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The call and challenge to DISCIPLESHIP in Gods kingdom

Matthew 16:24-26 By Ptr. Alexander O. Garcia

Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. 25 or whoe!er desires to sa!e his life will lose it, "ut whoe!er loses his life for My sake will find it. 2# or what profit is it to a man if he $ains the whole world, and loses his own soul% &r what will a man $i!e in e'chan$e for his soul%( )Matthew *#+24,2# -.J/0
THEME FO THE MO!TH: "in#d$% &teward' 'a(ed By G$d)' #race. * "in#d$% +i(in# , &teward'hi- and ede%-ti$n %$nth. OB/E0T12E&: &h$w that di'ci-le'hi- i' G$d de'irin# t$ %$(e 3' 3- hi#her than where we are n$w. 0lari4y the %eanin# $4 di'ci-le'hi- that it in($l(e' three %ain thin#' : #i(in# 3'$%ethin#, ta5in# 3- '$%ethin# and 4$ll$win# &$%e$ne. 6ith$3t the'e three a'-ect' -re'ent in a -er'$n)' li4e, n$ #en3ine di'ci-le'hi- i' ta5in# -lace. 1!T O780T1O!: 6hene(er G$d want' t$ %$(e 3' 3- hi#her, e(ery ti%e He want' t$ d$ '$%ethin# #reat, He challen#e' 3' t$ 4$ll$w Hi% in a new le(el9 Thi' i' called di'ci-le'hi- in the Bi:le. F$r 3' t$ enter int$ $3r G$d-$rdained ;-r$%i'ed land< :le''in#', 4a($r, %iracle' and har(e't in #reater -r$-$rti$n', we need t$ heed G$d)' call 4$r di'ci-le'hi-. 1t i' a -r$ce'' we =3't cann$t '5i- in $3r '-irit3al =$3rney $4 4aith. 1 di'c$(ered that di'ci-le'hi- i' the %i''in# lin5 :etween the :elie(er)' li4e and hi' de'tiny. Many :elie(er' wh$'e li4e i' in -latea3 i' :eca3'e they re%ained c$n(ert' , n$t di'ci-le'. The Great 0$%%i''i$n i' ; G$ and MA"E 71&01P+E&..< n$t, ; G$ and %a5e c$n(ert'< *Matthew 2>:2?.. 0$n(ert' d$n)t #$ 4ar in their '-irit3al li(e'. 7i'ci-le' will i%-act and chan#e the w$rld9 6e need t$ a'5, ; A% 1 a c$n(ert $r a di'ci-le $4 0hri't@ Fr$% ti%e t$ ti%e we need t$ chec5 and e(al3ate i4 there)' anythin# that i' 5ee-in# 3' 4r$% :ein# 3' :e't. 1t %ay :e an addicti$n, a :ad ha:it, a :ad te%-erA. 1t c$3ld e(en :e =3't '$%ethin# that we c$n'ider '%aller li5e n$t #ettin# t$ w$r5 $n ti%e, n$t treatin# '$%e:$dy ri#ht, a critical '-irit, a =eal$3' '-irit. G$d i' alway' dealin# with 3' a:$3t '$%ethin#. He i' alway' wantin# 3' t$ c$%e int$ a new le(el. B3t anyti%e we #$ hi#her, -art $4 $3r 4le'h ha' t$ #$ l$wer +et %e #i(e y$3 a 'i%-le 3nder'tandin# and de4initi$n $4 di'ci-le'hi-: DISCIPLESHIP IS GIVING UP SOMETHING, TAKING UP SOMETHING, AND FOLLOWING SOMEONE!


I. SOMETHING TO GIVE UP: Deny you !e"#

6hen G$d want' t$ %$(e 3' 3- hi#her, G$d will a'5 3' t$ #i(e 3- '$%e thin#' in $3r li(e'. The'e c$3ld :e wr$n# attit3de', 'in43l ha:it', wr$n# in4l3ence' that hinder' 3' 4r$% :ec$%in# the -er'$n G$d want' 3' t$ :e. 6e need t$ :e willin# t$ #i(e the% 3-, t$ #i(e the% 3- * 1&8"O.. Beca3'e 4$r a' l$n# a' y$3 are h$ldin# $n t$ the%, y$3 will n$t ex-erience the hi#her li4e GO7 ha' -re-ared 4$r y$3. /e'3' 'aid, ;deny y$3r'el4.< The !ew 1nternati$nal eader)' 2er'i$n :i:le ha' a (ery intere'tin# renderin# $n +35e B:2C


Then he said to all of them, If anyone wants to follow me, he must say no to himself. He must pick up his cross e!ery day and follow me.( )1uke 2+23 -ew International 4eader5s /ersion, -Ir/0

$. To %eny you !e"# &! 'o !(y no 'o ')e #"e!).

Fle'h D %ean' carnal cra(in#' and de'ire' $4 the 4le'h. TO FO++O6 /E&8& A!7 EEPE 1E!0E THE H1GHE +1FE GO7 HA& FO FO8, +EA ! TO &AF !O TO FO8 &E+F9 Mahira- 5an# %a5a'3n$d 'a Pan#in$$n 53n# la#i %$n# -ina#:i:i#yan an# 'arili %$. There are '$%e thin#' in li4e y$3 'i%-ly ha(e t$ 'ay ;!$<. !$ t$ y$3r'el4. Hindi lahat n# #3't$ %$ ay ta%a at 5al3#$d-l3#$d 'a 7iy$'. May %#a #3't$ tay$ %in'an :ilan# ta$ na %a#-a-aha%a5 'a atin# 5al3l3wa at :3hay. The 'cri-t3re' 'ay' that i4 we are t$ 'hare in 0hri't)' #l$ry, we are t$ 'hare in Hi' '344erin#'. There i' a '344erin# that we a' :elie(er' are '3--$'ed t$ end3re. B3t it i' n$t tra#edie', 'ic5ne'', li(in# -$$r , :r$5e , de4eated, ; 1)% '344erin# 4$r 0hri't<. !$, 1 Peter 4 tell' 3' what it i' . it 'ay':

Therefore, since 6hrist suffered for us in the flesh, arm yoursel!es also with the same mind, for he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin, 2 that he no lon$er should li!e the rest of his time in the flesh for the lusts of men, "ut for the will of 7od. 3 or we ha!e spent enou$h of our past lifetime in doin$ the will of the 7entiles8when we walked in lewdness, lusts, drunkenness, re!elries, drinkin$ parties, and a"omina"le idolatries.( ) * 9eter 4+*,3 -.J/0
EF8TE: MA&AMA BA!G MAG+1BA!G@ 7e-ende 'a li:an#an. Hindi narara-at na #awin# li:anan#an an# %#a :a#ay n# 5ina'3'35la%an n# 7iy$'. May li:an#an# na#-a-aha%a5 n# 5al3l3wa at na#lalay$ 'a ta$ %3la 'a 7iy$' Thi' '344erin# i' -3ttin# a'ide wr$n# de'ire'. The '344erin# G$d i' tal5in# a:$3t i' &AF1!G !O TO O8 F+E&H. 6hen y$3 re'i't te%-tati$n, when y$3 :ite y$3r t$n#3e and d$n)t tell '$%e:$dy at all, when y$3 'wall$w y$3r -ride and 4$r#i(e '$%e$ne that h3rt y$3., y$3r 4le'h, e(erythin# $n the in'ide i' #$in# t$ thr$w a 4eat, 'ayin#, ; Thi' i' n$t ri#ht, let %e tell the% . Many ti%e' , it i' 3nc$%4$rta:le t$ %a5e the ri#ht deci'i$n. 6e ha(e t$ '344er thr$3#h that -eri$d $4 n$t #ettin# $3r way. 6hen G$d a'5' 3' t$ d$ '$%ethin# hard, when he a'5' y$3 t$ wal5 away 4r$% a 4riend that i' -$ll3tin# y$3r li4e, when He a'5' 3' t$ :e %$re di'ci-lined $n what we watch, G$d i' ne(er tryin# t$ ta5e '$%ethin# 4r$% 3', He i' tryin# t$ #et '$%ethin# t$ 3'. !OTE: "APAG MAF H1!1!G1 A!G 71FO& &A 1FO, Hindi "A G1!8G8+A!GA! !G 71FO&. 1!1+1+1GTA& "A !G 71FO& M8+A &A "APAHAMA"A! , AT 1!1HAHA!7A "A !1FA &A 1&A!G 7A"1+A!G BAGAF9

*. To %eny you !e"# %oe! no' +e(n ,e&n- &n ( .!'('e o# %en&("./
!OTE: ;6A+A A"O!G P OB+EMA<.. F$3 d$n)t '$l(e -r$:le%' :y denyin# their exi'tence, h$-in# they will 'i%-ly #$ away. 17E!T1FF THE 6EA"!E&&, THE! 7EA+ 61TH 1T9 !OTE: &$%e :elie(er' d$ n$t realiGe that there i' a Ta# $4 war in'ide.. '-irit ('. Fle'h * Galatian' H:16-1I.

:o I say, let the Holy :pirit $uide your li!es. Then you won5t "e doin$ what your sinful nature cra!es. *; The sinful nature wants to do e!il, which is <ust the opposite of what the :pirit wants. =nd the :pirit $i!es us desires that are the opposite of what the sinful nature desires. These two forces are constantly fi$htin$ each other, so you are not free to carry out

your $ood intentions. *> ?ut when you are directed "y the :pirit, you are not under o"li$ation to the law of Moses. *2 @hen you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are !ery clear+ se'ual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, 2A idolatry, sorcery, hostility, Buarrelin$, <ealousy, out"ursts of an$er, selfish am"ition, dissension, di!ision, 2* en!y, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. 1et me tell you a$ain, as I ha!e "efore, that anyone li!in$ that sort of life will not inherit the .in$dom of 7od. 22 ?ut the Holy :pirit produces this kind of fruit in our li!es+ lo!e, <oy, peace, patience, kindness, $oodness, faithfulness, 23 $entleness, and self,control. There is no law a$ainst these thin$sC 24 Those who "elon$ to 6hrist Jesus ha!e nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. 25 :ince we are li!in$ "y the :pirit, let us follow the :pirit5s leadin$ in e!ery part of our li!es. 2# 1et us not "ecome conceited, or pro!oke one another, or "e <ealous of one another.( )7alatians 5+*#,24 -1T0
ILLUS:.. Tw$ d$#' and a trainer. W)(' you #ee% 0&"" -e' !' on-e (n% 0)(' you !'( 1e 0&"" -e' 0e(2e . Fee% you !3& &' (n% !'( 1e ')e #"e!). !OTE: A!O A!G 1FO!G P1!A+A+A"A& &A 1FO!G B8HAF@ A!G 1FO!G E&P1 1TO, O A!G 1FO!G +AMA!@ THE WAY TO DEAL WITH OU WEA!"ESSES IS "OT TO O#E LOO! THE$ %UT TO O#E CO$E THE$&& A"D TH OUGH CH IST OU LO D' WE CA"( ) PHL *+,-. O$A"S /+-,0-12 B3t %any -e$-le ch$$'e what)' c$%4$rta:le n$w and then later $n w$nder why they d$n)t ha(e (ict$ry. !OTE: 1t i' a -r$(en 4act that th$'e wh$ '3cceed in li4e -racticed early in li4e the (irt3e $4 7E+AFE7 &E+F-G AT1F10AT1O!. The :i:le call' thi' &E+F-0O!T O+. F$3 need t$ learn h$w t$ -3t y$3r de'ire' and e%$ti$n' t$ the c$ntr$l $4 the H$ly &-irit $r they will c$ntr$l y$3. Many thin#' in li4e are act3ally te%-tati$n' 4r$% the ene%y t$ l3re 3' away 4r$% G$d. Many ti%e', y$3 %ay n$t =3't :e aware $4 it, there are -r$%-tin#' $4 the H$ly &-irit thr$3#h th$3#ht' c$%in# t$ y$3r %ind, ; 1 need t$ 'e(ere %y 'el4 4r$% the'e wr$n# c$%-anyJ Thi' =eal$3'y i' n$t ri#ht.. 1 'h$3ld n$t watch the'e thin#'.. Thi' i' a 'in43l , 3nhealthy ha:it that 1 need t$ 't$-. < 7$n)t :r3'h '3ch th$3#ht' a'ide. That)' the H$ly &-irit -r$%-tin# y$3 t$ deal with '3ch thin#'. FO8 !EE7 TO 7EA+ 61TH THEM. !OTEA T$ $(erc$%e the'e wea5ne''e', y$3 need t$ identi4y the% 4ir't. 7$n)t :e in a 'tate $4 denial. 6hen G$d :rin#' '$%ethin# t$ li#ht, d$n)t -3'h it d$wn $r y$3 will :ec$%e t$$ c$%4$rta:le with the% =3't li(in# with it in'tead $4 dealin# with it.

