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Dasa System in Astrology

Dasa system has an important role that plays in predicting the events of great importance in native's life viz., marriage, birth and death, death of parents, financial gain or loss, reputation in the society and many more. These predictions can be calculated only on the basis of the Dasa and Antar Dasa. Here, we try to give to the best of our knowledge and experience on how the Major Dasa or Antar Dasa has a role to play. There are nine Dasas as per Vimshottaradasa system. Each Dasa is presided over by a planet. The Dasa of a native depends upon the star at the time of birth. Here, I give the duration of each planet's Dasa and the constellations over which they preside are given below for reference. Stars - Dasa Lord - Duration Aswnini, Makha, Moola - Kethu - 7 years Bharani, Pubba, Purvashada - Sukra - 20 years Krittika, Uttara, Uttarashada - Ravi - 6 years Rohini, Hasta, Sravana - Chandra - 10 years Mrugasira, Chitta, Dhanista - Kuja - 7 years Arudra, Swathi, Sathabisham - Rahu - 18 years Punarvasu, Visakha, Pooravabhadra - Guru - 16 years Pushami, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra - Sani - 19 years Aslesha, Jesta, Revathi - Budha - 17 years Major Dasas and their general impact RAVI MAHA DASA - 6 YEARS 1. Ravi in exaltation: Wisdom, money, fame, and happiness are indicated. 2. Own house or joined with 9th or 10th lords gives happiness, gains, riches, honours 3. Ravi with 5th Lord gives birth of children 4. Ravi aspects 2nd Lord gives rich, earns prosperity, gains, favours from influential persons and in debilitation or in 6th, 8th houses on in conjuction with evil planets gives evil diseases, loss of wealth, reverses in employment etc., 5. Ravi in deep exaltation gives much travelling in foreign countries, pleasure trips. Ravi in Moolathrikona gives children, power, political success and in Simha Rasi gives respect from noble men, respect among children, righteous conduct. Ravi in Tula gives generally poverty, enemy trouble, failure, death etc., In Kumba, it gives mental worries, death of wife, loss of property and wealth etc., Ravi in 2nd and 7th causes accidents, illness and other bad results. CHANDRA DASA - 10 YEARS Moon in Lagna gives riches, renown and happiness In a friend's house it gives victory In enemy's house it gives loss of money, betrayal etc., Moon givens gives contented and happy in with an exalted planet Moon in evil planet gives loss from fire, stealing and judicial orders. Moon with good planet happy and successful. Moon in the 2 nd house increase in family addition to riches Moon in 3 rd house happiness to self and brothers and good earning Moon in 4 th house causes death of mother if afflicted earns by cultivation, gains a good name Moon in 5 th house gives gets children Moon in 6 th house become unhappy, gets into litigation Moon in 7 th house marries if unmarried, mentally worried Moon in 9 th house happy, wealthy and honored Moon in 12 th house causes suffers much. Moon with Ravi causes quarrels with relatives, loss of parents or property

In Vrushaba Rasi, it gives inquires in fame and name, enormous wealth, mental and physical happiness In Karkataka Rasi it gives additional to wealth, wins law suits, unexpected finding of treasure and travels. In Vruschika Rasi it creates fear from politicians, loss of relatives, disappointments, loss of liberty, honours, losses, mental tension etc., RAHU DASA 18 YEARS Rahu in the 1 st house causes illness, suffering from friends and relations In the 2 nd house loss of finance, financial problems In the 3 rd house it gives good respect, very happy children, wealth, good wife and children In the 4 th house it causes loss of mother or severe sickness and suffering In the 5 th house it causes mental worries In the 6 th house it causes fire, thieves, complications from superiors In the 7 th house it causes danger from poisons animals, separation from wife or husband In the 8 th house it causes loss of money etc., In the 9 th house it causes misfortune, loss of father or severe sickness and expenses In the 10 th house it gives interest in religious activities and occult sciences In the 11 th house it gives favour from higher-ups and good reputation In the 12 th house is causes loss of confidence, unexpected losses. Rahu in the house of a well placed benefic produces good results. KUJA DASA- 7 YEARS Kuja in enemy's house causes unhappy in disputes, displeasure, and bodily weakness Kuja in friendly house gives landed property Kuja in neecha planet causes mental disorder Kuja in Exalted planets good income and fame If Kuja aspected by a good planet gives happy and good effects If Kuja aspected by evil planets become a destitute. Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja Kuja in 1 st house causes sufferings from poison and thieves in 2 nd house give good position in 3 rd house gives happy and respected environment in 4 th house causes loss of position, quarrels and worries in6th house causes quarrels, sorrow, debts and enemies in 7 th house gives unpleasantness with the wife or husband and bodily pains in 8 th house causes boils, losses in position, frequent travels in 9 th house causes bad for father, danger in 10 th house causes failure, mixed results depending upon the strength and weakness in 11 th house give respects, and success in 12 th house causes loss of fortune and children.

GURU MAHA DASA- 16 YEARS Guru if placed in exaltation gives wealth, happiness, respect and social honour And Guru is in Karkataka Rasi makes the native travels for good and generally makes fortune. Guru in Makara Rasi causes loss of confidence, worry and depression Guru in his own house gives sons, success in everything, increase in relations and fame Guru placed in Lagna gives good health and wealth. In In In In In In In 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 nd house gives increased income and honour rd house gives good relation with brothers and family members, success in all work th house gives respect, landed property th house gives on job front favours th house causes debts, defeat of enemies th house causes travels, pilgrimages, marriage if not married th house causes physical and mental illness and enemies

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9 th house gives good knowledge, wealth and fortune 10 th house happy with family 11 th house gives landed or fixed property 12 th house causes suffering in all fronts.


If Sani is not favorably placed generally Sani Mahadasa causes loss of wealth, dishonor, loss in all aspects and if it is placed it gives more positive results.
Sani in Makara Rasi gives increase in lands, wealth, friendship with great people Sani in Kumba Rasi makes the native to travel abroad, success and good health If Sani is placed in enemy's house causes quarrels, loss of position, displeasure etc., If Sani is placed in friendly house give happiness in general. Sani placed in Lagna, the native will be physically weak, loss of money In the second house causes sufferings on account of health grounds In the third house causes loss of brothers or sickness to them, indifference but gives money. In the fourth house it causes loss of mother or illness to her, failure in all aspects In the fifth house loss causes of children, wealth etc., In the sixth house causes serious illness, trouble from enemies In the seventh house causes losses in all aspects especially to native's wife In the eight house causes more unfavorable results In the night house causes break in fortune, loss of parents, accidents In the tenth house causes its strength and weakness, misunderstandings and quarrels In the eleventh house it generally gives happiness In the twelfth house it always causes worries. BUDHA DASA - 17 YEARS Budha in exaltation gives good earning, interest in religion, helping to others and good name. If Budha is in neecha position it causes loss in business and fame Budha with friendly house gives happiness, marriage and good in business Budha with enemy house causes loss of reputation etc, In Mithuna Rasi, it gives success in all affairs, fame and wealth, happy wife and children. In Kenya Rasi, it gives favour from governmental organisations, happy life. In Lagna, Budha gives good health, gains, fame, good education and reputation In second house it gives good riches, happy life In third house it gives auspicious celebrations at home, gain of wealth etc., In fourth house it gives securing a new house In fifth house it gives birth of children, happiness etc., In sixth house, eighth and 12th house, it cause more troubles in all angles In seventh house it gives good wife, happy life In tenth house it gives happiness In eleventh house it gives landed property.

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