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Having a Healthy Diet will denitely improve your lifespan and keep you rejuvenated!
! Written by: Aaron Aaronson. While we all know that you cant eat the things that you used to be able to, like candy, chips, or steak, there are many recipes available to make sure you stay healthy while eating tasty food. It is very important to stay eating healthy while at an advanced age because now is a critical time for you to stay healthy and strong. Some of you have no problem eating solid food, but for the purposes of this article, Im going to assume you have a liquid diet. Dont worry, this tastes good no matter what, and it is extremely easy to make. Lets start with what we need. Ingredients. 1 onion 2 sweet potatoes 1 Butternut squash 4 carrots 2 parsnips 1 cup water Any seasonings you wish to add (optional)

Directions 1. Peel the onion. 2. Peel the potatoes 3. Chop all ingredients into small pieces. 4. Place all the ingredients in order into a pot 5. Add seasonings. 6. Slow boil for an hour This meal is very nutritious, and it provides good nutrients and ber for you everyday life. It can be saved to be eaten later, so that means providing food is not worry as you can make it in the morning and eat it all day! It is easy to chew and swallow as the ingredients are all very soft. With this diet, you can start living the culinary life again, delicious gourmet food at your ngertips! No more oatmeal for you anymore, now that you have Butternut Stew.

Todays Recipe: Butternut Stew

This recipe is good for those who cant chew well. It is delicious and nutritious as it is very rich is nutrients, vitamins and fiber. It will help you if you have irregular movements, and it is very easy to cook.




Why Exercise?
Im old, I want to live slow and die whenever.

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! It is without a doubt that having a healthy lifestyle is good for you, but then the problem is that many people of an advanced age do not have the will to start exercising. What you have to realize is that you can start exercising at any age, and it doesnt necessarily mean mean that you have to run for miles on end, there are many easy ways to make exercise enjoyable. Something as simple as walking can help you to feel rejuvenated throughout your days, as well as keeping you physically t. The best way to make exercise fun is to do it with your friends! Join an exercise club where you can do many different enjoyable activities such as Tai Chi or Yoga if you do not wish or are unable to walk. Getting motivated is the very rst step to leading a happier, healthier lifestyle that will make you love longer and stronger.

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An outdoor 40 minute brisk walk keeps me from getting depressed -Joan Bruesven, 65.



! It is well documented fact that exercising will make you t, and healthy, but what about staying young? Sure you could say that of course, your body is more physically t and that you can do things as if you were younger. Actually, this is only partially true. Recently, scientists found that doing 30 mins of exercise a day will slow down or even halt the aging process. How is this possible you may ask, well the way the aging process works is that every year after the age of 25 your heart slows down a beat per minute. This means less oxygen carrying around your body, leading to the deterioration of your muscles. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, your body will stay physically strong as well as mentally awake. This does not mean you will become immortal. You will die I guarantee, it only means that you can have a better life for longer.

! They say that the greatest wealth is good health, and this is very true. You can have all the money in the world, and still have bad health, but with a good diet and regular exercise you can live longer, and physically stronger. Being physically t not only does your body good it also helps your mind. Studies have shown that children involved with athletic activities have much better grades compared to the ones who dont. People who exercise while they were younger have a lesser chance of developing diseases such as arthritis, cancer or dementia. But how can this affect you now? You may be thinking, Im old, theres no point, everything hurts. but exercising now can hold benets such as better cognition, a lower chance of getting sick as well has looking younger. So turn back that clock and start living a healthy, physical lifestyle!

I used to catch at least four colds a year, and they would often turn into ear and sinus infections, but I started exercising regularly and now I never get sick. -Elle Swan, 39 Las Vegas, Nevada

April 30, 2014

h o w i t h e l p s
Swimming has many benets such as relieving joint pain, lowering blood pressure, and making your body stronger.
Many older people suffer from conditions such as higher blood pressure, arthritis and depression. Having a physical lifestyle can help relieve some of these conditions. A very good exercise is to swim. Swimming is an ideal exercise because it is not hard on the joints and it stretches your limbs. This is important because more impactful exercises such as running can be difcult for many people, but with swimming, your joints will be relieved as they are strengthened and stretched at the same time. Swimming not only helps you physically, swimming can help you with depression because there are many studies that show that having a healthy lifestyle decreases your chance of depression. Swimming can also help because you will be probably swimming together with many people, and it is a good chance to socialize and make new friends.
Swimming is normal for me. Im relaxed. Im comfortable, and I know my surroundings. Its my home ! -Michael Phelps


April 30, 2014

FEEL THE GAIN. Arthritis is a very common problem among the Age-Advanced.
Special Article Written By: JOHNNY REPPS Photos by: JIMMY REPPS

With the help of my grandson, I will be teaching you how to eliminate ARTHRITIS Chair Sit and Stand
Its as simple as it sounds, sitting in a chair, then standing up. However, it isnt as easy as it seems! It depends on what condition your knees are in but these definitely help you ease some of the pain. I didnt get to where I am now sitting down, I had to stand up as well. Go slow. 1.Sit in a chair. 2.Stand up. 3.Sit down 4. Repeat 5-10 times.

Arm Stretch
Now that youve worked on your legs, you need to work on your arms as well. These are generally pretty easy, but it all depends on how advanced your arthritis is. Again, go as slow as you need to. 1.Squeeze your arms into your chest as much as possible, fists closed. You should feel like youre in a little ball. 2.Extend your arms forward as far as you can, opening your fingers in the process. 3.Repeat 10-15 times.

Swimming is by far, the best at helping to ease arthritis. If you do not have access to a swimming pool, no not fill up your bathtub. Just walk instead, (if you can). They are both very good at helping arthritis and will greatly better your quality of life. All you really have to do is walk or swim laps. It is advised for you to go slowly, but over time you will see improvement. It is one step to overall improvement.



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