4. Deny&n- you !e"# &! (,ou' o1e 5o+&n- 'e+3'('&on! (n% !&n.
Do not "e o!ercome "y e!il, "ut o!ercome e!il with $ood.( ) 4omans *2+2* -.J/0
E(ery ti%e y$3 'ay n$ t$ the 4le'h, e(ery ti%e y$3 re'i't te%-tati$n, the next ti%e, it will :e a little ea'ier, a little le'' -ain43l. F$3 'ee, whate(er y$3 4eed i' #$in# t$ #r$w. 14 y$3 4eed the addicti$n, 4eed the =eal$3'y, 4eed the :ad ha:it, the h$t te%-er, i4 y$3 =3't #i(e in whene(er y$3 4eel li5e it, then it will :ec$%e 'tr$n#er . F$3 need t$ chan#e what y$3 are 4eedin#. The next ti%e y$3 are te%-ted, ta5e a dee- :reath, 'te- :ac5 and -ray, ; G$d 1)% a'5in# y$3 4$r di'ci-line.; Then di# y$3r heel' in and wal5 away. 6hat ha--ened@ F$3 =3't 'tar(ed the 4le'h and y$3 4ed the '-irit. T$ $(erc$%e te%-tati$n', y$3 need t$ a--ly the -rinci-le $4 a($idance, re'i'tance and

