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Divine Discourse by Shri Datta Swami on January, 5th 2014

[January 5, 2014] Dr. Nikhil asked You said that God postpones the results in the case of devotees while granting oons! "ow to correlate this with the syste# of $ar#a %ha&ra You have e'plained( Swami !e"lied )n the previous #essage, ) have e'plained the general syste# of $ar#a %ha&ra in the case of all ordinary hu#an eings! *he topic of God need not e rought here for correlation since "e is the o#niscient and o#nipotent +aster, ,ho is all in all! The correlation in such case is not a requirement of the system. If it is the case of a human being in the place of God, the correlation is required. )f we ta&e the action of God, it is already -ustified and no analysis is re.uired on that! /fter a deep and sharp analysis for years together, the action of God will co#e under two possi ilities! *he first possi ility is that the action of God does not violate the syste# and is correlated! )n this case, the pro le# is not at all present! )n the case of second possi ility, God alone can interfere eing the generator and controller of the syste# and hence, interfered! )n this case, even interference is -ustified on sharp and deep discussion! )n this case also, the pro le# is not there since greater -ustice is #et with! )n any case, God is going to e certainly -ustified to the #a'i#u# e'tent! ,hen -ustice prevails, the co#pletion of correlation is a #ust and hence, the discussion a out correlation is not at all i#portant! 0ince the case of God is always decided in this way, the analysis is only waste of ti#e! It is better to conclude that God is always correct and not to attempt for any correlation. God prevails over the system and everything. )t is good that you have raised this .uestion so that the clarification a out the actions of God is perfectly given to the world! 1o not hesitate in putting the .uestions! 2utting .uestion and getting the answer illu#inates and ela orates the spiritual &nowledge and this is the greatest service done to God! *he real service done to God y /r-una was putting .uestions in the Gita to ring out the spiritual &nowledge for the welfare of the world! 3efore this service, fighting the war to destroy in-ustice for the sa&e of God4s wor& is not #uch significant since the 5ord can destroy all the ene#ies in a fraction of a second as showed in the cos#ic vision 67ishwarupa8! 1o not hesitate to put a .uestion thin&ing that it is silly! +a-ority of the hu#anity is silly and hence, such a silly .uestion is for the sa&e of the #a-ority! *he wise .uestion is only for #inority! *herefore, shoot every .uestion to +e without any hesitation! )n such case, you are covering all types of hu#anity!

Smt. Devi asked ,e are una le to leave this world and approach God! ,hat is the solution in this point( Swami !e"lied 5eaving this i#agina le world, which is visi le and invisi le, is i#possi le! 9o ody can reach the uni#agina le God since "e cannot e reached even in i#agination! :ven the God, the ulti#ate goal, is in the for# of an ite# of this world! )f the ite# is visi le, it is relevant to the visi le hu#an eing! *he invisi le ite# 6energetic incarnation8 is relevant to the upper worlds in which the invisi le energetic souls e'ist in the invisi le energetic odies! )f the visi le ite# is alive, it is #ore relevant to the visi le alive hu#an eings! *hus, the #ost relevant ite# is the conte#porary alive hu#an for#! "ence, the invisi le;uni#agina le God e'isting in such hu#an for# is out of the scope of discussion! *he highest effort can e only to note the e'istence of the uni#agina le God in a specific hu#an for# 6Asteetyeva, Om Tat Sat 7eda8! The external human form must be treated as the unimaginable God for all practical purposes in doing service and to please the God. *hus, your highest goal, God, is a part of the world only, which is the specific hu#an for#! *he process of reaching "i# is also worldly wor&! You are a part of the world! *herefore, there is no point of leaving the world at anyti#e! You are leaving one part of the world to reach the other part of the world! You are leaving /#erica to reach )ndia and oth are on the :arth only! 5eaving :arth is i#possi le! *hus, the uni#agina le God is received as an i#agina le ite# of the world only! :ven the uni#agina le power to e e'pressed as a #iracle is ased on the worldly ite#s only! $rishna, "is tender finger, the huge #ountain, the process of lifting, etc!, are the i#agina le ite#s of the world only! *he uni#agina le nature 6+aya8 is noted through the i#aginary parts of the world 62ra&riti8 and hence, the uni#agina le God is also to e noted as the worldly ite#, the hu#an ody! *his point is e'plained in the Gita 6Mayaam tu prakritim viddhi, Mayinam tu Maheswaram8! *o travel fro# one country to the other, certain efforts are re.uired! You should not put .uestion to treat these efforts also as a pro le#! *he asic guiding force in all the efforts is your attraction towards the country to e reached! *his driving force of attraction 6devotion8 will overco#e all the hurdles if the devotion goes to cli#a' on attaining the co#plete &nowledge of the goal 6Bhaktyaatvananyayaa Labhyah Gita8! )f you have the co#plete &nowledge of the country you are going, all those co#plete details can develop the highest attraction! Deficiency in the attraction is responsible for your inability to do the journey. *he

deficiency in the attraction is due to the deficiency of the &nowledge of all the details of the goal! "ence, 0han&ara says that the co#plete &nowledge of the goal will ena le you to reach the goal 6 Jnanaadevatu Kaivalyam8 since the co#plete true &nowledge spontaneously develops the re.uired force of attraction to ta&e up the -ourney and reach the goal!