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Seven Ways You Can Use The Tarot

By John Gaydon Welcome to our Special Report on Seven Different Ways to Use Your Tarot Cards. We are confident that you ill find valua!le information you can use to enhance your readin" a!ility in this report. #ere are the Seven $reas We have found that you can use the Tarot to enhance the lives of yourself and others. %. &. '. (. *. #o to conduct a readin" Tarot for personal development Do nload this file in -D. #ere #o you can help others #o to ans er )uestions. Becomin" a professional Tarot Ri"ht clic/ your mouse to store the report on reader. your computer +. #o to interpret individual cards. ,. #o to develop your psychic a!ility. So let0s "et do n to it. $s you can see1 there are many ays to use the cards. We use them for all of the a!ove. 2ver the last %, years and more1 our Tarot Cards have provided us ith insi"ht into the nature of the Universe1 our o n and other people0s lives1 a ay to help others and ans er their )uestions and supplied si"nificant income. We have opened up to more e3tensive a!ility in the -sychic area e use to confirm hat the cards say and provide additional insi"ht. 4n order to use your cards to !est effect1 e su""est that a fundamental understandin" of them is a necessity and a platform for the future. By understandin" a "eneral meanin" for each card1 ho to lin/ them in a spread1 and havin" these s/ills second nature1 you ill find you can use the cards for any purpose.

1. How to Conduct a Reading

There are t o methods e use hen e layout a spread. %. $s/ your client to shuffle the cards. Then "et them to cut them in three. They select the mini dec/ to use. Deal these cards face do n startin" at position one until you fill up the layout. &. Spread the cards out in a fan shape. This may ta/e a little practice. $s/ the client to select the num!er of cards re)uired for the spread. 5ay them out from the top do n until the spread is filled. Don0t "et too cau"ht up in rules. The cards have a ha!it of comin" out the ay they ant to. You really can0t do it ron". Ta/e a note of any cards1 hich fall out of the dec/

durin" shufflin". They are a clue to the readin". 6ote any reverse1 or upside do n cards. 4nterpretin" these is in our Tarot Consultant Manual. '. Turn one card at a time over in order. 6ote the position1 hich tells you hat this card refers to. .or instance1 the 7 here you find yourself8 or 8present8 position in the Celtic Cross descri!es hat is occurrin" ri"ht no . $ 9ni"ht of Wands in this position could indicate a move of house. 4. Usin" the /eys and loo/in" at the sym!ols let your ima"ination run ild and tell your client hat the card is sayin" to them. Start ith the literal meanin" and allo yourself to move !eyond that. You may see pictures1 !e a are of feelin"s or have ords come into your head. These are all clues as to hat the card is sayin". To start ith you ill !e ama:ed at ho much you /no simply from interpretin" the sym!olism and literal meanin". $ detailed list of Tarot Sym!ols and their interpretation is included in our Tarot Consultants Manual. *. Repeat this for each position until you have finished the readin". 6ote; Read the Section 75in/in" the Cards8 in our 75earn Tarot in 2ne Day Course8 for some advanced techni)ues to enhance your interpretation of the readin". $s a final step you may ish to add up the total numerolo"y of the readin". Court Cards count as :ero. $dd the num!ers until you "et a sin"le di"it. 4f the cards add up to '&1 add '<& = *. 5oo/ this num!er up for the overall meanin". 7%%8 and 7&&8 are master num!ers. 4f your cards add up to these1 there is no need for further !rea/do n. Chec/ this a"ainst the 7Tarot 6umerolo"y8 section in our Learn Tarot in One Day Course for an insi"ht into hat the hole readin" is a!out.

2 Tarot for ersonal De!elo"#ent

There are many ays you can use the cards for your o n personal development. #ere e are assumin" you ish to use the cards to find insi"ht into your life and here it is headin" and ays to improve your outloo/ on life1 leadin" to more fun and happiness. $fter spendin" over >'?1??? and three years of my life on -ersonal Development Courses1 4 can say it as the !est decision of my life. The end result @ 4 married 5inda1 learned all a!out Tarot and the information e offer in our courses1 chan"ed my career1 and no have a onderful life helpin" others to "reater success. AJohnB .or those interested in furtherin" their o n Courney1 you can read my story in my !oo/1 75ife Dastery @ ho to achieve it8 availa!le at http;EE Usin" Tarot in this area1 here are a fe tips. a. Ta/e a card from your dec/ each day1 find a )uiet place in nature and sit and contemplate it for %*F'? minutes. 5oo/ at the card and the sym!ols and as/ hat they are sayin" to you. We find that in time the cards start to tal/ to you. You notice certain items and can feel that they mean somethin". 4t is a sort of active