(i#ilance *1 Peter H:>-BAP'al% 1:1.. 1t i' hard t$ :rea5 a ha:it , :3t thr$3#h G$d)' hel- we can. !OTE: * +(6o ene+&e! o# C) &!'&(n!: F"e!) 7 #(""en A%(+&5 n('u e 8 De+on! 7 ')(' %e#&"e!, 'e+3'!, en!"(1e, 'o +en', %e5e&1e. ILLUS: E te'ti%$nie'. J /1+ H" 6anchai deli(erance 't$rie'J F$r%er ;Ma#dalena< !OTE: a4ter deli(erance, '-irit3al di'ci-line' 'h$3ld :e in'talled D -rayer, -er'$nal de($ti$n, ch3rch li4e, acc$3nta:ility #r$3-'.. !$ way can y$3 5ee- deli(erance :y y$3r $wn 'tren#thJ There are th$'e wh$ #$t deli(ered :3t did n$t 5ee- their deli(erance. /e'3' $3r +$rd 'aid that we need t$ c$ntin3e in Hi' w$rd and c$ntin3e in di'ci-le'hi- * /$hn >:C1-C2.. What 3o4 tole5ate in 3o45 li6e 7ill e8ent4all3 dominate 3o4 4ntil 3o4 9ecome addicted and in 9ondage to it0 Exa%-le : Pe$-le wh$ #et h$$5ed t$ (ice', 'tarted in '%all K3antitie' thin5in#, ;Oh , it)' har%le''.< .1++8&: &tarter' in '%$5in# L -a3:$-3:$ -a, n# %a'anay na, ; -aran# %an##a an# 'arili na la##in# -ina-a3'35an, -aran# ta%:3t'$ an# :3n#an#a, at PA A!G 7 AGO! A!G 1+O!G na na#-a-ala:a' n# 3'$5, 53lan# na lan# a-$y.< &tarter' in alc$h$l- na#'a'a:i -a ; PA1T !AMA!< , n# %a'anay na ; G+8G-G+8G DG+8G< "3n# t3%3n##a ay -aran# t3:i# na lan# J. Hindi na%an -ina-a5ita an# na'3'3n$# na :a#a at atay na na#5a5a -cancer. !OTE: There i' rec$(ery The5e a5e things in o45 li8es that stands as o9stacles and hind5ances 9et7een 4s and o45 God&gi8en destin3 and :otentials0 We need to deal 7ith them0 Yo4 7ill not o8e5come 7hat 3o4 a5e not 7illing to con65ont0 Bi:le exa%-le': &a%'$n */3d#e' 1C-16., "in# &a3l *1 and 2 &a%3el. 1++8&: The 1'raelite' did n$t deal with their wea5ne''e'. 6andered ar$3nd the wilderne'' * 1 0$rinthian' 1?.. 1t wa' an 11- day =$3rney t$ the -r$%i'e land :3t the -e$-le $4 1'rael went ar$3nd the 'a%e %$3ntain 4$r 4? year' ad ne(er did %a5e it in. They were c$%-lainer', they were ne#ati(e, 3n#rate43l. G$d #a(e the% chance a4ter chance, :3t they 5e-t 4ailin# the te't. They didn)t deal with it. And ye', they li(ed an $5ay li4e., a #et -:y li4e, :3t they %i''ed G$d)' :e't. &$%eti%e' we w$nder why we 4eel 't3c5 t$ the 'a%e -lace, why it 'ee%' that we can)t #et $3t 4r$% the 'a%e r3t. 1t c$3ld :e BE0A8&E 6E) E !OT 7EA+1!G 6HAT GO7 B 1!G& TO +1GHT. 6hen y$3 4eel the c$n(icti$n $n the in'ide, '$%ethin# 'ay', ; F$3 need t$ treat that -er'$n :etter. F$3 need t$ #et t$ w$5 $n ti%e. F$3 need t$ #et hel- with that :ad ha:it. Th$'e are n$t =3't nice th$3#ht'. That)' G$d '-ea5in# t$ y$3, wantin# t$ :rin# y$3 3- hi#her. 7$n)t i#n$re it. 7$n)t 'wee- it 3nder the r3#. 1t %ay :e di44ic3lt, :3t it i' :etter t$ %a5e ri#ht ch$ice' and :e 3nc$%4$rta:le 4$r a while than t$ 5ee- #$in# the 'a%e way and %i'' y$3r de'tiny. . T)e 3(&n o# %&!5&3"&ne &! 'e+3o ( y , ,u' ')e 3(&n o# 5o+3 o+&!e 5ou"% ,e 3e +(nen'. +EA ! TO A&" GO7)& HE+P. +earn h$w t$ -ray, ; G$d 'earch %y heart. M$ld %eJ ; W)ene1e Go% &! +o1&n- you (0(y # o+ !o+e')&n-, He &! ("0(y! +o1&n- you 'o !o+e')&n- ')(' &! ,e''e . G$d ha' $3r :e't intere't at heart. 14 we will :e willin# t$ '344er thr$3#h, :ein# 3nc$%4$rta:le, n$t #ettin# $3r way, then $3r character i' :ein# de(el$-ed. . A' we #r$w , a' we %at3re, G$d)' :le''in#' will :e relea'ed. T$ %$(e hi#her t$ where G$d want' 3' t$ :e, n$t $nly i' there &OMETH1!G TO G12E 8P *7eny y$3r'el4., THE E 1& A+&O &OMETH1!G TO TA"E 8PJ.

