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WealthTeam International Association

An ASSOCIATION of Home Based Entrepreneurs

What is WTIA?
WealthTeam International is not a network marketing company, nor a multi-level marketing
company. In fact, we are not a company at all! We are an Association.
What is our product?
WTIA’s product is an informative and potentially profitable monthly email Newsletter!
What services do we offer?
WTIA offers the WealthSystem tm, a step by step approach to networking by ASSOCIATION!
It allows all who work the system to profit IMMEDIATELY! While building relationships and
developing multiple streams of residual income!

The WealthSystem tm offers services such as DAILY PAY and daily Genealogy Reports!
Services, such as an Internet website, where your prospects may go for information 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the free world! Even while you sleep!

Services, such as an informative and potentially PROFITABLE monthly email newsletter,

WTIA NEWS! And instant email updates, as opportunities develop for YOUR profit!
What is our purpose?
WTIA's purpose is simple! Our purpose is to help YOU become PROFITABLE! While
building one last downline, one last time! The primary purpose of WTIA is YOUR SUCCESS!
Is it legal?
When WTIA was founded, we took a serious approach toward seeking to be not only
perfectly legal, but also perfectly legitimate! In other words, we did not want to be just within
the limits of the law, but wanted to go much further, and offer an opportunity whereby any
serious person could be PRODUCTIVE, PROFITABLE, and PROUD to be an Associate!
The Office of the US Attorney General does not give authorization, approval, legal
advice, or registrations to any business entity whatsoever! However, we did contact the AG's
office when founding WTIA, and we received from that office a list of items to consider. Even
though we are now an offshore entity, we intend to stay well within the parameters of that list!
The only thing missing at WTIA is YOU!!!
WealthTeam International Association
An ASSOCIATION of Home Based Entrepreneurs

WealthSystemtm Compensation
The Founder of WTIA wanted a compensation program that would "turn the money upside down"! That is,
heavily compensate the member, rather than the "company"! There wasn't one "out there" to be found! Most
plans are "Stair step breakaway", which means that you start it, you build it, but at some level, 6, 8, 10,
whatever, it all "breaks away" from you! Some are "Binary", which means you start it, with two, you build it,
and hope it balances! If you lose the "balancing act", you lose! The only other plan is what is called an
"Australian 2up", which means that you start it, with two, but you never receive any benefit from those two,
ever! So there was nothing left to do, except something that has never been done before!
$10 Training Group $10.00 Training Bonuses $50.00 Primary Group $10.00 Primary Bonus Group $10 Leadership Bonuses
YOU receive $10 from YOUR 1st & 2nd sale. YOU receive $50 from YOUR From YOUR 3rdS From YOUR 3rdS
rd rd
Then another $10 from the 3 sale and more 3 sale & MORE! Then another third & more! thirds 3rd & more!
st rds
of these 2, & their 1 two, etc., to INFINITY! $50 from YOUR 3 first 2 and Width & depth! Width & depth!
more, to INFINITY!
Training Group Training Bonus Group Primary Group Primary Bonus Group Leadership Bonus Group
(Your first 2 sales) (3rd sale of your 1st two) rd
(Your 3 ) (3rd sale of your 3rd) (3rd of PBG)

$10 each $10 each $50 each $10 each $10 each
st nd
Your 1 Your 2 Your 3 rd

Level One

Level Two

Level Three



This can continue, UNLIMITED in WIDTH and DEPTH, to INFINITY!
To qualify for all BONUSES, for life, simply help your first three make three $99 sales!

You are paid immediately on all sales made in your Primary Group!
This is the only compensation plan on the face of the earth that does not limit you in width or depth!
The diagram above shows YOU with ONLY 3 SALES! For purposes of illustration only.
1. YOUR 1st & 2nd, YOU receive $10.00 each, immediately!
2. YOU earn $10.00 bonuses, from the 3rd sale and MORE of YOUR 1st & 2nd , to INFINITY!
3. YOU earn $50.00, from your 3rd sale, immediately, and from each personal sale thereafter!
4. YOU earn $50.00 from the first two sales of your personals, and THEIR 1ST two, to INFINITY!
5. YOU earn $10.00 from the 3rd sale and on, of your personals, and THEIR 1st two, to INFINITY!
6. YOU earn $10.00 from the 3rd and more, of YOUR 3rds third, and THEIR 1st two, to INFINITY!

WealthTeam International Association
An ASSOCIATION of Home Based Entrepreneurs
The WealthSystemtm
Potential Earnings Chart
Training Group Training Bonuses Primary Line Primary Bonuses Leadership Bonuses Sub-Totals
$10 (First Two) $10.00 $50.00 $10.00 $10.00
Level 1 1 $70.00
Level 2 2 2 1 $130.00
Level 3 4 4 4 1 $290.00
Level 4 8 8 12 6 $660.00
Level 5 16 16 32 24 $1,520.00
Level 6 32 32 80 80 $3,520.00
Level 7 64 64 192 240 $8,160.00
Level 8 128 128 448 672 $18,880.00
Level 9 256 256 1024 1792 $43,520.00
Level 10 512 512 2304 4608 $99,840.00
Level 11 1024 1024 5120 11,520 $227,840.00
Level 12 2048 2048 11,264 28,160 $517,120.00
Level 13 4096 4096 24,576 67,584 $1,167,360.00
Continues... to... INFINITY!!! WIDTH!!!… & DEPTH!!! Sub-total:
The chart above is for purposes of illustration only, and is based on ONLY 3 sales each!