meditation. Start ith the DaCor $rcana. This is a "reat e3ercise e recommend in our course to "et to discover hidden meanin"s in the cards. !. Do a readin" for yourself every day for a month. 2nce you have a clear understandin" of Tarot1 use them for yourself. We /no this is a !it controversial and some fro n on it1 !ut it has done nothin" !ut enhance our life e3perience. When e have important decisions to ma/e1 e consult the cards. When e are loo/in" for ans ers1 e consult the cards. They have !een a "reat "uide to resolvin" conflicts in our marria"e1 to providin" career direction. 4t as the result of usin" Tarot for our o n development that this proCect no e3istsG c. #ere is an e3tract on a Tarot -rofile you can ma/e to use for your on"oin" personal development. 4t ill provide some "reat insi"hts for you and your clients. $ complete version is included in our Tarot Consultants Manual. 4t com!ines Tarot and 6umerolo"y. 4n the profile there are the personality1 soul1 :odiac1 and year cards. The personality1 soul1 and :odiac cards are lifetime cards1 hile the year cards chan"e annually ersonality Card $ This indicates life purpose1 aspirations and lessons to !e learned in this lifetime. 4t sho s ho you e3press yourself in the orld1 and ho others see you. 4t denotes ho you should !e usin" your inherent "ifts1 talents1 and resources. To find out your personality card you add your date of !irth to"ether. H3ample; %IE?JE%I(, = %<I<?<J<%<I<(<, = 'I ' < I = %& = The #an"ed Dan. Your personality num!er should fall !et een % F &&. %oul Card This indicates your soul or spiritual purpose1 and hat )ualities assist you. $lso1 hat inspires you. To find out your soul card1 reduce the personality dou!le di"it to a sin"le di"it. Usin" the same e3ample from the personality card1 %& = %<&= ' ' = The Hmpress. #ence1 this person0s personality card is the Doon1 and their soul card is the Hmpress. &odiac Card This is your sun si"n. 4t indicates hat you need for selfFe3pression.

4f your soul andEor personality cards are the same as your :odiac card1 then that maCor arcana card is more ma"nified as your life purpose. 4f the :odiac card is different1 then it sho s you the natural "ifts that can help you to achieve your life purpose. To find your :odiac card1 loo/ up the astrolo"ical correspondences in the Tarot Consultant Danual and find out hich maCor arcana card is lin/ed to your sun si"n. Current 'ear Card This card indicates the "ro th1 challen"es1 and opportunities for the year. 4t sho s you hat )ualities you should !e developin" at this time. To find your year card for %II*1 simple add the day and month of your !irth date to the current year. 4f you have a "ood understandin" of $strolo"y and 6umerolo"y in relation to the Tarot1 you should !e a!le to utili:e this information fully. To save time1 e have a more complete version plus full $strolo"ical and 6umerolo"ical correspondences in our Tarot Consultants Manual.

( How 'ou Can Hel" Ot)ers

4f you are someone ho ishes to ma/e a positive contri!ution to the lives of others1 Tarot is an e3tremely useful tool. Because the cards are impartial and third party1 they are a nonFthreatenin" ay of passin" information others need to ma/e necessary life chan"es. We !elieve that e are responsi!le for our decisions in life and that each choice e ma/e has certain conse)uences. 2nce you ma/e that choice1 you head do n a certain path ay leadin" to e3pected outcomes. The Tarot can let you /no hat those mi"ht !e prior to ma/in" the decision. 5et0s say your friend is a!out to start a ne relationship and you /no this isn0t "oin" to or/ out. She is !linded !y live and on0t listen to your advice. By conductin" a readin"1 she can see in the cards hat the li/ely outcome ill !e. We have a sayin"1 7The Cards 6ever 5ieG8 and over the years e have found this to !e true. $ classic e3ample is ho 5inda and 4 met. 5inda as in a relationship and loo/in" for a verification that she had found her soulmate. She ent to a reader and received a description of someone differentG $fter si3 readin"s similar. She finally found someone ho told her hat she anted to hear. There are some people ho don0t really read cards1 they Cust tell you anythin" and ta/e your money. .ortunately most on0t do this. $s readers1 e pride ourselves in tellin" the truth1 arts and all1 and value our personal inte"rity. $ny ay1 shortly after she met meG You "uessed it1 4 matched the man in the Tarot Cards1 so 4 partly have Tarot to than/ for findin" my Soul DateGG Use a decision spread to help others ith their choices. $ friend of ours does this ith corporate e3ecutives ma/in" maCor decisions in lar"e companies. You ould !e ama:ed hat "oes on in the !oardrooms of maCor companiesG

Tarot provides independent advice. This can !e a "reat ay to help others see the truth of hat is happenin" in their lives1 avoid !ad decisions1 and do this ithout creatin" conflict. You mi"ht even help your friends find their perfect partnersG

* How to +nswer ,uestions

Tarot can !e used to ans er any )uestion your client mi"ht have. You can use a standard Celtic Cross or any num!er of )uestion spreads. These can incorporate many areas surroundin" the )uestion1 insi"hts into possi!le solutions to a situation1 even timin" in the future. $ simple )uestion spread is a three card spread. Simply thin/ of the )uestion to !e ans ered and lay out three cards1 representin" past1 present and future. When as/in" )uestions of the Tarot1 e find that open )uestions are !etter. $ )uestion such as1 hen ill 4 marry Bill may !rin" a confusin" ans er. 4t could !e that you are not "oin" to marry him at all1 so as/in" a closed )uestion ith definite outcomes limits you. Sometimes e tend to mould our ans ers to suit hat e ant to see. 5etKs say you lay out a three card spread on Bill. The centre card is a 9ni"ht of Wands. Typically this is a youn" man ho is out to con)uer the orld. #e is full of fire and those in the ay !etter atch out. 6o Bill is a placid man1 one ho dreams and never really does much. #e is more into meditation than action. The temptation is to use the s)uare pe" in a round hole techni)ue and fit Bill into the card so you are ri"ht. What this readin" indicates is that there is someone else ho you are "oin" to marry ho is very different. 4t may also !e a part of BillKs character that he is suppressin". $s/in"1 L hat type of man ill 4 marryL1 or L ho ill 4 marryL opens up the readin" for a ider interpretation. When told of the type of man a 9ni"ht of Wands is1 you are at the !us stop a fe ee/s later and someone dra s your attention. #e smiles1 you e3chan"e "lances1 and as your eyes meet you reco"nise your soul mate. $fter you "o out ith him a couple of times you notice he is Cust li/e the man in your readin". 4f you insisted on marryin" Bill1 you ould have missed outG So here are a fe tips on ans erin" )uestions.

$s/ open ended )uestions F let the cards tell the story. Be open to ans ers other than hat you e3pect F e3pectation narro s possi!ilities. Start ith a simple three card spread and then use more complicated spreads for further insi"ht. 4f you are loo/in" for "eneral direction or "uidance1 use a Celtic Cross or Seven Card Muestion spread. Try several readin"s around the same )uestion F you ill !e ama:ed ho similar the ans ers are sometimes. 5et your client /no that this is your opinion1 not necessarily correct. $s/ them to thin/ a!out hat has !een said and see ho that fitKs into her o n ideas.

- .eco#ing a rofessional Tarot Reader

The !usiness of !ein" a professional Tarot reader is one that can !e !oth re ardin" and profita!le. 6o adays there are many opportunities for readers from -sychic .airs to Coffee Shops and -rivate Consultations. You can or/ for a fe hours per ee/ or full time. 4t is up to you. This section is an e3tract from the Tarot Consultants Manual1 and lists some of the possi!ilities1 and ho to "o a!out creatin" a !usiness ith the Tarot. To start out you really only need a set of Tarot cards. 2nce you have completed the Certificate course you ill !e familiar ith the meanin"s of the cards and ho to perform !asic readin"s. .rom this point it is !est to learn a fe layouts so that you can lay the cards out ith total confidence. The Celtic Cross1 Three Card1 $strolo"y1 and Seven Card Spreads are a "ood mi3. Develop your s/ills !y readin" for anyone ho ill allo you. The more readin"s you perform1 the )uic/er your s/ills ill develop. There is no su!stitute for this. You may !e a!le to find a Spiritualist Church here you can perform readin"s voluntarily. Wor/in" at a Spiritualist fair you can do as many readin"s as you ish durin" a day. Because you are not !ein" paid1 you can feel free to leave hen you have had enou"h. When you first read you may find that t o or three readin"s in a ro leaves you feelin" a little e3hausted. 4f this happens1 ta/e a rest. Readers are re)uired to "ive full attention to clients1 in time you ill !e a!le to read all day lon". Ta/e it slo ly. There are many areas here you can or/ as a reader. These are -sychic .airs1 Dar/ets1 6e $"e and Coffee Shops1 Cruises1 Hntertainment Nenues1 and as a -rivate Consultant. You can also use your s/ills hen travellin". Dress appropriately1 set up an appropriate am!ience for a consultation area. -urchase appropriate aids1 i.e. candles1 pictures1 cloths1 etc. Use items hich enhance your professional status and leave clients at ease. There are many Tarot readers. .e are e3ceptional. By "ivin" "ood customer service and maintainin" a hi"h standard of inte"rity and service you must !ecome successful. 5oo/ around at the num!er of !usiness hich are successful despite themselves. This section is Cust part of the information on ho to set up Tarot as a !usiness1 part of our Tarot Consultant Manual.

