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Eighth semester [B.Tech.] May-June 2014 Paper code: ETEC404 Subject: Embedded System

Attempt 5 question . Question no. 1 is compulsory. Attempt one Question from EACH unit.

Q1.) Answer the questions. a) What is a Difference between Harvard and Princeton architectures? b) What are various register banks present in 8051 RAM? Write a instruction to select register bank 2. c) Write a program of delay using nested loop. d) What does ACALL stand for? How it is different from LCALL. e) Consider the following Program. MOV TMOD, #20H MOV TH1, # -6 MOV SCON , #50H 1) which timer is used? 2)What is its baud rate for serial communication? 3)Which Serial mode is used? 2.5 2.5 3 2

f) For which interrupt TF1 stand for?? Write its RAM location. Which interrupt has RAM location 0000H ?? 3 g) What is NV-RAM? What is a packaging issue in DRAM? 3 h) What is MAX232? HOW it is USED?(with diagram) 3 i) What is Design metric? Explains NRE cost and unit cost. 3 UNIT-I Q2) With reference to Embedded system Explain context switching, Latency and deadline. OR 6.5

Discuss the Problem of Sharing Data by multiple task and routines . What is Solution for Shared data problem.?


Q3)Differentiate between RTOS and Typical operating system? OR What are different mechanism for Inter task Communication? Explain each with example.

UNIT II Q4) Explain the PSW register? How stack operation conflict with bank 1? OR DELAY : MOV R3, #200 HERE: DJNZ R3, HERE RET a) Calculate the Delay if the crystal frequency is 22.1 Mhz? b) What is a role of DJNZ? c) What is a Difference between RET and RETI? Q5) a) How many I/O ports do Microcontroller have? What is special about port 0? b) A switch is connected to pin P0.1. WAP to check status of switch and perform the following a)if switch=1 send high-to low pulse to activate siren connected to pin P1.6 b) continue monitoring pin status. OR Assuming XTAL= 22Mhz , WAP for 8051, to generate a pulse of 2sec period on pin P2.4. use timer 1 in mode 1. 6.5 3 1.5 1.5 1+2 4+2


UNIT III Q6) What is RS232? Explain its Handshaking signals. OR Explain the SCON register? Q7)WAP to toggle pin P1.2 every second . (use interrupt) OR WAP to generate the 2Khz square wave on P1.1 of 8051 microcontroller.(use interrupt) 4 4 8

UNIT IV Q8) Show interfacing of (i)16k x 8 RAM (ii)16K x 8 DATA ROM (iii) 16K x 8 program ROM WAP to access a byte of data from which is in Data ROM and program ROM ,Add them and divide it by 4, and save quotient in RAM. OR


Q9) Interface an 8 bit ADC with 8051 and WAP to convert analog 8 value coming from sensor to digital value and send it in port 3 of 8051. b) in 8255 if 91H is a control word. Indicate ports that are input and output. 4.5 *-----------------------*