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STEPP Lesson Plan Form

Day 6 Research Unit Kayla Gerkin

Content Standards Collect, interpret, and analyze relevant information; identify direct quotes for use in the report and information to summarize or paraphrase that will support the thesis or research question Synthesize information from multiple sources usin! lo!ical or!anization, effective supportin! evidence, and variety in sentence structure Formulate open"ended research questions and identify potential sources of information #such as reference materials, electronic media$, differentiatin! %etween primary and secondary source material &hat determines the value of a person' &hat information is essential to (now in order to do appropriate and accurate research' Students will write two thorou!h para!raphs a%out the research they are doin! and formulate a question in response to their partners para!raph Students will conduct accurate research to use in their presentation Students will write two para!raphs Students will conduct research Partner &or(, )esearch &ho *m +' ,- minutes .oin! over the !ame plan and %e!innin! with a stamp activity/ 0 &ill !o over the 1!ame plan2 for the day 3 Students will need to have their note%oo(s + will let them (now what they need to do for the ne4t stamp a Students will need to write a para!raph that shows all the information they5ve found a%out the class they have %een researchin! This includes information from the si4 cate!ories that they have to research + will show an e4ample of what a para!raph should loo( li(e %efore students write theirs 6 7nce their para!raph is complete, let students (now that they need to trade note%oo(s with someone in their research !roup 8 The partner needs to read the para!raph that is written and write a para!raph in response a This para!raph should point out what else can %e included 9ay%e there is some information missin! The partner will point this information out and then refer their !roup mem%er to somewhere that information can %e found #&i(ipedia$ + will show an e4ample of what the second para!raph should loo( li(e %efore : .o around and stamp those who have %oth para!raphs completed ; *fter everyone has their stamps, students can !et their net%oo(s

Inquiry Questions

Concepts and Skills Students will Master !"idence #utco$es Goals %earnin& 'ar&et #()ecti"es Student !n&a&e$ent *cti"ity +a$e *ppro,- 'i$e *nticipatory Set 'eachin& .resentation/ #Select the most appropriate teachin! model $ 0direct instruction -presentation model -concept teaching -cooperative learning -inquiry Guided .ractice Independent .ractice CSU Modelin&

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STEPP Lesson Plan Form and they have the remainder of the class period to wor( in their !roups conductin! research or puttin! to!ether their presentation < =ave students lo! off net%oo(s 8 minutes %efore end of class 9ention to students what we are doin! ne4t class and have all of them %e seated for the %ell >ote%oo(, writin! utensil, net%oo( Students who need additional time will have that option and additional accommodations will %e made if + see any student need them +f a student is a%sent on this day, they will %e a%le to s(ip the stamp activity if they haven5t missed any others *ny research done in class will need to %e done outside of class *ssessment for this class will %e done via the stamp activity >o other assessments will occur at this time *ll time will %e devoted to research

Input Closure Materials *cco$$odations 1 Modi2ications

*ssess$ent !,tra 'i$e

Re2lection/ I was a little disappointed with how this sta$p acti"ity went!"en thou&h I $odelled the acti"ity3 students wrote like one to two sentences 2or the para&raphs instead o2 writin& an actual para&raph- 'his was a little 2rustratin& (ecause I had to stop and &i"e the$ $ore ti$e to do the acti"ity a2ter I had already &i"en the$ plenty o2 ti$e to do it- I think this acti"ity would &et done (etter i2 I had the$ turn it in 2or a &rade rather than 2or a sta$p to start-

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