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INCREDIBLE Mutant Science Final Project

Objective: Describe the human and physical characteristics of different mutants throughout the world and how the character is related to environmental elements. Instructions: You will create 4 mutants. Each one must have the following items: One Block: a Block is a defensive task that has to deal with the mutants survival mechanism. (camouflage/mimicry/coloration/etc) Two Detours: A detour is a choice between two tasks. You must create two separate tasks. o One has to deal with Chemistry: Chemical composition of body systems, DNA, biomolecular reaction to certain elements, chemical and physical properties of mutants blood, etc. o One has to deal with mutants Force and Motion: mutants movements, direction, speed, acceleration, mass, strength and weakness, etc. Maps You will chart your mutants Location of origin. You will include a satellite view/map to chart mutants locations and explain the characteristics of elevations (ex: steep/gradual slope, etc) Presentation: Your Project must be done on 8 x 11 pages NO trifold pages. You must include a COVER Page with: o title of the project o your names and class period. o Names of mutants o Your project must be colorful and visually stimulating. o This project will be turned in to your teacher in a Folder.

How to set up Mutants Pages 1. Name of each Mutant i.e.: Mutant Name 1) Block (survival/defensive mechanism) & diagram/labels 2) Detour (chemistry) & diagram with labels 3) Detour (Force and Motion) & diagram with labels

2. You must visit 3 locations (Plate tectonic) where the mutant can survive. You will include the name of the location, draw a picture and explain by description how the environment is. i.e.: Plate tectonic Name 1) Name of Landform 2) Describe landform include topographic description & diagram/labels 3) Weather influence area 3. Once you have completed this task, give directions for next location using latitude and longitude coordinates or you can also give a clue to the next location. FINAL PRODUCT Make sure that you have checked your spelling and used proper grammar. Presentation and neatness is important. If you have ?????? Please ask! This Project is a major grade: FINAL TEST!!! It will be due on the date below and NOT accepted for late work. You must show this to your parents and have them sign acknowledging that they have read this information, (5 pts). ***Please keep in mind that if you will be working with a partner both of your grades will be affected. Search at Home, work at School!!!! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!!!!

Due Date(s): May 28th , 2013

Parent Signature: ______________________________________

SCIENCE Incredible MUTANT Final Project

Cover Page World Map and Route location Mutant A Block Mutant A Detour x2 Mutant A 3 diagrams w/labels Mutant B Block Mutant B Detour x2 Mutant B 3 diagrams w/labels Mutant C Block Mutant C Detour x2 Mutant C 3 diagrams w/labels Mutant D Block Mutant D Detour x2 Mutant D 3 diagrams w/labels Parent/Guardian Signature PRESENTATION Neatness, color, organization

Possible Points Points Given

10 5 4 8 3 4 8 3 4 8 3 4 8 3 5 20




Rubric MUST be attached for the Project to be Graded!!!!!!