CONCLUSION: ILLUS: An 3n4$r#etta:le ex-erience: /1+ 6O +7 0O!G E&&... 2 -lane' were 4illed :y /1+ PH1+1PP1!E&... 1 wa' $ne $4 the c$$rdinat$r' , '$ 1 ha(e t$ hel- in the 4acilitati$n $4 '$%e e%:er'. +ilian wa' with %e. 1 t$ld her t$ #$ ahead t$ 'ec3re $3r 'eat'. &$ 'he went ahead. 6hen al%$'t all the dele#ate' :$arded the -lane. 1 wa' t$ld that $3r 'eat' were 8PG A7E7 TO B8&1!E&& 0+A&&. 1 tal5ed t$ $ne $4 the attendant' $4 PA+ t$ 5indly in4$r% %y wi4e 'ince 'he went ahead $4 %e. 7O!MT 6O F &1 , 6EM++ TA"E 0A E OF THAT. 6hen it wa' %y ti%e t$ :$ard, 1 i%%ediately went 3- the :3'ine'' cla''. Mala5i an# PA+ -lane na na'a5yan na%in. The :3'ine'' cla'' i' in the 'ec$nd dec5 $4 the -lane. 1 didnMt 4ind +ilian in the :3'ine'' cla'' '$ 1 went d$wn t$ l$$5 4$r her and th$3#ht that 'he %3't :e 'eated in the -re(i$3' ec$n$%y cla'' 'eat' all$tted t$ 3'. And there 1 4$3nd her tal5in# with '$%e dele#ate' wh$ are clai%in# $3r -re(i$3' 'eat'... B8T &1& +1+1A! 1& &O 1!&1&TE!T THAT THE &EAT& A E O8 &.... ;An# a'awa 5$ -$ ay i' PT A+EE GA 01A<... F8! PA+A H1!71 !A 0OO 71!ATE !G 1+A!G ATTE!7A!T& THAT O8 &EAT& 6E E 8PG A7E7... 1T 1& 8!7E &TA!7AB+E &HE 7OE&!MT 6A!T TO G12E 8P O8 FO ME &EAT&...1F 1 6E E 1! HE &1T8AT1O! , 1 61++ 7O THE &AME- &E08 E O8 &EAT& A!7 PO+1TE+F EEP+A1! TO THE B ETH E! BE0A8&E THAT 1& 6HAT O8 T10"ET& &HO6.... . &1!E!FA&A! "O, N 'a itaa' daw tay$, B8&1!E&& 0+A&&, 8PG A7E7999N !A!GH1!G1 !A +A!G "AM1 !G 71&PE!&A AT !AGPA71&PE!&A 1! MGA ATTE!7A!T&.. N Pa# a5yat na%in, 'er(e dit$ n# 53n# an3-an$...&a :3'ine'' cla'' -ala 'er(ice del3x... 7rin5', etc...N PA A++E+: 1t dawned $n %e h$w %ay ti%e', we d$n)t want t$ #i(e 3- $n '$%ethin# G$d a'5' 3' t$ #i(e 3-. 6e h$ld $n t$ the%. 6e are n$t aware that GO7 6A!T& t$ 8PG A7E O8 +12E& TO &OMETH1!G H1GHE , &OMETH1!G FA BETTE , &OMETH1!G FA G+O 1O8&. B3t we d$nMt want t$ #i(e 3- THE TH1!G& 6E HO+7 O! TO... +ET GO OF THEM. +ET GO OF THE &1!F8+ , 0A !A+ +1FE&TF+E. A!7 +ET GO7 8PG A7E FO8 +1FE 1!TO THE 210TO 1O18&, B+E&&E7 +1FE BF FO++O61!G 0H 1&T O8 +O 7999 BA"1T "A !A1& !A &8M8!O7 !G PA!G1!OO!