"Success is achieved by those who try, and KEEP trying,

with a positive mental attitude!" W. Clement Stone
If you have the DESIRE to succeed, STUDY the above chart, and get into ACTION!

"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however." Richard Bach

What if it took an entire year for each person to make just 3 sales?
WealthTeam International Association
An ASSOCIATION of Home Based Entrepreneurs

Associate Terms & Conditions

1. I am of legal age in the state in which I reside and enter into this Agreement.
2. This Agreement becomes effective upon acceptance and data entry of my signed and dated Application & Agreement.
3. Upon acceptance, I will be an Independent Associate (IA). I understand that the Association Membership Dues are $99.00 yearly.
4. I agree that as an IA, I am not an agent, employee, franchisee, or legal representative of the Association, and I will not be treated as
an employee for any federal or state purposes, nor for purposes of the Federal Employment Act, the Federal Insurance Contributions
Act, the Social Security Act, State Employee Acts, State Employee Security Acts, State Unemployment Acts, or State Workers
Compensation Acts, nor any and all such Acts relative to Employee/Employer relationships, since no such relationship exists herein.
5. I agree that I am solely responsible for payment of all Federal, State, Municipal, and any and all other income taxes, self
employment taxes, sales taxes, license fees, etc., that may be incurred or come due as a result of my Association activities.
6. I hereby warrant that I am in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of my Town, City, Municipality,
County, Parish, State, etc., in connection with my Association activities, and will remain so.
7. I understand that there is no purchase required in order to be able to sell the Association's services as an independent contractor, in
which case I would earn a direct sales commission of $10.00 only for each personal sale I make.
8. I understand that as an IA, I am not guaranteed any income, profit, or level of success, other than earnings from my own sales of the
Association's services as outlined in the Association's compensation program, and that I am responsible for my own IA expenses.
9. I agree that I will represent the Association's business opportunity honestly and completely, emphasizing that commissions are
earned from sales of the Association's services, and not simply derived from sponsoring others. I will make no representations
concerning earnings real or potential, and that I will inform prospects that no purchase is necessary in order to profit from direct sales
as an independent contractor as outlined in item number seven above.
10. I agree that in order to maintain a viable compensation program in today's competitive worldwide marketplace, and in order to
comply with changing Federal, State, and Local laws, the Association may find it necessary to enhance its Associate Terms &
Conditions, and/or its compensation programs, and such modifications shall become part of the Agreement.
11. I agree that I am responsible for supervising and supporting IAs I sponsor into the Association.
12. I authorize the Association to publish my name and/or image for purposes of recognition, promotions, etc.
13. I agree not to use the Association's name, logo, trademark, etc., without the prior written approval of the Association.
14. I agree that due to the unique Daily Pay aspects of the Association's compensation program, I will forward all Applications in my
possession, along with funds pertaining thereto, to the Association within 24 hours of my receipt of same.
15. I agree that the Associate Terms & Conditions, in combination with the Application & Agreement, and the Association's marketing
materials, which may be enhanced from time to time, constitute the entire Agreement, and that if any part of said Agreement shall be
deemed null and void, other parts shall remain in effect. Latest dated revisions shall apply.
16. I understand that I may cancel my membership to the Association at any time, and that the Association may cancel my
membership if at any time I am found to be in violation of normal and reasonable ethical business practices while representing WTIA.
17. Cancellations within three days of date on Application & Agreement will be entitled to a full refund. Cancellations must be by
written notice, signed, dated, and posted. No refunds after three days, since commissions will have already been paid by then.
18. This Agreement is governed under the laws of Belize. All parties hereto agree that any claim, grievance, dispute, or other
difference between them, will be resolved by binding arbitration pursuant to the laws of Belize, with arbitration to occur at Belize City.
WealthTeam International Association
An ASSOCIATION of Home Based Entrepreneurs

Application & Agreement

PLEASE print clearly. Illegible or unsigned applications may not be processed.
Mailing Address:
City: State/Province:
ZIP/Postal Code: Country:
Phone: Fax:
Enroller/Sponsor's Name:
Enroller/Sponsor's ID#:
By my signature below, I warrant that I have read, I understand, and I agree to the
Associate Terms & Conditions of WealthTeam International Association.

Responsible person, if business "Name" above:

My signature: Date:

Enclose US $99 Cashier's Check or Money Order, payable to:

Mathews Multi-Service
2515 Forest View
Conway, AR 72034 USA

To enroll immediately and pay online,

go to website: