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HRD 829 GENDER AND COMMUNICATION Course Outline(2013/2014 yr) Department of Communication Studies,Moi Universty,Nrb,Campus

Purpose: To explore the gender dynamics in communication and different communication settings among men and women Course Objective

language use in

To give knowledge and skills to enable the learners to understand gender differences in communication To examine the communication rules to enable the learners to interact with both gender without causing conflict To provide awareness on how different respond and solve conflict To give knowledge and skills to enable learners to use culturally appropriate language in every communication event. To establish the relation between language gender and power To give knowledge and skills to enable learners communicate effectively at the workplace To give knowledge and skills to enable learners to communicate in politics, religion and for development

COURSE OUTLINE Week 1: Introduction. Week 2 : Week 3: Gender and Communication Gender and Sex

Gender and Communication Language and Gender Female and Male Communication Styles Theories of Gender and Communication

Gender, Communication and Culture Language and Culture Gender and Conversation style Communication at the workplace

Week 4 Week 5

Communication in a cross Cultural Setting

Gender and Non Verbal communication :Gender Roles and Power -Gender Roles and Identity -Theories of Identity and Self Concept Communication Accommodation Theory -Gender Roles and Shifting Worldviews

Week 6-7

Language and Communication of Power Language and Communication of Power Communication and Myths of Control Communication in the Family- A feminist Perspective Communication and Gender Stereotypes Gender ,Perception and Listening

Week 8:

Gender and communication in the Media Critique the portrayal of Men and Women in the Media Discuss Language use in Media Communication Events Gender and Communication in Relationships-Friendships Gendered Advertising Gender and Communication in Romantic Relationships

Week 9:

Gender Communication and Conflict Resolution/ Management -Sources of Conflict Types of Conflict Responses to Conflict Communication as a Conflict Resolution/Management Tool

Week10 -11

Gender and Communication in the 21 century Gender Communication and Politics Theories of Communication,Gender and Development Communication and Religion Communication in An African Setting

Gender Communication and Health Week 12: Emerging Issues-Technology Gender and Electronic Communication- Internet,mobile phones Week 13: Communication and Social Networks- facebook,twitter,websites email e.t.c Issues and Challenges in Gender and Communication Gender Communication Research


Week 14-15: Eaminations:

Class Attendance is Compulsory EVALUATION: Continuous Assessement Tests (Sit in CATs, Take Home Assignment, Seminars, Group Tasks and Practical Tasks)-40% End of the year examinations-60% percent Total =100%

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Course Lectutrer: Dr Juliet MACHARIA, , 07211213408,