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GooseWatch NYC

Date | time: 4/19/2014 2:00 PM | Meeting called to order by: David Karopkin

Meeting Agenda
Introduction What has GW done/Why are we here Announcements/Challenges Facing GW in 2014 Group Introductions Complete Strategy Chart (Issues, Objectives, Targets) o City level o State level o Federal level Identify Adversaries/Allies o USDA/DEC o Port Authority o Aviation Community o Wildlife /Conservationistss/Birders/Hunters o Animal Rights Orgs o Pro Bono Legal Assistance Discuss Next Steps

Now Recruiting for Summer GooseWatch Events and Committee Members! If you are interested in attending GooseWatch events in the coming months to protect the Canada Geese or want to contribute as a Committee Member, please send an email to: (David will forward emails to listserv so others may respond)

Action Items (Agenda for Next Meeting)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Plan Next Meeting Determine Next Steps Identify Leaders Create Concise Action Plan Complete Strategy Chart (Summer/Fall) Develop Committees Edit Literature for Tabling and Leafleting Plan for Rally Determine Targets 10. Use Media to our Benefit

Next Meeting
Date/ Time Coming Soon!

Existing Committees
Organizational Development - Discuss and implement organizational structure, group dynamics, decision making process, group mission Research - Compile research and investigate various issues including air safety, environmental and ecological issues, and meat processing Media - Assist with press releases, and media relations On the Ground - Coordinate with bird rehabilitators and establish protocol for website what to do when we encounter or receive a call about a distressed or injured goose or other bird, continue to monitor populations of geese throughout NYC and elsewhere throughout the year, create a database where members can input location date and times of geese sightings Coalition Building - Establish relationships with other groups and individuals who support our mission Legal - Perform legal research, discuss ideas and strategy, and potentially to coordinate with legal professionals regarding legal action Political - Contact government representatives on issues, follow political action, and keep track of politicians that might favor our cause Administrative - Website development, Social Media, Promotion

Important Note
Important Announcement from David Karopkin Due to school exams and a full time working engagement for the summer David will be extremely limited in his ability to contribute the amount of time required to continue to organize efforts perhaps until the fall. Asks that attendees consider whether they may be able to fill the role, individually or collectively, expresses hope that the organization can continue to operate effectively in his absence through the collaborative efforts of other volunteers.

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Strategy Chart (Issues, Objectives, Targets)

Summer 2014
Goals Long Term Goals Constituents/Allies/Opponents Target USDA Stop killing geese Mayor We need your help have a meeting with the mayor to inform him. Send letter? DEC Port Authority Intermediate Goals Call to Action Sign Petition General Awareness Protest/Rally! Stop the Killing Tabling Short Term Goals Develop talking points for petition, media, and literature 30, 60, 90 second raps Maintain status quo Where are we and who can step into what roles so we can move forward Create a forum for volunteers to share ideas. Gooseplan, other? Get the word out and let people know Tactic Investigate agencies Resources