@ !A1& !1FA!G 1-8PG A7E A!G B8HAF MO999 !OTE: There i' #reat -$wer in lettin# #$. H3%an nat3re tend' t$ HO+7 O! TO TH1!G& 6E &HO8+7 +ET GO D :itterne'', hatred, 'in43l ha:it'. G$d -r$%i'ed deli(erance, 4$r#i(ene'' and 4reed$% t$ th$'e wh$ c$%e t$ Hi%. B8T FO8 !EE7 TO BE 61++1!G TO G12E 8P &OMETH1!G BF 7E!F1!G FO8 &E+F. e%e%:er, we 'er(e a %i#hty G$d wh$ i' #raci$3' t$ th$'e wh$ call t$ Hi' na%e and h3%:le the%'el(e' :e4$re Hi%. F$3 =3't need HO+F 7ETE M1!AT1O! and 0OMP+ETE 7EPE!7E!0E t$ Al%i#hty G$d. G$d 5n$w' y$3 cant d$ it :y y$3r'el4 */$hn 1H:H.. /e'3' $3r +$rd i' the BO!7AGE B EA"E . The '$n $4 G$d wa' %ani4e'ted that He %i#ht de'tr$y the w$r5' $4 the de(il *1 /$hn C:>.. The &$n $4 G$d ca%e d$wn 4r$% hea(en t$ %$(e y$3 3- hi#her9 CHALLENGE: FO &OME OF 8&, t$day c$3ld :e the 'tart $4 a w$nder43l and excitin# =$3rney $4 the hi#her li4e G$d ha' -re-ared 4$r y$3J T 8&T H1M A& FO8 BEG1! TO &TEP 1! FA1TH. 6HAT 1& 1T THAT FO8 !EE7 TO G12E 8P@ TO7AF TA"E 8P THE 0 O&& OF FO++O61!G GO7)& 0A++ 1! FO8 +1FEJ HEE7 THE +O 7)& 0A++. /e'3' i' callin# y$3 t$ 4$ll$w Hi%9 &$%e $4 3' %ay ha(e c$%e t$ a -latea3 in the 0hri'tian li4e 4$r K3ite '$%e ti%e n$w. 0$3ld it :e :eca3'e y$3 are n$t willin# t$ #i(e 3- '$%ethin# that G$d i' a'5in# y$3 t$ #i(e 3-@ T$day , %a5e that c$3ra#e$3' deci'i$n $4 4aith. He challen#e' y$3 t$ #r$w. F$3 't$--ed re'-$ndin# t$ the challen#e $4 di'ci-le'hi-.. F$3 :eca%e t$$ c$ntended J F$r a while %ay:e y$3 ha(e :een 'er(in# the +$rd -a''i$nately :3t '$%ethin# ha--ened al$n# the way. e5indle y$3r 'er(ice . 7$ '$%ethin# 4$r the 5in#d$% $4 G$d. 1t i' ti%e 4$r y$3 t$ %$(e 3- hi#her. F$r '$%e , y$3 dr$--ed y$3r cr$'' $4 'er(ice. F$3 #$t tired %ay:e. Pic5 y$3r cr$''

$4 'er(ice and $:edience a#ain. F$3)ll di'c$(er Hi' -lan' 4$r y$3 ne(er chan#ed F$r all $4 3', let 3' all heed G$d)' call t$ 4$ll$w 0hri't $3r +$rd. He want' t$ %$(e y$3 3- hi#her9

&O!GO&: My /e'3' %y +$rdO /e'3' 1 :elie(e in F$3O +$rd 1 $44er %y li4e t$ y$3