/ How to 0nter"ret 0ndi!idual Cards

4n reality1 this is part of an overall readin". You can read each card in isolation1 or as part of a spread. Hach of the DaCor $rcana has a specific meanin". The cards can !e seen as the Courney of life. The first seven cards deal ith the lessons of life in the outer orld F

such as love1 morality1 education1 and career. The Chariot si"nifies the final mastery of these. The second seven deal ith the issues of the inner life. The Temperence represents final mastery. The third seven deals ith the cosmic forces and universal la s1 hich are represented !y the planetary spheres. We confront spiritual reality1 hich hile ma/in" the other t o seem small in comparison1 inte"rates and synthesises !oth. The Court Cards can !e seen as people you /no . Spend some time loo/in" at the characteristics of each court card and thin/ of ho you /no ho is li/e the fi"ure on the card. The more people you cate"orise in this ay1 the easier it ill !e for you to interpret court cards. .or the minor arcana1 learnin" !asic numerolo"y ill assist "reatly in understandin" the meanin"s of individual cards. This also applies to the maCor arcana. 5oo/ at the sym!ols used in the card. 2ften an e3tended "a:e at the card ill open up your intuition and it ill spea/ to you. .inally1 the cards have correspondences in $strolo"y1 so loo/in" at their e)uivalent astrolo"ical si"n "ives further insi"ht. Dore detail is included in our Tarot Consultant Manual.

1 How to De!elo" 'our syc)ic +2ility

This is a hu"e su!Cect and could fill an entire volume1 so here you ill learn some !asic techni)ues hich or/ very ell. You may !e interested to /no that studies done ith $ustralian $!ori"ines on HSsho ed that they possessed remar/a!le po ers !eyond that of Westerners. While many dou!t our a!ility to tap into the unseen orld1 e /no different. Better still1 this is a learned s/ill. #ere are a fe tips to enhance your perception of the unseen orld of the -sychic. %. -ractice close o!servation. When somethin" catches your eye1 ta/e a close loo/. $nythin" that comes to our attention has si"nificance. 4t is a matter of loo/in" at hat the o!Cect or event has to say to us. &. $s/ the )uestion and e3pect an ans erG $nythin" that pops into your mind is a clue. When you receive information durin" a readin"1 as/ hat the information means. 9eep as/in" )uestions a!out details and you ill !e surprised hat happens. '. -ractice -alm Clairvoyance. $s/ to hold your client0s palm in yours hile you conduct a readin". This has t o si"nificant purposes. To do this they have to unfold their arms and therefore open up to you readin" them. You can feel ener"y from the touch and ith practice this ill tal/ to you1 providin" "reat insi"ht.

(. Spend time in nature. That is hat the a!ori"ines doG The more time you spend alone or in the stillness1 the easier it is to clear your mind of thou"hts and allo the messa"es to come throu"h. 4n the est1 most of us are so !usy thin/in" a!out the past or future1 that e don0t have enou"h room for present time thou"hts to !e noticed. When e learn to !e comforta!le ith our o n company1 and release all orry and thou"hts of the outside orld1 e find that our -sychic -o ers increase "reatly. *. Deditate daily. The Buddhist form of meditation is here you find a )uiet place and practice o!servation of your thou"hts. Start ith * minutes a day. 46 time you ill have "aps !et een your thou"hts. This is an ama:in" e3perience. $s those "aps increase1 you ill not only feel !lissful1 !ut your -sychic a!ility ill e3pand. The are many ays to open up your -sychic po ers. We all have them and hen developed1 they "ive us the a!ility to ma/e ri"ht choices in life and spot trou!le !efore it reaches us. We !elieve that it is this a!ility that has ena!led us to live such a !lessed life. We are "uided !y inner voices1 and listen and act on them. 4t is a "reat ay to live1 !ut one hich necessitated a complete chan"e of attitude and thin/in".

3inal 4ords
$s you can see1 there are many ays you can use Tarot Cards for yourself and others. 4 am sure that usin" your ima"ination1 you can discover many other uses for the cards. We have found that a fundamental understandin" of this ancient art provides us ith insi"hts to assist ith our o n decision ma/in" and clarify areas of life hich e can0t understand. Whenever a friend rin"s for advice1 e "o to the Tarot for ans ers. We cannot possi!le provide everythin" you need in one report1 you ould !e still readin" it !y this time tomorro G 2ur 5earn Tarot in 2ne Day is desi"ned to shorten your learnin" curve si"nificantly. So many of our students ho have ta/en the course have told us that it made everythin" clear and easy. This as despite in some cases + ee/ courses of study. .or serious students e include our comprehensive Tarot Consultant0s Danual hich e3plains everythin" in this report in "reater detail. This is a must for your li!rary and you can use it as a reference hen conductin" readin"s. 4t loo/s very professional. We ish you ell on your Tarot Courney.

John Gaydon