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Question 5 The more active people are in online social networking, the more isolated they become in the

real social interaction.

1.0 Introduction Social networks are commonly understood today. Social network can be defined as a group of individuals with certain groups, like small community or neighborhood. Although social networking is everywhere, especially in schools, home or at work, online network is the most popular. This is because most of them are among the most active online socializing to develop friendships. What about the communication between two people if seen the effect of social networking today. What is the impact on the life of someone !n general, communication is divided into one-way communication and twoway communication. Whatever the communication option used, it would re"uire two speakers face to face without having to hide anything. #ased on this statement could it be the social network users use the service because they are not sincere to the relationship. Whatever the answers, which makes every relationship should begin with feelings of sincere and honest. Such relationships are likely to be sustainable.

2.0 dvantages The uni"ueness of this social networking site is that it could be the best medium to bring together friends and relatives who had lost contact a long time without news. This is because they do not have to meet face to face during conversation or relationship for the long break. This is the easy way to maintain a relationship. Social network can really help a person in terms of building self-confidence. This network system allows them to mi$ freely without feeling ashamed and embarrassed and restrictions through this network. %ne of my friends said that social networking is a way of stress management. &o doubt many who suffer from stress in their daily life prefer to speak their minds without feeling shy about using social networking system. !t is much easier for them as e$pressions of

their opinions and feelings will get the attention of friends on social sites involved and the variety of advice and persuasion will find that they calm the emotion than the actual feelings to someone who is more professional counselor who is often stated as inconvenient, embarrassing and impose a relatively e$pensive service.

!.0 "eakness %bsessed nature, addicted or obsessed on these social web sites, making a large number of followers would ignore the real work productivity or 'ob that is their primary responsibility. !n addition, there would be a passive group of people who rely on a virtual relationship with each other and will result in a less mi$ and mingle. (i$ing eroded by reality. This is the main effect on the actual communication system and in real communication. (any have become withdrawn and more focus on online than offline communities. This situation could threaten the local community. )elationships among family members and more distant neighbors. *sychological effects is also a weakness in the social pages. What happens to individuals who are victims of cyber fraud and deception in romantic relationships. +ould this psychological impact indirectly the cause of moral decay or cause to the problem of suicide. We do not re'ect the possibility, although some people do not directly reflect this.

#.0 $oint o% &iew !n my opinion we need to understand the social web and the real world. (ost people do not think this is because not because they do not know, but they deliberately do not know. +ommunity now that they realize it or not more social in social networking site compared with the actual conversation and interaction. ,or e$ample, say hello face to face and not 'ust through comments on ,acebook or Tweeter. This social site is not a right place for us to keep in touch with friends. !t is a social network, which we share links, pictures and so forth. ,riends does not mean that we 'ust love the status of a person. (ake friends in the real world is much more than that. -ow much do we know the social networking site with chat from a chat with the right communication. The e$tent to which the information we receive with information to rely on purely social site, especially our true feelings. ! think social sites are 'ust one way or medium for us all to escape from the problems

e$perienced in the real world. !n fact, the services of social networking sites can provide many benefits to its users, if used the right way. &o offense to engage in such activities.

5.0 'onclusion To create a healthy community, the relationship is to be considered. !n this regard it is important that effective communication. .iving ne$t door means that some of us need to know about our neighbors. What happens if the neighbor/s door to the house we do not know. When face to face do-do not know because there is no character to each other. &ewspapers published the report of the loss of many children because their parents are busy at the computer all the time. &ot want to blame anyone, but if the spirit of the neighborhood is highly emphasized such things may never happen. !f the parents are busy even though at least some neighbors who can observe the movements of their children. (aturity think important for every individual who uses new media like social networking site to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each activity in this virtual. !n addition, what is most important is the attitude of accountability of users of social sites that do not convey the wrong information that can be troublesome themselves and others.

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