comments: A few questions in my presentation gave me room to address this LO from my view as a student leader, mentor, and with regard to my GAship. Artifact C3 my leadership philosophy paper addresses this LO.

SDA Outcome #4:

Understanding and fostering diversity, justice and a sustainable world informed by a global perspective and the Jesuit Catholic tradition

Comments: I Included numerous artifacts (B1, B2, E, G) to address this LO. Also, my committee asked numerous questions that allow me to elaborate on this theme and share my artifacts.

SDA Outcome #5:

Adapting student services to specific environments and cultures

Comments: Most notably my committee asked about this regards to my work and student experiences at various institution types. Artifact A2 show these experiences.

SDA Outcome #6:

Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration

Comments: This shown in artifacts A2, B2, E & J. Also in my eportfolio, my pathway through the program page shows how I have done this during grad school.

SDA Outcome #7:

Utilizing assessment, evaluation, technology, and research to improve practice

Comments: This is addressed in my creation of artifact E and G. One question was asked about this during my presentation. This is an area for improvement.

SDA Outcome #8:

Communicating effectively, in speech and in writing

5 5

4 4

3 3

2 2

1 1

Comments: The delivery of my presentation and content included in my eportfolio evidence this LO. Also artifacts B1, B2, D & J. Comments: Particularly artifact A2 which includes information on my GAship and international internship and artifact G my graduate research project.

SDA Outcome #9:

Understanding issues surrounding law, policy, finance and governance

SDA Outcome #10:

Establishing and enhancing professional identity

Comments: The delivery of my portfolio and audience participation shows how I have established my professional identity and how it has increased since I have been at SU. Artifacts A2, F1, & F2 provide further support of this LO.